Magaluf Fun Ch. 02

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By the end of the first week I had fucked a total of 6 guys.

And by my calculation: Forty one and a half inches of cock and eight loads of spunk.

The next week would see me take my tally to 17 different guys, with the waiter fucking me a second time making my total 18 sessions for the fortnight.

I had one further threesome with two black lads from Nottingham and a single day when I was fucked by eight guys, one after the other.

The next guy was a pretty straightforward fuck.

Another meet from a club and a night spent in his hotel room. He fucked me twice, once the night we met and then he sent me home dripping with his spunk in the morning too.

He was a German lad, cannot remember his name, decent sized prick about seven inches long and he came really white cum. His spunk was really white and creamy. His first lot went straight into my mouth following a doggy-style fuck on his bed, then he finished off by spinning me around and unloading into my eager mouth. The morning fuck was missionary and he left me with a cunt full of his cum to send me on my way.

Sandra my mate had a threesome with two of his friends the same night. We both left together in the morning, spunk stained and satisfied. Sandra had enjoyed a good DP from his mates and she had cum up both her holes in the taxi going to our apartments.

The next two cocks I had at the same time (8 and 9.)

We had been clubbing and had drawn the attention of gang of lads from Nottingham. They were all black lads and at the end of the night we again all paired off, me with two really big lads Darren and Lewis. They were both bouncers on a club door, or so they told me and inseparable.

I flirted with them both in the club, getting dances off them both. My tight mini skirt (black in colour) and my white t-shirt were both receiving attention. As we danced my arse was felt up, at one point I was sandwiched in-between them both and they ground themselves against me in a mock fucking motion. I could sense fucking, huge cocks on them both as they did so, They towered above me, each at least 6 foot 2 tall and very muscular.

I also had them both feeling up my t-shirt and playing with my tits when we sat down in an alcove and I snogged them both alternately, sticking, my wet tongue deep in their mouths as I did so.

Darren had his hand up my skirt and into my panties, sticking two of his fingers up my soaking wet pussy at one point. I was fucking gagging for them both by this point and we headed off to their room.

The taxi ride was fun, again with me between them in the back and lots of groping and heavy petting going on. I rubbed their cocks through their trousers in turn and could sense I was in for a really good time.

Once inside their room, we settled down to a night off heavy fucking. My skirt and t-shirt were quickly removed, leaving me in my black lacy panties and high black heeled shoes.

The guys both stripped as I fingered myself lying on the bed. Once down to their boxers I could see how big they were. They were both fucking enormous.

Darren sprang his cock out first a good eight to eight and a half inches of black meat for me. Once I got to work on sucking him as his mate stripped down fully I was already sopping wet. The moment I saw the huge cock of Lewis I knew was going to have a hard time and a hard fuck. Lewis was even bigger about nine inches long and that was before I got him fully erect.

I sucked on them both side by side, alternating my attentions between these huge cocks. Sucking on one whilst wanking the other each offering encouragement. Slobbering my spit all down their huge black shafts, my pussy getting wetter in anticipation with every lick and gobble.

“Suck it slut.” Lewis urged.

“Fuck yes use your tongue on it, go gebze escort on wank him too.”

“Fucking take it all you dirty white slag,” they both told me.

I readily agreed really working on them both till they were fully hard and stiff.

My panties had been removed and as I slobbered like a slut on their pricks they both took turns in getting their huge fingers and hands all over my cunt. fingering me hard and stretching my cunt lips wide open.

“Your little white cunt is going to be splayed,” Darren told me.

“Fucking do it then,” I urged him.

“Fucking split me open you black bastard,” I said as my first climax took over me as Lewis fingered me.

I finished my cum with Lewis’ massive cock in my mouth, trying to swear as I came off but only managing to moan and grunt half garbled words.

I was then spun around and entered doggy-style by Darren as Lewis fed me, literally fed me his long dark cock.

I was being pounded hard by Darren from behind and my throat rammed onto Lewis from the front.

“Fucking whore … dirty fucking tart,” Lewis said as he watched his friend doggy fuck me.

“Go on fuck the cunt,” he ordered.

Darren obliged. They then changed positions and Lewis splayed my quim with his huge nine to ten inches of meat. I was in heaven.

Within a few humps my second climax hit me, as I bucked best I could to meet Lewis’ huge thrusts.

“Fuck it, fuck it. Go on fuck it,” I swore and squealed as I was humped like a rag doll by these two massive men. At one point they attempted to DP me but their cocks were too much for my arse to take, so we settled for spit roasting and swapping places.

They both wanted to spunk in my mouth and I again eagerly obliged.

They stood over me as I sat on the edge of the bed and fingered my wide open gash. Only my heels still on. They wanked furiously off in front of me and within minutes I was being sprayed with two loads of hot, sticky spunk.

They both aimed for my open mouth and managed a partial hit. Half of their cum meeting its target as I swallowed it down, the rest splashing onto my face, my nose, chin and cheeks receiving spurt after spurt of their jizz loads.

I was awash in spunk. I eagerly sucked the last drops from their pricks and licked them clean.

I didn’t stay the night with them, in truth my cunt was sore after the pounding I had taken by them. I dressed pretty quickly, mini skirted and still with a spunk stained face and got a taxi to my hotel complex forgetting my panties, which I left as an accidental souvenir for them!

That was my total now at: 9 Different cocks, and by my reckoning 66 and a half inches of meat and 12 loads of cum up me or on me.

The next day was one of no fun, I was recovering from my night with Darren and Lewis.

The day after was the wildest of the holiday.

It started on the beach and ended with a group of eight lads/men fucking me one after the other.

I was bathing in the early afternoon Sandra and Tracey, the rest of our group had gone off to some street market.

A large gang of men were playing cricket not far from us and as we lay topless they began flirting with us. the ball coming our way and us tossing it back to them.

Cries of, “You can play with our balls anytime love,” and lots of other jokes about the way our tits wobbled as we threw the balls back made the afternoon fun and the sexual tension was growing as well.

When they took a little breather a few of them made their way over to us and chatted with us. They were a mixed bunch some mates, some locals and a few assorted others, whose wives didn’t appear to enjoy the banter quite as much.

The men who chatted with us were a varied age range göztepe escort some in their 20s, others 30s and I would guess the eldest in his 40s.

After a few chats, compliments on our figures and bikinis and a few flirts I was feeling quite fruity as was Sandra.

I made an excuse to go to my room and intimated to one of the young lads to follow me. A few whistles accompanied our departure and within a few minutes we were both in my room.

Snogging heavily which then became heavy petting. Within seconds my bikini bottoms were off and his shorts too. We had a suck and licking session for a few minutes and then he fucked me missionary to start with and then doggy. His cock was average, about 6 inches in length. During this fuck I became aware of how turned on I was and his cock was not really satisfying my desire.

As he emptied his balls up me doggy style, I still hadn’t cum off.

I intimated I fancied his mate, think his name was Ian. He seemed to take this info in and on leaving me lying on the bed with his cum up me he went back to the beach. I told him I was going to wait and said,” I would love Ian to come up and see me.”

He smiled a knowing smile and within minutes Ian was knocking on my door. I hadn’t bothered dressing or cleaning the spunk out of me as I walked to the door naked except for my mule style sandals.

Ian was there on opening it and his eyes popped out as he entered the room. Within minutes we were at it as well, him fucking me hard from behind, easily slipping up me as his mates cum lubricated our fuck and seeped out of my cunt as he fucked me. We fucked for a while when i heard a noise at the door.

It was Sandra. She was checking on me and found me on all fours being fucked hard by Ian.

“So this is what you’re up too you dirty cow!” she said to me.

I smiled at her as Ian continued fucking me.

“Is he the second?” she asked.

“Yes,” I replied. “And not the fucking last either, Im so horny San.”

“OK,” she said. “Leave it with me,” and with this she about turned and left us too it.

Ian quickly added a second lot of spunk up my cunt, his six inch prick twitching and filling me up with more goo. As quick as he spunked up, he got his shorts on, thanked me, and he was out the room quick as a flash. I think the situation got the better of the young lad.

I lay playing with myself, I still hadn’t cum even after the two cocks I had sampled so far.

At the door in a few minutes time I heard another knock.

I walked over still naked save for my sandals and opened it. The cum was dripping from my fanny by this point. On opening it I found the elder of the group of men, a guy in his 40s. He looked me up and down and told me what Sandra was doing.

She was organising the men on the beach, making it clear I would fuck a few of them. This really made me feel slutty and ready for more fun. The older guy and I were soon at each other, his cock was thicker than the others, but about the same length, six to six and a half inches long. He gave me my first climax by licking my cum filled cunt out and I came off on his tongue.

He admitted to having been in a few threesomes with his wife in the past and liked the taste of spunk, good job, I was oozing the two lads loads as he brought me off.

He then fucked me, after first having got me to put on a pair of hold up black stockings and my high heeled wedge shoes. We fucked and sucked for about half and hour, easily the longest of the afternoons fucks. He did me doggy and standing by the balcony. looking out at the beach in the distance. He also spunked up me, riding me from behind, adding his load to the previous two lots already oozing out of my by now gaping pussy hole.

He haramidere escort was cock 3 of the 8 I was to sample.

The fourth was another young lad who did me roughly standing up, pulling at my hair as he fucked me calling me… “Slut”… “Cunt” … and lots of other dirty names.

He ripped my stockings with his fingers as he fucked me from behind and he spunked all over my tits after I had sucked my cunt juices and the cum from his six inch cock.

He shot a good load and told me to leave it on as the next up was his brother and he wanted him to see his, “Spunk on the scottish slut.”

His brother had a bigger cock than him, about seven to seven and a half inches long. He also liked it a bit rougher and did me in three positions, standing up, doggy and missionary. He added his spunk to his brothers load on my titties, coating them with his hot, sticky goo.

He further ripped my stockings as he did me doggy, adding to the feel of my sluttiness for the day.

Numbers 6 and 7 were very quick to spunk, each one young lads of eighteen. Both with similar sized cocks, about six and a half inches in length. Number 6 was quite shy and fucked me missionary only. He came quick but heavily, slopping in and out my wide open gash easily. His spunk flooded out me as he came and I stood up, dripping down my thighs onto my laddered and torn stockings, globs falling onto my shoes.

The cum was leaking heavily from me now. The cum on my tits drying off. The air had the smell of sweat and semen in it, musky scented and thick.

Number 7 fucked me standing up. He was a tall lad. Easily the tallest of the lot and he pulled roughly on my hair as he shot off up me. His cock slipping and sliding in me, the spunk dripping from me and coating his cock as he fucked me.

He came a good load and by this point I was again awash with it. My fanny lips red and swollen, my clit stiff and hard.

The last guy was the biggest cock of the gang. He was a heavy set man with a cock of about eight inches long. He got me to suck him off for ages as he got hornier and hornier. In the end he fucked me both doggy style and missionary.

He finished off with me sitting on a chair, my legs spread wide, my stockings all torn, laddered and more off me than on, and the cum still oozing from me. He got me to finger fuck myself, scooping some of the remaining spunk out and licking my fingers whilst he just wanked off into my face.

I egged him on telling him how much I had enjoyed, “Being their slut,” and how I had,”fucking loads of spunk up me and could take more.”

He shot off in long filmy streams of cum, splashing my face heavily with it, my nose dripping it off as he spurted and spurted on me.

As he was spunking up, his last spurts coating me, Sandra walked in, she smiled and laughed saying, “Fucking hell Anna, you do look a right state.”

She added that this was the last of them as the others had chickened out and the other married guys had left once they knew what was happening.

She walked over and knelt beside us and took the guys cock in his mouth to lick of the reamining bits of jizz from his knob end.

She then added she intended to meet a few of them a later on, and two of them fucked her that night in a threesome.

I had sampled 8 different pricks in the afternoon and was leaking spunk, coverd in dry cum and felt wonderfully sexy and satisfied.

That was my total of 17 different men in the fortnight. I had a further night of fun with the young waiter. He fucked me all over my apartment room and finished off the first time up me as I stood on the balcony, his second lot of cum was splashed over my arse as he fucked me doggy, both up my pussy and up my arse.

My final totals, by my calculations were

17 different cocks:

Roughly 120 inches in length of different pricks, and 21 lots of spunk splashed on me and in me.

Sandra had more than me that fortnight. We never managed the same numbers again but the next year saw us have ‘same room fun’ for the first time.

Both being banged doggy style on the same bed and swapping guys over during the session.

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