Mailman’s Dauhter Part 1

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Mailman’s Daughter

My name is Vincent. I am a mailman who lives in the suburbs of Richmond, Virginia. I’m a simple guy. I was never a stand out athlete, great student and more importantly I have never been a stud with the ladies. My 9 inch cock should have been a huge help in that area, but I never had the confidence to get to that stage with a girl-before my wife of course. I led a boring and uneventful existence. The highlight of my day was pounding on my wife’s saggy pussy after work. I was discontent with my life and quite depressed, until last week; when the craziest and most unexpected thing happened. It was a crisp, cool Sunday morning and I was on my way to drop off my daughter to her middle-school. She attended a small institution, only a 5 minute drive from our home. I was late-as usual, having trouble getting my daughter ready for school because my wife was away on one of her business trips. I had never been organized since my wife did that kind of thing. This hurt me while keeping track of Molly’s daily schedule. As I drove my shitty yellow car down the highway my thoughts strayed more toward my wife’s recent activity. She had started making these trips abroad ever since that young man from Costa Rica transferred over- working under her wing.

His name was Carlos and he was a complete prick. He was a snooty metro-sexual asshole who saw no boundaries when it came to flirting with the ladies. He came over way too often and did not relent to criticize everything about me, ranging from how I walk to the clothes I wear. I had also caught him several times with his hand creeping up my wife’s leg. She had been too intoxicated with Gin on those occasions to notice, and would laugh at me for my seriousness whenever I brought it up once she had sobered up. I also hated how my wife’s friends would compliment Carlos’ attractiveness whenever they came over for a social gathering. They also gave me tips and pointers on how I could fix up my own image. This mortified and infuriated me further. I have to admit though, I am a loser. I accepted it and bear through my life, without envy of those who are better off, but this Carlos fellow, I completely spited. I was sure he had it in for my partner and I would do anything in my power to prevent that. Starting a month ago, my wife had begun to spend an unusual amount of time outside the house without the company of her boring friends, who I only knew so well.

There was ample gossip circulating the neighbourhood on the topic of her more frequent outings, specifically about whether Tracy (my wife) was having an affair or not. Little could calm me down this morning. I had way too much stress to deal with. Coping with my minimum wage job gaziantep rus escort and handling my daughter’s schedule. I had also not relieved myself in a week and constantly felt horny. Just an hour ago my daughter had caught me watching an early morning porno on cable. She had been standing in the doorway for several minutes before I had noticed. She was wearing a tight T-shirt emphasising her small, perky teenage breasts-with Led Zeppelin plastered in pink on a white backdrop. She was also only wearing panties, which were striped blue and white and seemed several sizes too small for her. “Daddy”, she said. “What are you doing?” I was surprised especially since she had a devious smile on her face. She eyed my cock hungrily and began to lick her lips, her gaze unwavering from the bulge in my jeans. I had never been so turned on before. I craned my neck slightly as I looked at her gorgeous face. She had lightly tanned skin, long light brown hair and big beautiful blue eyes. She had donned makeup which accentuated her eye lashes and her high cheek bones. She also had lips which were unusually full for a 13 year old. “Ah, I just wanna fuck her face”, I thought.

I was immediately shocked at this thought. This was my daughter I was talking about. Incest it is wrong. But this thought turned me on even more. I motioned with my hand for her to come over, and then signalled to take a seat in my lap. She obeyed and nestled herself snugly right on my bulging hard on. Her perfectly formed, tight teen ass cheeks were spread apart slightly by my trapped dick. The sensation was amazing. To even further my pleasure she leaned her head back cascading my face with lengths of her soft, long hair. She had scented it with perfume and rubbed her thick pony tail teasingly in my face. I felt like I was going to explode. I had never had a more sensual, arousing experience. “Is something wrong daddy”, she asked, pouting her luscious lips and widening her eyes as she turned toward me. I could not respond as I struggled to breathe. To further my torture, Molly revealed a bottle of Vaseline which had been well-hidden in her hand. She opened the cap and then dipped a single finger inside, and then removed a wad of cream with it. She stuck out her left leg out and pointed it forward. She then began to rub the cream from her upper thigh down to her toes. Her legs were pale and muscled at her thighs and gradually slimmed down to skinny calves. They were hairless as well. Her feet were amazing. I had never had much of a foot fetish but was astounded at how perfect they were. She had painted her nails a bright Barbie Pink and her toes acquired a pink blush which contrasted with her smooth pale feet. Oh how I just wanted to suck on them. I also noticed that her jogging sessions had paid off. She has lost most of her baby fat and now had a sexy, mature figure.

“I’m feeling kind of hot daddy”, she said. “Do you mind if I take my shirt off?” I gasped loudly and quickly tried to cover my mouth to hide it. But the damage was done. She knew she had me. She slowly began to move the hem of her shirt upward, “Uh honey, I don’t think this is such a good id-“. She cut me off with a finger to my mouth. She continued to move the hem of her shirt upward until her entire back was revealed and I could see all of her smooth skin. It took him a few seconds to realize that she was not wearing a bra. She began to turn round. I was about to stop this, knowing that if I saw her tits right now I would not be able to stop myself. However, she crossed both hands over and covered her small breasts. “Not yet”, she said in a soft voice, again pouting her lips. After a few uncomfortable seconds on my part she suddenly swooped down and planted a wet kiss on my lips. That was it I had it. Just when I did not think I could hold my load anymore she undid my jeans and grabbed the base of my penis tightly. She must have sensed my tension and did not want the experience to be over too quickly. Despite the immense pain, her hand had done the job. However, I was harder than ever and was now hopeless of keeping my daughter clean. We had not broken our kiss despite the on goings. On impulse, I thrust my tongue into her mouth.

She groaned in ecstasy and then began to suck it. She then put her knees on the arms of the chair to get a better angle. I now had the opportunity to do what I always dreamed of doing. I slipped my arms around her and grabbed the small globes of her butt cheeks. She groaned in surprised but did not stop sucking my tongue. For the next few minutes I rubbed my hands down from her butt cheeks to the back of her knees. We broke apart for a bit and I noticed her tits. They were quite small, B cups, with small brown nipples which were clearly erect. I gave her right nipple a little tug. She gave a soft moan. I continued manipulating her, squeezing and pinching them with different pressures. Her pussy began to leak and I knew she was ready. I lowered my hand to her clit and began rubbing slowly. She moaned softly again. I took off her panties, and her small, bald pussy was revealed. With my forefinger and middle finger I parted her lips gently, pushing inside her. It took me a full minute to get both of my fingers completely inside. God she was so tight! I began to move my finger back and forth in a rhythmic fashion. Going as deep as my knuckles and out to my fingertips. I began to move faster as her breathing changed. I went as fast as I could and her breaths were short and rasped.

I knew she was close to orgasm. Her cheeks had patches of red and sweat was running down her brow. She bit her lower lip, shut her eyes tight, and then climaxed. Her warm juices were released and flowed over my hand and wrist. Just as I bent down to lick her pussy clean she stopped me, looked me dead in the eye and said, “I want you to fuck me”. I was surprised at how serious she was. I nodded weakly barely registering what was happening. She spread her legs as wide as she could, her asshole gaped and I thought it would be nice to plug that. With a smile on my face I pointed my dick at her pussy instead. I pushed her lips apart just as I had done with my fingers. Her hole was so tight that I doubted my mammoth dick could fit inside. She egged me on. “C’mon Daddy, fuck my tight little pussy”. This was enough motivation for me. For several moments I pushed inside her as hard as I could. Despite the lubrication from the previous orgasm it was still very difficult.

Her face was screwed up in pain but I had finally fit it in. I surveyed the situation for a moment. I was fucking my little girl. “Are you gonna fuck me or not?”, she asked grumpily. I obeyed and began to slowly thrust my hips back and forth. I was overcome by pleasure. Sex with my wife had never been this good. She usually just lay there and took it. This inspired me. As I continued to fuck, I grabbed my little girl’s throat and called her a slut. Her eyed grew in surprise and I began to fuck harder. “C’MON YOU LITTLE SLUT, FUCK YOUR DADDY”, I yelled. She began to cry. I fucked her harder and harder. She was groaning in pain now. She had stopped moving with me but I was too caught up in my little game to notice. As I reached orgasm I began to slow down. As my dick softened, I grabbed her calf and put her foot in my mouth. I began to suck on her big toe, slurping it as hard as I could. I then took hold of her foot and put as much of it as I could in mouth. I just left it there in my mouth and slurped on it.

After several moments I stopped and looked at her. She avoided my gaze. I knew I had gone too far but I still wanted more. “Daddy, I have to go to school now”, she said softly. “Or you can stay here and be my pet”, I replied. She looked at me in confusion. I could not help myself now. “Turn around and let Daddy fuck you like the little bitch you are”, I commanded. She panicked and tried to get up, but I forced her down again. I could not believe what I was doing. I was about to rape my daughter. She struggled bur was not strong enough to prevent his advances. “Daddy, please no”, she said weakly. I pinched her butt as hard as I could, and she let out a squeal of pain. “Just take it”, I whispered.

To be continued…

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32