Lynn and I with Mom

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My daughter Lynn and I had been having sex for about a year when her mother showed up. Let me say, she is also my ex wife. I kicked her out a number of years ago because of her crack habit.

I was sitting on the couch and heard a knock at the door. I answered it and saw my ex standing there. She looked cleaner than the last time I saw her. She said she was in rehab and could really use a place to stay. She also said she wanted to give us a new chance since she had turned her life around. I really didn’t want her in my house, but I thought “what the hell.” and let her in.

As soon as she came in and sat on the couch next to me she started kissing me and nibbling my ear. Being a man I was getting turned on and my cock started getting hard. she reached down and started rubbing it through my jeans.

Just as things were heating up, Lynn came home from work. When she first moved back I built her a small apartment in the basement. Since we started having sex she hadn’t lived there.

When she came into the living room she looked a bit surprised that Gloria was back. She said hi and asked what was she doing here. Gloria went though the same speech she had given me. Lynn looked at me and smiled when she saw how hard I was. she excused herself and headed toward the kitchen where the door to the basement was.

Our kitchen has a door that can be closed. I saw Lynn push the door shut but not close it. Then I saw her move back into the shadows where she could watch what was happening. I know it sounds kind of weird, but I was really turned on by the thought of her watching.

Gloria went back to kissing and rubbing. Then she straddled my lap and shoved her breasts into my face. Since she was still wearing her t shirt I couldn’t get at her nipples like I wanted to. She reached down and pulled her shirt over her head, since she wasn’t wearing a bra her breast were free. Gloria never had big tits, but they were perky and the nipples stood out like little fingers. This time was no exception.

Once she had her shirt off, she grabbed the back of my head and pulled herself to my waiting mouth. I pulled a nipple into my mouth and started rolling it around with my tongue. It was as hard a finger! I took her other nipple in my fingers and gave a little pinch. She gave a little yelp and laugh but didn’t pull away. The nipple I had in my mouth got a little nip. She yelped, but again she didn’t pull away. I switched sides and gave the other nipple the same attention.

All the while I was sucking her nipple she was rubbing her pussy on my cock. Since both of us had our pants on it was an interesting feeling. At one point I looked over her shoulder and saw the outline of Lynn in the kitchen. I could see she had one hand on her breast and one under her skirt. Since she was in the shadows I couldn’t see more than that, but I could imagine! Atışalanı Escort The thought of her fingering herself while watching me almost made me cum.

After about 10 minutes of me sucking her nipple, Gloria pulled away and stood up. She undid her pants and let them drop to the floor, then she did the same with her panties. I didn’t have to be invited! I stood up, took off my clothes and pulled her close.

It felt good to have her next to me again. She reached down and started slowly jacking me off. Then she dropped to her knees and started sucking me. She put the whole thing in her mouth! She went right up to the base. I was a bit surprised she could do that, but then I thought about the last few years, and how she had lots of practice being a crack whore. Crack whore or not, she sure could give a blow job! She twirled her tongue around it and gently put suction on it. I didn’t want to cum just yet. I can only have three orgasms in 12 hours, so I didn’t want to waste one. I pulled her up and started kissing her. While I kissed her I stuck two fingers in her pussy and started playing with her clit. She started lowering herself on my fingers every time I would push it in. She was really wet and slippery, and I spread her juices around the outside of her pussy lips.

I took my fingers out of her pussy and stuck them in her mouth and she cleaned them.

I lowered her onto the coffee table. As I did she smiled up and said, “just like old times huh?”

I remembered the “old times” when she would sell things in the house to keep herself in drugs. I remembered the “old times” when she maxed my credit card out to buy drugs and didn’t come home for a week.

I reached into the drawer in the coffee table and pulled out some ribbed condoms Lynn liked. I put one on and slid my cock into her pussy. Since I had spread her juices around I didn’t have any trouble. At first I started slowly and then picked up the pace. She was moaning a little bit and grabbing my hips and pulling me into her. Gloria had her eyes closed and seemed to be enjoying the fucking she was getting.

I saw Lynn come out of the kitchen and walked over to us. She pulled her skirt up, I saw she wasn’t wearing panties. Then she got up on the coffee table, straddled her mothers head and lowered her pussy onto her mouth. Gloria tried to say something, but couldn’t because her mouth was full of wet pussy.

Lynn was facing me. She took her blouse off and then her bra. I couldn’t she what was happening to her mother because she hadn’t taken her skirt off, and it kept Gloria’s head from view.

Even though I couldn’t see what was happening I could tell by the moves Gloria was making. Lynn looked into my eyes, then closed hers. She threw her head back and started rocking her hips back and forth. I knew that she was grinding Atışalanı Escort Bayan her pussy against her mothers mouth. Gloria didn’t have much of a choice and started licking it.

I grabbed Lynn’s breasts and squeezed. She liked her nipples pinched and pulled. Then she leaned in to kiss me. I had to stop pumping Gloria’s pussy. she moaned so I started again. I started pounding her as hard as I could, just for “old times” sake.

With all the stimulation going on I knew I couldn’t hold back much longer. I saw Lynn was almost there also.

All of the sudden Gloria started screaming through the moans. Then her body tensed and she started cumming. I couldn’t hold it any longer and started blowing my load. I was glad I was on my knees, otherwise my legs may have buckled. I saw Lynn get goose bumps, then she gritted her teeth. Through gritted teeth she started moaning and making little short yelping screams. I knew she was having her orgasm. After she stopped she got up from the coffee table and sat on the couch. I took the condom off and stuffed it in Gloria’s mouth. She sucked on it a bit them spit it out. She started wiping her mouth and licking off Lynn’s juices. I stood up and looked over at Lynn. She looked satiated!.

She looked at me and said, “come here.”

She was the perfect height to suck my cock clean. She was careful to make sure she milked it for the last drops of cum.

Gloria looked at first me then Lynn and said, “so you two huh.”

Lynn smiled at her and said, “yes and we really enjoy each other.”

Gloria looked at me and said, “why the condom?”

I reached down between her legs grabbed her pussy hair and pulled. Then I said, “I know where this has been.”

I pulled Gloria up from the coffee table and we all went into the bedroom where we could be more comfortable. I lay back on the bed and Gloria didn’t waste any time. She started sucking my cock. Lynn put a nipple in my mouth and I was in heaven.

After a few minutes Lynn pulled her moms head off my cock and started kissing her. They were kissing passionately! Lynn had Gloria’s nipple in her fingers and was pinching it hard. Gloria had two fingers up Lynn’s pussy and pumping them in and out with real vigor. I sat and watched all the while I was getting getting rock hard.

I reached into the drawer by the bedside table and pulled out a condom and some lube. Lynn peeked over at me and lowered Gloria onto the bed. She was kissing her and still playing with her nipple. I pulled Gloria to the edge of the bed and put some lube on my finger. Then I started rubbing it around her ass hole. Gloria realized what was going to happen and tried to pull away from Lynn. But Lynn kept a lip lock on hers and wouldn’t let her say anything. However Gloria did get some groans out around the lips.

I Escort Atışalanı put more lube on two fingers and shoved them up her ass. She gave a little jump, but didn’t fight. Then I put a lot of lube on my condom covered cock. I pushed the head just past the ring muscles at the entrance. Then in one steady move, not fast, not slow but steady, I shoved my cock up to the hilt into her ass.

Lynn had pulled away by this time. Gloria gasped and and said, “Oh shit that hurt!”

I didn’t care. She had hurt Lynn and I lots more, and I wanted to hurt her a bit.

I started pumping my cock in and out. Lynn reached down and put two fingers in Gloria’s pussy and started pumping them in and out.

Gloria started moaning then looked at me and said “what you two are doing feels so good. Please just fuck my ass harder.”

Who am I to refuse a request. I started pounding with all my might. Then I started backing off because I didn’t want to cause damage.

I watched as she grabbed Lynn’s hand and held it in place. I knew she was having her orgasm. I gave it a few more strokes and started shooting my load. I pulled my cock out of her ass then I took the condom off and tossed it aside.

Gloria pulled me onto the bed and said, “she isn’t getting all of the good stuff.” Then she cleaned me off.

We all lay back on the bed resting. Lynn started kissing me and Gloria started sucking me. As soon as I was hard Lynn climbed on top. Gloria took my cock and guided it into her daughters pussy. I started pumping while Lynn started bouncing up and down. I grabbed Lynn’s nipple and twisted as hard as I could. I knew this would cause her to get really hot. It did, and she started impaling herself harder on my cock.

It didn’t take long for the both of us to cum. After she did she lay on my chest and we held each other.

I had been up early and after all the sex I was tired, so we all took a shower then went to bed.

I woke up about 4am and realized Gloria was not in bed. I got up, walked to the hallway and heard her whispering into her cell phone.

“Yes I got them. By the time he wakes up we will have all the money and he’ll be stuck with the bills.”

I didn’t want to wake Lynn, so I followed Gloria to the front door. Just as she was reaching for the knob I came up behind her and put my hand over her mouth so she couldn’t scream and wake Lynn.

“So you are in rehab and just needed a place. So you wanted to try and work things out.” I was so mad I wasn’t sure she could understand what I was saying. I grabbed her purse and dumped it out on the coffee table.

Lots of stuff fell out, among the lipstick and mascara were several of my credit cards. Since I didn’t carry much money I had to guess the cash was Lynn’s.

I grabbed Gloria by the upper arm and threw her out the door. I told her to never come back.

I couldn’t sleep so I stayed up and made breakfast for Lynn. When she come down she asked about her mother. I explained everything.

She finished her breakfast and sat there a minute. Then she looked me in the eye and said, “you really seemed to enjoy using moms ass. I think we should try it.”

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