Madamefifi’s Ch. 03

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Leanne and Gemma liked to share a room on the top floor, partially due to its size and view, but mainly because they liked ‘sharing’. They too were well liked by the customers, and not just the male ones. We often have couples coming through our doors (if you’ll excuse the pun!) in a bid to explore their sexuality without cheating on their respective partners, and more often than not they enjoy what they do.

On this Saturday night Kate and Tom walked through my doors and asked for Gemma after hearing a recommendation from a friend. I explained the situation with Leanne and Gemma, and after a quick chat they decided to take me up on the ‘double’ offer.

It’s a long walk to the top of the ‘hotel’ and I could see that they were both out of breath by the time they reached the room – either that or they were excited…take your pick!

With a tentative knock on the door, Kate leads the way in, and I can see from her face that she is relieved at what she sees. There are no sleazy costumes, no tacky décor and no kinky apparatus. It is basically a cosy room with two king size beds, a chest of drawers, TV, video and a large sofa. In essence it was similar to the large dorm rooms you see at college. Similarly the girls are dressed in normal clothes. Leanne in a knee length skirt and blouse, and Gemma in cut-off shorts and a baby pink t-shirt.

Kate, despite her bravado, is very unsure now and has no idea how to approach these two women. Tom, whilst obviously happy at the situation, is also intimidated.

“Wanna watch a video?” tries Gemma. With a nod of a head from Kate she moves to the TV. “Chitty bang bang or Mary Poppins?”

“Errrr…have you anything a bit more grown up?” ventures Tom. With a sly smile Leanne leans into her bedside drawer and pulls out her favourite. Untitled, the video covers pretty much everything to do with group sex…all male, all female, 2 men one woman, two women one man…and so on.

“Do you want to get comfy on the bed” Leanne asks as she crawls her way to the top with the remote. Tom and Kate sit next to her holding hands as Gemma moves to the other side. Flicking the video on it starts with three women (as does most porn that I’ve ever seen!). The graphic images of women holding and squeezing and licking each others breasts, followed by hands exploring between Ankara bayan escort each others legs soon heats Tom up and his excitement becomes evident for all.

Taking the initiative, Leanne leans over and starts stroking Tom’s leg, whispering in his ear “would you like to see me do that to your wife? To see me tease her nipple? To see me touch her pussy? Hmmmm?” Despite the whispering Kate hears and from her breathing seems to agree with the ideas that Leanne is proposing.

Accepting this as her cue Gemma joins in. Stroking Kate’s leg with one hand, she leans over and starts to unbutton Kate’s blouse. Pulling it aside, she reveals a red lace bra which is struggling to contain Kate’s breasts. With a murmur of approval she bends he head to her breasts. Using both hands on her breasts now as she teases them both with her tongue, Gemma becomes engrossed in her task. By this point Tom has become more than a little excited and his discomfort is evident. Leaning down Leanne unbuttons his flies and slowly pulls his trousers and socks off. He helps himself by removing the boxers. The video is long forgotten.

Moving himself to a more comfortable position he allows Leanne to work her way up the inside of his legs with small soft bites, culminating in her taking one of his testicles in his mouth. The gasp that he lets out elicits a response from Kate who is immediately drawn to the site she sees.

Moving Gemma aside, she removes her skirt to reveal a matching red thong, and kneels over Tom. With a quick glance at Leanne to make sure its ok to do this, she begins by slowly licking the shaft of Toms penis. Moving to the head of his cock she teases him with her tongue before taking his length in her mouth.

By this point Kate was on her knees sucking Tom to close to his climax, but Leanne and Gemma had other ideas. Moving from his testicles she gently touched Kate’s lips with her tongue. A little taken aback to begin with, Kate soon adjusted, and after a few minutes was altering her tongue between her husbands cock and this whores mouth. Leanne in turn was playing equal measure to squeezing and playing with Tom’s bollocks and tweaking Kate’s nipples.

Gemma meanwhile had not been idle. Having removed her own clothes she came back to Kate, who as I said was on all fours by this point. Escort bayan Ankara Moving behind Kate Gemma started kissing the back of her thighs. This time there was no hesitation and Kate leant back to meet Gemma’s mouth as it reached her pussy. Gemma too wasted no time as she thrust her tongue into Kate’s now dripping cunt.

“Holy Shit” cried Tom as Kate’s teeth caught the shaft of his now massive cock. “Sorry!” but Tom just grinned “that’s ok, I quite liked it”. But Kate was miles away by now. What with Gemma’s tongue working frantically on her clit and Tom’s cock in her mouth she couldn’t be happier. It was just as Tom came over her breasts and Leanne’s face that she too reached her climax. I’m sure the screams from those two could be heard throughout the building

“OK” said Leanne “now its time for the main course” as she led Gemma to the foot of the bed. Giving Kate and Tom a bit of time to recover, Gemma and Leanne started dancing at the bottom of the bed to the music coming from the video. Their bodies were smooth and lithe, and soon they were all over each other. As Gemma nibbled and kissed Leanne’ neck, Leanne’s hand were wondering down her body, grasping her butt cheeks and kneading them with her hands. Using one finger she reached between her ass cheeks and gently stroked the entrance to her pussy. The moan that came from Gemma was enough for Tom and with a quick nod from him they came back to the bed.

“I want you to fuck me, while you lick her out” he commanded Kate. Far from taken aback, Kate straddled Tom and let his cock enter her tight, but wet pussy. “mmmmmm that feels so good” she moaned as her hands reached up to her breasts to tease her nipples. Taking her cue, Gemma stood on the bed, above Tom’s face, directly infront of Kate. Her cleanly shaven pussy was like a magnet to Kate, and grabbing the back of her thighs she pulled it towards her face. Working her tongue around the lips as she pumped Toms cock was too much for her and with a scream she came instantly, but Tom would not let up, and neither would Gemma.

Keeping hold of Kate’s head, she kept her there and so Kate carried on. Pushing her tongue between the lips she found her centre, and was surprised at the taste, so much different from her own that she had tasted on Tom’s lips before. Thrusting her tongue Bayan escort Ankara deep into Gemma, she didn’t initially notice Leannes hands on her breasts and clit, but when Tom started thrusting upwards harder she became aroused again. Kate had never felt this horny in her life.

Gemma came quickly as Kate’s tongue found her clit and started flicking backwards and forwards over it, and moving after moving aside Tom pulled Kate to meet him. “Kiss me” he growled. “I want to taste that bitch in your mouth, and I want you to tell me how much you loved it” Temporarily silenced by the force of his kiss, Kate broke away “You want me to tell you how much I like pussy? Is that it?” with a nod from Tom she continued.

“You want to know how sweet she tasted on my tongue and how soft she felt?, how much I could eat pussy all day? Because I could, but what is much better for me is you. Having your cock pound into me and take my breath away each time, how when you take my breasts in your mouth…ah….just like that it almost makes me come on the spot, and with Leannes hand on my clit I couldn’t be more satisfied”

But she was wrong. With tom thrusting her from beneath and playing with her breasts and Leanne playing with her clit and Tom’s cock, she had forgotten Gemma again, but when she felt a hand on her ass she knew what was coming next.

Using one hand, covered with her own pussy juices, Gemma toyed with Kate’s ass-hole, gently pressing at the hole before pushing one finger in. Kate pushed well back, happy to have her ass played with, what she didn’t account for was the dildo. Using her mouth to soak it first, Gemma slowly pushed it into Kate’s tight arse before slowly pumping it backwards and forwards.

By this time, Leanne had moved round to take Tom’s place at Kate’s breasts and in order to get into a better position(!) she straddled Tom’s face. Kissing Kate, playing with her breasts and having her pussy eaten was too much and she came quickly.

The sensation was too much for Kate, though. With a woman thrusting a tongue into her mouth as her husband pounded her pussy and a whore fucked her ass with a dildo she was overwhelmed, and for the first time in her life she had a multiple orgasm. It hit her hard and as she clenched the tightness in her pussy pushed Tom over the edge. A pussy in his face, a pussy on his dick and the dildo in his wife’s ass all proved a bit to much sensation for Tom and he fired his load deep into her pussy.

Replete, and washed Kate and Tom left, promising themselves to a treat more often in future.

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