Lust in a Pool Ch. 02

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I swim a few laps of the pool, stopping at each end to grab some air. One time I take a few extra seconds to watch you climb out of the hot tub, your amazing ass showing as you bend over to dry your legs off. I swim a few more laps, trying to get some of the overabundance of adrenaline out of my body, until, when I reach the edge of the pool after a lap, I open my eyes to your luscious pussy right in front of me.

You sit on the edge of the pool, your legs spread as much as they can, one on each side of my head, and one hand is letting you lean back a bit while the other is rubbing your clit and pussy lips. You try to speak, but your breath catches when you see the look of hunger in my eyes. I gain my feet under me and pull myself to my full height, allowing me to stand a little taller than you are sitting and I move closer to you.

Your eyes watch me like a hawk as you try to guess what I will do next. I reach my hands out to your breasts, taking each one in a hand. You moan as I begin to massage them, and your hand on your pussy speeds up, and the odd finger or two slides in here and there. As my hands move around your breasts, squeezing and playing with them, your breath gets faster. When first my right hand, then my left finds the nipples, you let out a content sigh, allowing two fingers to fully slip into your pussy at the same moment.

While I pinch and massage your nipples, I look down, watching your fingers as they slide in and out of your now moist pussy, getting slicker with every thrust in. I let go of your right breast and reach down and take hold of your wrist. You open your eyes and look at me as I pull your fingers to my lips and proceed to lick and suck your cum off them. At the end of each finger I nibble a little, letting you know just what I will do to your clit when I am between your legs.

By the time I am on your third and final finger you are moaning with every touch of my tongue and groaning at each nibble. When I let your hand go, it doesn’t fall; instead it reaches up to the back of my head, and pushes my head between your legs. I consider fighting you, but as I was planning to go there anyway, I allow you, and begin licking softly up and down your delicious pussy.

Your hand presses my head harder into you, not content with the gently, affectionate licks you are getting. I smile, and extend my tongue so it is long and almost circular, allowing your hand to push it into your pussy. You moan as you realize what you are doing, and when my lips meet your lips, I latch on and begin sucking and moving my tongue around inside of you.

It only takes a minute or so before your arm is too weak from the pleasure to hold your body up and you lower your body so you are lying prone. I lift your legs to my shoulder to get just the right angle, and pull my tongue out. You begin to groan in unhappiness until I slide two fingers in to replace it and begin licking and sucking at your clit. You arch your back at the sudden increase in pleasure and press my face hard into your pussy.

I moan at the absolutely delicious taste of your pussy, and begin to nibble a bit on your clit, making you moan loudly at the pleasure. I add a third finger into your pussy, making you squeeze your legs maslak escort together tight. I continue nibbling and fucking you with my fingers, not letting you squeeze me out, until your orgasm begins, and you let go entirely to let the orgasm wash over you. Your squirming and shaking begin to move you away from me.

All I can do to keep between your legs is push myself out of the pool until I am lying on the concrete. I never stop licking and sucking on your clit for more than a few seconds, until I have licked up all your cum. I crawl up beside you, and give you a kiss, letting you taste your cum on my tongue. You moan, knowing the taste I am sharing is one I love so much, and drink the taste up like a sweet wine.

As the passion in the kiss builds, our hands wander each others bodies. You moan as your hand reaches my cock and you feel how hard I am, even after all the lovemaking. Your hand lightly grips it, feeling the texture and shape of it in your hand. I take your hand off my cock, and lead you into the sauna. It is not nearly as hot with the door open, but there is a wooden bench in the middle big enough for both of us.

You begin to walk over to it, but I lead you to a bench against the wall. I sit down, and lead you to sit beside me. I kiss you deeply, and run my fingers lightly over your thighs, my nails running in random circles over your skin. Your hips and legs begin moving, trying to lead my fingers and my hand between your legs, but my hand keeps evading you. Your hand moves back to my cock, stroking it more forcefully now, trying to get me one way if not the other.

After a few minutes of the teasing, your hand stroking my cock, my fingers teasing your legs and thighs, you are rewarded with a few spurts of pre cum. I groan to keep from cumming more, and gently take your hand from my cock. You stand up and move between my legs, then begin to kneel. I take charge and stop you from getting on your knees. I turn you around, and pull you roughly onto my lap. You let out a mix of a gasp and a moan as you land hard on me, my cock sliding easily deep into your wet, waiting pussy.

You sit there, your hands on my knees, and adjust to the sudden shock of my entry into your pussy. You feel my cock twitching inside you, and it makes you shift around, trying to see if you can get used to the feeling. Suddenly I grab your hips and lift you half off my cock. I lift my cock up hard, our skin slapping together as I slam my cock into you over and over, making you moan louder each time until you are almost screaming by the time I let you go.

You fall into my lap, my cock sliding quickly into you easily, your pussy so wet after so much pleasure and cum. After catching your breath, you begin sliding up and down on my cock. I grab your hips and help you stay steady, and you use your hands to rub your clit and breasts. Your pace goes from slow to quick over the span of many thrusts, your pussy getting wetter as your sounds become more furtive, hungrier.

You hear me moan your name in ecstatic pleasure and I tell you I am cumming as the first stream of cum shoots deep into you. You slide yourself even faster up and down on my cock, milking my cock for every drop of cum you can. sarıyer escort You keep pumping up and down on my cock until I grab your waist and push you down hard on my cock then hold you down so you can’t move up and down anymore. My cock begins to calm, still hard even after cumming, but when you begin to massage it with your muscles, I lift you off roughly.

I set you down, your pussy so wet that our mixed cum is running down your leg. I kiss you deeply, and ask you to wait here. You sit down and begin scooping the cum off your legs, and begin to finger yourself, intending to finish the job I started. You position yourself in the corner on the warm benches, and rub your clit while sliding three fingers into your pussy, mimicking my cock. The door is still open to prevent stifling heat, so you don’t notice my return.

I lean against the door frame and watch you, seeing you please yourself so I can please you better. I stifle a chuckle as you pinch and massage your clit, watching with rapt attention as you slide your fingers in and out of you fast and hard, your fingers spreading apart to spread your pussy even wider. As I sense you are getting close to your orgasm, I walk toward you, laying out the several towels on the warm stone making an almost comfortable layer of padding.

I stand in front of you silently, stroking my cock as I watch your fingers pump in and out of your tight, wet pussy. It isn’t until I let loose a little pre cum that you look up at me, looking hungrily at my cock as I stroke it to keep it hard. You reach out, but I move away, walking over to the towels on the floor, laying down on my side, and looking at you with an invitation in my eyes.

“Join me or shall we both bring ourselves on our own?” I ask, while I begin to stroke my cock as I watch you carefully. You begin to slide the fingers still inside of you in and out again in rhythm with my stroking, and I can see in your eyes that you are imagining it is my cock sliding in and out of your pussy. I slowly increase the speed of my stroking, and your fingers mover faster inside you, making you moan but not allowing your eyes to leave my cock.

“Are you sure you want to stay over there beautiful?” I ask with a smile, my hand dropping away from my cock. You shake your head slowly, but your fingers keep pumping into your pussy. You let out a sharp moan, almost looking away from my cock, and I feel a bit of pre cum dribble down the underside of my cock. I rub it over the head of my cock, making the head of my cock glisten, and you lick your lips. I lie on my back, resting my head on a balled up bunch of towels, and look you in the eye.

“If you want it so much, lover, come and have it” I whisper just loud enough for you to hear, making you shake in pleasure. After a few more seconds you pull your fingers out slowly and try to stand up. You stumble a bit, your legs weak from all the stimulation, but you gain your balance and walk over to me. Halfway there you stumble again, only the edge of the bench keeping you from falling hard to the floor.

You decide to give up walking, get down on your knees, and crawl the rest of the way towards me. I see your amazing breasts handing deliciously, begging for beyoğlu escort my mouth. I can see your pussy; still dripping it is so wet, begging to have my cock buried inside it. As you get closer my cock twitches in excitement. As you reach the edge of the towel, I stretch my legs out, letting my feet stretch under you. With a look like a predatory cat after its prey, you begin crawling up my body.

When you reach my cock, you draw your tongue almost cat like up the underside of my cock, then suck the head of my cock into your mouth, suckling at it like it was your lifeblood. You moan as the toes of my feet stroke your pussy roughly, and you meet my eyes. I smile lustily at you, and you crawl on, the head of my cock brushing between your breasts, drags along your stomach, and then with an audible noise slaps against your pussy. Not even waiting for foreplay, you kiss me and lean back, my cock sliding easily into you.

You rest back on your heels, my cock buried all the way inside your pussy. You reach out your hands, and I take them. You then use the balance it gives you to slide up and down my cock. You quickly pick up the pace, wanting to feel me cumming inside you again. I let go of one hand and reach down to rub and massage your clit while you ride me harder and harder. After a couple of minutes your body shows your approaching orgasm.

I reach forward, letting go of your hand, taking my hand from your clit, and I grab your ass and roughly begin hammering my cock hard into you. Within a few seconds you are cursing and moaning so loudly it’s almost a squeal. After less than a minute your body begins shaking and your next orgasm starts flooding over you. You almost slam your pussy down on my cock over and over, partly to get me to cum, partly to just feel yourself as full as can be.

You start asking me to cum, talking the dirtiest words to get me to let myself go. I just smile and lean back, causing my cock to stand up even more, and filling you up even more. You ride me harder and faster, allowing the pleasure to build in your pussy again. You lean forward, your palms resting on my chest while your nails dig in as your pleasure increases. I moan a little to help you along, and you dig your nails in harder, trying to somehow trigger my own orgasm.

As you feel another orgasm building in your body, starting at a tingling deep in your pussy and moving outward, you begin to push harder with each thrust onto my cock. I feel your pussy tighten on my cock, and I grin, grabbing your ass again. You moan, knowing what will happen as I begin to slam my cock hard into your pussy, the angle teasing your clit as well. “Fuck Yes!” you scream as you let go, your orgasm gripping your body as you push yourself harder onto my cock than I was before.

You keep up the rapid pace for awhile, your orgasm pulsing through your body, and the entire time my cock shows no signs of cumming. As your orgasm subsides, you slow down until you stop, settling on my cock. Your pussy is so wet I can feel cum dribbling down my cock and balls. I feel you squeeze me a couple of times, then begin to slowly slide up my cock while moving onto your knees again until I slip out, still hard.

I let my head rest back, catching my breath, but after a few seconds I notice you aren’t laying beside me. I look up at you and notice the hunger is still in your eyes, now fuelled by frustration and orgasm. I swallow with difficulty at the sheer desire and need in your eyes as you begin to move closer.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32