Lynn Story 01

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My freakiness actually started in High School and someday I will revisit that, but my stories right now are going to begin when I was 39 years old. If it matters, I am an average/decent looking Hispanic male with a 7″ cuck cock. At the time of this story I was in pretty good shape physically with a smooth fairly well defined chest. My stamina has always been considered above average.

I have emailed this link to Lynn in hopes she will read the story here and comment on it. Maybe post a recent pic of those nice boobs/nipples of hers.

Lynn, Story 1 – Our first night together

On the way home from work, I would often stop for a beer, either at Hooter’s or a local strip club. I wasn’t into getting lap dances at the strip club but I liked looking at boobs while I drank my beer.

One afternoon I stopped at the strip club and found the talent lacking, but did notice a sexy, stunning red headed waitress. Large breasts, a slender waist, and looking elegantly tall in her black tights and high heels. Not many women could rock in that body suit and tights, but she definitely pulled it off.

I ordered a beer from her and we talked, nothing sexual or anything. She was used to getting hit on by guys every damn day so I figured why should I bother to hit on her. Over the next couple of months I found myself stopping in more and more just to see Lynn. We sort of became friends, but then again they all tell you they are your friend because they are selling the fantasy, right?

So one day I stop in and Lynn wasn’t very busy, so we had a couple of beers together. We both got a little buzzed and the liquid courage helped me to tell her I wanted to go out with her sometime. She was pretty clear that dating a guy she met at the bar wouldn’t be a very good idea. I bakırköy escort respected that, but before parting we did exchange phone numbers. I headed home with a nice buzz thinking about Lynn, and me hugging those huge, soft breasts, those nipples pushing against her lace bra and black body suit. Damn was I horny!

I was home and watching TV, it was around midnight when my cell rang. It was Lynn! She asked me what I was doing and then told me she wanted me to come over to her house. I was hesitant, it was late, I had been drinking earlier, I had to work tomorrow. I was doubtful until Lynn flat out told me to just come over!

So off I went, driving to who knows where with just an address and a fistful of crappy directions (before GPS on cell phones and google maps). I got close but couldn’t find it so I call Lynn and she walks me through the directions. She tells me she lives in some townhomes and will be standing out in the parking lot. I drive up and there Lynn is, standing in a robe and it looks like she is still wearing her stockings from the club. After parking, we hugged, and I realized how beautiful this woman is outside the bad lighting in the club. She leads me inside and I notice the stockings are fishnet, not the straight black pantyhose that go with her uniform.

We went in and she locked the deadbolt behind us. I won’t lie, at this point I was wondering if she had a boyfriend waiting to ambush me and rob me. Lynn sits down next to me and asks me if I like porn, I tell her yes. She asked me if I like lesbian porn as she turned on a porn tape (hey, this was 2001, people still watched VHS) where these two women were eating each other out and using toys on each other.

Lynn stood up and dropped her robe to the floor. She was wearing a fishnet body suit. bakırköy bayan escort I was in awe as I gazed upon those beautiful breasts (big 34C) with freckles, the almost transparent pink nipples getting so hard that poked insolently through the net. My eyes worked their way down her shapely body to her hips where I noticed her bush. A natural red head!

She teased me with some bumping and grinding before she started helping me out of my clothes. Once I was standing before her stark naked she dropped to her knees in front of me and gently sucked my cock into her mouth. She sucked and stroked my cock gently, deeply, wetly. I looked down to see the top of her head bobbing up and down on my cock as she used her hands to stretch my balls to their limit. The pulling on my balls seemed to multiply the feeling of Lynn’s tongue working my cock within her mouth. I was pinching her nipples, but once the initial shock of pure pleasure subsided and I regained my faculties, I reached down and found the moist heat of her pussy.

After she had sucked my cock long enough, it was Lynn’s turn, so I stood up and lifted her onto her couch. I laid her back, folded her legs up, and buried my face into the crotch less fishnet body suit. She had such a pretty pussy and that red hair made it even better. She tasted so sweet, I was going to town!

We fucked and fucked that night. We fucked sitting on her couch, fucked missionary, fucked doggie style, and all the time Lynn was moaning loudly (have no clue what their neighbors thought). Lynn was very vocal, telling me to fuck her, asking me if I liked it, telling me to give it to her (I would later refer to this as Lynn talking her smack). We fucked with her bent over the arm of the couch. We fucked with her sitting on my lap and bayan escort bakırköy riding my cock. I remember looking down when I was fucking her from behind and seeing her swollen pink lips with my dark brown cock going in and out; the contrast between my brown skin and her pale skin was almost more than I could stand. I stared at her little pink asshole and thought how tight it looked, I could tell she had a virgin asshole (or very slightly used) and wondered if I would get to change that (a whole other story).

I broke my sexual trance long enough to see the lady on the video using a dildo on her partner. We had been fucking forever by now and I needed a break, so I asked Lynn if she had a dildo. She said yes and hesitantly asked “why?” but then went to get it. When she returned I took it from her and sat her back down, I began licking her clit and fucking her with the dildo while. I pinched one nipple and she pinched the other. We did this for a while and then out of the blue I sat up and forced my cock into her pussy alongside the dildo! I had never, ever even thought about doing anything like that before, and she hadn’t either.

Initially Lynn was shocked but then relaxed. Lynn had a tight vagina but with a little work (and a wet vagina) we were soon fucking full speed and Lynn began moaning, the moaning turned to groaning and we fucked like that for a while, fucked like wild animals in heat, fucked until we both couldn’t cum again.

It was almost daylight and sadly Lynn was worried that her kid would come home early (Lynn’s kid was spending the night a few houses down) so it was time for me to leave. We said our goodbyes and commented on how we each smelled like sex. LOL.

That encounter was the start of some crazy ass sexual experiences, things most people only dream of but never dare to experience. Our bucket list would turn out to be a long one but over the next 10 years we would cross off many things on that bucket list, some things were so much fun we crossed them off multiple times. LOL.

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