Lynne Fucks Owen

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This story is a continuation of my sexual adventures with Lynne. It follows on from my earlier story “Lynne becomes my slut”.

The story so far. My ex-girlfriend Lynne had got in touch with me and begged to get back together with me. Being desperate she had offered to do anything I wanted. The promise of gaining a willing sex slave had proved too great a temptation to resist and I had agreed setting out the conditions our new relationship was to be based on. I was determined to make the most of this new situation and the first night of this new phase in our relationship had resulted in an evening of very hot and depraved wanton sexual lust. I managed to make use of everyone of Lynne’s holes except her mouth. I saved that particular treat for this morning. After we had showered and gone to bed last night we slept naked next to one another. I went to sleep dreaming about the next day’s pleasure. As I had demanded the first thing Lynne did when she woke this morning was to go down on my dick pleasuring my morning glory. As I had said earlier one of the best thing’s about Lynne was the way she sucked cock. I woke to the wonderful sensations of Lynne’s mouth massaging my turgid prick. As we had the whole day ahead of us I exercised no self control and as soon as I had reached the point where I was ready to climax I let my erect penis explode in her mouth shooting my sperm onto her tongue. As she had promised she did not miss a beat and swallowed every last drop of my sticky cum, cleaning me up so that not a trace of my ball juice remained on my slowly softening dick.

“Fuck I love the taste of your cum baby. I’ve been fantasising about it for weeks,” She said. Lynne moved her face up to mine and we kissed allowing me to taste the love on her breath.

After breakfast I outlined what the days activities were to be.

“You know how Owen was living her for a while and you told me about how you had spent the night in bed playing with his stiff dick but you never fucked him,” I said.

“Yes,” Lynne replied a little coyly.

“Well, today you are going to invite him over and we are going to have a threesome so you can have the pleasure of his cock cumming inside your cunt,” I told her.

“Are you serious?” she asked.

“Absolutely, if you’re going to be my slut and cunt toy you need to prove that you really are a slut. I told you last night I’m only interested in you if you are prepared to be a compete fucking slut and have sex with who ever I tell you to, ” I replied.

“Are you sure, do I really have to?” Lynne responded uncertainly.

“Yes, unless you want me to leave now,” I said calmly waiting to see how this would play out.

Lynne walked to across to me and put her arms around me giving me a hug saying, “No. I’d love to have a threesome with you and Owen. I’ve wanted to fuck him for so long he has such a big dick.”

Owen was a close friend of Lynne’s brother Steve and she had known him for years. Personally I didn’t care a damn who he was I just wanted to have the pleasure of watching my girlfriend in action with another guy, especially knowing that she was doing it to please me.

Lynne made the phone call to Owen asking him to come over that afternoon for a beer and to watch some videos with me and her.

Owen showed up at about 1:00p.m. He had no idea about what had been planned. She greeted him wearing the skimpy bikini and high heeled pumps I had made her buy that morning. The bikini top was a size 10B. Because her tits are 14C this meant that plenty of her breast flesh was exposed with only a thin strip of material covering the nipple of each breast. The high heels gaziantep escortlar made her legs look long and raised her arse provocatively in the air. The bikini bottom was a g-string with just the string at the back, so when she turned around with her back to him her entire arse was exposed.

I offered Owen a beer and asked if he felt like watching a video with me and Lynne.

“Yeah O.K.” Owen replied. “What is it?” he asked.

“That’s part of a little surprise Mick and I have planned for this afternoon.” Lynne answered.

Owen’s eye brows lifted in a look of perplexion, “Oh,” was his only comment.

“You guys go and sit on the couch while I put the tape in,” Lynne said.

Owen and I sat at opposite ends of the couch. I did this deliberately so that Lynne would have to sit between us. Lynne put the tape in. Because the video machine was low to the ground she had to bend over giving Owen and me a great view of her arse cheeks which were not covered by the thin string of the thong. Her high heels just accentuated the seductive lift of her arse. She came and sat down between Owen and me and pressed play on the remote.

The first scene of the video began to play. “Oooh, I wasn’t expecting this!,” Owen exclaimed as it became obvious just what kind of tape it was we were watching. It showed an average looking woman of about 35 doing a strip in front of a group of guys. The title of the tape rolled across the screen: “Amateur Sluts Who Gang Bang”.

The action in the video had progressed to a rather delightful scene showing the woman getting fucked at both ends. She was on her back with her legs spread. She had one cock in her mouth and the other in her cunt. You could see her wedding ring on her left hand while she fellated an unattractive looking guy of about fifty with a beard and big belly. A younger guy about eighteen was working away on her pussy.

“Lucky bitch”, Lynne said, “I’d loved to get fucked at both ends.” With that she spread her legs, placing one leg over my leg and the other over Owens nearest leg. With her legs spread she reached down and pulled the front of her bikini bottom to one side. She then began to stroke her self up and down. This was my cue. I reached across and helped myself to a feel of her tit. By this stage Owen didn’t know where to look. I could see him turning his head, first one way and then the other. Glancing at the hot scene playing out on the TV and then the promising performance, taking place on the couch next to him. I put my hand to the back of Lynne’s neck and undid the knot which held the top of the bikini top in place and then the knot which held the lower part in place. Lynne then grabbed the bikini top and pulled it away allowing her wonderful saggy 14C tits free. “Mmmm, that’s better,” she said. “Do you like my breasts Owen?” Lynne asked him as she caught him perving at her now naked norks.

“They’re great!” Owen replied.

“That’s nice, I love it when guys check my tits out. It makes me feel so sexy.” Lynne told him. “Would you like a feel?” she asked.

Lets face it is not everyday that you get to sit on a couch with a virtually naked woman offering to let you feel up her freshly exposed tits. Owen did what any normal male would he reached across with both hands and began to fondle my girlfriends naked breasts. Lynne closed her eyes and lay back against the couch to let Owen enjoy her body and began to finger her self once more. To be honest my girlfriends wantonly slutty behaviour in front of my eyes was deeply arousing. I had a raging hard-on by now and was busily stroking myself through my shorts while watching Owen paw my slut’s tits. It didn’t take long before Owen had his mouth on her left nipple and began sucking like a hungry man. I got up from the couch and pulled my shorts down exposing my throbbing prick. Lynne opened her eyes to see me standing in front of her and Owen pulling my stiff dick. I knelt down in front of my girlfriend and pulled her bikini bottoms off. While Owen continued to suck away at her breasts, she spread her legs wide allowing me to put my face into her cunt where I began to lick up and down her piss flaps. During my tongue work I looked up to see Lynne reach across to Owen’s crotch to feel him through his pants. “Mmmm, you naughty boy that’s quite a bulge you’ve got there” she said. “I think you had better take your clothes off so I can get a good look at cock Owey” she said. Owen complied getting up and taking his clothes off. As soon as he was naked he came back to the couch where Lynne was now lying on her back. “Mmm come her and let me have a suck of that gorgeous cock of yours Owey” Lynne said reaching out to grab his throbbing tool to place it in her waiting hungry mouth. I knelt beside her fingering her cunt hole watching as Owen entered her mouth. Lynne went to work on Owen’s dick sucking him greedily.

Owen’s only response was to moan “Ohhh this is so hot, I’ve wanted to have sex with you for so long Lynne.” By now I had managed to arouse her snatch which was wet and ready for fucking. I moved myself around in front of her and penetrated her fuck hole. It was such a turn on to have my cock inside her cunt and watch as she sucked off another guy. After a while I said to Owen, “Lets swap ends.”

“Ooh yeah,” said Lynne, “I really want to feel your dick inside me Owey.”

We changed ends and I watched as Owen slowly eased his quite large tool into my girlfriends hole. It was deeply, deeply pleasurable to see my girlfriend Lynne’s piss flaps stretched around Owens cock as he filled her hole with his meat. I watched this hot scene for several minutes pulling my dick.

“Come here baby I want your cock in my mouth now while Owen fucks my cunt” Lynne said to me. I wasn’t going to argue I walked across to the couch where Lynne lay on her back her legs spread and Owen’s dick pounding in and out of her pussy. The first thing Lynne did was to rub my throbbing cock all over her face smearing it with my pre-cum. Then she slid her mouth onto my erect member and began to suck with her cheeks and tongue. She eased my dick out of her mouth and began to lick it up and down lubricating my shaft with her saliva until it was really slippery. She began to masturbate my now slippery tool with her hand while she worked in and out of her mouth. The feeling was wonderful and I could tell Lynne was really enjoying her self by the way she kept moaning while Owen and I used her body at either end.

“I’d really like to feel you on top” Owen said after a while to Lynne.

Lynne took my dick out of her mouth. “Is that all right with you baby?” Lynne asked me. “Sure” I replied. Owen pulled his meat out of Lynne’s cunt and the way his penis glistened I could see Lynne’s cunt must be dripping wet by now. She was clearly enjoying being the centre of attention as well as fucking a new lover in front of me. Lynne got up while Owen lay down on the couch. She straddled his hips and lowered herself onto his dick guiding it into her fuck hole. Immediately Owen began to buck up and down thrusting the full length of his 9 inch cock into my girlfriends now sopping wet hole. The force of Owen’s thrusting meant Lynne had to place her hands on his chest to keep her balance.

“Fuck your cocks big Owey. I’ve never had anything so huge inside me before. Ohhh don’t stop. Fuck me. Fuck me,” Lynne panted as Owen pummeled his meat into her slutty snatch. While Owen complied with her lusty request, Lynne continued to utter a stream of filth, “Oh yes that’s it use my cunt. Use my cunt you bastard. Ohh yes fucking use my cunt you horny bastard. Oh god I love being such a slut.” Lynne was clearly getting very excited by now. As is her want when on top she began to arch back thrusting her chest forward and lifting her long hair from behind her head with hands. Because Owen had not stopped bucking his hips up to meet the downward thrust of Lynne’s hips her saggy 14C tits were now flopping about uncontrollably. I came forward and began to fondle her tits while Owen continued his fucking. I put my mouth to her lips and we began to kiss passionately while I squeezed and fondled her breasts.

“God I love you so much, thank-you Mickey,” Lynne whispered into my ear. “I’ve never been so turned on in all my life. Do you really enjoy having me be such a slut?” Lynne asked.

“Oh yes. This is what I want baby. A life of pure sexual indulgence with you,” I replied. We kissed again after which Lynne said, “I want to do it doggy style now.”

Once more Owen pulled his dick out of my girlfriends hole. She got down on all fours on the carpet. I decided it was now my turn for some pussy and guided my meat into her now well used hole. I could certainly feel the difference Owen’s cock had made the walls of Lynne’s cunt had been certainly stretched by his impressive tool. However it didn’t take long for Lynne’s pussy to contract as she began to milk my cock with the walls of her cunt hole. Meanwhile Owen had been receiving the benefits of Lynne’s wonderful cock sucking technique. After ten minutes I suggested we swap ends. Owen and I changed position so that once more Lynne had another guy’s cock in her pussy while she sucked me. We kept alternating positions for the next 30 minutes. The novelty and excitement of this new experience helping to keep us all in a high state of arousal.

Eventually it all got to much for Owen who had his dick inside Lynne at this point. He gave a grunt and blew his load into her cunt. She lay back on the couch and spread her legs so we could all get a good look at her cream pie. “Here it is baby it’s all ready for you now,” Lynne said as plunged a finger into her freshly used hole and then placed it into her mouth licking Owen’s sperm from her finger. The sight of Owen’s sperm slowly dribbling out of her just used fuck hole was a real turn on. I moved over to her and easily slipped my dick right inside with no effort at all. It was great she felt so wet and sloppy, Owen’s cum had really lubricated her cunt well and his cock had certainly opened her cunt up it felt nice and stretched. As I worked my dick in and out of her snatch I got off enjoying the feel of Owens cum sliding all over my prick. Meanwhile Lynne began to clean Owen’s dick off slurping on his now soft member licking away the traces of sperm and cunt juice which remained on his member. As I fucked Lynne’s cunt I massaged her clitoris. I knew once I started doing this it would not take long for her to cum. As much as I was enjoying my sloppy seconds I knew I was going to cum soon. My stimulation of Lynne’s clit started to have it’s effect and I could feel the walls of her snatch starting to spasm. With relief I let myself go and spurted my cum inside my wonderfully slutty girlfriends cunt hole as we both came. Our relationship has certainly taken a turn for the better as pulled my dick from her cunt. Owen was sitting on the floor with a very contented look on his face as I put my dick in Lynne’s mouth so she could clean the sperm and cunt juice from my cock.

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