Make Me Yours

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I had waited all afternoon in feverish anticipation. It had been much too long since since I had seen him, this man who could reduce me to jelly with a kiss. Showered, shaved, and silky with perfumed lotion, I paced the floor, my long sheer dress swishing around my ankles. My heavy breasts ached, confined in the white lacy bra, the low cut of the cups barely containing the pale pink tips. The matching panties were damp already. Finally I heard a car in the drive. He came to my door in a dark suit, white shirt, and tie, looking like a million bucks. He smiled at me, sending my nerves tingling. “Hello darlin’,” he said as we smiled at the cliché. He slid his arms around me and kissed me, that deep passionate kiss with plenty of tongue that turns me on so much. When we finally came up for air I led him to my bedroom and shut the door. I couldn’t resist another kiss, this time pulling him to me and grinding against him. He caressed my ass with increasing ardor.

“Hurry,” I said; “I need to feel you against me.” He took off his coat, hanging it neatly on the door hook. Next came the tie, and then, taking his time, his shirt. I slid my dress off my shoulders and let it fall in a puddle on the floor. I stepped to him and pulled his head down to kiss him again. He bent to untie his shoes, leaning over to tease my nipple with his tongue. He chuckled at my sounds, then finished removing his shoes and socks. Finally, he slid his trousers down. I licked my lips as I stared at the dark cotton bikinis stretched over his tempting butt. My hands stretched out to touch him, his cheeks nicely filling my hands. He took his time hanging up his trousers, obviously enjoying my fondling.

He turned slowly, reaching for me again. He slid his hands down the back of my panties. In a hot rush, his lips met mine, devouring me in that single act. His hands stroked my ass, his body pressing against mine. Slipping one hand between us, he worked his fingers into my bra. Flicking my nipple with his fingers, the bud quickly hardened. My breathing grew ragged, every nerve in my body responding to his touch.

Losing my battle for self-control, I had to taste him. Falling to my knees, I pulled him to me. His cock was straining at the constriction of the tight fabric. I nuzzled the hard bulge. He moaned and threaded his hands into my hair to pull me closer. I licked his balls through the leg of his underpants, feeling his cock twitch as I did. The cloth dampened as I sucked and nibbled, oblivious to everything but my desire.

I slid his briefs down, freeing him to bob up against my cheek. Holding his shaft in my hand, I rubbed the mushroom head against my face, purring in my throat at the thought of the pleasure awaiting us. Stretching my tongue out, I caught a drop of his clear fluid. I had to have him now; I engulfed his cock into my mouth and throat, nestling my nose into the curly hair at the base. My tongue danced along the sides of his hard shaft as I ran my hands over his ass cheeks and balls. I slowly slid my mouth back up, stopping at the quivering head. My tongue circled, dipping ever so slightly into the slit at the end. It was not enough; I sucked hard, pulling him fully into my mouth again. “Damn seems like you’re hungry” he grinned.

“Starving” I replied, talking around my hard mouthful, meeting his eyes with mine. Taking my chin in his hand, he pulled me away. I rose reluctantly. Suddenly he reached around my back, struggling with the hooks of my bra, in a rush to free my breasts, stepping out of his bikinis at the same time. Dropping my lacy garment, I held his head to my chest as he sucked, nipping the hardened nipples with his teeth.

Feeling the need for more, I pulled him down onto the bed with me. I fitted my body to his, relishing the feel of his hairy chest on my breasts. I licked and kissed his neck and ears, and made my way back to his mouth. Once again his kiss reached down into my core, as his hands found their way to my breasts, fondling and squeezing, acıbadem escort pinching my nipples lightly. “I want to suck those big tits,” he said as his eased his way down my body. I held his head against me as he attacked me with a fervor that fanned the heat inside to even greater heights. Sliding lower, he kissed my belly, making his way down, dragging my panties down, pulling them quickly off my ankles. Kissing my bald pussy, he licked my outer lips, catching the fluids dripping already. His tongue sharpened as it slid between the lips to circle my vagina, dipping in at times to sample more of my juices. He slid a finger in me, finger fucking me slowly. One finger became two, then three. Finally all four fingers stretched me, his movements becoming faster, the tip of his tongue reaching to lash at my clit. I groaned with the exquisite pleasure of feeling his hands and his mouth on me the same time. I caressed his head between my legs, looking down and thrilling to see his face covered with my juices. He pulled the lips open wide, exposing my clit to his view. “I’m gonna eat that twat till you scream” he growled as he dove in with his magical tongue. He flicked the sensitive button with the tip of his tongue, making me tremble with each touch.

Suddenly he sucked hard on my clit, darting his tongue around it as he pulled it into his mouth. “Oh god that feels so good, don’t stop, keep sucking my clit, please don’t stop” I begged. “I’m gonna come so hard, I’m gonna fuck your face with my hot cunt oh god I’m cumming!” I could not hold back; I cried out and ground my hips into his face. He didn’t let up for even a second, clinging to me like he would never let go. Wave after wave of intense feeling swept over me, so strong that even the tips of my toes reverberated. The wave crested and diminished, and still he did not free his mouth. My body curling upward as I clutched his head tightly, I came again and again, the last so strong I could not help but scream out his name. Finally I lay limp on the bed as he softly kissed me between my legs. Gently he eased up on the bed to lie on top of me, propping his body on his elbows to look into my face. “You drive me crazy” he whispered as he bent his mouth to mine.

“Just wait,’ I answered. “I want to take you beyond crazy.” As his mouth claimed mine again I again felt that wonderful tingle; my body had not had enough of him yet. We rolled over, his hard cock poking between my thighs. As I raised up, I winked at him. “Wait just a minute while I get my toy bag.” I reached under the bed where I had stashed it earlier. His eyes widened as I pulled bandannas and bungee cords from the bag. I wrapped the bandannas around his wrists and ankles, tying them loosely in place. Reaching for his right hand, I hooked the cord under the bandanna, stretched out his arm, and fastened it around the headboard of my brass bed. Going around to the other side of the bed, I repeated the action, then went to his feet and fastened them to the foot board.

“Hmm, gettin’ kinky aren’t you” he laughed.

“Nah,” I shot back; “just making sure you can’t get away from me til I’m through with you.” As I reached in the bag again, I told him “This will make everything a surprise for you!”, pulling out a blindfold and putting it over his eyes. I sat down beside him, running my hands all over his body. I leaned forward and kissed his belly. Parting the dark hair with my tongue, I licked his nipples until they stood as hard points. I sucked them between my teeth, lightly biting, then sucking as he groaned. Moving up to his neck, I licked and kissed that spot in the “v” of his collarbone, where most men are surprised to find they’re so sensitive.

“Oh yeah” he moaned; “you are sooo good with that tongue.”

On my hands and knees now, I touched my tongue to the tender spot on the inside of his elbow. “I hope you’re not ticklish” I said as I worked my way up his akbatı escort arm. I rubbed my face in his underarm, breathing in the masculine scent of his sweat. Continuing on my chosen path, I trailed my face and mouth along his side, finally reaching his hip. I spent some time exploring the join of his leg and hip, carefully avoiding touching his erection. Following his inner thigh, I worked my way to his knee, then his ankle. I kissed the tender flesh there lightly as he made sounds of pleasure. Moving to the other leg, I reversed my path, making my way up to his neck again. Suddenly pulling away, I ran my hands over his chest and abdomen, feeling the taut muscles under the skin. I cupped his balls in my hand, caressing their weight gently. I could wait no longer; I leaned forward and suddenly swallowed his cock. He gasped as I held him deep in my mouth, stroking him with my tongue without letting go. I teased the base of his cock with my tongue, then slowly slid my mouth upward until he slid gently out of my mouth. Licking the head of his cock I again caught drops of his salty cream on my tongue. Groaning, I sucked him into my mouth, massaging the muscle with my lips and tongue, plunging down then releasing, over and over.

“Wait!” he commanded hoarsely. “Stop for a minute. I don’t want to come yet!”

I did as he asked, holding my mouth still around him as he fought to regain control. As I eased him out of my mouth, his breathing evened. Finally he told me to continue. Rising, I slung my leg over his body, straddling his thighs. I leaned forward so his mouth touched my breast; by instinct, his mouth opened and captured the tip. Cupping the heaviness in my hands, I fed him, alternating sides as the heat in my groin grew. I reached up and removed his blindfold. “This”, I told him with a smile, “you need to see”. I placed a pillow behind his head, raising it so he could see down the length of his body. I turned with my back to him and again straddled his thighs. This time, instead of merely resting on his legs, I rose up and guided him into me. I sank down, feeling my muscles tighten around him. Rising slightly, I reached to the foot of the bed, turning my head to look at his face as I did so. Seeing that he was watching me, I bent forward, sliding to the tip of his cock . As I repeated the move, I asked “Do you like watching your cock fuck my pussy?” He growled in answer. I watched his face as I slowly moved on him, each time pulling up until only the head of his cock was inside me.

“Damn that’s so fuckin’ hot” he said as he strained his body upward.

“No no no” I admonished, pushing him back down. “Be still. I’m not ready for you to come yet.” He grimaced in frustration, yet I knew he was enjoying every minute. I alternately tightened and loosened the muscles of my pussy, making his cock jerk each time. “Do you like the way my pussy feels on your cock?” I asked as I slid up and down. “I love riding your hard dick. I can’t wait to feel it pounding in my hot, wet pussy. Your balls are so full of jizz — all for me. I want to ride you til you shoot your load inside me, then suck your cum-covered cock til you’re hard again.” The dirty talk just heightened the tension. “I want you to cum in my mouth too. I need to feel you fucking my face.” My clit was swollen with the friction of rubbing up and down. Suddenly, it wasn’t enough; I needed to feel him pounding into me, filling me with his cum. I quickly dismounted and yanked his restraints loose.

“Hurry; I need to feel your cock going deep in my pussy. I want to cum on your hard cock.” My words were all it took for him to push me back on the bed and spread my legs wide. As he thrust into me, I raised my legs up to take him in as deep as I could. Every time he slammed into me I felt the intense friction. My head tossed from side to side; I was almost delirious with the fever. Knowing we were both on the edge, I grabbed his head, pulling aksaray escort his mouth to mine, opening wide as our tongues tangled and fought. With a groan, I started to spasm, cumming so hard I could do nothing but hold on for dear life. The waves in my pussy sent him over the edge, his face and his sounds reflecting the intensity of his orgasm. Gradually the spasms slowed, leaving us exhausted, his body lying spent on mine. As I relaxed, I stroked his back and head with my hands, wanting to prolong the touch. When his cock softened and slid out of me, I wiggled out from under him. “Don’t get too relaxed” I teased as I crawled to the foot of the bed, his cum sliding down the insides of my thighs. “I’m not through with you yet.”

“Hey, I’m not a teenager anymore” he said, rolling over on his back. I didn’t bother with a reply; the sight of his sticky, limp cock was too distracting. Knowing he was still sensitive, I took it into my mouth and just held it there. After a few minutes, I bathed him with my tongue, feeling a promising quiver and twitch as I licked up every drop of juice. My mouth moved to his balls, now soft after releasing his sperm. I lifted them, flicking my tongue over the bridge to his asshole. I licked and nuzzled, blew on his cock and balls, teased with the tip of my fingernail and my tongue, playing to my heart’s content, knowing that this time there was no hurry. After a while, I heard his “Mmmmm” of satisfaction. Raising my head, I looked up to see a smile on his face, eyes closed. I moved to steal a kiss. This time it was soft and sweet, my tongue tracing the inside of his lips. Stretching out beside him, head toward his feet, I returned to the taste of his cock. Already it was coming back to life, responding to my greed. As I continued my playing, I felt his hand sliding between my legs. I moved to give him access; he petted my pussy, gradually deepening his strokes until he was touching my clit. As he played in my sloppy snatch, I increased my suction on his shaft, sucking him completely into my mouth, releasing some of the pressure, sliding to the tip, then engulfing the head with increasing force.

Freeing him from my mouth suddenly, I resumed the dirty talk that had driven me over the edge. Asking questions I already knew the answers to, I felt my juices start to flow again. “You like me sucking your dirty cock don’t you,” I told him. “Open your eyes; watch me swallowing this thang,” I commanded.

“You’re sounding like a real slut now,” he smirked. “You gonna be my slut? You gonna let me shove my meat down your throat?” Really getting into now, he reached down, holding my head between his hands. “You like it when I fuck your face don’t you? You wantin’ to suck the cum outta me again, just like your pussy did.” I grasped his now-hard prick in one hand, sucking hard on the bulging head. With the other I tickled my hot spot, knowing I was on my way to cumming again. Suddenly he pulled my face into his crotch, thrusting roughly into my mouth. Gagging a little, I took all he was giving, desperately masturbating as he came in my mouth. When the climax was over, he pulled quickly out of my mouth. I lay on my back, legs wide, one hand now spreading my pussy lips, the other frigging my clit with one finger, slipping another into my wet hole. I watched him watching me, not hungrily but more with curiosity. Bringing to my mind the feeling of his mouth on me, I exploded.

Completely spent now, I eased my way up beside him, cuddling into his side and wrapping an arm over his chest. Slowly, we both regained our equilibrium, coming back down to earth. With our relaxation, the conversation meandered from what we’d been doing since we last met to the comedy of politics. Our talk dwindled; he got up to take a shower. I preferred to feel the stickiness of sex, to prolong the warmth a while longer. Watching him dressing, I couldn’t help but feel a little stirring of interest, thinking how good he looked. Ah well, I thought, I know I’ll certainly include this in my fantasies for a while.

I walked with him to the door, still naked. I stood with my arms around his neck as we said our goodbyes. He kissed me, just touching at first, coming back to give me that spine-tingling kiss I loved. “That’s to keep you from forgetting about me,” he said with a smile. As if I ever could forget…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32