Lunch With Laura

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The food court was beginning to thin out as the lunchtime crowd started leaving. I had taken off of work that day and got to the food court early so the small table hidden away from the main area was unoccupied . It was where I usually sat when I wanted some privacy which I guess, is most of the time. It’s my shyness. I like people, but I’m more comfortable being on the fringes, looking in.

The morning spent downtown had gone by quickly. I took a later bus in so I could get there when the art museum opened and not have to wait around. Being a weekday, the museum had a nice, quiet quality to it. I didn’t have to worry about being jostled or having someone blocking my view. I took my time and immersed myself in my favorite paintings.

After the museum, I walked around downtown just enjoying the people and the weather. Out of habit I went to the food court near work. I also wanted someplace where I could start the book I just bought which was what I was doing when I heard a voice ask, “Is this seat taken?”

Stifling my irritation and putting on a face of blandness, I looked up and saw dark hair in a page boy cut, large blue eyes and a cute upturned nose. I had to stifle a smile. It was Laura and I barely managed to say, “No, not all. Please, sit.”

“Thanks,” she said and sat. While she was eating, I tried to pretend I was reading, but I kept stealing glances at her as she ate. Much like it is on the bus we ride into work together on. I’d always read the newspaper, but every time I turned the page, I’d look at her, sitting across from me.

Today she was wearing a pink round neck sweater and I could see the outline of her bra holding in nice, small breasts. Plus, I thought I saw a darker area which I hoped was her areola and a little bump. It may be wishful thinking, but it looked like the outline of a nipple. Every look I took, I looked real hard.

She finished eating and looked up with a small smile. “I was hungry. I hate to eat so late, but I had to finish some work before I could go. Still a lot to do when I get back. Not a good day I’m afraid. Sure did miss you on the bus this morning.” Realizing what she just said, she gave an embarrassed look.

I sat there and struggled to find something to say, trying to figure out what she meant. After what seemed like hours, I managed to blurt, “It was nice of you to notice.”

A small smile crossed her face and she said, “A girl likes to be admired, you know, and I needed that ego boost this morning. I knew it was going to be a rough day.”

“I’m sorry,” I stammered. “I really hope it doesn’t seem as if I’m staring at you. Sometimes I’m just thinking about something and illegal bahis not seeing what I’m looking at.”

“Like yesterday? Let’s see, I wore that short skirt with a big slit in front. I know I had trouble keeping that slit closed when I sat down. I got the distinct impression though that you were trying to get a peek of my panties. You were stealing more glances at me than you usually do.”

“I’m sorry,” I blurted before I could catch myself. “I didn’t mean to look. You’re, you’re such a gorgeous woman.”

She looked down at the table. When she looked back up there seemed to be an impish grin on her face. “So, tell me. What do you think about when you look at me?”

I froze. I’m a bad liar and my mind was racing to find something plausible.

“C’mon. Don’t be shy. And the truth. You’ve got to tell the truth now.”

Whispering, in a low voice so I hope she wouldn’t hear, I told her. “Fantasies. About you.”

We sat in silence. I knew my face was red and I desperately sought some way to politely leave.

Softly she said, “I don’t mind. I like the idea. It’ll help me get through the day knowing I’m the object of someone’s thought. Tell me specifically though. What are some of the things you fantasize about?”

I looked at my hand clasped tightly on my lap. Whispering, I said, “When you wear your ankle bracelet, I imagine you’ll be meeting someone. You know, some people think an ankle bracelet is a cuckold bracelet.”

She leaned forward. “Go on.”

“You’re – you’re meeting someone for the first time. You met him through the internet. Never saw him before – no picture. He’s built a fire in you though and you want him. He sent you the bracelet and told you to wear it. He also sent you the key to a hotel room.”

“You told your husband that you were going out with the girls for a few drinks.”

I paused and looked at her. Her blue eyes beckoned me to continue.

“He told you to go to the room and to undress, to lie on the bed and softly touch yourself while you waited. You were excited all day. Your pussy was wet all day. You go to the room and you lie there, your fingers languorously stroking your pussy, barely entering your slit, barely touching your clit. You feel your moistness seep down your leg. Your eyes are shut and the other hand cups one of your breasts. Two of your fingers surrounded a nipple and gently pull on it.”

I stopped, realizing that I was getting carried away. I looked up, ready to apologize. Her lips were parted, her breathing was slow, and her eyes were half shut. Before I could get my apology out, she whispered, “Please, don’t stop.”

“You feel the wetness on your illegal bahis siteleri fingers and you press two of them slowly into your slit. You spread your legs wider, wanting to open yourself as much as you can, wanting to be taken by him. Your breathing becomes more ragged and you pull harder on your nipple. You slowly fuck yourself.”

“You hear the door being unlocked and before you can move, he’s in the room. You start to pull your fingers out.”

“‘No!’ he says. ‘Keep them in. Get your fingers covered with your cunt juice.'”

“He moves to the end of the bed to stare at your legs spread open, spread open for him, and to savor the sight of your long fingers, glistening with your pussy juice, working inside you. You lift your head and look down, down at your opened legs, down at your pussy filled with your fingers, down at him looking at you. Someone you never met is looking at you fucking yourself, at the wetness flowing out of your cunt, showing how much of a whore you are. You push your head back and moan.”

“He undresses, taking his clothes off quickly and smoothly. He moves to the side of the bed and gently takes your arm, pulling your fingers, out, lifting them into the air, under his nose. He breathes in the scent then moves your arm and wipes your fingers on your face He moves your fingers around you lips and wipes them under your nose. You smell it. You smell your heat, your sluttiness.”

“‘Taste yourself,’ he says and you do, sucking greedily on your fingers.”

“He pulls your fingers out of your mouth and wipes them on your cheek, a mixture of pussy and spit. Moving close to you, he takes his cock and rubs it on your face, coating it in the mix. He moves his cock towards your mouth and you open it, taking it in. It’s soft as you begin sucking on it, but it quickly grows. He pushes in deep, but gently. You still gag, and saliva runs down the side of your mouth as he slowly fucks your face.”

“His hand reaches down to cup your breast then pulls hard on your nipple. Your breast is pulled up and your body is almost forced to rise with it. He eases up though and moves his hand further down, into your pussy. He finger fucks you, but not slowly as you did. His fingers move in and out of you fast and hard and he starts to fuck your face fast and hard. Your mouth is filled with his cock and you pussy with his fingers.”

“He pulls his cock out of your mouth and slowly pulls you by the shoulder. He turns you around so that you’re on you hands and knees with your feet on the edge of the bed. He moves closer and moves one of your hands between your legs until you’re touching his balls. You fondle them, then grasp canlı bahis siteleri his cock, moving your hand over it, feeling its hardness, feeling the veins, feeling the head. You rub his cock against your slit, moistening it.”

“‘Take me in you,’ he says.”

“You hold his cock and guide it. You feel the head splitting your pussy and then his hardness is inside you. He begins to fuck you with long, slow strokes. He pushes his cock in as deep as he can and pulls it out as far as he can. His hand holds yours and guides your finger to your clit, making you rub yourself.”

“You want it. You want him. You begin to move with his strokes, wanting him even deeper. He starts to fuck you hard, his balls banging against you. You’re even more wet now and your hand is soaked. You feel your wetness dripping down you leg. You hear the sound of your cunt as you’re fucked and you let out a long moan.”

“He grabs a handful of hair and jerks your head up. He holds it and uses it as extra leverage to fuck you harder. Your body shakes and jolts forward as his cock goes deep into you. You want to open yourself wider, to give all of yourself to him.”

“You’re fucked for you don’t know how long. All you remember is the creaking of the bed, your moans, the banging of his balls against you, your head being forced up, and your wanting it even harder.”

“Your body begins to shiver and your hand rubs your clit faster. You feel a wave coming and you let out a soft scream as you cum. He keeps fucking you and you know there’s more. Another wave builds up and you let out a loud scream. It’s a long cum and you let out a long scream. You begin to calm, but he’s not done. He keeps up the hard strokes and you grunt with every one as your body is thrust forward.”

“He’s let go of your hair and is holding on to your ass, moving it in time with him. You have another desire now, another way to show you want him.”

“‘Cum in me,’ you whisper. ‘Cum deep inside me.'”

“He’s thrusting faster and then suddenly there are a few hard thrusts, a few jerks. You feel his warm cum spurt into you and the added stickiness dripping down your legs. He lets go of your hair and bends over to kiss your back, to lick the sweat off. Neither of you want to move. Neither of you want him to leave you.”

We sat silent. I felt the sweat I hadn’t noticed before and I felt tired.

“I’ve got to hit the Ladies Room,” she said. “Don’t go. I need to ask you something.” Laura got up and left.

I sat there wondering what I did, wondering how I got carried away like that. I wasn’t sure if I could ride the same bus now. I wasn’t sure if I could face her every morning with her knowing how much I desired her.

Suddenly, I felt arms wrap around me and a set of fingers under my nose. I smelt it. I knew it was Laura’s smell. She wiped her fingers around my lips, coating them and whispered, “Lunch again tomorrow?”

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