Lunch Break Dessert

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It was a nice, clear day; the sun shining through the windows, the air crisp outside, the only downside was that my girlfriend Katie was at work. I worked a compressed work week, so every weekend I had an extra day or two to stay home while the nine-to-five crowd was still busy. It was great for getting chores done; we had finally gotten our own house, and though there were many benefits to no longer having a roommate around, there were also more than enough chores and projects to keep things busy. Having started dating nearly a decade ago as seniors in high school, we were constantly being asked by our family about wedding plans. A house was a step in the right direction, and the privacy afforded us other enjoyments. So home owner projects kept me busy, but busy or not, things are always better with two people, so I always kept an ear out for Katie’s return home.

It had just so happened to be my lucky day. Just as I was headed to the kitchen for a lunch break, I heard a car roll up in the driveway. I got out two plates and started dishing up leftovers. I finished setting the microwave and turned just in time to see Katie opening the door. She had worn a nice form-fitting top to work with a respectful neckline that showed just enough cleavage to put bad thoughts into my head. She had on a pair of short heels she used as a compromise between looking professional and being able to walk more than ten feet at a time and she was wearing the only kind of pants she owned, the kind that made her ass look great. With an ass like hers, that was any pair of pants, but I appreciated it just the same.

It looked like she had a rough morning, so I walked over and gave her a kiss on the nose and a tight hug. At around 5’3″, she was a good nine inches shorter than me, but that just made it easier to give her the reassuring hug she needed. She loosened up a bit in my arms and squeezed back, making me that much more aware of her body pressing against mine. Like I said, chores keep me busy all day but they don’t make good company and do nothing to satisfy certain thoughts.

“Another long morning, sweetie?” I asked as I grabbed the other plate for her.

“Just a client that wouldn’t listen, expects me to do everything for them, and barely wants to work with us in the first place,” she vented more than a little forcefully. I couldn’t blame her; it was the same story most days, and she had been left under-appreciated, underpaid, and overworked at her job.

“There’s a plate already warmed up in the microwave, why don’t you get comfortable at the table and you can let it out a little more once I get my food.”

After kicking off her shoes, she kissed me on the lips with just a hint of tongue at the end, got the plate from the microwave and went through to the dining room table. Her ass really does look fantastic in anything. I made my food in a hurry and joined Katie at the table. She sat with her back to the window, and the sun streaming through made her sandy blond hair shine while the soft reflections of sun off the walls made her eyes match the sky outside. My day had already improved and she hadn’t even been home for ten minutes. My own blond hair had just finished drying from a late morning shower, Tokat Escort and though I hadn’t shaved, I was hoping I still looked presentable. We chatted for a bit, mostly with her taking the lead to discuss work with me chiming in to agree about her work, her clients, and her general state of stress. I snuck in more than a few peeks down her shirt when she leaned in for a bite. She had a sexy bra on underneath the work attire, probably a 36D or 38C depending on the designer, and I couldn’t help but look. Soon, though, the food was done and she was headed back in to the kitchen.

“Are you sure that you have to head back to work?” I asked, perhaps a little more desperately than I meant.

“Well, I could stay longer, but I might be able to leave a little early if I start my reports now.”

I walked up behind while she washed her plate and starting massaging her shoulders. Katie is a bit of an overachiever, so I’ve learned a lot about the art of relieving stress. Loosened her arms, eased down her shoulders, and let out a long, deep sigh. I’d hit on something and decided to enjoy her company a little longer. Besides, she deserved a break, and I was always happy to make her happy. I worked my way up her neck, brushing her hair aside, then back down her shoulders, leaving her neck bare to me. I leaned in closer, her full, round ass fitting perfectly with my hips and started kissing her lightly on the neck, first one side then the other. Her whole body started loosening up and she rolled her hips against me so that her ass pushed harder against the crouch of my pants, which had suddenly gotten much tighter.

She reached up and pulled my hands down over her shoulders into her shirt then braced her arms against the counter so she could start grinding her ass into me. I started massaging her breasts to match her movements, giving each nipple a little squeeze every time her ass did a full motion against me. I bit down gently on her next, eliciting another sigh and stared down her shirt at the warm, soft tits I was cupping. I pulled one hand out of her shirt and slid it into her pants to massage her butt.

“Are you planning on going somewhere with this?” Katie asked coyly, and I bit her neck a little harder in response. As I worked one breast and one cheek she reached down and undid the front of her pants. With each squeeze and stroke of Katie’s ass I pushed her pants down further and further until they fell to her knees. I kept them there so she’d have to keep her legs and ass cheeks tight together and stopped to undo my own pants.

“I hope you’re starting to feel a little more relaxed, I know I feel better already,” I teased as my hard cock popped free. As an answer she bumped her ass back into me and started grinding it against my dick. Matching the motion of my hips to hers, I slid my cock up between her ass cheeks and started grinding between them, using my cock to pleasure the outside of her anus while grabbing two handfuls of ass to squeeze and push her cheeks together. Humping that soft, full ass could be enough to make me cum; Katie wasn’t far off either. Putting one hand over mine while I squeezed her ass and using the other to brace against the counter, Katie starting flexing her ass Tokat Escort Bayan around my cock, the tight muscles squeezing it as I stroked.

She dropped her head forward in pleasure and sighed, “Lower.”

Using my free hand I slid my cock down beneath her ass and between the lips of her pussy, placing the head in just the right place to pleasure her clit. She let go of my hand and held my cock harder against her clit so that I could start stroking it faster. She started to moan louder, so I knew I could get her to cum soon. By this point I had to start pacing myself, the pressure of her fingers opposed by the warmth of her wet cunt spreading pleasure through my cock. She started squeezing her thighs and ass in time with my strokes and her arms shook gently as she let out a soft scream as she orgasmed.

“In me, now,” she said forcefully after quickly catching her breath. I drew my cock back and waited a second to build up the anticipation. Then I remembered it was lunchtime.

“Wait, let me get a condom. It’ll clean up easier so you can get to work.” Sometimes a little waiting can go a long way, and I didn’t think either of us were going to cool off in the time it would take me to go grab a condom. I reached down and slid her free hand between her lips and used her own fingers to work her clit.

“I’ll be right back,” I promised, bent over for a quick kiss on her fuckable ass and almost ran to the bedroom. I had to open a new box of condoms since we’d been relying on the pill for so long, and by the time I made it back to the kitchen, I was stopped dead in my tracks. Katie had managed to strip and now stood bent over the counter, tits hanging temptingly free, ass in the air, and her tight, wet pussy clearly visible for me. The kicker though was that she had put her heels back on; Katie and I both love what heels do to her ass and legs, not to mention what the thought of fucking her while she wore only heels was doing to my head. She had let down her long hair, and it swished across her back as she turned her head to look at me with a sultry smile. Her baby blue eyes flicked from my face down to my cock. Then Katie bit her lip and my brain broke for a second before I recovered the presence of mind to slide the condom on and rush over to my girlfriend.

I got my head positioned against her lips, and as her ass brushed against my hips she slid back and rolled her hips to pull my cock into her pussy. I let out a sharp sigh at the warmth of her cunt on my dick and she laughed and moaned at the same time.

“Since I can’t seem to trust you to finish things quickly, I guess I’ll have to lead,” she stated very matter-of-factly for someone impaled on my erect penis then stood up more, using her ass to push me into a bit of a squat. I reached around with both hands to cup her amazing breasts and help support her weight, then she started rolling her ass to grind her pussy on my cock. With my cock deep inside her, her ass pressed hard against me, and I could feel my dick massaging the walls of her pussy, hitting her g-spot when her hips rolled just right. Her hands moved up to hold mine as I squeezed her nipples, and I helped her start massaging her owns tits before moving one arm Escort Tokat across her chest to keep her balance and sliding the other between her wet lips to tease her clit. She moaned as I rubbed her clit, squeezing her breasts hard in ecstasy and started bouncing her ass against me, sliding her pussy over my cock.

“Right there,” she moaned in response to me playing with her clit.

“Mmm, do you like that?” I spoke softly into her ear.

“Yes, but harder, I like it right… there!” she screamed as she slid her pussy down my cock, hitting her g-spot. I guess I was still working on clit play, but at least she knew how to get what she wanted. Her rhythm started to get more erratic, each moan longer, and I could feel her pussy tightening with her stroke. I helped her finish with a few thrusts, and for a minute she just melted into my arms, leaving my cock buried inside her.

She bent herself back over and pushed her ass up into the air, whispering, “I want it hard.”

I slid my cock deep into her with one smooth stroke and as her tight pussy wrapped around my hard cock, she purred, “Oh, Brandon.”

I drew back almost my full length, then slammed my cock in hard, her ass slapping against me.


I started pumping hard into her, both hands pulling her hips into me to get even more bounce out of her ass. I could see her fingers tightly gripping the counter as she braced and her exclamations turned into squeals of pleasure as she gave herself to the sex. Every stroke send pleasure down my cock, turning me on and building on the energy I stroked her with. She started against the counter, meeting each of my thrusts with her ass, making each stroke even harder and burying my cock even deeper. I could feel my cum building, so I reached up with one hand and grabbed her hair, pulling her into me and making her back arch even more.

The curve of her back, her ass slapping hard against me, her pussy tight and wet enveloping my cock started to bring things to a peak, and I quickly exhaled, “Katie, I’m gonna cum.”

Her squeals got high and loud, then I felt her pussy tightening around my cock, squeezing in time to my strokes, and I came, filling the condom as Katie’s orgasming pussy milked my dick. I pulled myself tight into her with one last stroke and finished shooting cum while buried deep inside her. She collapsed against the counter and I hugged her, still penetrating her as we came down from our high. My fingertips glided gently across the smooth skin of her breasts as we stood there enjoying the embrace. I kissed her on the back of the neck and pulled out, heading to the bathroom to clean up.

She gathered her clothes and joined me there, wiping all the moisture on her pussy.

“See, imagine how much worse that could have been without a condom.”

She scowled at me with amused contempt and finished cleaning up, “I guess it could have been, but if you take so long next time, I’ll have to finish up myself.”

I smiled at her, “Duly noted. I did enjoy the present I saw when I got back to the room though.”

She smiled and turned, rubbing her ass against me and walked off to get dressed. Once we both had our clothes back on she headed for the door, having used up the rest of her lunch break. I met her there and kissed her goodbye, “Have good afternoon at work. I love you.”

“I love you, too. I’ll try to still get home a little early, I’d love to continue our lunch ‘discussion.'”

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