Madison After School

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This is the slight continuation of “Madison Meets the Janitor” so if you haven’t read it, please do first…

The last bell of the day has just rang. I gathered by books and headed upstairs to Mr. Leon’s office to take my make up test that I missed because I was too busy getting fucked by the Janitor. As I’m walking through the halls, my heart begins to quicken. I have this feeling in the bottom of my stomach of nervousness and a tingle coming from between my legs of excitement. I think to myself, I wonder what he meant with Mary, too. He couldn’t mean that he was going to punish us together. The tingle in my pussy began to grow a little more.

As I approached the door to his office, the cool breeze flew under my skirt to my pantiless pussy. Suddenly, my nervousness became greater. I opened the door to see Mr. Leon talking to Mary. She looks flustered.

“Why were you not in class today, Mary?” He questioned her.

She was looking all around the room. She glanced at me as I opened the door quietly to help her or something. Her hands were playing with her pen. “I… uh, I…”

“Well?” His voice was stern and dominant; he wanted an answer and wanted it to be the truth. Mr. Leon glanced over to me as I took my seat. I saw his eyes run down my body trying to catch a glimpse of my bare pussy as I sat. The feeling of being nervous and excited makes me hornier.

“I… I just …wasn’t… ready.” She finally got all the words out that formed a sentence that seemed to take a good minute to finish. When she finished her one sentence, Mr. Leon stared at her like she was the devil. This was a different side I was used to.

“Hmmm… I see (he paused) and you think you can just take the make up when you are ready, young lady?” He scolded her.

“No, sir, I…” She said as she looked towards the ground in shame.

“Look at me when I am talking to you!” He snapped. Her eyes shot up. His expression changed a bit, but I wasn’t sure what to expect next. His eyes were very cold. He moved his head away from Mary and stared at me. He looked for a moment at my bare legs and I swear I saw him smirk. I had a feeling he was enjoying our mistakes of missing his test.

“You realize that your test will not be graded on the scale of 100 as everyone else who already took their test and you will be punished? (he paused) Now you, Madison. You started your test and never finished. What was so important that you had to leave and not return?” He tone was completely different now. It was almost as if he knew.

“I had to go to the bathroom… My stomach… was bothering me.” I replied slowly, but confidently as I stared him back in the eye not letting him intimidate me like he did Mary.

“Is that so?” He questioned innocently.

“Yes, sir, it took me a while to find a bathroom since the theater class was having its dress rehearsal.” At least that part was true. My heart was pounding and I noticed that I kept crossing and uncrossing my legs each time giving him a tiny glimpse of my freshly fucked pussy. I stopped once I realized it.

“Come here, Madison.” He ordered.

I obeyed and got out of my seat and walked over to behind his desk and waited. I could see his erection trying to burst through his pants. His hand reached in his desk drawer and pulled out a remote control. My heart sank, my whole body froze. Did he know? He looked at me and hit a button on the remote. A TV in the back of his office turned on to a blue screen. OH NO!! Did the Janitor really have a video camera going the whole time I was playing with my self and having him fucking me????

I glared back at him realizing that he only had to hit another button to completely humiliate me. As he turned to talk to Mary who was wondering what was going on and what he really had to power to pull off, Mr. Leon’s hand found its way under my skirt. He grabbed my right ass check and stroked it smoothly. I knew Mary couldn’t see from her angle. His touch was very gentle; it was hard to react as though he was not touching me. His fingers danced closer to my now quite wet pussy. He must have watched the video; he knew how hot I got being teased.

“Mary, do you realized that this late in the school year, missing a test can cause you to get an F in my class for the entire year?” He asked all the while rubbing my ass.

“No, sir.” She was getting scared. Mary wasn’t a scared person in general, but she was very strict on herself regarding her grades. She was a little taller than I was. She had a good size rack and shoulder length blonde hair. She was quite attractive.

“That means your fate this year lays in my hands, miss,” she nodded. Without even asking if she was up to the task of doing whatever it took to get the grade she deserved, “Come here, Mary, to the other side of my desk.” He ordered her and casually removed his hand from under my skirt.

We were both at each of his sides. “As my duty as a teacher, I have to enforce the rules of parents when they are not around. I must make you both understand that your behavior lately illegal bahis is unacceptable and cannot go without punishment. Both of you sit on my desk now.” His smooth voice was back to very cold and stern. Mary and I jumped at his words. We each sat on his desk with our hands in front of us with our legs closed.

“Very good,” he leaned back in his chair and his tone grew less enraged. “Now you understand that if you both don’t do what I say, I will give you an F as your final grade. As for you Mary, that means you’ll lose your top 10 position and for you Madison, you’ll lose your scholarship and maybe something else, too.” He smirked, I knew he was referring to the tape of me. We both acknowledged his threat and were listening.

“I want you two to kiss each other… on the lips… a real kiss and don’t stop until I say.”

We both looked at each other and back at Mr. Leon as if he was just kidding and he was going to burst out laughing. It was one thing for him to do things for him, but for him on some girl?

“NOW!” He screamed at us. We both jumped. He was extremely serious. Again we looked at each other and that was it.

“OK, I can see that you two don’t care about your grades. An F it is!” He said as he proceeded to push his chair out from the desk.

“OK, OK.” Mary said. She had caved. Mr. Leon’s eyes returned to each of us and waited. We just continued to stare at each other. I had never kissed a girl before.

“DO IT!” He screamed again. My heart was pounding so I thought it was going to beat through my chest. I didn’t bother to think that I could protest his decision if he really did fail me. But then there was that tape of being fucking some big black man.

We looked at each other again. We both knew we were going to have to do this. She started to lean towards me. There was a two or three foot of empty desk space between us where Mr. Leon was in the center of in his chair. I began to lean in, too. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth slightly as her face got close enough. The instant before our lips met for the first time, the nervousness of the whole act and the fact that Mr. Leon was already hard and watching us was beginning to turn me on.

My lips met hers. We were just touching each other; we hadn’t even started to actually kiss yet. Her lips were so soft. I began the kiss. I began to gently suck on her bottom lip. Both of my lips enclosed around her one and so gently I began to suck. He taste was very sweet and texture was perfectly tender. With my eyes still closed, enjoying her feel and taste, I moved my lips to her upper lip. She now began to suck on my lower. Now we really began to kiss.

I moved in closer. I could feel my skirt not only riding up my thighs, but I had my legs spread so that I’m sure Mr. Leon could see completely up my skirt. I knew he could see how wet this kiss was making me. I could feel his eyes all over my body. I left my legs open for him and let my tongue now slip into Mary’s mouth. Her mouth was warm and tasty. Our tongues met and danced.

“MMMmmmm…” I heard Mr. Leon moan. Then I heard his zipper. He had taken out his hard cock and was jerking off while we did what he told us. “What very naughty girls you are.” He moaned again in a low voice. I think Mary liked being told what to do and how naughty she was (I did, too) because she started to fuck my mouth with her tongue. Our faces turned to opposite sides. As wrapped my lips around her tongue and sucked, she moved her head back and forth like it was a small cock in my mouth. Our kissing was becoming wild.

“Mary, find Madison’s nipple and pinch it hard.” My legs were spread and now my hand was resting on Mary’s knee so I wouldn’t fall over. I felt her hand on my tummy trying to find its way under my uniform white tee shirt. Chills went down my back. I could hear Mr. Leon stroking his cock. I could hear each up and down his hand made. Our kissing was heating up. Now both of our mouths were completely open. Our tongue lapping at each other.

The feeling of her fingertips on my skin had instantly made my nipples hard. The anticipation of her touching me was making my pussy ache. Her hand had now pushed up my bra. Her hand cupped my breast. Two of her fingers enclosed around my very hard nipple. She played with it for a little bit. Rubbing both of her fingers over it gently and quickly.

“Mmmm…” Mary pinched my nipple so hard and so good. I moaned in her mouth. I pushed out my chest so she’d do it again. Her touch was hard, but at the same time very gentle. I felt no pain, but all pleasure.

“Oh yes,” Mr. Leon moaned as he watched our little act. “The first one to break the kiss will be spanked.” Hearing that world made me hotter. Mary took this as a challenge and continued to tease me knowing that if she could make me cum or get me hot enough I would break the kiss. She brought her other hand around the back of my neck and pulled my closer to her. Our mouths were one. Her tongue was now rolling in circles around mine and her fingers were dancing between each of my breasts illegal bahis siteleri keeping my nipple at full attention. It was so erotic.

Two can play this game, I thought to myself. I could feel that her legs were in the same position as my, spread. I moved my hand and my fingertips against the inside of her thighs very slowly. She began to moan against me. Suddenly, she pinched my nipple even harder.

“MMMMMMMMMM!” I moaned again. She brought me right to the edge. The feeling of her fingers and the feeling of her tongue was bringing me to cumming soon. I knew if she teased me again and pinched me harder, I would cum and get my punishment.

Our mouths still locked, our eyes still closed, her fingers teasing my nipples, I didn’t waste anymore time. I reached up under her skirt and gently rubbed her crotch through her satin panties. Now she began to moan against me. With one finger, I stroke her pussy though her dampening pussy. I couldn’t believe I was touching another girl just so I wouldn’t get spanked.

Her moaning was becoming louder. I tried to find her clit. Our tongues now lashing at each other. I was growing dizzy from all the excitement. Just as I began to run my finger in circles slowly over her clit through her wet panties now, she pinched my nipple even harder than the last. I had found her spot, she was going crazy. We both started to cum at the same time.

“OHMMMMMMMMMMHHMMMMMM!” I was cumming just from a pinch. I kept my mouth locked on hers as I continue to rub her wet panties. Finally, she broke her mouth off and withdrew her hand as she came. When I turned my head to look at Mr. Leon who was stroking his huge cock, I just licked my lips. It was slick with precum. He looked at us.

“I guess we know who will be spanked now.” We both sat there for a few moments catching out breath. I couldn’t believe what had just happened and I loved it. I loved kissing her and making her cum. And I loved how I was being watched the whole time. I looked at Mary; her scared look was slowly turning into a slutty look, which just made me want to match it.

“Mary get up and bend over the desk right were you were sitting now.” He ordered. She moved quickly off the desk and bent over with her ankles together. Her skirt was still covering her panty-clad ass, but you could see her upper thighs looked very smooth and creamy.

Mr. Leon rolled out his chair a little more so his view from behind her was better. I was enjoying the feeling of my pussy all wet and watching Mr. Leon’s cock sticking straight up. I couldn’t wait to see how Mary was going to react to Mr. Leon’s hard spanking.

“Madison, get right in front me here,” I obeyed. “I want you to lift her skirt up to her waist.” He was going to make me do it?? I followed his instructions again. I grabbed the bottom of the hem of her green pleated uniform skirt and flipped it over revealing her jade colored satin panties. Her wet spot was quite visible from where she came.

“Now, get down and pull her wet panties down to her knees.” I looked back at Mr. Leon to make sure that was what I was to do. His hand was wrapped around his cock.

“But, sir, do you have to…” Mary whined. I knew she was just pretending, I knew she couldn’t wait to have Mr. Leon and me see her tight ass all naked and smooth.

“You will not speak during your punishment, bad girls only speak when spoken to or I will have to discipline you myself, is that understand, young lady?” Again his tone dropped as he become very serious.

“Yes, sir.” She replied. I looked back again at Mr. Leon; he nodded for me to go ahead.

I got down on one knee directly behind her ass. I quickly ran my fingers over her hips underneath her skirt to her waist to her panties. I wanted to feel her skin, but I didn’t want her to think I was feeling her up. I grabbed hold of each side and slowly pulled it over her ass. As I pulled it down from her wet pussy, it began to stick a little to the wetness seeping out from it. As her cum-covered lips came into perfect few, I saw more of her sweet smelling snatch. I pulled her wet panties further down her smooth tight ass to her knees all the while staring between her legs. I noticed she also shaved and did a better job than I do. Her smell was intoxicating. I had never been so close to a pussy, let alone a recently cum covered one. I wondered what it would have been like to bury my face there. I stood back up when they reached her knees.

I turned back around and looked at Mr. Leon for further instructions. All these nasty thoughts were going through my mind. Part of me wanted to bend back down and taste her pussy. After only staring at Mr. Leon waiting for him to tell me what to do next, my eyes shot down to his damn stiff pole. I couldn’t take my eyes away. Seeing his huge cock so hard, I wanted to take it all into my mouth.

“Give her 30 Smacks any way you want. I want her to tell us while you’re spanking her why she is getting punished. And no sissy girl spanks. You spank her for the bad girl she has been or you’ll be next.” canlı bahis siteleri Chills went down my spine again.

I wasn’t sure what to do exactly. I placed my hand on the backs of her thighs and ran it up over her ass gently. It was very smooth. Without giving her any warning, I withdrew my hand about a foot and spanked her right ass cheek. She released a small grunt that I think was just from surprise and the slap didn’t make too much of a loud noise. Immediately, I withdrew my hand two feet now and spanked her right ass check again. The slap and her grunt were both a little louder, but I wanted it even louder. Now at two feet again, I gave it all I had. SMACK.

“Uggghhhhh!” Mary groaned.

I did it again, even harder! SMACK!! SMACK!! I positioned my feet spread apart a little so I could increase my swing each time.

SMACK!! SMACK!! SMACK!! SMACK!! After about ten spankings good and hard, her ass was turning a good shade of pink on each cheek. She was pushing back against my hand with each one now. It was turning me on more to know that her spanking was turning her on. My pussy was getting very very wet punishing her. I could hear Mr. Leon behind us stroking his cock faster and faster.

“UGHHHOOOHHHHHH! UUGGHHH! UGHHHHH!” A grunt with each spanking. SMACK!! SMACK!!

“What a bad girl needing to be punished by one of your peers.” SMACK!! SMACK!! “Tell us why you needed (SMACK) to be spanked like a little (SMACK) girl, Mary.” SMACK!! SMACK!! I said in a nasty voice.

“UUGHHH! UGGHHHH, cuz UGGGGHHHH! I was a bad girl. UGGGGGGGH!” She was playing her part well.

“How were you a bad girl?” SMACK!! SMACK!! Just as I was getting into it, the smell of pussy was getting stronger. I was getting so hot turning her ass pink in front of my teacher listening to him jerk off to us. Suddenly, I felt his hand between my spread legs.

“I missed my (SMACK!) UUUUGGGGHHHH test!” She was now almost ramming into my hand with each slap causing them to hit harder and harder.

“And what else uuuuhhhh did you do, you bad, bad girl?” SMACK! SMACK!! Mr. Leon’s fingers were inching closer and closer to my pussy. It was driving me crazy. I looked back at him. He had his right hand under my skirt and his left hand wrapped around his oozing hard cock.

“I uh, (SMACK!) UHHHHH! broke our kiss.” Suddenly, Mr. Leon’s fingers found there way to my dripping pussy. God, he was teasing me so much. He only would stick one finger half way into my tight hole. I wanted more and took it out on Mary.

SMACK!! SMACK!! “You little slut, (SMACK!!) needing to be spanked like a (SMACK!!) little (SMACK!) fucking (SMACK!!) girl (SMACK! SMACK!)” I think I had given her enough, but I just kept spanking her red ass. Each time the sound of my hand cracking against her smooth flesh was getting louder and louder. And the harder I spanked Mary’s ass, the harder she rocked against me and started to spread her legs. It was turning me on wondering how wet I was making her.

SMACK!! SMACK!! SMACK!! Again and again, I punished a girl. I started to spank her closer and closer to her pussy. Her grunting also got louder with each hit. By now, Mr. Leon’s hand was fiercely fucking my dripping pussy causing me to go wild on Mary.

As my teacher continued finger fucking me he said, “I think she has had 30 spanks, Madison.” I stopped my spanking and pushed my ass against his hand loving his finger. Seeing Mary’s ass bend over the desk all red was making me dizzy. Suddenly, Mr. Leon inserted a second finger into my little wet pussy.

“OOOHHHHH.” I moan. Mary stayed bend over. I noticed now that her legs were about a foot spread.

“Madison, tell me if our little slut’s pussy is wet.” He ordered again as his fingers kept fucking me. I couldn’t wait to touch her pussy and see what I did to it. I also couldn’t wait for Mr. Leon to make me cum.

I placed my hand on her warm ass causing her to jump and let out a soft moan. I ran my fingers gently toward the insides of her thighs. With one finger, I barely even touching ran it against her slit to her clit. Her wet folds were like silk. Her pussy was almost literally dripping.

“OOOOOOooo.” She moaned and pushed back against my hand. I looked back at Mr. Leon as I took my now white cum covered finger

“Well?” He asked. “Is her pussy wet?”

“Yes, sir.” I said holding out my wet finger. Mr. Leon’s fingers had removed themselves and were now just teasing my clit without driving me crazy.

“Tell me how wet.”

“Dripping, sir.” He had moved his finger directly to my clit. My orgasm was building.

“Taste it, taste your pussy covered finger, now!”

I put it up to my mouth and sniff in. I like the smell. I put in into my mouth. Mr. Leon’s hand was working on my clit. It tasted so sweet. I licked every drop I could and secretly wanted more. As he watched me lick off the other girl’s pussy from my finger, his actions on my clit quicken.

“MMM,” I let out a soft moan. His finger on me and seeing Mary bent over while I tested her pussy was making me so fucking hot. Mr. Leon let out a similar moan right after mine then withdrew his finger from under my skirt. He laid back in his chair with each of his hands on the armrests. I couldn’t help but stare at his hard cock standing up to the ceiling.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32