Lydia and Andrew Ch. 03

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Lydia saw her mobile light up, just as she had got inside the car to return home from work. It was ringing and when she looked at the number, she couldn’t help smiling as she saw that it was Andrew. She picked it up and answered. It had been three days since that first night together.

“Hey babe, how’s it going?” she asked.

“All the better for hearing your voice. I wondered if you were free any time this week?”

“Yeah, I’m free tomorrow night. Why, what have you got planned?”

“Oh, I don’t know…a few drinks maybe, followed by me coming back to yours.”

“Why, what are we going to do there?”

“Do you want me to spell it out for you?”

“Yes please,” she responded, licking her lips with anticipation.

“Well….I want you to take me up to your bedroom and bounce up and down on my balls for the first fifteen minutes or so. Then, I want those luscious lips of your wrapped around me…”

“OK! OK! Enough with the dirty talk…although it all sounds appealing. Maybe we can skip the drinks,” Lydia whispered into the phone.

Andrew laughed playfully.

“Let’s just see what happens,” he replied.

“You know, I really enjoyed Monday night. I haven’t had those feelings for so long. And well….I want them again. I want you again!”

“OK, well I’ll pick you up from your place at 8 tomorrow,” Andrew said


Friday night was the night that Andrew had arranged to meet her. She dressed in a tight, short black dress, the hem of which was several inches above her knees. Putting the finishing touches to her mascara, she glanced in the mirror in the bathroom, smiled, turned round and picked up her purse from the edge of the sink and walked into the hall.

Andrew had told her that he would come round to the apartment and it was only a few minutes after sitting down on the sofa in the living room that she heard a knock at the door. She opened it and invited him inside. He was dressed in a black, pinstriped suit, black shoes which were well polished and an open necked white shirt. When they got into the living room, he embraced her. She felt his hands wandering down to her arse, pushing her closer against him. She enjoyed his touch and her heart beat quickened. He was gently kissing her neck and her earlobe.

“So where are you taking me tonight then?” she whispered breathily.

“Well…I thought a bit of sex before we go anywhere would be nice,” he replied between kisses.

She giggled playfully as she felt him guiding her backwards towards the sofa. She let herself fall onto it, in a sitting position.

“Hang on,” she said, gently pressing her hands against his chest as he leaned down towards her. He moved back a step, as she unfastened the leather buckles of her heels.

She pushed the hem of her short skirt above her waist, so that illegal bahis she could pull her tights down over her ankles and onto the floor.

Andrew had already unfastened his trousers and let them fall round his ankles. Lydia smiled as she looked at his enlarged dick,pulsing steadily as it rose from its semi-erect state. He took a step towards her and, still sitting, she parted her thighs to allow him to move between them. He bent downwards and gently lifted her ankles.

“W-What you doing?” she asked with a tone of mock ignorance, as her ankles were lifted and placed against his shoulders.

Hands unseen wandered down the length of the smooth, soft skin of her thighs. If they were expecting to feel the tight, elastic waistband of knickers to pull down then they encountered nothing of the kind, as Lydia had purposefully dispensed with the thought of putting any on, in anticipation of just such a moment as this. Her skirt was pushed firmly above her waist, until it was nothing but a mass of crumpled material.

Due to the angle at which he held her legs, her upper body had fallen backward, her hands pressed against the back of the sofa. Her cunt was fully exposed. When they had made love that first night and the next morning, it had been in the semi darkness of her bedroom. Although she couldn’t remember a man giving her body that much pleasure, she had denied Andrew this sight. Now she looked up at him as he pressed his bell end against the lips of her vulva and moved it slowly up and down the length of her opening.

As she felt his firmness against the moist stickiness of her cunt, she remembered every contour of the lips which so often she had teased guiltily with her fingers in the absence of a man to do it for her. Now she had met a man who enjoyed every aspect of her, not least giving her the pleasure which she had yearned for for so long. Looking up at his frowned expression as he teased her flesh with her own, only heightened her arousal. Then she felt her head being pressed firmly against the back of the sofa as, at the same instant, the cleft between her thighs was filled fully by him.

He had let Lydia’s ankles fall down from his shoulders, letting her thighs rest on his forearms as he fucked her with an animal like passion. She enjoyed the way he took her, humping her senseless with a spontaneity and passion that made her feel wanted, turning her on in a way she could not remember happening with Robert’s father, or indeed Shaahira and Sulama’s father before him.

She reached her hands round behind his waist, resting them on his arse in a vain effort to control it’s rhythm as it pumped back and forth furiously between her outstretched thighs, her ankles swaying in mid air as they hung over his arms.

She looked up at him, her eyes unfocussed as her mind swam with pleasure.

“Please…please…keep illegal bahis siteleri fucking me…please…don’t stop…,” she moaned softly.

His rhythm was perfect. The same rhythm as the waves of pleasure that were starting to engulf her, the same rhythm as the sharp intakes of breath she felt forced to take. Her breathing was steadily increasing in volume, partially as a result of her heart pounding like a drum inside her chest and partially as a result of the stiff, unyielding hardness being driven into her.

Suddenly Andrew’s eyes opened wide as they looked directly into hers, his grunting and heavy breathing reaching a crescendo.

“I-I’m cumming….oh my God Lydia, I’m cumming…ah…ah….ARGH! OH GOD!”

He stared intensely into her eyes. At the same time, she felt a warmth between her thighs, the steady squirts of stickiness already familiar from Monday of that week, when they had first made love. It gave her a perverse feeling of pleasure, power almost, knowing that she had made him cum inside her;that her body had caused him to do so.

Once he was spent, his body fell forward against hers.

“Sorry…just couldn’t hold back….needed to fuck you so badly…,” he said between heavy panting, as he pecked his lips against her neck.

“That’s OK. Why don’t you go and have a shower and clean yourself up. I’ll get you a towel,” she replied, gently pushing him back and moving from underneath him.

It was another ten minutes before Andrew emerged from the shower, a towel wrapped round his waist. He took one step on the stairs to go down them and then heard Lydia’s voice from the direction of her bedroom nearby.

“Hey. Where are you going?”

He turned round.

Lydia had sneaked up into the bedroom while he was showering and had changed into an exceedingly short, black, satin nightdress. She stood at it’s entrance, one arm resting lazily on the doorframe.

Andrew walked towards her, pulling her body forcefully towards his own as he kissed her deeply. Still kissing, they moved back, over the threshold of the bedroom, collapsing onto the bed, with Andrew lying on top of her.

Lydia was pleased that, as if he possessed some innate ability to read her desires, he moved downwards, pushing her nightdress above her waist and burying his face between her thighs. A second later, she felt the softness of his lips sucking her clit and then his tongue flicking against it. She flung her head back, groaning loudly with pleasure as she sensed the sticky wetness oozing from her. Reaching her hands down, she placed them firmly on either side of his face, moving them upwards, guiding him up until his own face was level with hers.

Andrew didn’t need instructions as to what she wanted. He lifted himself up, using his forearms to support himself canlı bahis siteleri and, with a firm thrust of his backside, his erection slid inside her.

There was no attempt at gentleness. Lydia could see the beads of perspiration on Andrew’s forehead, feel them on his shoulders, as his slender arse pumped up and down between her thighs like a piston.

Lydia’s mind was in the same place as when Andrew had been shagging her silly on the sofa a half hour or so earlier. She could feel the bed shaking and hear the mattress groaning conspicuously, as they writhed ardently. She lifted her legs, curving her thighs round his hips, so that her ankles lay across his back. She sensed the hardness of his cock sliding in and out of her fluid drenched cunt, heard the steady slap of flesh striking flesh and could hear herself gasping and panting loudly as she became more aroused. Every contour and vein of his rigid muscle pressed against her insides,gliding through her wetness.

Lydia bit her bottom lip as her breathing deepened and she felt her desire and arousal intensifying by the second. She enjoyed touching the roundness of his arse and stretched both her hands round to press gently down on it.

“Uurgh….urgh…Fu-fu-fuck me….fuck me…go on….fuck me….ooouuurgh!!!”

As she emitted a final orgasmic groan, she lifted her head off the pillow, opening her eyes widely and staring at Andrew intensely, her jaw hanging slackly and her entire body shuddering and writhing as she came.

Andrew pulled out from her and, sitting up moved closer towards her.

“I-I’m gonna cum…I’m gonna cum in your face.”

“Oh…OK,” she responded.

She smiled up at him and opened her mouth as wide as she could. A split second later, she felt the first warm streak of spunk spattering onto her lips and tongue, before the next one sprayed across her cheek, closely followed by a squirt over her eyelid and into the eye itself. The remaining dribbles dripped onto her neck and chest.

It was another five minutes or so before she even felt composed enough to open her eyes. Andrew was lying next to her, his chest still rising and falling steadily, as he breathed deeply. She lifted herself from the bed and staggered through to the bathroom, her knees feeling weak as she did so.

‘I’ve enjoyed this even more than Monday night!’ she thought to herself as she showered herself clean, almost regretting that she had to remove Andrew’s semen from her face.

Once she had finished, she slid her body under the duvet and felt his arms wrapping round her as they spooned.

“God…I can still practically feel you inside me!”

“Good. I haven’t had sex like this in…well…as long as I can remember. I think I’m starting to like you more and more,” he replied pushing himself firmly against her body.

Lydia smiled as she closed her eyes and thought how relaxed she felt with him. She had never met anyone she could be this intimate with so soon after meeting them and that could only be a good thing, she thought as she drifted off to sleep in his arms.

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