Maids Turnaround

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A rough breakup with her abusive now ex-boyfriend left Lauren alone, no home, no belongings, no confidence, no job, no money. Sitting in the coffee shop with the classified adds mostly crossed out with the red X’s after fruitless calls, she lowered her sights and ego, and looked at openings for live in maids. At least she would have a place to live, make some money, save it, and hopefully be able to get back on her feet.

One add caught her eye because it started with “Attractive career woman seeks live in maid to clean and help run my mansion.”

Why would anyone put “attractive” in their add? It gave Lauren goose bumps for several reasons, but she dialed the number anyway. A throaty but melodic voice answered, “Hello?”

“Yes, I am inquiring about your add for a live in maid.”

“Do you have any experience, any references?”

“No, but I am a very hard worker, very conscientious, motivated, and a very quick learner.”

“So, what you’re saying is your broke, and need a job desperately. How old are you, what do you look like?”

Odd questions thought Lauren before she said what the hell and answered, “I am 24, 5’10”, blonde with a very fit body (throwing that in just to see if her tease worked).

“Very nice, well I suppose I could give you a shot, can you come right over for an interview?”

“Yes, I am free to come as soon as you like,” responded Lauren, getting excited.

After hearing the address, and checking the bus routes, she found her way to the “mansion”.

Holy shit thought Lauren, one person lives in this place? It is huge, how could I possibly keep it clean all by myself?

She pushed the locked entry gate screen, and was surprised by the lovely face she saw in the screen. She gave her name and that she was there for an interview. She heard the buzzer and walked through the smaller side gate. It seemed to take forever to walk that long, winding, tree lined driveway, but finally made it to the front door, and rang that bell. She laughed to herself as the bell reminded her of an old scary movie, and wondered if a hunchback was going to open the door.

She was taken aback by the lovely woman who opened the door for her. She didn’t realize she was standing, staring at this lovely blonde, in a skin tight, very short skirt, with hot black nylons, heels, and a blouse so tight and sheer, Lauren thought she could see hard nipples through it.

“So are you coming in, or just going to stand there in the doorway checking me out?”

“Oh, sorry”, Lauren lowered her head and walked into the house, hearing the door close behind her. She stood waiting to be told where to go, for it seem a very long time. She turned her head to find this woman now checking her out, like a piece of meat hanging at the butcher shop. She was taken aback at this brazen woman’s actions, but bit her lip and said nothing. She knew the woman would like what she saw. Lauren used to be a fitness instructor at a health club before her life went south due to all the problems that abusive bum of a boyfriend had caused her. She kept her hair short to show off her beautiful face with high cheek bones. She wore her only outfit left, short skirt that showed off her totally toned and beautifully long legs, and her tight red, low cut sweater, that hugged her full round breasts. On a lark, she decided to play along in the “once over” game and pushed her tits out, arching her back, to show off her tight, round ass, and super small waist.

“Very lovely indeed” said the woman, in almost a musky voice. Come in to the sitting room where we can talk.

Lauren followed her into a lovely, bright room, with wonderful, huge windows letting in all the light the room needed. She walked over to the opposite couch from where the lady sat, and noticed the strange art around the room. Paintings and objects (some clay, some wood carved, and others of materials Lauren did not know) all of which were of women, mostly nude, and most all with some sort of bondage.

Lauren felt a little uncomfortable at all this, especially when she saw how far up the woman’s skirt had hiked once she sat down across from her. As she explained the duties expected of her, and how the living and wage details were to be, Lauren had to keep trying to keep her attention to the words, rather than looking up this woman’s legs. Lauren had only been with another woman once, as a teen, on an overnight stay with her best friend, after too many glasses of her parent’s wine. But this woman seemed to be almost insisting she look between her legs, for Lauren could swear that skirt was moving up her thighs on it’s own, and the woman was actually slowly spreading her legs further apart.

“Did you hear me?” asked the woman loudly, “I asked you what your name is.”

Lauren shook her head to get out of her “trance”, “Lauren, M ‘am, Lauren is my name.”

“That is a beautiful name Lauren.” “My name is Rickey, my dad wanted a boy.”

“So, Lauren, the job is yours if you would like it.”

“Oh Yes, M ‘ am” Lauren heard herself say.

Ok, I will show you to your room, where Starzbet you can change and get started.

It was a lovely little room, with a flat screen tv, a double bed with warm, cushy comforters and pillows, and once again, plenty of daylight through copious windows. Lauren noticed the flimsy little maid’s outfit and wondered why there was panties and a bra also laid out.

“There is your complete uniform, please go ahead and change so I can get you started.

Lauren waited a few seconds for the woman to leave, but it appeared she had no intention of doing so.

“Do I have to tell you again?” said Rickey in a loud, firm voice.

“No, M ‘ am” said Lauren and she reluctantly started to undress. She felt very vulnerable as she took off her clothes, a bit uncomfortable to say the least, but then there was a funny feeling in the pit of her stomach as she removed her bra and let her full, round breasts fall freely. She could feel Rickey’s eyes staring at her lovely breasts, and was a bit embarrassed and confused when she felt her nipples harden.

“A bit chilly in here my dear?” smiled Rickey.

“No M ‘ am, just not used to undressing in front of another woman.

“Well, get used to it, it is part of your job now.”

Lauren wondered what the hell that meant, but continued to undress, slipping out of her skirt and panties, now standing completely nude in front of her Mistress.

She felt herself get a bit moist when she heard Rickey’s uncontrolled gasp as she surveyed Lauren’s gorgeous body. She began to get into it a bit and sort of put on a little show as she put on her new sheer bra, and oh my, crotchless panties! (What am I getting myself into? She thought).

“Here, let me help you with the clasp on your bra” said Rickey not waiting for an answer she moved behind Lauren and clasped the bra, letting her hand slip to Lauren’s front and caressing her now rock hard nipples. Lauren thought this bitch is used to getting everything she wants, that could be a problem.

Just then, Lauren felt the caress change to a hard pinching of her nipples, “Ouch! That hurt! Stop it!”

“It’s supposed to hurt, now follow me to your first room.”

Lauren wasn’t sure about her decision at this point, but having no where else to turn, she gave in and followed. The room was down a narrow staircase off the sitting room, she watched Rickey’s ass sway as she walked down the steps in the hot, tight skirt, and found herself wondering what it would be like to slide that off her firm ass.

Her little reverie was starkly interrupted by the stark lights Rickey turned on in the “new” room.

Lauren was aghast, it was a veritable torture chamber she had seen in that old Edgar Allen Poe movie she saw as a frightened little girl.

“Step over here” was the command she heard, and lost in her own world of fear, excitement, and confusion, she followed the command. She saw Rickey pick up what looked like a leather riding crop, and was astounded when Rickey used it on her, slapping it across her butt.

“Come over here now slave,” was Rickey’s harsh command, pointing to a large pole with handcuff hanging from a chain from the top. Lauren balked, all of a sudden all the physical and mental abuse she had taken from her ex came crashing into her brain. She cracked, and with a strength she didn’t know she had, she reached out and with one powerful stroke ripped Rickey’s blouse completely off, and threw it to the ground. As Rickey stood there aghast, her mouth wide open as were her eyes, before she could even do anything, the fireball that was now Lauren, took the crop from her hand, and started whipping her now exposed back. She recoiled and tried to slink away, but Lauren would have non of that. Lauren grabbed Rickey by both wrists and dragged her, screaming, to the same pole Rickey had ordered her to.

She reached up, grabbed the hand cuffs, and before Rickey could say a word, hand cuffed her to the pole, pulled the tension part of the chain, to raise Rickey to her veritable toe tips, hanging, exposed from the whipping pole. Lauren did not know or care what was going on inside her. She spun Rickey around so her bare breasts were now exposed, and began whipping them with the crop, unmercifully. She felt her pussy getting wetter and wetter with each blow, and Rickey’s whimpers made her even wetter.

“How do you like this bitch! You think you are going to do this to me? No way! The tables are now completely turned, and you are now my slave, and you will love every bit of pain I throw your way, and ask for more.!”

The forceful tenor of Lauren’s voice was new to her, but she loved the sound of it, and especially loved the look of terror and submission on Rickey’s face.

Drunk with her new power, Lauren dished blow after blow on Rickey’s heaving breasts, turning them bright red, with welts, and little trickles of blood.

Seeing another chain on a hook on the whipping pole, Lauren leaned over to grab it. She made sure to rub her hard nipples across Rickey’s whimpering face, and watched her try to Starzbet Giriş grab them with her mouth, making sure to keep them just out Rickey’s reach.

The other chain was attached to some sort of clamp at either end. Lauren figured these must be those nipple clamps she had only heard about. She took one and pinched the one end to spread the other end that had small points on the inside of the pads, looking like little tacks. She grinned as she realized how much these would hurt when she put them on Rickey’s bursting nipples. She grabbed one of Rickey’s breasts, and felt her try to fight. Lauren’s new power and old strength from all the years as a fitness instructor, made it no match for Rickey to even try to fight, so she slumped, and awaited her due.

Lauren held the opened clamp over one of Rickey’s nipples. “You planned on using these on me didn’t you?” Not hearing an answer, she placed the clamp on Rickey’s nipple and almost came when she heard the shrieks of pain from Rickey. She then clamped the second on the other nipple, and did a little dance around the now crying, slumping Rickey, whipping her with the crop, watching her recoil from each blow.

A strange thing was happening to Lauren, as she felt herself enjoying whipping Rickey with the crop. At first, she thought it was just her anger, from the built up years with her ex, and then this crazy bitch thinking she was going to start the abuse all over again. But what Lauren was beginning to feel was a warm, tingling sensation throughout her entire body, enjoying not just the power she was feeling, but that she could sense Rickey was somehow enjoying being whipped, being under Lauren’s control. This sense of power was quite intoxicating and very erotic as she became aware of her own pussy beginning to drip with a constant flow of her arousal juices. She began to take more care in her blows, making sure to hit Rickey in her most private spots. “Crack” at one her clamped nipples, “Crack” at her now exposed pussy.

“Please…..” moaned Rickey.

“Please what!?!” screamed Lauren.

“pppplease dddddont stop” moaned Rickey.

Rickey was also entering into new a totally different territory. She had always been in command, doing the whipping, making her maids be slaves to her dominance. It had always been that way, but now she wondered at that little empty feeling she had been noticing before the last maid left so abruptly. Of course she had still got wet at dealing out the punishments, and cum with tremendous force (she thought) when she had her slaves do her bidding. But now, with Lauren taking over, and turning the tables on her, she was confused, a bit angry, but also wondering at this new feeling of letting go, and feeling what seemed to be a very large orgasm working in her body. Oh yes, it hurt, but there was so much more. With each new blow, more of her pussy juices began to run down her leg. At first, she tried to hide this from Lauren, but she sensed a change in Lauren too, as Lauren kicked her legs wide open, so she could see Rickey’s juices flow. Lauren seem to be getting even hotter, and her eyes had almost an erotic glaze over them, as if she was lost in her world of fantasy vs reality, dreams becoming passionate, erotic realities.

Rickey saw Laurens eyes move around her chamber, and see all the sexual toys/devices in the chamber. Her face radiated, like a kid in a candy store as she peered around the room. Her first choice was the leg spreading bar, which she grabbed and told Rickey to bend over and attach the clamps to her ankles, spreading her legs as wide apart as they could physically go. Her inner thighs were now rivers of her pussy juices. Lauren then grabbed the cuffs and pulled Rickey’s arms roughly behind her, and cuffed her hands behind her back, almost pulling her shoulders out of their sockets. She continued the whipping during all this new exploration time, and Rickey was beginning to show large red welts where the crop had landed. They burned, but also tingled afterward, and Rickey began to give in to this pleasure, of being the slave, the object of someone else’s lustful desires.

Rickey had built her empire on the premise that powerful women, wanted to play with their power, but also have it played on them (but only in very discreet privacy). She made quite a business for herself renting out her “maids” to these business women for the use of them and her chamber. She had built up quite the who’s who in clientele, due to her impeccable taste in choosing her “maids” and being able to keep the whole business completely discreet. She had always been the one to administer the chosen “treatment” when the client wanted to be the sub, and had let her “maids” be the sub when the client wanted control. Now she was wondering at all the erotic pleasure she had missed out on.

Lauren had found even more devices and had put the red rubber ball gag in her mouth, had found the nipple clamps with weights and had changed those, and was now bringing the dildo pumping machine over. She pushed Rickey onto the slave table, and strapped her Starzbet Güncel Giriş in. she attached the weighted nipple clamps to the overhead chain/wench and had pulled it so tightly, Rickey’s nipples felt like they were being ripped off her now totally extended breasts.

Lauren had also found the huge strap on cock, and had put it on herself, looking quite menacing as she moved gracefully about Rickey, preparing her for what? Only Lauren knew.

Lauren was becoming almost as fascinated with Rickey’s chamber and its contents, as she was with her new found power and Rickey’s naked, strapped body, lying in wait for the next torment Lauren decided to inflict. She loved the fact that one wall was made up completely of mirrors, so she could see herself standing proud with her huge strap on cock waving about like a tree limb of torture and pleasure. Awoken from her little moment of self-fascination by Rickey’s moans, she walked back over to the table to attend to her now completely willing slave.

As she walked passed Ricky, she gave the chain that now had Ricky’s breasts pulled to their limit a sharp pull, which produced a sharp, loud but muffled by the gag, scream; much to Lauren’s delight.

“Oh my, we are going to have so much fun, aren’t we?” she chided. Pulling the dildo machine over, she took mercy (a bit) on her powerless slave, and use some of the scented lubricant that was on the motor section of the machine. Following the long pole to the dildo, she lathered the long cock with the oil. As she moved it closer to her target, she saw how wet Rickey already was, and laughed, “You really don’t even need any of this, you little bitch slut, you are running like a river, you must really want my attention badly.”

Rickey could only nod her head in agreement, a bit ashamed, but beyond caring about such a petty feeling as shame. She had never wanted anything more in her sexual life, than to be at this beautiful woman’s command.

Lauren tried not to show that she really had no idea how the machine worked, and used her walk around it to try to figure it out as if a tantalizing dance, waiving her new cock around. Seeing it was actually quite simple, with an on/off switch and a speed dial for the rod’s motion. She had a small bit of compassion, and put the speed dial to the slowest setting. She then moved the machine so the lubricated, shiny, dildo was just inside Rickey’s wide open puffy pussy lips. She flicked the button to “on” and watched the slow steady back and forth strokes begin. Almost immediately, Rickey’s body responded to the motions, as if her body was made for this. Lauren started in again with the crop, focusing mainly on Rickey’s fully extended breasts, and weighted nipples. Even with the chain pulling them so taught, they still moved with the powerful strokes Lauren administered. “Look at you, you slut, you are so turned on your saliva is running down the sides of your mouth around your little ball gag. You are truly a sight, I should look for a camera, I know you must have one here just to protect yourself from a customer who wanted to try to cause trouble.”

Setting the dildo speed dial up to medium, Lauren watched in pleasure, as the large, glistening dildo now pumped Rickey steadily, twice as fast. Rickey’s eyes were now rolled back into her head and she was in another world, of total sensory attack.

Lauren did find the camera, in a little box near the door to the chamber, came back to her new slave and laughing at the sight before her, took a few most filthy pictures of her “boss”. Rickey heard to click of the first picture and looked with a panicked expression for the next few pictures…… “Perfect, thank you very much, these may come in quite handy someday,” chuckled Lauren.

Now back to the chores at hand. Lauren walked back around Rickey, circling her, coming close enough to drag the tip of her huge strap on across parts of Rickey’s exposed body. Rickey was looking close to orgasm, so she turned the speed dial to maximum, and was amazed at the speed and power the dildo now ravaged Rickey’s sopping pussy.

Rickey’s body contorted as much as all the strapping and chains would allow, and must have found her G-spot, for in just an instant, her body was racked with huge wave after wave of the most powerful orgasm she had ever experienced.

After watching this amazing and highly erotic site, Lauren was feeling quite horny now herself. She looked over at her slave, who was slumped in a heap, totally out of it. Lauren turned off the machine and pulled it away. She stepped up to her limp target, and guided her massive strap on inside Rickey’s swollen and over satiated pussy. She began to pump furiously as the dildo had paved the way for easy travelling in Rickey’s pussy. The back side of the strap on holder had a little button that was perfectly placed to hit Lauren’s clit with every full stroke. Lauren began to furiously pump Rickey, stroke after long stroke, each one bringing herself closer to her own orgasm. Just as she felt the beginning, she reached for the crop still at the side of the table where she had left it. She picked it up and began whipping Rickey’s thighs furiously. Rickey’s body once again began to buck with each powerful thrust, and both women began to cum simultaneously, screaming. Lauren finished her orgasm and slumped down on top of Rickey, with her cock still inside.

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