M Club Ch. 05

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The first rule of M Club is: You don’t talk about M Club. The second rule of M Club is: You don’t talk about M Club. Third rule of M Club: No touching anyone but yourself. Fourth rule: No recording devices. Fifth rule: No clothing below the waist. Sixth rule: If this is your first time at M Club, you must masturbate.

* * *

Denby met Lisa at her locker after the final hour of school on Monday. Lisa looked like she was going on a hot date — her red hair worn loose rather than the usual pony tail, a tight shirt that revealed her ample bosom much more so than was typically her style, and a touch more makeup. In a sense, she almost was going on a date. They both were. In less than half an hour, the two of them would be in the secret spot in the woods with Sean, probably all naked and masturbating together just like last Friday. That was the plan, anyway.

“We still on?” Lisa sounded both excited and nervous, mirroring Denby’s own feelings.

“Yup,” Denby said, leading the way through the rapidly thinning crowds in the hallway. “We’ll meet Sean at his locker and then it’s show time.”

About halfway there, Lisa broke the amiable silence that had settled between them. “And you’re sure you’re still good with this? I’m not third wheeling between you two’s private time?”

“Relax,” Denby said, taking her friend by the arm. “Sean and I both want to do this. Not every time, but definitely some of the time.”

She and Sean had been unable to get together again over the weekend due to a variety of conflicts, but they’d spoken and texted enough to know that both had been turned on by the whole three-way masturbation session. Denby was still surprised with herself, but couldn’t deny how much she was looking forward to doing it again. A dam had certainly been breached within her.

As they rounded the corner, Dendy felt Lisa’s step falter for a moment. She looked up and saw Andy, Sean’s best friend, already at the locker. Andy was half a foot shorter, but thick and muscular. He had an easy-going nature, almost always smiled, and was considerably more outgoing than her reserved boyfriend. The two guys were deep in conversation, which halted when Andy saw the girls approaching. Sean looked up and waved.

“Does he know about…?” Lisa’s tone was difficult to read.

“I’m not sure,” Denby answered the unfinished question. As they approached, though, the grin on Andy’s face told her that he probably knew something.

“Hello ladies,” Andy said, nodding at Denby before his eyes turned to and lingered on Lisa. Those words, spoken by many guys at Highland High, probably would have come out creepy. From Andy, they were friendly and sincere…with perhaps just a hint of suggestion.

“Hi Andy,” Denby said. “What’s up?” Hopefully nothing, she thought, eager to get on with things.

“Just stopped by to see if Sean had any plans this afternoon,” he said, then turned to Sean. “And now I see why you weren’t telling me. You three, again? And not inviting me?”

Well, that answered that question, Denby thought. Andy’s tone was mock hurt, but she could tell that underneath it there was probably some truth. Of course, if he did know what they’d done the other night, what eighteen-year-old guy wouldn’t want to be invited?

She met Sean’s eyes and could see the apology. Denby wasn’t mad at him — after all, she shared most everything with Lisa. She was more frustrated at how this might jeopardize things.

“Give us a minute, would you?” Sean said to Andy, who nodded and slouched against the bank of lockers.

Sean motioned for the girls to follow him down the hall a short distance and they put their heads close together for a private conversation.

“Sorry about that,” Sean said. “I’d told him a little about what the two of us had done. Then he knew I was going over to hang with you two Friday night, so I kinda had to fill him in a little. He dragged the rest out of me. Not the details, but enough.”

Lisa said, “But he didn’t know about our plans for this afternoon?”

“No. I’d thought about maybe including him, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to share and I certainly wasn’t going to without running it by you two first. Little after the fact now, but what do you think? I’m still on the fence and I certainly wouldn’t want him along if either of you felt uncomfortable.”

Denby looked at Lisa, trying to get a read on her friend. Denby’s first reaction was that she didn’t want Andy along. Yes, she liked him well enough, but she didn’t know him quite like Lisa and Sean. Sharing something like that required a certain level of trust. But if Sean trusted him enough, that had to count for something.

On the flipside of the coin, she’d been hoping to find a way to get Lisa and Andy together for a while now. That way, the four of them could hang out more easily and Lisa could get a little dating experience before they started college in the fall. This would certainly be unconventional, but it would get them together.

“I’m kinda on the fence, too,” she finally said. “What about you, Lisa?”

Lisa Akbatı escort glanced over at Andy before turning back. “Do you think he’d be pissed if we didn’t invite him?”

Sean shrugged. “Pissed, no. Hurt, probably.”

Lisa pursed her lips. “I think we either have to invite him or call it off,” she said. “It’d be too weird with him knowing and being excluded. I don’t want to screw up your friendship.”

Denby tended to agree with her friend’s assessment, and suspected that Sean probably did as well by his expression. Yes, it would be a bit awkward, but so was their first time the other night and they got over that quickly enough. She was leaning toward the argument in favor, the longer she thought about it.

“Well, I’d like to think he’d get over it, but…” Sean shrugged.

“Not that I’m trying to sway the vote here,” Lisa said, blushing even before she could finish her thought. “But, I’ve kinda had this fantasy about being naked in front of people. Lots of people. You two did a lot to satisfy that curiosity last Friday. This would probably be enough to cover the rest, even if I never did anything else for the rest of my life.”

Denby was a little shocked by her friend’s admission. In that context, though, some of their three-way masturbation made more sense. Having participated, Denby was starting to see some of the appeal in exhibitionism. She also wondered if this meant that maybe Lisa was interested in Andy a little bit after all.

“Alright,” she said. “I’m okay with it. But I think we need to lay down some rules if we’re going to do this.”

Sean nodded. “You have something in mind?”

Denby said, “Yeah. How about you ask Andy if he wants to come while Lisa and I work them out.”

Sean grinned. “You two are full of surprises. I’ll ask, but I’m pretty sure I know what he’ll say.”

* * *

They reached the secret clearing in the woods unseen. Again, the weather was very cooperative for April — warm, mostly sunny, and with a soft breeze teasing the unfurling leaves. The nervous tension had built the entire walk over, though, even with Andy doing his best to crack jokes.

“Okay, if we’re going to do this, there are going to be some rules,” Denby said, glancing between both boys. “Lisa and I talked it over and we’ve come up with a few for starters.”

She looked to Lisa and her friend started. “First rule — we never talk about this to anyone outside this group.”

Sean nodded and Andy smiled.

“Sounds like Fight Club,” Andy said.

“Huh?” Denby lost him, though from Sean’s reaction said he caught the reference.

“It’s a movie,” Sean said. “In the movie, they have rules for their Fight Club. The first rule of Fight Club is, there is no Fight Club.”

“Okay, sure,” Denby said. It was fine with her, as long as it meant Andy wouldn’t go blabbing about this to anyone else. The last thing they wanted was for all the other kids in school to know about their little group masturbation sessions.

“It’s perfect,” Andy said. “This is our Masturbation Club.”

“Our?” Denby thought it a little presumptuous of Andy to assume he was a full member of whatever this was and he shrank at her response.

Lisa cut in, though, before Denby’s concerns gained traction. “We already kinda named it M Club. That way no one knows what we’re talking about in case they overhear it.”

Andy looked at Sean. “You didn’t mention that part.” Sean just shrugged.

“It wasn’t anything super official yet,” Lisa said.

Andy said, “Okay, so no telling anyone else. Got it. Anything else?”

“No pictures,” Denby said firmly, trying to reassert a bit of focus.

“No just watching,” Lisa said. “If you’re here, you’re participating.”

Andy agreed.

“And no hiding under your clothes,” Sean added. “Everything’s out in the open.”

Denby nodded in agreement at the addition, even though he hadn’t been part of her and Lisa’s discussion on the rules. It didn’t count if someone just stuck a hand down their shorts.

“Is that it?” Andy had taken everything in stride. They hadn’t, yet, asked him to agree to anything that wouldn’t be perfectly sensible in their position.

“No touching anyone but yourself,” she said. This was a rule she and Lisa had agreed upon specifically because of the addition of Andy. Denby hadn’t minded the idea of her and Sean perhaps messing around a little in front of Lisa, or possibly even involving her friend in some way, but they didn’t want Andy getting any ideas. Best to make it clear that nothing was allowed and leave no leeway.

“And,” Lisa said, just before Andy could get a word in, “first timers have to perform for us. Alone.”

That definitely hadn’t been something they’d discussed, but Denby immediately liked the idea. It put Andy on somewhat weaker standing — saying he wasn’t quite part of their group yet and had to follow what they said. It would prove that he was along to participate and not just to check out the girls.

With that last rule, Andy finally Aksaray escort bayan looked a little apprehensive. Lisa, on the other hand, had stated the final rule with a bit of suggestive and enthusiastic glee. Maybe she was a little interested in Andy, after all.

“No shame in backing out now, bud,” Sean said, nudging Andy good-naturedly.

“No, no,” Andy said. “I’m still in. Just, you know, hoping I don’t have any performance anxiety issues. Never done this with people watching before.”

“I’m sure you’ll be fine,” Denby said. “Sean didn’t have any problems.”

Andy looked skeptical. “Yeah, well, as I heard it, he had a bit more…inspiration.”

Denby had to concede that point — she’d have never been as relaxed as she was had she been the only one performing in front of fully-dressed friends. To be honest, she’d have never even agreed to it.

Lisa must have had the same thought. “Maybe we could help him out just a little bit,” she said, looking to Denby.


Lisa nodded. “After he drops his shorts, though. No freebies.”

Andy sighed, then looked around the clearing. “And you’re sure no one will see any of this?”

Sean chuckled. “Well, can’t be one hundred percent sure, but it’s not easy to find. You saw how faint the trail back here was.”

“There was a trail?”


Andy seemed to accept that as good enough. “And, I just do it here? Standing?”

Sean dropped his backpack and pulled out a blanket, spreading it out on the grass. “Standing, sitting, laying. Whatever suits your fancy. Just don’t make a mess on the blanket.”

“And I brought some tissues,” Denby said, setting her backpack down beside Sean’s and pulling out a small travel pack of tissues.

Andy looked around uncertainly, but finally came to a decision. “Guess I’ll lay down. This is so weird.”

Denby could see the nerves in Andy’s eyes when he looked around at them. She gave him a friendly, supportive nod when their eyes met, knowing quite well what was going through his head. He smiled ever so slightly at the gesture.

He took a deep breath, grabbed the waistband of his shorts, and pulled both them and his underwear down in one motion. Denby’s attention involuntarily dropped to his cock, which appeared on first impression to be far smaller than Sean’s. Sean, however, had been fully erect the first time she’d seen it, and even after masturbating he’d probably still been partially engorged. Andy, unlike Sean, didn’t appear to have done any trimming down below, so everything was partially buried in a thick mat of dark brown curls.

“Whoa, there’s a breeze,” Andy said, clearing trying to ease his nerves. He tossed aside his shorts and sat down on the blanket.

“That’s the first thing Sean said,” Denby said. “Feels nice, doesn’t it?”

“Kinda does, actually.” Andy laid back and then glanced back up at the girls.

“Guess that’s our cue,” Lisa said to Denby. She lifted her shirt, revealing a cream colored bra that drew her full breasts together into an eye-fetching bit of cleavage. Denby couldn’t help but think back to last Friday when she’d had the chance to touch and suck them.

Denby removed her shirt, watching as Andy’s attention quickly settled on the sheer bra she’d selected for today. Her nipples, already hard, were clearly visible. She liked the hungry look he gave her, one Sean mirrored when she glanced his way.

Andy’s hand snaked down to his cock and started giving it a few short tugs. Denby couldn’t see any sign of growth yet, but she figured it might take him a bit to get over his nerves. From his reaction to the girls’ shirts coming off, inspiration shouldn’t be too hard to come by.

“Is that enough inspiration for ya?” Lisa lifted her bra cups and wiggled them a bit. “Or do you need a little more?”

Denby didn’t mind if their bras came off. In her case, it wouldn’t show much more than she was already putting out there, and she found herself enjoying the attention. She was pretty sure that Lisa wanted to show off a bit as well, and before long they’d probably all be naked anyway.

“Maybe a little more,” Andy said.

The girls unhooked their bras simultaneously and, with a nod, dropped them in sync. Denby was slightly disappointed when Andy’s eyes went to Lisa’s chest for the reveal, but then again she was the single one. He was smart to do so, if he thought there was a chance at anything happening between the two of them. It didn’t take but a couple seconds before he was checking her out as well, though, and he looked like a kid in a candy shop.

“Damn, you two are gorgeous,” Andy said, gaze constantly jumping back and forth between the two of them. There was no pretense of looking anywhere but at their breasts.

“Told ya,” Sean said, smiling.

“Very inspirational.”

Andy’s tugging had become a bit more focused and Denby realized that his cock was indeed beginning to swell. Within half a minute, he appeared to be fully erect — noticeably shorter than Sean, but thicker. Escort Ankara The tip was darker and almost angry-looking.

Lisa took a seat on the grass beside the blanket, crossing her legs beneath her. She looked up at Denby and patted the ground beside her. Den took a seat and watched the show from much closer now. Sean, meanwhile, watched on from where he stood a short distance back.

Where Sean had pleasured himself with a bit of showmanship each time he’d done it for her, and again for both her and Lisa, Andy seemed intent on getting off as quickly as possible. He didn’t play with his balls, nor did he do much to change his stroke pace aside from speeding up slightly the longer he went. His grip on his member appeared firmer, like an uncomfortable hand-shake, unlike Sean’s which had been nimble. Did every guy do it differently? Denby figured they probably did. It hadn’t taken long to see the different preferences she and Lisa had in their respective approaches.

Andy unabashedly kept his eyes on the girls — mostly their bared breasts — while he worked his way up to a climax. As he got close, he rolled his head back and closed his eyes. Denby watched in eager interest, wondering how much might come out and how far it would shoot. Lisa, she noted, was similarly caught up in the show, and she was even playing with one of her breasts.

Andy must have reached his point of no return. His breathing was labored and he pulled his shirt up with his free hand. With a grunt, his stroking hand abruptly stopped and a thick glob of semen squirted out, but only a couple inches at most before it coated the throbbing, red head of his cock and his hand. A quick tug yielded another spurt, much of this landing in the thick mat of pubes on up toward his navel. Several more, smaller amounts followed. All told, there was an impressive amount of cum, and Denby was surprised at herself when there was a slight impulse in the back of her mind that longed to reach out and dip her finger into the mess.

“Awesome,” Lisa said. “I guess this makes you part of the club.”

Den liked hearing that come from Lisa. It sounded to her like an opening into the two of them dating.

“Very nice indeed,” Denby seconded.

She pulled out a tissue and handed it to Andy, who thanked her and began to wipe himself off. He looked both euphoric and slightly embarrassed, but overall seemed happy with the situation.

Andy said, “Gotta say, that was the strangest thing I’ve ever done. And pretty cool.”

“Isn’t it, though?” Lisa said, rising to her feet.

Andy nodded. “Never thought I’d do that in front of an audience, aside from maybe a girlfriend. Certainly not a group of people. Or a guy. No offense.”

Sean chuckled. “None taken.”

“What, are you saying the football team doesn’t circle jerk each other in the showers?” Denby gave him a big wink when she asked the question.

“No!” Andy rolled his eyes.

“Well, shit,” Lisa said. “Thanks for bursting one of my bigger fantasies.”

Andy sat up, but didn’t bother reaching for his shorts. “Seriously? You fantasize about the guys jerking each other?”

Lisa shrugged. “Okay, maybe not. Although I might now. And I won’t deny fantasizing about walking naked through the locker room after a game.”

“Damn.” Andy smiled. “Making me wish the football season wasn’t over. I might have been able to arrange something.”

Lisa clicked her tongue. “Too bad. Now, out of the way. It’s our turn.”

Andy stood and vacated the blanket. Before he was even off, Lisa was pulling her shorts down, revealing a lemon-yellow thong that Denby didn’t recognize. The tiny garment shouldn’t have been sufficient to hide her friend’s mass of red curls, so either Lisa had trimmed or shaved since last Friday. After making sure she had the boys’ attention, Lisa revealed the answer — a completely smooth-shaved pussy. Denby was a little surprised that her friend had gone that far, in a way one-upping her own tidy trim job. She was also slightly jealous of the rapt attention it had earned from the boys.

“Looks like you’re missing something there,” Denby said, forcing herself to make sure it came out good-naturedly.

“Didn’t like the way I felt like a hippie last Friday,” Lisa said, blushing slightly. “Tried trimming and then shaving the edges. Then, before I knew it, I’d just kinda committed to doing the whole thing.”

“Sexy,” Andy said, staring.

Sean, to his credit, merely looked without offering any opinion.

“And itchy as fuck,” Lisa said, frowning. “It felt so nice and smooth when I first did it, but then the next day…ugh!”

“So you don’t recommend it, then?” Denby had been considering going all the way herself.

Lisa shrugged. “Think I’ll keep it for a while. From what I read, it’ll ease up as I get used to it. Just gotta keep it shaved and it should be fine. Already a little bit better.”

Denby knew she’d be thinking about it as well, now. She didn’t want to be seen as copying her friend out of peer pressure or just to keep up, yet she also wanted to be as attractive in Sean’s eyes. Most porn seemed to suggest guys liked seeing a woman smooth and bare down there. Sean probably didn’t mind too much one way or the other — it wasn’t as if he was allowed to lick her pussy yet. Maybe they could talk about it in private later.

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