Lynne’s French Style Seduction

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My special thank you to Anton Uselmann for his editorial assistance.

A specific event early in my wife’s sexual history unleashed a sense of liberation and driving hunger her sexual liberation to seek and experience and subsequent development. The story is substantially true, but fictionalized since I only know the basic sketch second hand. Nonetheless, some of Michel’s technique is just as recounted by my wife from when she opened up to tell me of her sexual needs, wants and desires. To this day, after 29 years of marriage, Michel remains a fly in the ointment of our lovemaking. Bastard.

* * * *

As a freshman coed at the University of Oregon, Lynne had only given up her virginity three months earlier; this to a young man she met the previous year as an exchange student in Cape Town, South Africa.

The two young lovers planned it through letters exchanged over the year since meeting. The surprising love relationship took hold on the strength of moving and artful words written and read between them both over long-distances.

Derrick came to America for a six-week visit in June. Before his departure, they had exchanged words of commitment and devotion that implied theirs was a monogamous relationship. That was Lynne’s intent and though she could not have known destiny had already put it at risk from the attentions of a wily, talented French graduate student. This is the true story of Lynne’s seduction and the release of her repressed spirit for sexual adventure.

That fall she entered college, joined a sorority and at a sorority social exchange, met Michel, a most beguiling, virile and cunning Frenchman. Oh, he was quite handsome with dark features, thick dark hair, a dashing moustache and twinkly eyes with long lashes. Not feminine mind you, just damn cute to impressionable young ladies.

Michel was six years her senior and had a lot of experience with women. As the house manager of a fraternity, he was one of very few to have his own room, which he used to great advantage seducing younger women. His fraternity hosted a social exchange with the sorority Lynne had joined. Michel loved these, particularly at the start of the year when the prey was less gun-shy and the quarry fresh from the farm.

He quickly spotted Lynne and maneuvered to create an introduction. Once accomplished, he played a fine game to intrigue her with his sexy French accent, deft flirting and mysterious withdrawal from contact. His skills at seduction were in sharp contrast with those clumsy fraternity dolts. His technique was sufficiently subtle to be undetectable.

Meanwhile, Michel made sure their conversation was directed according to Lynne’s interests. Letting her do most of the talking, he learned she was a well-read news junkie capable of highly animated and diverse conversation. Good stuff for a political science PHD candidate. It really helped him get inside her mind. So successful was he that Lynne masturbated to thoughts of Michel later that evening.

Michel quickly learned that Lynne was both smart and committed to her long-distance boyfriend. She would not fall into his lap. So be it, he thought, I love a good puzzle to solve.

Michel deftly followed Lynne and developed an understanding of her class schedule so he could make sure they “accidentally ran into one another” on a frequent, unpredictable or to emphasize an absence disconcerting to her. Each time he carefully prepared some provocative flirting topics of interest to her. One nice autumn day he performed his first “trial close” by asking her to join him canoeing the next day.

She accepted with a grin, and arrived at the designated time and place to find he had prepared a romantic French-country picnic. It was a warm day during an Indian summer and their relationship deepened as topics became personal. Michel loosened Lynne up to get her talking about Derrick, the difficulties and realities of long-distance relationships; how living without shared experiences could add emotional distance between them, etc. All this was undertaken with respect and purposely avoided suggestive touching beyond that needed for emphasis. He carefully avoided letting this discussion stray towards a declaration of firm commitment, but subtly planted seeds for her to contemplate taking a bit more freedom to pursue her interests. Namely him. Michel needed her trust so made no attempt to kiss Lynne.

Toward the end of the picnic, Michel asked her to accompany him at a homecoming ball his fraternity would be hosting. By the end of the picnic, Michel had succeeded getting her acceptance for a date to the homecoming ball.

She had two weeks to solve the problem of finding a dress that would not disappoint a illegal bahis sophisticated, worldly Frenchman. Like the country girl she was, she sewed her own. Doing it herself was the only way to she could fabric of the quality necessary to get an elegant, sexy fall within her budget. It was a simple pattern of silk. Just the right fabric for tailoring a lay against her skin and hips while flaring at the bottom for “swish effect” and Asian-like slits up the both sides to be sexy.

The back was entirely open, almost to her butt, and certainly suggesting it by revealing to top of her crevice. Her thick blond hair hung past her butt and would cover it while leaving open the opportunity for clandestine viewing.

The top attached with a clasp behind her neck, holding up the halter-style front covering her breasts. The sides of the halter had a racy cut that and taunted viewers to seek a peek of her breasts swelling along the sides.

Damn those other rich sorority girls had it easy, but they could not compete with hand-made, tailored dresses. The cost was losing sleep each night after studies to present herself as she thought Michel would want. It did not escape her that she was putting an awful lot of effort into a sexy looking dress for someone she had no intention permitting inside it. She was confident this wasn’t going to be a problem since Michel had always been such a gentleman. She trusted him and herself.

In any case, Lynne’s figure was perfect for the pattern she chose. As a past state champion sprinter, she was lean and lithe. Her butt was firm between narrow hips and stood on toned, muscular legs ending with narrow ankles. The thin silk fabric would be snug enough to match her figure while having room for the dress to flow. Any pronunciation to her remarkably pouty nipples would be easily visible since it didn’t permit a bra. Peach was the only color for such a dress.

Lynne was excited when the night of the ball finally arrived. It was her first college formal and an entirely new experience. She had enjoyed each surprise encounter with Michel while going to or leaving classes. His conversation was uncanny, always so different yet familiar. Something she instantly engaged him on. On top of that, his French accent made her feel things she should not be. At night, she wanted to stop masturbating to images of him taking her, but found it impossible to do.

Damn, she said to herself, “I love Derrick and will not let this go beyond my personal play.”

Inevitably, the night of the ball arrived. Michel picked her up driving a typical student car in age, yet had chosen a Volvo sport sedan that retained much character.

Unlike most other couples, they dined alone and not as part of a group. At the restaurant, Michel continued his careful approach to getting inside of Lynne’s mind. Always he spoke directly, making her the subject of discussion and using what he learned to deliver complements and demonstrations of his admiration for her mind, decisions and intellect. In short, he accomplished all that was necessary to cement emotional connection and disarm protections that might exist in her mind.

Following two hours of good food, lots of wine and stimulating discussion they arrived at the ball and immediately fell into dancing song after song. Michel was a good dancer, not expert, but competent and gracious without ever stepping on her toes.

The slow dances were close, and though she enjoyed them, she was conflicted by a growing wetness and her commitment to Derrick.

Lynne was challenged to maintain poise between her own arousal and the obvious erection Michel seemed to purposely bump into her thighs. However, she understood his response, since her own organs were responding to the inevitable sexuality in dancing. After all, she’d already been enamored enough to repeatedly masturbate to thoughts of Michele taking her.

Between dances, they continued to drink and finally, Michel felt she had enjoyed enough alcohol ardors to raise the stakes. He made his first real play.

Connecting her eyes with his, in a breathy voice he said, “The evening would be incomplete without complementing such a superlative lady with Pastis à l’ancienne. It’s a traditional beverage rumored to contain the essence of romance.” Of course, the bottle was in his private room. Lynne faced a critical decision and she knew it.

Little did she know that he had already prepared for his purpose with dimmed lights and soft music. Pachelbel Canon in D to be exact.

Her caution was dulled by alcohol, and, she thought, “Michel has proven to be a respectful gentleman. Heck, he’s not even tried to kiss me. He’s waiting for an answer and I’ll go with him.” With that, illegal bahis siteleri she accepted the invitation.

Michel closed the door behind Lynne. She saw his room was a love nest and anticipated her presence. Warning bells went off, but with the loosening effects of alcohol, she admitted it was a perfect recess from jangly music and bright lights in favor of the soothing classical and the dim lighting.

As promised, he poured each a drink and, holding one out to Lynne, said the tradition is that Pastis à l’ancienne is to be taken with an embrace signifying friendship. Oops she thought! That’s one I should have anticipated. It was her first indication of his mercurial scheming talents.

Nonetheless, she accepted his challenge with aplomb and a grin communicating her knowledge of his deviousness. Lynne and Michel both downed the sweetish, fiery liquid. Michel then took the small glass from Lynne and set it down with his.

Turning his attention full on by looking deeply into Lynne’s eyes, he put his hands on her upper arms and pulled her forward to kiss her left cheek. Then to her right cheek, and from there he lingered up her neck with soft kisses and a nibble to her ear that almost caused her legs to collapse. She shivered visibly. And Michele knew he was on his way.

Moving from her neck, he surprised her with a kiss full on her mouth. And before that kiss could be terminated, he opened his mouth and inserted his tongue.

This was his big play, culminating weeks of planning and attention to the details of seduction.

As he’d fondly hoped, Lynne couldn’t help but respond to her heightened arousal and his talents. She actually gave a slight groan and hip contraction, involuntarily approving Michel to take more aggressive action.

With a critical milestone vaulted, Michel smiled to Lynne openly. With his hands still on her shoulders, he kissed her again, but longer and with alternating pauses to work her neck and ears. Lynne responded automatically and followed the path of escalating arousal Michel lead her up.

He persistently increased the press of their bodies together, introduced rhythmic motions from his groin that pushed his erect cock to her inner thigh and pouty mound. His hands moved to touch and feel across her neck, back and butt. He lingered where her butt cheeks came together at the back, inserting his finger between her buns. She responded with a gasping moan.

He expected she had a wet, hot pussy by this time and staged the next assault. With his hand had fallen to her back, he slipped it inside the back of her dress to grab ahold of her butt cheek. Pressing it to his cock, he ground as deftly as possible against her pubis, trying to give motion to her clit.

Lynne gasped in obvious response to Michel’s success manipulating her clitoris. She was becoming a willing participant, freely expressing passion and enjoyment of the pleasure at pelvic grinding and moaning.

His next movement in this dance of seduction was to nimbly see to it that her dress fell from her body. The key was to get beyond any reservations she might have at exposing private flesh to his touch and eyes. He had carefully planned this and swiftly put his hand through the side of her halter, massaged her breast and pinched her nipple.

Michel continued with the motions encouraged by the hand on her ass, and while kissing her again on the lips used his tongue to distract her while removing his hand from her ass to work her other tit. Holding this hand still for a moment to make her comfortable, he softly cupped it and massaged with a circular motion. Feeling her nipple respond, he took it through the light silk fabric and rolled it with thumb and finger.

Gasping, she was now returning his urgent groin grinds; meeting his and returning the favor.

Seeing the time to test the next hurdle had arrived, Michel reached his right hand to the nape of her neck while kissing it and once again nibbling on her ear. He unlatched the strap holding her dress up and let it drop to expose her nubile, 20 year old breasts. Her nipples were fully erect and before she could think about what was happening he took one into his mouth and suckled her, then moved to the other and repeated their stimulation.

Lynne was beside herself with desire. Concern for Derrick was present, but she thought he would never know if she enjoyed just this one, single experience. She was certain she could abstain in the future but wanted desperately to experience more of Michel’s favors.

Michel moved his hands to the zipper of her dress at her lower back and quickly pulled it down. Lynne’s dress fell to the floor in a heap and he pushed his face to her scantily panty-covered canlı bahis siteleri pussy. He could smell her arousal and, using his chin, gave the area where her clitoris would be a gentle press. Then he pressed a kiss to the same spot and, taking each side of her panties into his hands and pulled them to join her dress bunched around her ankles on the floor.

Now with her fully naked, and with his face to her pussy he thrust his tongue between her lips pushing past her clitoris and into her already flooded vagina opening. The friction of his tongue running along her clitoris was too much and she nearly lost her legs.

Michel stood and lowered her to the bed. Tearing his shirt off, he tossed it to the floor with her dress.

Lowering her back onto his bed, he removed his shirt. Dropping his pants and boxers before Lynne could register her vulnerability to his engorged cock, he quickly lay at her side. His cock, naked to her skin leaked just a small amount of precum that she could feel. Michel kissed her very softly; safely and respectfully. Her breathing had slowed and worrying she might develop second thoughts and reject him, he moved to the coup de grâce.

Lynne had no more ability to reject what was coming than an elephant does to fly. While standing naked, she had seen his full erection, that it was larger than Derrick’s, and was magnificently uncircumcised. The head was shiny, with the rim partially covered by foreskin. She wanted to take it into her mouth and feel the differences that were visually apparent. But, with Michel lying partially atop her, all she could experience was the hardness and slick feel of precum as it emerged from his opening.

Michel worked his way down to Lynne’s breasts. Her nipples were incredibly sensitive, and it would be one of her discoveries on this evening that she was capable of orgasm from their manipulation alone.

He got onto all fours and pressing her legs apart, leaned his face down to her wet, musky pussy and touched the tip of his tongue to her erect clitoris. She moaned her satisfaction in response as he began to apply delicate wiggles directly to her button after pulling her hood up. With his other hand he inserted a finger to find her g-spot and once discovered pressed it gently in time with his tongue.

One, two, three movements and she came hard with a hard contraction originating in her uterus, accentuated by the muscles of her cervix and vagina. Michele used all of his skill and kept her cumming for another minute and a half.

When the orgasm subsided, she pulled him to her lips, kissed and thanked him. Tasting herself on his lips and face was tremendously erotic and she became wanton of returning pleasure to the amazing thing he had done to her.

In complete defiance of her commitment to Derick, and surprising even herself at how much she just wanted it to go away, she spread her legs sending a clear signal he was to take this to the most intimate level that exchanged between lovers.

Finally, he entered her. Thrusting with desire, he could not delay and immediately spurt his hot load of seed into her womb.

He hadn’t lasted long enough for her and, wanting more she moved down his body to take his soft but cum coated penis into her mouth. Savoring the mixed taste of herself and his semen, the semen from a sexy French lover and his slick uncircumcised cock, she now knew the flavor of true lust. To her, the taste was enjoyable, and she enthusiastically worked him to hardness while cleaning him of their first love juices.

Hard now, Michel entered her at her beckoning. With two hands, she positioned and lowered herself onto him. Still on her feet, she lowered her body to take him fully into herself, slowly at first, and by the tenth stroke with aggression. Finally resting on him his thighs, she worked him hard and her in return.

Before long, Michele flipped her onto her back at the edge of the bed where, using his new found freedom to move at will, urgently thrust hard, driving his cock into her harder and harder. She moaned and groaned with pleasure and came in convulsive thrusts. Derrick could never have done this to her. This was truly her first hot, physical and sweaty fuck ,and she voiced her pleasure loudly.

So loud was Lynne, adjacent roomies later admitted to masturbating to her sounds. They knew who she was, how she looked, and how she moved as an accomplished athlete. They had no problem visualizing what Michel was now enjoying.

Now it was Michel’s turn and he didn’t disappoint her when he sprayed semen inside her own writhing pussy with his thrusting fuck rod. He continued to spurt several ounces more into her and she could feel it flood onto his sheets with each withdrawal.

As they slowed down, Lynne knew she would be enjoying many more sessions with Michel. Certainly more were to come this evening, and she knew it would be a very long time before she could possibly accept monogamy.


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