Mail Order Sex Slave Ch. 01

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A/N: Hello readers, I’m taking a short break from the Dawn Saga to bring you this. Thought of this at 1 am and had to put it down. My ideal actress for this would be Marica Hase. CW for racism, slight fetishization of Chinese people, and also consensual slavery.

8======D ( );( )

I think a lot of men would like to have a huge cock. I certainly hear a lot of my male acquaintances talk about how they would like to enlarge their dick, get it up to a solid 10 inches or something. They talk about much better their girls would like it if their cocks were bigger, meatier, about how a bigger dick could stimulate more of a girl’s pussy.

Let me tell you the truth, having a huge cock isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

I’m 6 feet 4 inches and my cock is proportionate to the rest of me. That is to say, it’s huge. If you watch big black monster cock porn on any of those porn websites, mine looks like that.

It’s a lot more trouble than it’s worth, to be quite honest.

There are the day to day issues that I’ve learned to deal with since I was a boy going through puberty. Other boys could hide their random erections. Me? Not so much. The moment I popped a boner, it was a mountain in my jeans, insurmountable, no hiding it behind a book or a bag. No, it would sooner poke a hole through whatever I held in front of me!

Not to mention jeans. There’s a rise in skinny jeans for men. While I do think skinny jeans would look awesome on me cause I have great, toned legs from working out at the gym, there’s simply no space for my schlong to go!

Usually I have to direct it down one leg of my pants and pray that it stays there. While skinny jeans do help to keep my dick in place, it also provides a very stark outline that draws stares whereever I go.

I can’t even pee at a urinal properly. Other guys just unzip their pants and fish their limp cock out to pee. My dick is plastered against my thigh down one pant leg, there’s no fishing that out from a tiny little opening in the front of my jeans! Without fail, I have to painstakingly free my dick from my pants every time I need to take a whiz! Other guys give me weird looks when I start to push down my pants so I usually just use a cubicle.

I can’t wear shorts either. Every time I sit down, it’s like peek-a-boo with my dick. Anyone at crotch level in front of me will definitely catch a glimpse of my one-eyed snake!

But the biggest issue for me right now, is the fact that I’ve fucked a girl before.

It’s too big, it’s not going to fit, it hurts too much. Every single time I’ve tried to Netflix and chill, it doesn’t workout because the girl I’m dating doesn’t think they can handle my dick. They’re willing to suck on the head, give me a handjob, but that’s all. There was one girl who attempted to let me fuck her, but I’d only gotten the head in when she started crying so I stopped. It was a real mood killer. Suffice to say, none of my relationships lasted past the first attempt at dick in pussy sex.

Sad isn’t it?

I had pretty much resigned myself to a lonely life, with the occasional assisted handjob. Until six months ago.

It was a day like most others. Went to work, came back home, decided to watch some porn. Only that day, I also decided to get drunk because I was lonely. I was on my 10th beer, flicking through porn sites, playing some of the games, watching a girl get plowed in the shithole, when I saw an ad.

It said in all caps “MAIL ORDER SEX SLAVE”.

I laughed. Everyone knew that sex slaves were sold in closed door auctions for the rich and the wealthy. There was no way they would sell them online like this. It must have been some fantasy fulfillment website. I clicked on it to see what it was about.

The front page reminded me of one of those “Pick five things and we’ll tell you what horoscope you are” kind of clickbaity articles you find on social media. At first, it asked me about normal things like age, sex, location, and my occupation. Then it started to get into weirder things like if I liked anal (I didn’t know if I did, but I loved the idea of it), how big my dick was (12 inches, I swear it’s true), if I preferred big tits, or small (any kind of tits are good tits in my book!).

I filled out the entire questionnaire, finishing off the beer as I did so. By then I was really drunk and amused.

The questionnaire took me to another page where there were photos of several girls who ‘fit my criteria’. There was a bombshell blonde, 5 feet 9 inches with huge tits and a bald cunt. In the photo, she was smiling at the camera, manicured hands cupping her boobs. There was even a short video of her bending over and displaying her two fuckholes. The description said her bra size was a 34DD, her waist a 30, and her hips 36. There were other measurements, such as her pussy being 12, her ass being 13, and a checkmark beside the ‘throat’.

I had no idea what that meant. I only knew that I took one look at the price, a whopping 10 grand, and I clicked on the next girl.

Most of the girls had price tags on them ranging from 4-8k. I had gaziantep escort bayan no idea how these girls were priced, or if they were real at all. My drunk brain was thinking about how nice it would be if I could stick my cock into a warm, wet hole and that any of these girls looked fantastic. It was just a pity that I couldn’t justify spending 4 grand on any of them. Especially since I was sure that it was just a role-playing thing and the prices were just for one night spent with a super hot girl.

Just as I was about to close the site, jerk off, and call it a night, I saw the last listing.

An East Asian girl with B cup tits. She stood at 5 feet 2 inches, petite compared to me. According to the listing, she was priced at 1500 dollars.

Compared to the rest, it was a steal, wasn’t it? I squinted at her photo, taking in her wide brown eyes and her pink lips. Her straight hair fell just past her shoulders, cut in a way that framed her round cheeks and pointed chin. In the photo, she wore a lacy bra and matching thong, her arms pushed together while she gave the camera a wide-eyed innocent smile. She looked pretty young, but she was also really cute. If I saw her on the street, I definitely would have taken a second glance.

Drunk me pulled out my credit card and paid.

My backpacking vacation to Turkey and Pakistan could wait, I wanted to see what this was all about.

Now, I didn’t know what drunk me was expecting that night because I clicked ‘pay’ and then passed out on my bed.

Sober me, on the other hand, was very surprised the next evening when I came home from my work to find a very large chest blocking my doorway. It was made of wood and came up to my knees. Given that I’m a very tall man, I’ll have you know it was a very large box.

I pity the men who had to carry it up the three flights of stairs because the elevator wasn’t working.

I shuffled and pushed and squeezed the chest into my tiny apartment and locked the door, wondering what it was. At that point, I still hadn’t made the connection between my ‘order’ and the arrival of this giant chest.

It was a beautiful dark brown colour, but was otherwise plain save for a combination lock on the front of it. There were holes on the top, which should have tipped me off that something inside was alive, but at the time, I was being pretty dumb. There was a label on the chest, which said “COMBINATION: 1333”.

I turned the numbers until they clicked into place and then threw back the lid.

I will admit, I screamed.

I don’t think many people expect to find a living, breathing, girl tied up in a pile of packing peanuts mailed to their doorstep!

It was the girl from the website.

Her brown eyes snapped open when I opened the chest and they fixated on me, taking in my panic as I tried to make sense of what was happening.

When I expected a role-playing night of passion, I expected the girl to text to make arrangements, not to show up in a chest, naked!

“What the fuck!” I shouted, then clamped my hand over my mouth in case the neighbours heard.

The girl said nothing because she was gagged and cuffed with leather cuffs.

Leather cuffs? Where was the key?!

I searched around for a bit before I realized that there was a ziplock bag taped to the inside of the lid. There were a set of keys, a remote control, and an instruction manual. I hurriedly flicked upon the manual to see what it said.




















1x Vibrator + remote

1x collar

1x Penis gag

1x wrist cuffs + keys

1x ankle cuffs + keys

1x anal plug

1x dildo

1x 500 mL lubricant



I read the whole thing, eyes getting wider and wider. I was slowly realizing that this wasn’t a role play, and that I might have really bought a sex slave off the internet. This was made clearer by the fact that there was a stamp in the bottom right corner, the official stamp of the National Slave Register. People weren’t supposed to use that as they pleased, no corporation selling fantasies would dare for fear of bringing the wrath of the bureaucracy down on them.

I had bought a slave.

I, Aaron Butler, had officially purchased a slave.

My new slave was still blinking up at me from inside the chest, making no move to get up or to squirm.

I brushed off all the packing peanuts and then grabbed her around the waist, lifting her bodily out of the chest. She was wearing the mentioned penis gag, the collar, and cuffs on her wrists and ankles. I could see the vibrator inside the chest along with the dildo, but no butt plug. I rummaged around in the chest for a bit, then realized something.

I spun my slave around and bent her over.

There, between her pert asscheeks, was the missing anal plug.

She had been wearing it the whole time.

I ran a hand over my face and then got the keys out from the ziplock bag to unlock my slave. I removed her gag. She wet her pretty pink lips with her tongue while I undid the cuffs. She didn’t try to escape or anything. The moment her arms and legs were free, she knelt in front of me and reached for my pants.

“Master,” she whispered, eyes wide with some unknown emotion. I swallowed hard.

This was what I had bought her for, wasn’t it?

Part of me was screaming not to do it, but the other part of me argued that I paid for it. She wouldn’t offer if she didn’t want it, right?

I let my new slave pull down my pants.

My cock, already half hard from seeing this young, nubile girl willingly kneeling in front of me and offering her body to me, sprung free from its confines, bobbing obscenely in the air.

My slave’s eyes went wider still. She looked up at me, then at my cock in naked awe.

Instead of recoiling, like the other girls I dated, my slave opened her mouth immediately and sealed her lips around the head of my cock.

“UNNNGH!” I moaned as wet heat engulfed my dick. When the manual said ‘Oral-yes’ I guess they meant that yes, she was trained to suck cock and suck it well.

My slave was going at my cock like she hadn’t had a meal for the past two weeks. She was trying to slurp the entirety of it into her mouth, but she was petite and my cock was too long. That didn’t stop her from trying. I felt the head of my dick hit the back of her throat. She moaned and the vibrations zinged right up my cock to my brain, shutting off all my thought processes.

Unngh that felt so good!

Her mouth only made it a third of the way down onto my cock. But then she looked up at me, took a deep breath, and swallowed. I felt my cock push past the spongy walls of her mouth and then enter her throat.




I was being deep-throated by my new slave.

She didn’t get far. Even with forcing my cock down her throat, she only took about 8 inches of me. But hey, beggars can’t be choosers, right? I groaned at the sight of a pretty, petite, asian girl trying her level best to devour the entire length of my cock.

“Aw yes!” I groaned, putting one hand on the back of her head to guide her down.

Up and down and up and down she went, drool dripping from the corners of her mouth down the length of my shaft onto my balls. She pulled off for a breath, then dove back in as if she had been dying for water and my cock was the only tap!

“Mnnn” she moaned. I was transfixed by her, slurping on my dick like it was the only meal she was allowed.

“Master fuck slave asshole?” she asked when she pulled off my cock again. My eyes must have bulged out of my head.

No girl had ever allowed me near their pussies, much less their asshole, and here I had a pretty young girl offering hers to me.

“Can I?” I asked, voice hoarse with anticipation.

“Yes, this slave good with anal. My hole, good hole, fit whole cock,” she said enthusiastically.

The whole cock?

My whole cock?

Probably impossible, but I was glad to get to fuck a hole, any hole. Even better if I could cum inside and watch the cum drip out of her!

My slave immediately lay down on the tiles and lifted her knees to her chest, showing off her bare pussy and the plug in her ass. From where I stood, I could see that her rosebud was pink and puckered, slightly resembling a pair of lips, probably from all the assfucking she received. Instead of turning me off, it was turning me on. I felt my cock grow harder and twitch repeatedly at the prospect of opening that pucker up.

She twirled one slender finger around the plug once, twice, then pulled on it. The metal implement slid free with a pop and she set it aside. She grabbed her asscheeks and pulled them wide apart.

“Master, please fuck slave asshole!” she begged.

I grabbed the bottle of lube, popped it open and squirted a good amount on my quivering cock. I slid my hand up and down to coat it evenly, then knelt between my slave’s legs.

Trembling, I guided my cock to her pucker and pressed my cockhead against that tiny little hole.

“Oooohh,” my slave moaned. She whimpered as my rock-hard penis breached her pert bottom, forcing its way inside. I paused, feeling guilty.

“Should I stop?” I asked.

“Master no stop. Slave can take whole cock!” my slave protested in an almost indignant manner.

“But I’m hurting you,” I hedged, remembering the ex who cried hard when I tried to fuck her.

“Slave take painal too,” she said with determination on her face “Master cock happy, slave also happy.”

She wiggled her ass as if to prove her point.

I took a deep breath. If she was sure, then I wouldn’t stop.

I leaned forward, bracing myself over her. I let my weight bear my huge monster cock into her tight shitter.

“Oh oh oh!” the slave gasped, eyes going wide “So big!” she panted, staring straight at me.

I expected resistance, I expected that I’d get to a certain point and not be able to push in any longer, I expected her to beg me to take it out. But aside from the almost-too-tight friction on my aching dick, there was nothing stopping me. I watched my thick rod slide deeper and deeper and deeper yet into my slave’s asshole, until finally my hips met hers.

I was buried inside my slave.

I was balls deep inside the asshole of my slave.

All 12 inches of my uncut cock was buried to the hilt in my newly purchased sex slave.

Somehow when I woke up hungover that morning, I didn’t think that that was a sentence I would ever say. But it was true.

Her inner walls clung to my cock, tight, impossibly hot, and yet soft and velvety.

“Slave take whole cock!” my slave panted out, looking pleased with herself.

“Yes you did,” I said and stroked her hair. I planted a kiss on her forehead and began to fuck in earnest. The warm wet heat of her mouth was great, but the warm, clinging softness of her rectum was even better, purely because it was happening all along my massive shaft. Every single inch of my huge cock got to experience the wondrous sensation of being milked by my young slave’s anal muscles.

She squeezed gently with her rectum every time I pulled out. It was as if her asshole was reluctant to give up my cock. It was an incredible cock massage, one that I wanted to last forever.

“Ungh, ungh, ungh,” I grunted as I plowed my young slave’s shitter. She moaned and whimpered as I fucked her ass, her hands still holding herself wide open.

“Ungh I’m cumming!” I growled as I thrust deep inside my slave’s bowels and pumped rope after rope of my spunk deep into her ass.

“Thank you Master,” my slave said as I tried to catch my breath. She didn’t move at all, merely held her asscheeks open, knees still to her chest while she waited for me to come down from my high.

“Did you cum?” I asked her.

My slave shook her head and bit her lip, embarrassed.

“Slave no cum if Master no allow,” she said softly.

“When was the last time you came?” I demanded, horrified that people would control her orgasms. My slave just shrugged.

“Don’t know. Last Master say Slave no cum,” she said flippantly, as if there was nothing wrong with being restricted like that. I shook my head and sat back on my heels.

“Well this Master would like you to cum. Every time we fuck, you have permission to cum, understood?” I asked her.

Her brown eyes were wide with disbelief.

“Yes, Master, slave understand.”

I looked down between her legs. Her pussy was damp, but not drenched. She was obviously aroused by getting ass-fucked but she had held off on her own orgasm.

I slid my fingers into her cunt and curled them upwards.

“Go on, cum.” I growled, stroking the front wall of her pussy. My slave gasped and squirmed on my fingers but I was so much bigger than her and could manhandle her whatever way I wanted. I kept her in place with one large hand, and teased her cunt and clit with the other, alternating frigging her pussy with pinching and flicking her clit.

“Nnnngh!” my slave whimpered. A small stream of clear fluid shot out of her cunt as her pussy and asshole started to twitch. I felt her hole clench on my fingers and her body spasm under my hand.

“Aaaaah! Slave cumming!” she panted as she rode my fingers through her orgasm!

I finger fucked her all the way through her waves of pleasure until she had stopped shaking.

“There, much better, isn’t it?” I asked with satisfaction. My slave smiled up at me.

“Yes Master, thank you master.”

I slid my cock out of her asshole and watched it gape open, twitching several times. My thick white ropey cum had been fucked so deep inside of her that it wasn’t cumming back out.

My slave grabbed the plug she had discarded and slid it back into her hole. The abused muscle opened up and closed around the metal toy with a soft slurping sound.

“What Master wish now?” she asked.

I had no idea.

I just knew that I had fucked a girl in the ass. The girl had taken the entirety of my dick and enjoyed it. I had only known her for maybe an hour? But I was already starting to be fond of my new slave.

I helped my slave get up and then pushed her in the direction of the shower.

“Go get clean, I’ll get you something to wear later.”

8======D ( );( )

Now, I used to consider my sex-drive pretty normal. Jacking off once a day is on par for the course right? But ever since that fateful day, I have been cumming four, five times a day. Who wouldn’t if there was a willing, eager slave begging for your cock?

After fucking my slave in the ass for the first time, I made her take a shower. I took all the toys out and put them in the drawer beside my bed, then cleaned the packing peanuts out of the chest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32