Madeline’s Further Adventures

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High Heels

This story will make more sense if you have read my first Madeline story (July 2016).

I placed this story in the Mature category because the mature Madeline qualifies to be there. However, her adventure dips into Loving Wives, First Time, BDSM (d/s), Lesbian, Group Sex, and Erotic Couplings (not in that order).

Some gal. And, oh yes, its quite long, and slow for the sex to start, so there’s no instant gratification. As a work of pure fiction any resemblance to persons living or dead is just a coincidence. One other thing, look out for the lobster.

My thanks to QT?? for her advice and editing skills.


Madeline looked at the bleak white winter scene outside the living room window. The sleet came down in waves. The first week of December was early for the snow to fall and stay. She continued dusting in the early afternoon daylight.

“Why are we so happy this afternoon?” Alfred taunted.

“Me. Happy?”

“Yes. You are humming away to yourself and smiling inanely.” Alfred was grouchy, as had been the case for over a year.

“Well I can think of two reasons. First was the good news you received yesterday.”

Alfred’s urologist had agreed to a holiday from his hormonal treatment for his prostrate cancer. “No more of that ghastly stuff that has made you so sick.” Madeline spoke contrary to the medical advice that the Lupron was not the cause of Alfred’s sickness.

“And then there’s the fact I worked out at the Fitness center this morning.” After a short pause, Madeline added, “Must be those happy exercise hormones.” She smiled again at her own rationalization. She did not mention the two other reasons for her suppressed joy.

Her present pleasure had started a few months earlier when she received a letter from a Solicitor in England that she may be the recipient of a bequest from an ancient Aunt. Since Alfred had been sick Madeline always took the mail in from the box. For reasons she did not fully understand, Madeline made no mention of the inheritance to Alfred. At first because she believed she’s received the letter by mistake. Later, as she was able to convince the solicitor she was the long lost great niece, she started to regard the potential monies as hers and hers alone.

About a week before Alfred questioned her as to her happy face when she was innocently dusting, she had heard that not only was the estate settled, she had inherited over one hundred and ninety thousand pounds sterling. A considerable sum. Madeline was turning it over in her mind how to claim and spend this found money on her self. A plan was beginning to form around the idea that she would fabricate a visit the ancient aunt, pretending to Alfred that she was still alive.

Out of the blue came a further pleasant, and complimentary, surprise for Madeline. She received an e-mail from Bill. Suddenly the sexy events of four years earlier became like yesterday and reignited feelings she had buried. The e-mail invited her to England for the last two weeks in June, “for some fun”. She could not believe all that time had sped by as she remembered her risky but wonderful adventures with him.

Alfred’s intermittent sex activities had died completely when he was prescribed the testosterone suppressant. Madeline accepted the situation and put her sexual urges into a never-never land in the back of her consciousness. Another never mentioned, yet upsetting factor arose from the potential emasculating impact of Alfred being made redundant, albeit with a very handsome exit package and early payment of a full pension that would keep them comfortable for the rest of their lives.

The invitation from Bill exploded the wall Madeline had built around her suppressed sexuality and she found herself very horny. For the first time in almost four years she masturbated in the shower and then in the laundry room and had a need to do it again and again, but not quite to the point whereby she allowed the urges to dominate her life.

Madeline never hinted to Alfred anything about her liberated libido. She recognized there was a probability his sex drive might return once his testosterone levels improved. She did not want to raise the specter of sex together and further stress him because he could not perform. Further Alfred’s health seemed to be getting worse. Madeline was also concerned this would interfere with her possible plans.

Bill urged her that to get the most out of her holiday she needed to be both fit and in good shape. This prompt immediately drove Madeline to sign up at the local fitness center. She also hired a personal trainer, Joanne. The lady was tough and unrelenting, but promised results. Madeline was determined to be equal to any challenges her trainer demanded. She explained her sudden interest in getting fit to Alfred, “You know, one has to be fit. If I need to care for you then its important I look after my health and fitness.” Alfred never again raised an eyebrow at Madeline’s new passion.

Apart from some sore muscles and slightly stiff joints, the training Büyükbakkalköy Escort went well. Madeline noticed her weight was going down slowly as she also reduced the portions she ate. That weight she retained slowly started to redistribute itself advantageously.

The Christmas season with visits from the children and grandchildren disrupted the training routine, but her trainer assured her they would get back on track by mid-January. With the disruption in routine, Madeline started to have some doubts about her whole enterprise. She agonized about deceiving Alfred when he was so sick, but at the same time talked to herself about having her own life to fulfill. The imperative in the e-mail invitation from Bill started to fade, and her sexual reawakening toned down somewhat. In any event she was very busy with Alfred and the family.

Mid January not only brought a resumption Madeline’s fitness regime, it also brought a further deterioration in Alfred’s general health. Based on some blood work, their doctor, Dr. Fischer, referred Alfred to a renal specialist who quickly discovered that the diuretic in his blood pressure medication was slowly desiccating him. He was suffering severe dehydration to the point that his kidneys almost failed. A change in the medication made an immediate and dramatic improvement with Alfred started on his own road to recovery. For Madeline this was a pivotal moment as she argued to herself that with Alfred well again, he could look after himself much better and travelling to the UK was a real option.

Working on her own in the weights room, after a hard session Madeline developed the first signs of a muscle strain in her upper back and neck region. She called Joanne who immediately diagnosed that Joanne had overdone the routine a bit.

Joanne reassured Madeline how common such events were, and, in fact, Madeline had been very fortunate to not have experienced such muscle tightening earlier. Joanne mentioned a massage, and if she could stand the nepotism, Joe, her husband, would do it. Joanne gave a price. Madeline immediately agreed and planned a session that same evening when Alfred was at a Lion’s Club meeting.

Madeline drove off a few minutes before Alfred was due to leave, and arrived at Joanne and Joe’s home ten minutes later. She had booked an hour session, but told Alfred it may take two to three hours, depending if they use a heat treatment as well. So Alfred was not to wait up.

Madeline was excited about the idea of having a man’s hands on her body and the sexual impulse returned. Joanne showed Madeline into the treatment room, which was just a pleasantly furnished living room with a massage table set up in the middle. Joe was introduced. Madeline stripped down in a dressing room and returned with just the warm soft towel provided.

Joe indicated to Madeline to lay face down and loosen the towel so it would cover her bottom. He asked her to tell her where the strain was and pushed and prodded her upper shoulder blade area and told her he could feel the knot. His hands were soft and warm. He used lightly scented Lavender oil. He then explained that the best results were obtained if she could get completely relaxed before he started on the shoulder. Explaining each step as he went along he began with Madeline’s toes, and worked up past the Achilles tendon to the calf and pressed and rolled the now firm calf muscle and moved to the front of the lower leg. His hands moved up to and past the knees.

Up to this point Madeline was relaxing into the pleasure of the massage, but as Joe asked her to open her legs slightly and his hands went from the outside to the back of the thigh to the inside, Madeline started to get aroused. Joe stopped momentarily and asked if she was all right with this. Madeline purred her affirmative reply. Joe spent about five minutes working this area slowly getting closer to Madeline’s crotch area as she involuntarily spread her legs more and more. It was if an electric shock went through her body as his hand just brushed her now wet labia.

Then things changed. “Roll over.” Madeline did. The towel remained over her middle, but her breasts were exposed. Madeline made no attempt to cover them. Joe’s turned his attention to Madeline’s head. He gently kneaded her temples and scalp and slowly worked down to her shoulders. Then he tackled each arm. To Madeline ‘s amazement it seemed she had a dozen erogenous zones up her arms. Her nipples hardened into prominent cones of erotic pleasure, sending messages to her vulva to contract. Joe worked from the arms onto the breasts, and for what seemed an eternity of desire, still avoided the nipples.

Madeline opened her eyes as an orgasm slowly mounted in her lower body. She saw Joanne watching with shining eyes, but simply smiled back and was once more lost to her own mounting pleasure. Joe then squeezed her nipple and Madeline bucked as she was swept with an intense orgasm. Joe quickly moved his hands down her torso, sweeping the towel aside, Büyükbakkalköy Escort Bayan opened Madeline’s legs and began a methodical massage of Madeline’s swollen clitoris and peeled back the labia to enter first one then two and finally three fingers into Madeline’s vagina.

She bucked against his hand and used his other hand under her to push an oiled finger into her anus. Reciprocating the pressure of the two hands Madeline once more realized an almighty, sustained orgasm. Once Madeline relaxed a bit Joe asked her turn over onto her front again. Joe started some soothing sweeps over Madeline’s back and then worked the shoulder strain she had suffered. Madeline came back from the intense orgasm-high softly and gently and with a great sense of tenderness toward Joe.

The next thing Madeline knew Joanne was nudging her into wakefulness. “You OK?” Joanne asked. Then repeated, with her eyebrows raised very high on her brow, “OK?”

“OK?” Madeline replied, “more than OK, splendid!”

“The shower is second door on the left. I have put your clothes in there. See you on Wednesday, usual time. Let yourself out.” The voice was strained.

Before Madeline started her workout, Joanne took her aside and cautiously ask, “You still OK? That was a mistake that will not happen again. If you want to change your trainer, I can recommend someone.” The words had tumbled out of Joanne’s mouth.

“Firstly, I repeat what I said the other night — it was splendid. No ifs or buts about it. Do not worry. Second, I want to continue with you. So forget it and work on getting me into superb shape. OK?” Tears welled up in Joanne’s eyes. “It will never happen again. I promise.” “Pity,” came the quiet reply. The workout then began.

On the days Madeline did not work out and do domestic chores, and when she did not go to play bridge with her friends, Madeline started the detailed planning for her trip to the UK. She e-mailed Bill about which airport, Heathrow or Gatwick, and tied down the dates. Bill surprised her by saying the tickets will be delivered to her about two weeks before the flight, in early June. Also a hotel in London will be arranged as well as car to meet her, but she would have to pay for the Hotel herself.

With the money from her Aunt, the hotel payment was no problem. Madeline made arrangements for a payment card from the bank in Bournemouth where the money was now deposited.

With her mind back at home, she also realized she had to get to the West Coast to see the grandchildren before she went to England. This was arranged for late May.

Alfred’s health continued to improve and he became active in the garden as soon as the weather improved. With the better conditions, Joanne started Madeline running outside. This suited Madeline and she found herself running 5 miles three days a week and having a two-hour workout as well. Madeline felt good, and she knew with the cardiovascular effort her weight dropped steadily and her shape was a good as when she was in her early thirties.

One thing that did not improve was her sex life with Alfred. It was non-existent. She had pangs of frustration, which she occasionally relieved by reading erotic literature on line at .com after Alfred was asleep in bed. Madeline used the material as a stimulus for a quiet masturbation. She reflected that she could write better material than many of the stories offered based on her earlier experiences. She resolved that someday she would write her sex stories down.

Madeline was puzzled by her reaction to the stories involving mild domination and spanking. She found these strangely arousing, even though she had not been exposed to this particular sexual activity.

As the spring passed and summer was emerging, Madeline pushed even harder with her running and workouts. She pushed herself to a point whereby her immune system was unable to ward off a viral infection in her lungs. She collapsed about a week before flying off to see her daughter who lived on the other coast.

Bed rest and fluids improved her superbly fit body, but to be sure she went with Alfred, who was going for a regular check up, to see Dr. Fischer, their GP. Madeline was declared fit after the doctor examined her thoroughly. The examination included a question about her sex life, the doctor being aware of Alfred’s condition. The doctor also remarked on the fitness that was evident in spite of the infection, and congratulated Madeline. She was cleared to fly.

On returning home from seeing her family, Madeline had just three weeks to get fully ready. She found Alfred was more engaged. Madeline also detected more subtle changes in Alfred, such as getting back to his painting with gusto.

Madeline found evidence that Alfred’s libido was returning, but did not let on that she noticed his frisky behavior. She had her own mounting libido with Bill in her sights to worry about her husband’s. Madeline decided to concentrate solely on her own needs and leave any thoughts Escort Büyükbakkalköy of Alfred’s changes until she got back from her holiday.

She started to shop for appropriate clothes, as she thought what would be needed. She had a lot of fun in lingerie stores selecting as sexy underclothes as she could find. The new shoe purchases were disappointing as she recalled her thigh high boots that had eventually succumbed to mold in the case in the attic.

The tickets arrived. On the third time of pulling them out she realized that they were in the First Class cabin. Madeline was not sure how to handle this but started to suggest to Alfred that he need only drop her at the terminal. Alfred objected at first then seemed to warm to the idea as if he had other things to do. She almost expected him to tell her to take a Limousine.

A final e-mail from Bill assured Madeline he was looking forward to seeing her, and the Hotel had been booked. He may not be able to meet her but planned to see her soon after her arrival. He had arranged to have her met at the airport, so she was to look for a man in his forties, with graying hair carrying a sign with her name on it. He gave her a phone number to call if there was any hitch and the man, Willy, was not there.

Madeline planned her departure carefully. She claimed the spare bedroom and slowly assembled her clothes, the new suitcases, passport, three hundred pounds in pounds sterling, traveler’s checks, the UK bank details, address labels for all the children and grandchildren to put on postcards, toiletries, cosmetics, and two good books to read on the journey. One book, she had learned from a revue, was quite sexy.

The plane left in the evening so Madeline arranged with Alfred to be at the airport for five. She dressed in a black suit with a full skirt and professional type of jacket. The blouse had a silken texture and hung in soft curves on her body. She was intent on making a good impression on Bill. Thigh high stockings and new high heels, although not the best travel attire, met Madeline’s need to feel sexy.

Then, at the last moment, in a manic fit of excitement, she ducked into the bathroom and removed both her bra and her panties and stuffed them into a plastic bag and into her purse. The blouse sat over her breasts softly emphasizing their firm outline. She could just see the swell of her nipples and wondered how that would look if they hardened. The absence of panties was a throwback to her days with Bill long ago. She thought it would please him.

The transition to the plane was smooth. For a while, she thought she was going to be sitting alone in first class, as the adjacent window seat was empty. This pleased her in that she was content to be alone with her own anticipatory thoughts, but also disappointed in small part because she wanted company to launch her adventure. At the last moment an elegant gentleman boarded and apologized with just enough emphasis to be sincere but not enough to seem condescending as he disturbed Madeline to get to the window seat.

“Gerald. Gerald Johns. Since we’ll be in close proximity for the next seven hours or so I thought we’d better have introductions.”

“Madeline.” She did not add her surname.

Madeline thought the journey was getting off to a good start with this good-looking man, perhaps ten years her senior, sitting next to her. Although he was about the same age as Alfred he looked in much better shape. She glanced down to see that her nipples showed more obviously as they stiffened at the prospect of male company.

As they looked at the meal offerings, he recommended the salmon, and if she didn’t mind red wine with fish then to go for the Merlot, and make sure she had some Stilton Cheese afterwards. Madeline enjoyed the Champagne aperitif and the conversation from her urbane travelling companion. He was a Merchant Banker dealing in mergers for the most part. He knew most of the cultural events going on in London and was able to advise on the high and low points. Madeline spoke of her children and grandchildren.

The champagne, good food, wines and blue cheese made the transition into slumber easy. Madeline had vivid dreams of Bill, all in leather, spanking her for being late. Madeline woke with a pre-orgasmistic start, sitting bolt upright in the reclining leather seat. Looking around she saw that she was the only one awake. The ache in her groin did not diminish.

Madeline grabbed her purse and rushed into the vacant cramped washroom and using her fingers achieved a mild orgasm. She sat for a few moments to recover and feeling very foolish dug in her purse, stripped in the confined space and put on her bra and panties, with a panty-liner in case the dream returned with more force. She smiled to herself as she realized she had just joined the ‘solo-mile-high-club’. Returning to her seat she then turned on the overhead light and read a murder mystery.

Over breakfast Gerald came out with a strange statement, without preamble, “We both lie, you know.” Madeline looked at him suspiciously. He went on, “I wear a wedding ring because I find it the best way to deflect predatory women. Works with most of them. I am not married. You are married but have taken off your wedding ring. The tan line shows this. It’s ironic. So I guess you are meeting a lover in London and are being cagey about it. He paid for the flight.”

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