Lydia – An Episode of Submission

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“I have a surprise for you today, slave” he sternly proclaimed from behind her, hidden, dark and looming like an imminent storm.

As Lydia squirmed uncomfortably under the strain of the rope, her pelvis began gyrating quickly on the soft, brown leather-upholstered sawhorse. This was a routine as familiar to her master as it was to her, and both were acutely aware of what was to come next. She was bent over the 3-foot contraption with her wrists tied to her ankles and her waist tied down to the wood. In this position it was hard to achieve much movement at all, but she defiantly exercised the miniscule amount of dominion over her body still left intact, which was only this one, tiny motion.

The friction of the leather against her already swollen cunt caused the slightest trickle of ejaculate to leak out, inching down the leather on the side of the sawhorse and dripping slowly onto the cold, concrete floor. Through the hard rubber of the gag in her mouth spilled pitiful protestations – demure, soft, more perfunctory than anything. They both knew that she yearned for this and had absolutely no intentions of trying to halt the punishment. She squirmed and moved, her juices slowly but steadily trickling from her quivering pussy.

It was at this moment that Adam’s bold, muscular figure suddenly appeared before her, striking his left hand with the 13-tailed, nylon cord whip held in his right. “Now, Lydia. We both know that cumming without permission is strictly forbidden. Isn’t that right, whore?”

He reached down, pulling the red ball from her mouth and letting it dangle loosely from her thin neck. She immediately panted “Yes, sir. Forgive me, sir, I couldn’t help myself. I’m…” Lydia breathed heavily and, despite her vigorous supplications, continued grinding herself against the edge of the board, rotating and pushing down harder and faster with each stroke. “I’m just a senseless whore, sir, please show me the way.”

“I said stop, slave!” he screamed. In one, fell motion his left hand rose and fell so firmly upon her face that it knocked both her and the sawhorse to the ground with a large crashing noise. It reverberated throughout the cellar. Still free from the constraints of the gag, Lydia let out a resounding yelp and barked “Yes, sir! Forgive me sir, I’ve learned my lesson!”

These were moments of pure ecstasy for this woman, something without which she couldn’t see herself living happily. Lying sprawled out on the unforgivingly chilly cement, her sphincter stuffed with a 2-inch diameter, soft plastic plug, tied up and completely vulnerable to whatever passing whim came into her dominator’s head – this must be, she thought, what it is to feel alive. The elements of danger and surprise were almost too much for her to handle at times, but nothing enthralled her more than the pure magnetic energy of the unknown. Her master’s taste for random, unexpected violence grew less predictable and more humiliating as the sessions progressed, and Lydia was consumed with pleasure at the thought of what he was capable of.

The man she called Master walked towards her, each step pounding in her ears and coursing through her whole body like a frigid shiver. Her eyes scanned the room in the short moment before Adam roughly lifted her back into position, excitedly searching for the surprise he had told her was in store.

Wiping the sawhorse with a towel to remove her unsolicited and strictly forbidden cum, Adam lifted his slave back onto the wooden plank and put it on its legs, adjusting her body and the rope that bound it to get the angle of her genitalia and anus just right. Once more, he disappeared from view, and all Lydia could hear was the rattling of various objects on his workbench against the wall. He was rustling through drawers and looking for something that she could only hope was her much-awaited gift.

Lydia began thinking about her husband, and what he was likely doing at that moment. She imagined him at home, with their 2 children, cooking something simple for dinner and wondering when she would possibly be home. She told him that she had joined a radical new therapy group dedicated to cutting-edge psychological treatments. The ease with which he bought it all brought both pity and excitement to her heart. Of course he never saw the marks because she mercilessly withheld sex from him. She had never cuckolded him in his presence, but the horrendously humiliating things she had let this man Adam do to her over the last few months would be enough to turn any man’s stomach. It turned her on to think that this witless chum was at home twiddling his idiotic thumbs, patiently waiting for his freshly fucked whore of a wife to come home from being degraded and thrashed like human chattel. I mean, what kind of therapy sessions begin at 10pm? She had truly descended into a lustful, semen drenched, blind sex addiction that was slowly consuming her entire life. All she could see when she closed her eyes were cocks dripping cum onto her face and into her mouth, her ass hole gaping wide from the abuse it endured, scrapes and lashes and hits and bruises…

It would surely be Starzbet the end of her marriage. She didn’t care. In fact, that made it even better. Lydia was an enthusiastic and willing slave, and she had never felt more content and invigorated than the moment she admitted that to herself and embraced her true nature.

Suddenly the noise behind her stopped and Adam briskly walked back over to her side. He held something in his hands, behind his back so that she couldn’t see.

“Now,” he proclaimed. “I’ll give you three guesses. If you can guess what I have behind my back we will use it on you and there will be no punishment. But, if you can’t, you will receive 12 lashes and we will use the surprise on you in a much more uncomfortable way than otherwise.”

Adam paused for a moment before grinning and coyly asking “How does that sound?”

Lydia, without skipping a beat, responded “Yes sir, I would like that very much. Thank you.”

“Good.” responded her captor. She could see his erection through his tight blue jeans and was thrilled beyond belief at the thought that she could bring even the smallest amount of joy to this pillar of masculinity that stood before her. “Now, begin.”

“Is it a riding crop to replace the one you broke on me?” she postulated.

“Wrong. Try again, stupid.”

“Yes, sir” she replied, smiling to herself at the gruffness of his insulting manner of speech. “Is it a collar and leash so we can lead me around at parties like you’ve always wanted?”

“Wrong again, you fucking slut. Ok, last chance. Let’s see if you can get it this time.”

Lydia began to visibly shake. Perhaps a small fraction of this was out of fear, but she and her leader Adam both knew that she was so utterly excited by the tension and suspense that she couldn’t contain herself. She was on the verge of cumming again and tried desperately to hold back so as to abide by Adam’s law. In reality, it didn’t matter either way. The more lashes he doled out, the harder he would eventually fuck her, and her pleasure merely increased with his level of ferocity in castigating her.

“You’re taking too long, slave” he complained, reaching down to her spread ass cheeks and pushing the plug farther into her gaped anus. She moaned, feeling its girth stretch the walls of her anal canal, pushing her even closer to climax.

“Yes, sir. Sorry, sir. Um… It’s a new jeweled butt plug for me to wear to work, isn’t it?”

Adam shook his head and chuckled to himself, relishing his victory perhaps even more than his brainwashed subject. “No” he growled. “You were close on the last one, but no cigar.”

He walked to the corner table that was in her view, and reaching forth he placed what had to have been the largest dildo she had ever seen in her life upright on the table. It stood there wobbling to and fro, teasing her with its size and length. She estimated it to be about 12 inches long and at least 2 and a half inches wide. It was dark black, the color of delicious artisanal chocolate, and had a realistic tip which tapered out to form a thick ridge before meeting back up with the shaft. Veins criss-crossed its entire surface, and watching the way it glistened in the fluorescent light of this basement drove Lydia insane. She wanted to beg for it, but knew that this was not what her master had in mind.

“This,” said Adam, “is your new butt plug.”

The surprise in Lydia’s face was obvious. “That thing?” she thought. “No fucking way…”

“I’m going to insert the entire length of it in your ass and then fuck your throat” continued Adam. “If you don’t cum from the anal stimulation and my cock rammed deep inside your slutty mouth, then you will get an extra 12 lashes when I’m done. Right now, we will begin working this into your ass and I’ll administer your punishment for not guessing correctly. How does that sound, slave?”

Lydia was simultaneously terrified and too enthralled to speak. She had had many things inserted into her anally, and just the day before Adam had fucked her in the ass. His cock was sizeable, but it was no 12-incher, and she was unsure of how her body would react. But her most important impulse was to please her master. His training regimen had turned her into a mindless devotee, unwilling to do anything contrary to his desires. She genuinely needed his approval and satisfaction with her, and she would subject herself to unspeakable degradation at his hands just to earn it.

But it was all worth it. In the end she felt whole, and that was all that mattered.

“Y-yes sir.” she stammered nervously. “I… That sounds wonderful, sir. May we please begin? I can’t wait.”

Adam stepped forward and grabbed the massive dong before circling back to his workbench. She heard a plastic bottle cap pop open and the sound of lubricant being applied to her new rubber friend. Adam moved behind her and placed his right hand on her right ass cheek. There were striations and bruises from the paddle and whip, and her pussy was incredibly moist and swollen. She had managed to keep herself from leaking onto the bench, but it wouldn’t take long Starzbet Giriş for things to begin flowing again.

Adam reached into her ass with two fingers and a thumb and extricated the plug that was already there. He did so very quickly, without hesitation, and Lydia’s ass hole was left stretched out and slowly contracting and expanding with every breath she took. She could feel one swift slap as the new device came down between her ass cheeks. Adam rubbed it up and down on top of the hole before repositioning it for insertion.

Her ass hole puckered as the tip of the dildo came into contact with it. She felt Adam slowly rotating it and working it in until just the tip, with its pronounced ridge, made its way fully into her hole and her anus wrapped tightly around the shaft below. Adam, for his part, relished this about anal insertion so much: the moment right before the true test began, when an expectant slave isn’t sure they’ll be able to take the pain, the thoughts of what fresh punishment he could conjure up if the safe word had to be used and the dildo was removed.

Lydia was a good girl, however, and he had no doubt that she could take it all in without any problems.

And so, he began to push. He was a reasonable man, and did it slowly enough, but not so slowly that it wasn’t incredibly painful for his submitted girlfriend. She began to mutter something under her breath, repeating it and gaining volume until she was screaming at the top of her lungs, “Yes! Yes, sir, yes! Yes, please, sir , oh my god yes, yes, fuck yes!” Each inch that was inserted brought her wailing to a higher pitch, and by the time the whole thing was inside her she was screaming bloody murder. She had never felt anything like this: her ass was completely filled up, she felt as though the dildo was inside her stomach. If she had enough range of movement she would have been bucking and cumming all over herself, but her restraints kept her firmly in place and her ironclad reserve kept her cum from bursting forth.

“Jesus Christ,” exclaimed Adam, trying to be heard over Lydia’s furious hollering. “Will you shut the fuck up, woman?” He walked around her bent over figure, reached down to her mouth and reinserted the ball gag between her teeth. She continued screaming, but the gag prevented it from reaching as much volume as before. Eventually she calmed down and the screams turned to moans and then into heavy panting and whining. “Much better,” he said. “Now, it’s time for your lashes.”

He walked back behind her and positioned himself to dole out the lashes. The whip had been constructed for him by Lydia herself. She was so enthusiastic when the regimen began that she went online and looked up various whips, flogs and paddles, everything from cheap sex-shop toys to handcrafted torture devices made by niche craftsmen. She ended up stumbling across a page that teaches slaves how to construct their own whips out of paracord, a sort of nylon material used for everything from shoelaces to parachutes. She made one small one and one large one, which is one of the most sinister devices one could ever have whipping their skin. The tails are braided, 3 lines per braid, with metal beads sewn in at random points and the tips melted to hard plastic nubs. The whooshing sound and the sharp snap made on skin contact provided for a truly satisfying experience for both parties, and the marks it left lasted long and hurt constantly.

Suddenly Adam said, ever so calmly, “one.”

And the whip came crashing down on her exposed ass cheeks.

This was possibly the most heavy handed he had ever been, and Lydia nearly fell out of consciousness from the sheer pain. When that subsided, however, she found herself yearning for more, begging through the rubber gag blocking her mouth for her master to punish her further for her sins. I deserve it, she mumbled into the ball stuffed in her mouth, please sir, give it to me. The giant dildo inserted a full foot into her ass hole was increasing the pain exponentially, and also causing her cum to come flowing again, bringing her to the brink of divine orgasm.

“Two” he almost whispered. This lash indeed brought Adam’s slave to climax, and for the first time in her life she experienced what her best friend had always called “squirting.” She never thought it was real, thought it was just piss and women were passing it off as cum. Now she knew, and things would never be the same. She gushed forth such a stream as she’d never known possible, and it soaked the sawhorse, leaving a bright, shining streak of cum that dazzled in her masters eyes, an ode to his skill as a lord and lover.

“Three” he muttered, bringing down the whip so hard that it drew blood from where the tips contacted her ass cheek, near the edge and close to her hips. And so he continued, whip after whip, to administer the agreed upon punishment. Lydia had to strain the entire time to keep the large dildo inside her ass but she maintained her composure and it didn’t budge an inch. By the time he said “twelve” Lydia’s ass was truly a mess. It was bleeding and the skin had split open in various Starzbet Güncel Giriş spots like a hot dog left too long in the microwave. Her anus – stretched to nearly 3 inches, stuffed full to the brim with a foot-long, stiff rubber dick – was screaming out in pain. She had never cum so hard in her life, and felt as though she would pass out. The room began to spin, and the edges of her field of vision began to blur and darken. Randomly varying images of her husband, her first boyfriend, Adam, giant dicks oozing semen, her face red from abuse and covered in cum, all filled her eyes, swirling and gaining size and power before crashing down around her like so many demolished structures, the screams of former inhabitants ringing out across the city. She fell into a deep, dark void…

When she came to she couldn’t believe what scene presented itself. Adam had removed the ball gag and, amazingly, freed her left hand from the rope that had bound it to her ankles. Her anus was still plugged with the large, black dildo. Her master had positioned himself, naked, fully erect, directly in front of her with his impressive hard-on in her face… and she was suckling him. He was not face fucking her, nor was he doing any of the work; half-conscious, in her sleep, somewhere deep inside her brain still functioned the region that made her a complete devotee to hard cocks, and she was rubbing herself with her free hand while gently suckling on the tip of Adam’s dick.

Lydia the Slave was completely taken aback and more turned on than she had ever been. She immediately came a second time, spraying watery cum from her pussy. She took her wet hand from rubbing her vagina and began to gently stroke Adam’s cock while she sucked softly on the tip and upper portion of the shaft. He had never let her indulge so much in a blowjob; he had only fucked her face, never allowing her the power of holding his junk in her hands. The thought of harming him in retribution never crossed her mind: she was genuinely grateful for the opportunity to please him with her mouth, like a dog being praised for a good catch. This was better than anything she had ever felt before in her life, and she sincerely loved this man for turning her into her current self.

It was payment, she realized, for being a good girl. He was allowing her the solace of taking him in her mouth like a normal woman would – one who wasn’t a slave, property to be owned and dealt with accordingly. Her master was so generous, so kind, that he deemed it appropriate for her to receive a mere instant of gentleness from him.

But it didn’t last long.

Adam reached down, grabbed Lydia’s wrist, wrenched her hand away from his cock and placed his firm, calloused hand on the back of her head. He forced her head down on his penis until it was all the way down her throat. She had perfected the art of deep throating, without Adam ever having to even ask, buying progressively larger dildos from the sex shop and practicing shoving them into her esophagus without gagging. Before long she did this almost without thinking, and it proved useful in moments like these.

Adam grabbed her throat with his other hand and continued to push her head down on him very roughly and without remorse. She could feel the dildo in her anus as her head bobbed up and down on her master’s erect cock, and the friction of the leather on the sawhorse rubbing her swollen red clitoris. Before too long she was cumming a third and fourth time, leaving the inside of her legs soaked, her pussy quivering, her body shaking, head spinning from lack of air. As her fifth orgasm came, so did Adam’s, and this was a completely new source of slutty pleasure for Lydia. Not only had she fulfilled his demand of cumming from only being face fucked, she had done so 5 times over and was now drinking the reward. She reveled in the sticky sweet mess that filled her mouth and throat, she gulped down every last drop and continued to suck on the tip of Adam’s big dick in the hopes of finding another drop more. Every morsel was pure ambrosia and she leaked a final stream of cum from her pussy just tasting his seed, feeling it hot and thick in her throat and lingering on her lips. Adam, using two fingers on his right hand, gently milked one last large drop of semen from his cock and held it up to Lydia like a sacred offering.

She greedily licked it from the tip of his penis, caressing every millimeter of the hole it came from so as to not miss anything she deserved, what she was due for her hard work.

* * *

On the way home – her ass cheeks smarting from the abuse, marks left around her throat, wrists, ankles, on every inch of her backside, little drops of semen still clinging to the backs of teeth and the hard-to-reach fold of her mouth, her ass hole gaping and stretched, painfully readjusting, her panties long gone, cut off by her master to further humiliate her – she felt like she was leaving home and going to visit a friend. Nothing had every brought her so much joy in life. She contemplated not even returning to the house she shared with her husband; she thought about turning around and going right back to Adam. She didn’t even know if he actually lived there – it didn’t really seem furnished, and one time she waited down the street and saw him leaving immediately after she did. How many other women did he do this to? What kind of a person was he really?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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