Lynn’s Alley Ch. 13

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“Almost ready for some coffee?” Sami asked when she stuck her head in the bathroom as I showered.

“I will be in just a few minutes, baby, I’m almost through,” I answered as I rinsed the shampoo from my hair.

We slept in until almost noon; by the time we had returned to the condo after dropping off Mel, it was almost four in the morning; so yeah, we slept in. Our first day for golf would not be until tomorrow, Monday, so this was a ‘free day’ for us.

I joined Sami at the breakfast bar, glad to see the big mug of coffee waiting for me.

“What’s the plan for today, Lynn Marie?” Sami asked, her eyes smiling at me.

“No plan; nada, nuttin’ honey,” I said, “Toss some ideas around and let’s see if one lands on its feet,” I said, smiling back at her.

“Well, since the whore-sisters slept late, half the day is gone, but if you twisted my arm I’d suggest hanging here and maybe hitting the beach and water just out of our back gate,” She said.

“The whore-sisters slept late because Sami brought some pussy for us to play with to our bed,” I said in mock-accusatory tone.

“Yeah, I did; but, I didn’t see you kick little Ms. Mel out of bed last night,” she retorted.

Chuckling a bit, “Hell no, she was a very delicious piece of sophomoric poon-tang!”

“Yeah, she was all of that, Lynn Marie,” Sami said, after a bit, her eyes looking at me over the top of her coffee mug, “and you know what? I’d damned sure do her again.”

“Yeah, me too, Sami, me too, baby,” looking back at her.


We hit the beach around two in the afternoon, walking out of the gate just off the patio of our condo. This condo was less than a hundred yards from last year’s rental. We both had pretty revealing bikinis; I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to pull that off but as long as I can, I will.

Laying out the straw beach mats in the sun, we sat down and took turns putting sun block on each other. That chore done, we lay to catch some rays, periodically rising up to check out the other bodies on the beach.

“Wow,” I heard Sami say and lifting my head I saw what she was ‘wowing’ about, or rather, who she was ‘wowing’ about.

A group of teen-aged Hawaiian girls were passing in front of us, a couple of them with really great sexy bodies.

“Too young, Sami-girl, sure to get you locked up, especially since they’re local Wahinis.


“Wahinis; Island-speak for female, girl, women, but generally used for younger girls, not old broads like me,” I explained.

Sami was silent, not looking at me, and I knew her well enough to know that something was bothering her.

“What?” I said.

“You just really piss me off when you refer to yourself in a degrading way, especially when you talk of your age; you’re not that fucking old, Lynn, you’re only ten years older than me and a really, really sexy woman,” she said to me, all in one breath.

“I’m sorry?” I said, not really sure how she wanted me to respond.

“Well, you should be, you old bitch!” She said, trying to keep a straight face but she couldn’t and we both busted out laughing.

One of the things we, Ali and I, loved about Sami was her sardonic sense of humor and that she really liked to laugh, and make others laugh. She was a tonic for us, and not just a sexual one.

Leaning over towards her, I kissed her full on the lips, our mouths opened to each other, probably a bit longer than I should have in public, but not as long as I wanted.

“Keep fucking with me, Sami-girl, and this old bitch will make you pay for your smart-assed remarks when we go to bed, you hear me?”

Sami smiled, saying, “Well, as Ali is so fond of saying, promises, promises!”

We lay back down on the mats, after putting on some more sun block, for another half-hour or so when we decided to hit the water before we called it a day at the beach. Running, orhangazi escort rather racing-I won!-into the surf, we dove in, breaking through some small waves that were coming into the beach. Holding on to each other, we let the ocean slowly push us back towards shore.

“Lynn?” Sami said as her eyes looked over my shoulder, scanning the beach and the homes that were on it.

“What, baby?” I said back to her.

“When we were lying on the beach just a bit ago, I had a really strong feeling that someone was watching us; kinda creeped me out,” she finished.

That got my attention, remembering what had happened last year when I was here.

I told Sami the story of the same feeling of being watched and how, at the end of our stay, we had roses and a note from, supposedly, a couple of women who had watched us screw on the beach.

“I wonder if it’s those two women on the patio, a couple of houses to the left of ours,” she said, moving her eyes around the beach so that they wouldn’t think she was looking at them.

I moved around Sami in the water, facing myself towards shore, and soon I saw who she was talking about.

“I don’t know but I think we should be kinda aware, and you know, keep an eye out when we’re on the beach, okay?”

“Yeah, I do too; you don’t think they’re dangerous, do you?”

“No, but why take the fucking chance,” I said, and then challenging her to a race to the shore, I started before her.

Didn’t matter, she beat me by ten yards, Damnit!


“You must be Sami,” Anita said as she greeted us when we arrived at the club. Anita’s eyes did a quick appraisal of Sami and I could tell that she liked what she was seeing.

Hugging me and kissing me on the cheek, she said, “Lynn, always good to see you, girl, you’re looking good with the new short ‘do’ and all,” her tongue sliding over her lip, suggestively.

“Good to see you, too, Anita, always good to see you too,” my eyes holding hers fast, my mind replaying my one-night fuck with Anita, last year.

It was decided that I’d hit the driving range for a bit, and Sami would go to the practice tee for evaluation and to lay out a game plan for lessons.

I had just hit the last ball from my bucket when I heard clapping behind me. I turned and there was Anita, and she said that she had been watching me for about ten minutes and that she thought I was really hitting the ball well.

“I play more now that I live in N’awlins,” I said to her, putting up my five-wood.

“Always good to be able to play more,” she said, looking at me with a grin on her face.

Now, I don’t care how dirty my mind might be, that was a classic example of a double-entendre remark!

I brought her up to speed about my life now, with Ali, the Gallery, and all; of course, I bragged about Ali’s golfing talent, and Anita suggested that the three of us play, when Ali joined me next week.

See! That’s another innuendo.

“And Sami?” Anita asked.

I did the public explanation; working for us, photo model, friend, etc. Nothing, of course, about the personal side of our relationship.

“She’s a looker, though, and I would certainly jump into the sack with her,” She said, chuckling a bit; I said nothing.

“Any chance of you and me getting together while you’re here?” She finally asked me.

I thought about that a minute and then, I asked her if she’d be interested in getting together with Ali and me, after Ali joined me next week, and if the vibes were right, the three of us could party.

“Really? You guys into threesomes?” she asked, smiling.

“Want to find out?” I teased.

“Oh, yeah, I definitely want to find out for myself,” she answered, her smile larger.

“Well then I guess it’s a date, then; now, what’d you do with Sami?”

Laughing, she said, “Not to worry, I haven’t stolen her nilüfer escort from you; I have her hitting sand shots at the practice bunker. In fact, she’s been there long enough, let’s go get her and we’ll call it a day.”


Sami and I grabbed a quick lunch at the club’s grill and decided on heading to the condo for a short nap, then maybe a night drive around the island or up to Lahaina for dinner and a couple of beers.

The message light on the phone was blinking; Ali called, wanted me to call her back. Sami blew me a kiss, and headed off to the second bedroom, saying to wake her up in three hours, if she was still napping.

I called Ali from my bedroom, my heart jumping when I heard her voice in my ear. We quickly got the business and bullshit stuff out of the way, and caught each other up on the past few days.

I told her about Sami and I double-teaming Mel, Ali really enjoyed hearing about that; Ali, and I guess myself as well, is a bit of perv when it comes to hearing stories of a sexual nature. Anyway, it wasn’t a problem since we had discussed the possibility of Sami and me getting into some ‘strange’.

“Lynn, if it were you and me, or even you by yourself, if we weren’t a couple, and the opportunity for a roll in the hay came along, you’d jumped at it, right?” I remember her saying to me.

“Yeah, I suppose I would,” I answered truthfully.

“And when I come out next week, we are definitely going to do a little pussy hunting, right?” She said.

“Yeah, probably so,” I agreed.

“Not ‘probably’ sweetie, we are going to do a little trolling for pussy, got it?”

“Got it.”

“Now, on to other news,” She went on to say, “Remember Betty, the woman that I’m doing a commission for?”

“Yeah, a classmate of yours, married to Clay?”

“Yes, that’s them; well, guess what Betty asked me to think about when I was over this morning.”

Damn, I hate that ‘guess what’ game, but I played along.

“Can’t begin to guess, Ali, why don’t you tell me,” a bit more sarcastically that I needed to, I suppose.

“She asked if I’d be open to helping her with Clay’s birthday present.”


“And, all he wants for his birthday is to watch Betty make love with another woman, you know, the ultimate male-fantasy thing,” She said,

“Ah, and so, what? What’d you tell her?” I asked, pretty sure it’d be ‘I’ll think about it’.

“I told her that I’d think about it,” Ali said.

A bit of silence developed between us.

“Lynn, I didn’t say I would; I told her I’d think about it,” Ali said into the silence.

“I know baby, I was just dealing with my reaction to your news; it kinda’ surprised me, is all,” I said to her, adding, “Ali, I’d say that if you’re comfortable with Betty and Clay, if you’d like to do it for ‘kicks’, I’d say go for it.”

“You really mean that?” Ali asked, a bit of skepticism in her voice.

“Yeah, I do,” I said, “After all, even though we agreed that ‘vacation fooling around’ was allowed and okay with us both, at the end of the day, I’m over here with Sami, and you know we’re fucking, and I told you about us screwing Mel; so yeah, I really mean it, sweetie,” running out of breath.

“Want me to tell you all about it?” She teasingly said, softly, into my ear.

“Oh yeah, I will want to hear all about it,” I truthfully said to her.

“I love you so fucking much,” She said to me, her voice choking just a bit.

“Yeah baby, I love you just as much,” my own voice choking a bit.

Well, it’s the truth; deal with it!


I woke Sami up, as she had asked me to do, but with a kiss; one thing led to another, of course, and we left the condo for the coastal drive up to Lahaina, a bit later than I thought we would.

We put the top down on the caddie, and driving from the condo, I drove a bit slow as we passed türbanlı escort the house that we were ‘sure’ was the one where Sami had spied the two women, when we were on the beach.

There was a Porsche Cayenne in the driveway, but nobody outside.

“Well, whoever lives there must have a few bucks,” Sami observed.

“Sugar, anyone who lives on any beach in Hawaii, has to have a few bucks,” I answered.

The coastal road wasn’t ‘weekend crowded’ but there was enough traffic to make it a slow go; that wasn’t terrible, the scenery making the drive so worth while. I pulled off the roadway into a scenic overview area for Sami to take some pictures. No, I didn’t; I’m on vacation, I’ll leave the photography to others.

We decided to put the top up in order that we could fire up the doob that we brought along with us, its pungent aroma pleasant as we enjoyed the kick it soon provided.

When we arrived at Lahaina, we were a couple of very stoned beach babes, deciding to do a bit of walking around the shopping area, mostly to look, letting the stone ease off a bit before we dined.

We opted for Bubba Gump’s for fried shrimp and some ice-cold Coronas, choosing to sit on the outside deck. We had a serious case of the munchies and absolutely devoured the O-rings that we ordered for an appetizer.

In the middle of dinner, Sami’s cell rang and she took the call, me only hearing her side of the conversation; “Oh hey, uh-huh, uh-huh, oh really? You know, that kind of crap. Then, “Let me call you back when I talk to her about it, okay?”

“Talk to her about what?” I asked, sucking the last shrimp off of my fork into my mouth.

“That was Mel,” Sami said, returning to her own dinner, talking between bites.

“Seems like Ms. Mel doesn’t have any classes on Wednesday, and she was wondering if we’d be interested in her coming over for a visit, tomorrow night, you know, for some more ‘research’,” laughing at her own phrasing.

“Oh really?” I said, laughing as well, “she didn’t get enough research on Saturday night?”

“I guess not, or she wants to get into her ‘research’ a little deeper,” Sami added, “But wait, it gets better,” she said.

“It seems,” Sami continued, “that Mel and her suite-mate, also a sociology major, have been doing a bit of research on their own, with each other and Mel said that she, her suite-mate, would like to come along, as well, you know, for her own ‘research’.”

“You’re shitting me,” I said to her, my ears not believing what I had just heard.

“Nope, Lynn-girl, I shit you not,” Sami said with a big smile on her face.


Sami’s cell-phone sounded the alert that she had received a text message or something.

“Huh,” Sami said, handing me the phone.

Mel had sent Sami a picture of her suite-mate; not a raving beauty, rather ‘mousy-looking’ and ‘bookish’, but not unattractive. However, the shorts and top that she was wearing showed her to have a very nice figure, her boobs at least a C or D cup, I thought as I looked at the image.

“Nice legs and tits,” I said, handing the phone back to Sami.

“Yeah, I agree,” Sami said, looking at the image one more time.

“So, what do you think?” Sami asked, looking up to me from her phone’s screen.

“She’s legal, right?” I asked.

“I’m sure she is, Lynn; she’s in college and all but I’ll double-check if you’d like,” She offered.

“Yeah, I’d like to make sure about that; don’t need to be busted for having sex with a minor,” I said, serious about that, for damned sure.

Sami called Mel back, asking her about her suite-mate’s age, and nodding her head at me while she spoke, I nodded my head in a go-ahead signal to her. She made arrangements with Mel to pick her, and Dani, her roomie, up tomorrow, Tuesday afternoon, around five ‘ish or so.

“Looks like we have a date for tomorrow night, Lynn,” Sami said.

“Looks like,” I agreed, adding, “Do you want another drink, or beer before we head home?”

“How ’bout ‘Sex on the Beach’,” Sami said.

“Okay, let me find our server,” I answered.

“I wasn’t talking about the drink,” Sami said, looking at me like I was a dimwit.


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