Making a Fantasy Come True

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This story is 100% true. I have never told a soul nor written it down until now, nearly 14 years later.

It was Sunday February 6th 2005, I only know this date because it was the Super Bowl where the Patriots beat the Eagles.

Anyways, I am a bisexual man currently 33, and this happened when I was 19. I had already messed around with some boys when I was 14-15 but I had this fantasy of being with an older man. An older man that has extreme desires for younger boys. I wanted to be that young boy for him, I wanted to blow someone’s mind.

So this being 2005, I would go on the AOL chat room titled ‘older guys for younger’ etc. I didn’t want to just find anyone though. Yes it was 2005 but I was aware of the dangers of meeting strangers online, let alone for sex. So I sparked up a conversation with a 53-year old guy who seemed like a perfect fit. He didn’t drink, smoke, no drugs, lived at home with his elderly mother (she lived with him, or so he said) and was kinda short, a bit pudgy, average looking pervert pedophile-looking type – almost like Melvin from the movie “Office Space”. Which is EXACTLY the type I had fantasized about for years. Don’t ask me why, I know it’s kinda weird, but what “good” fantasy isn’t weird?

After chatting for several days on AOL messenger we agreed to meet to have sex in his beige colored mid-90s Astrovan (this couldn’t get any better for me at this point)

Early afternoon we met at Borders book store in Strongsville Ohio first to have some coffee and talk. He was a bit awkward at first and I found that wildly arousing. I was kinda nervous but more excited that I finally built up the courage to do it. I guess teenage hormones had something to do with it.

We got our coffee to go then went for a ride in his van just a mile down the road. We pulled into a giant parking lot for the Holiday Inn. Getting a hotel room was never even discussed & I certainly had no complaints about his van. Escort bursa We parked in the back behind the hotel. There were a few cars around but not many. I realized right away it looked a bit suspicious but thought who cares, we’re both consenting adults. Worst case scenario we get citations. Plus, it made this more exciting. He parked and we both sat down in the back where he had cleared out all the passenger seats & laid blankets. I was beginning to get more nervous and he was beginning to get more creepy, which again I loved. I then started to get naked, and he did the same. Once we were both naked I immediately dropped my head to his limp penis, but he stopped me. He then directed me to straddle him, facing him. He wanted to cherish this. Let’s face it, I was 19 years old, smooth, tight, hairless, athletic good looking guy. This guy was in absolute heaven that he had my naked body on top of his. At this point I think he wanted to kiss me but I’m not comfortable with that. Certain things I am just not comfortable with. What can I say? I am who I am. So with our noses almost touching, I look up at him, bat my eyes and say “can i suck your dick please?”

Absolutely! He says, as I jump off him and let him get into a comfortable position laying down. He trimmed for me but didn’t completely shave- perfect. He was still completely limp at this point, but I had no doubt that would quickly change.

I was on my hands and knees in front of him as he laid down. I first started rubbing his penis with my hand, looking up smiling at him. He lay there with his hands behind his head and huge smile on his face. He was about average, 5″ cut, a little thick, (again, perfect!) He was still pretty limp but I couldn’t resist anymore. I took his limp dick in my mouth and sucked on it like a popsicle. I didn’t have to bob my head much at this point because he was still limp but I was having the time of my life. I loved the feel of his dick Antalya escort getting harder while it was in my mouth. I batted my tounge around the head while he was still in my mouth, he seemed to like that. He was getting harder and now I’m having a blast. I felt like a porn star & it was so hot. His dick tasted good, I could tell he had good hygiene & I wanted to show my appreciation for that, so I sucked my best dick ever. I was working hard, my head was bobbing fast but not too fast. He was rock hard at this point & I could even feel the huge vein on the back of his shaft.

I stopped for a second and looked up at him, innocently asking “you like that daddy?” His dick surged when I said this.

Mmmmm yes honey, he said, as I went back to work. I wanted to give my best blowjob but I also didn’t want to make him cum too quick. So I started the showtime porno stuff. Like sucking the shaft, smacking it on my lips, playing with it. He started to get softer so I once again sucked him with high efficiency and effort.

It was time. I was ready to fuck him. I had this planned out in my head for years so I didn’t even ask him how he wanted it. I climbed on him reverse cowgirl style. I grabbed a condom and rolled it onto him. Grinding my pink, soft hairless butthole on his hard dick was driving us both insane. I put just a drop or two of lube on his pulsing mushroom head, then rubbed it on my butthole, showing him. I then slowly lowered myself onto his dick, guiding it in. Not only was I fully shaved but I had been fasting for 24 hours to make sure there’s no surprises down there. I had also prepared with a small vibrator at home to loosen up a bit, but not too loose of course.

The first 2 inches of his throbbing dick was now inside me. My back was facing him, I leaned forward and spread my buttcheeks.

“Look” I said, “I shaved and cleaned everything just for you…how does it look?”

“It’s beautiful” Manavgat escort bayan he whimpered. I knew I had him right where I wanted. I could tell this was probably the highlight of this mans 53-year life and my tight teenage body was the cause.

I leaned back upright and started taking more of his dick. Rocking back and forth on it, but not too much. His dick was the perfect size, it hurt a little bit but not too much at all.

“Turn around, I want to see you” he requested. I wouldn’t wait a second longer without cooperating with his request.

“Ok! Watch this!” I said. I then slowly and carefully turned around without his dick leaving me. He was stunned. “That’s a first!” He said.

I was now totally ready to ride. I carefully bounced up and down on his dick, we both watched my hard dick bounce on his beer belly. I didn’t want to go too fast so I could keep myself somewhat tight. I think he then reached a point where he just started getting limp. He was kinda concerned about this and told me once it goes away it’s very difficult to get back.

Wanting to turn it up a notch, and being a young dumb kid, I said to him “I’ll make you cum baby” I then hopped off, pulled the condom off and threw it across the van, then quickly hopped back on while he still had some stiffness left. With my back facing him, I guided him in and immediately felt him get hard. I turned around looked at him and said “I want you to cum in my ass” before lowering myself completely taking his 5″ inside me. He started moaning like I have never heard before, each time my butthole dropped down on his dick, he would moan & he would get harder. I was loving this so much I almost had an orgasm with zero stimulation. He then let out a huge moan as he grabbed my hips and pulled me down onto himself, emptying himself inside my ass. I let him finish then leaned forward…”stay there” I said. I then gave him his first creampie as his cum dripped out of me, onto his dick.

“Well, that was amazing,” he said.

This was unfortunately our only encounter & I deeply regret not having more hot fantasy meetings!

Thanks for reading my story. Just typing it all out for the first time ever was extremely fun!

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