Luscious Lola

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“Say it again!”




“Now shout it!”


“Good girl. Now look at this! What do you want me to do with it?”

“I want you to fuck me in my c…c…c…cu…”

Whack. I paddled Lola’s arse. It smarted red.

“I want you to fuck me hard, til I tremble, til I shout. I want that great big strap-on girlcock in my….my…my…CUNNY.”

Slap. Slap, Slap.

“My cunt! In – my – CUNT!”

I turned to Regina. “OK?”

The director nodded her approval. “Ok, Lola, OK Sammie, let’s take a break.”

Lola had joined our Lesbian Little Theatre two weeks ago, and was so good at the first reading of Regina’s new play, she was immediately cast as the ingénue babydyke who is out looking for a girl to love. Which is a testament to her acting skills, cos that girl is SUCH a snatch-tease it is unbelievable.

I met Lola the Wednesday night I got back from a buying trip to London. Regina and I have been off-again/on-again fuck buddies for years. Usually it’s on whenever Regina meets a new girl and wants to introduce her to a three-way or light bondage scene. Good ol’ Samantha, she thinks, always desperate for a bit of extra-curricula fucking around. Or it would be extra-curricula if there was anything curricula happening! So, yeah, I’ve been making up the third place in Reggie’s romantic liaisons for too long.

When I walked into the theatre and saw this new – well, trollop is too harsh a word – new “find” of Reggie’s batting her eyelashes and swaying her pert little arse in Reggie’s face, her tits all hanging out of her practically non-existent top, I knew what I was in for. And I couldn’t wait. I hadn’t seen as pert a set of tits and buttocks for quite some time. For some reason Reggie had been bringing round dreary little tarts for a while now. Noone nasty or dirty enough for me to really enjoy my butchery with.

Now, two weeks later, it was all happening Bayan Escort Gaziantep there on stage, but there was just nothin’ doing off-stage. Lola flashed her tits, bared her arse, fingered her fanny like she was gagging for it, but then at the end of rehearsals, she smoothed down her skirt (she never wore undies), slung her bag over her shoulder, flashed the pearly whites and was gone into the night.

I was so damned frustrated I had taken to reading bloody lesbian erotica stories on the net, and rocking back and forth on my vibrator! A couple of times I had some passionless sex down at the club, but it was all just going through the motions. I had fallen for Lola in a big way, and she was keeping herself “nice”, or so it seemed. There were never any phone calls, or messages, or being met by a girlfriend. No indication that she was anything but single. She continued to flirt like crazy with Reggie, and I could tell Reggie was interested, in that offhand way she has – she never likes to give too much away, and she’s never short of a girly to fuck, so it’s not like she was too worried.

Or that’s what I assumed.

See Lola was sending everything topsy turvy.

Sunday, Reggie turned up on my doorstep. “I’m fucking crazy about that tart”, she said, before she’s got two feet in the door.

“Me too!”

“Well, we’ve gotta get a plan!” Well Reggie is the Director, and she’s always got a plan.

“Opening night. The scene where you paddle her and make her say “cunt.”


“Well, there’s gonna be a request for a Command Performance Encore at the cast and crew party afterwards. Make sure you’re ready with ALL your toys!”

Wow. This was new. I was used to making up the numbers in a threesome, but this sounded like Regina was planning something MUCH more public.

The day before opening I set aside the whole day to get myself groomed and ready. Polishing the nipple rings, making sure my cunny bush was nicely clippered, attending to my crewcut, making sure my black satin trousers, cummerbund and jacket were back from the cleaners. And checking, re-checking and checking again my toybag.

Goes without saying the play was a roaring success, and the audience all laughed in the right places, sighed when they needed to, and finally the curtain closed at the end of the scene we had rehearsed over and over, and Lola screamed out “I want that great big strap-on girlcock banging me in my CUNT!”

We took a dozen curtain calls, Reggie came up on stage and got flowers, and Lola smiled beatifically at her audience, and then turning round and flicking a nipple in my direction and turning back to the audience. I was on fire. My hips were moving unconsciously, taking on a life of their own as if to smoosh my wet sex over her beautiful face. That’s what I was thinking anyway!

Backstage, Lola rushed into the single dressing room and started taking off her stage makeup and applying street stuff. She was stunning. A diaphanous, see-through white floaty top plunged from shoestring straps to just skim the top of her nipples. On her lower half she pulled on a pair of torn jeans about 2 sizes too small. They barley covered her pubic bone in front.

A knock at the door. A poofy, effeminate queen stood there, all thick lips and eye makeup, wearing high heels. He asked for Lola, and she came over, brushed past me and gave him a huge tongue lungeing kiss, right on the mouth!

“My god! Don’t tell me she’s a faghag!”. The thought skittered across my brain, then she actually touched me for the first time, placing her hand on my arm.

“My cousin Jethro” she introduced him.

Aaaaaaaaah, so the little flirty lemon comes from a family of queerist tendencies!

“Hey, Jethro! Great to see you – come along to the party!” I greeted him.

Which he did, mincing his way along the street in his heels like some high school prom queen. He was gorgeous, and fit right in with the Little Theatre crowd.

Party. Party. Party. A couple of speeches, congratulations all round, raving success. Lola stuck to champagne, I had a few beers. I saw Jethro disappear into one of the booths with the Big Bear Stage Manager. Another match made in heaven.

Party noise. Clinking glasses, happy chat, music, dancing, oh, now sloooooow dancing, couples making out everywhere, Lola chat chat chat with everyone else, me making superficial talk with the other embers of the theatre, conscious all the while of her every move.

Eventually Reggie said “I have a special announcement. There’s been a request for Sammie and Lola to perform the final scene, and improvise an ending that would-take-place after the curtain has dropped!”

Ah, so this is it. I’ve always liked impro, and had been entertaining fantasies of what I’d do with Lola as my final thought before falling asleep and at first consciousness. Reggie knows I’m great at impro – after all I’d played many a scene with some of the babes she had brought for me to play with!

Well, long story short, and I don’t want to keep you in suspense much longer.

“I want that great big strap-on girlcock banging me in my CUNT!”

Lola got to the final line, and performed it with more passion, more commitment than even on stage tonight.

And right then, from right in front of us appeared Jethro, pushing forward this great big pit-bull dyke, one of the meanest looking butches I had EVER seen….a trucker type, all tattoos and piercings and swinging tits down round her belly, clearly visible through her blue singlet vest, with the gaping armholes exposing the bushy underarms. A fucking stereotypical bad butch that shock-jocks like to portray all lesbians as.

She scoops up luscious Lola, plants one on her and whispers in the most seductive, honey-toned voice I’ve ever heard:”Babe, they’ve just passed the law in Canada. C’mon, into the rig, we’re going to the chapel, and we’re gonna get married!”

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