Lucy in the Men’s Changing Room Ch. 02

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Big Tits

The scene in the locker room stayed in my mind. The only time I wasn’t impatient was when I was back at the club where I was on duty 4 or 5 times in that fortnight. There I could watch players from the team and think about how I’d seen them naked or near naked, and how I would again. It was an incredible feeling of power, knowing how they’d all acted with me in their locker room and understanding that most of them wanted to show off but were a bit nervous or goofy about doing so. It was especially exciting given I’d previously felt slightly intimidated by them, even when that had been some flattering attention from the hotter ones.

I sometimes tried to do more than just watch them, I deliberately spent more time nearer groups that included some of the men I’d seen naked. I found myself trying to give them what I hoped were knowing smiles, I even dared to tell a few players I would see them on Sunday. That especially was rush but it possibly made things worse overall, I was counting the days like I used to do for Christmas.

One evening Mr Lucas came in with his wife for a meal. My encounter with him had definitely been part my locker room fun but had also felt like something more as well. I wasn’t attracted to him, or at least I didn’t think so, but just how inappropriate it was for me to have seen him with an erection was intoxicating. To have such a secret and to have plans to do it all again was by far the aspect I found the most stimulating, even more so than possibly seeing some of the real hunks more naked next time.

When it was time to collect their plates I couldn’t help but try and catch Mr Lucas’s eye when I knew his wife couldn’t see me. I was stood mostly behind her with their empties in my hand when I went for it.

“So, are you playing on Sunday, Mr Lucas?”

“Yes, I think so.” I thought I could detect a hint of nervousness in his look, but that may have just been me finding what I wanted to see.

“I’m working the bar again afterwards.”

“Right.” He did seem not in the mood for a chat.

I smiled at him, seemingly oblivious. “I enjoyed hanging out with the team after the game the other week, you really see a different side of things, don’t you?”

“I suppose.” His tone was now even colder, even a hint of warning in his voice. I smiled even more, I knew there was nothing he could actually do. I knew he wanted to show off for me next time anyway.

“Well, I guess I’ll see you again then.” I winked at him. “I’m looking forward to it.” I headed off to the kitchen before he could say anything more.

I felt even more excited the rest of my shift. I looked back at the Lucas’s table often, now not trying to catch his eye but smiling at his wife who I’d known for years. To her nothing would have been particularly amiss but I’m sure it didn’t go unnoticed.

I saw them leaving a while later and thought that my fun for the night might be over, there were a few guys I’d noticed in the locker room left but no one who I’d really gotten a look at. A few moments later, though, Mr Lucas appeared unexpectedly and gestured to me to join him stood in a corner.

“Oh, I thought you’d left.”

“Never mind that, what were you thinking of just then?”

“What do you mean?”

“You know what I mean, talking in front of my wife.”

“Relax, it wouldn’t have meant anything to her, would it? I mean, I assume you haven’t even told her how I’m collecting the orders from now on, have you?”

“No, of course not, but you have to be careful.” He was already shifting from mostly angry to mostly nervous.

“I didn’t do anything wrong you know, I was just doing my job.” I tried to look unconcerned.

“Maybe, but..”

“It’s not my fault if you did something you’re a little bit ashamed of, is it?”

“You encouraged me!”

I laughed, I still couldn’t quite believe how I was daring to act with him but it was just so easy. “Of course, you had no choice but to show me your penis, did you? Not like you could have given your order before taking your towel off, is it?”

He was looking at me pretty sheepishly at this point.

“You never even told me your order, did you? Too busy making sure I got a good look.”

He paused for quite a while this time, looking around the bar rather than at me. “OK, fine, it wasn’t your fault. You just can’t tell anyone about it, OK?”

“Why would you think I’d tell anyone?”

“I don’t know.” He sounded sullen now, I worried if we left things here he wouldn’t have enthusiasm for the game in a few days.

“Don’t worry, Mr Lucas.” I smiled, I tried to emphasise my body for him in the way I stood. “I’m sorry about speaking in front of your wife and for just now, I just liked feeling a bit naughty that’s all.” I looked coyly at him with my head bowed slightly. “You can understand that, can’t you?”

“I suppose.”

“I won’t say anything again, I promise.”


“And, if you want to show me again that’s fine too.” I tried to sound genuine.

“Right, well, I don’t know about that..”

I looked up straight into his eyes. “I think you probably do.” I held Escort bayan his gaze, channelling the confidence that I’d found in the shower room.

He mumbled something indistinct then with a few looks over his shoulder he left the bar. I held my position and made sure he saw me looking back at him, smiling brightly but assuredly. I supposed he’d told his wife he was staying for a few more and would get a lift back so now faced a long walk home. For some reason that gave me even more satisfaction.

Despite my impatience the day of the game did arrive. I found myself taking more care with my appearance than usual, making sure my make up was pristine and my hair looking as good as it could. I even thought about wearing a dark bra underneath the white top so it would be very slightly visible, in the end that was step too far but I made sure to put on one that made my breasts look as big and perky as possible. I always wore tights with the dress but decided that I would go bare legged today, so made sure they were freshly shaved. I wanted to look good.

Satisfied with my appearance I was soon back in the club with Anne waiting for the sounds of the players to tell us it was time. She had already told me that this week we’d see how things went with just me taking the orders. In contrast to last week the idea of going alone was appealing, I could decide which parts of the room to explore in which order.

As soon as I heard the noise of them inside the building I set off for the back but Anne stopped me.

“Woah, there,” she said, smiling, “give them five minutes, I agreed with Matt to let any players that want to shower and change quickly be able to.”

“Oh, really.” I must have let my disappointment show as Anne laughed.

“You really have taken to this, haven’t you?” I looked away, a tiny part of me still a little bit embarrassed. “Don’t worry, just think what that means, whoever is still there wants you to see them, don’t they?”

I smiled at her and sat back down to wait, I gave them until I’d heard the door open and shut a few times and the bar clock suggested four minutes had gone by. This time Anne let me go. I hurried down the corridor and was soon pushing open the door to the home changing room.

Anne’s prediction was quickly proved right, a player I’d not particularly noticed before was stood just to the right. He was close enough to immediately catch my attention and before I’d even taken in his state of dress had pulled his towel away which turned out to be all he had on.

“How’s about this for an order, love,” he half shouted. He quickly shook his body so his cock and balls swung from side to side. It was a fairly impressive sight, with his penis large enough to flop around almost comically. It was over almost before it started, however, as he turned to laugh raucously at his mates and clasped the towel in front of his cock.

It was clear he had expected to intimidate or embarrass me, he had probably seen me during the early part of my visit last week and decided that a gasp of shock and me scurrying away would raise a laugh from his friends. As it was, although I was certainly surprised I’d stood my ground and watched the brief show. I now stood waiting for him to turn back, I wanted to look as confident as Anne had last time.

After a few chuckles he realised his friends who could see me waiting weren’t reacting quite as he’d imagined, so turned back. I looked at him expectantly but he just seemed slightly bemused.

“I didn’t quite catch that, you’ll have to show me again.” I nodded down to where he held a towel in front of his dick.

“What?” He didn’t seem the most eloquent guy but I was beginning to see he was not bad looking. He was short, fairly squat and pretty big around but it seemed mostly muscle. His thighs particularly were huge. His cock had seemed quite big too.

“I’m waiting.” I said and ostentatiously looked down, I heard his mates laugh but the player was still just staring a bit gormlessly. I found myself reaching out towards the towel. “You can’t be shy after that display, can you?” I expected him to move away or stop me, but neither happened and before I even really knew what I was doing I’d taken hold of his wrist as if to pull his hand away. I could feel that he wasn’t tensing the arm, it hung loosely almost as if he wanted me to expose him again. It seemed guys really would let me get away with a lot.

I smiled and did what he seemed to want, pulling his hand to one side so that his penis was visible to me once more. I let go and he obediently kept his hand to one side whilst I checked him out. I nodded in an exaggerated manner as if pleased with what I saw, before looking up to play to the crowd. “Of course, sausage and chips.” I got the laugh I’d hoped for.

That was too much for the guy on display, he snapped out of it and wrapped the towel quickly around himself. He looked annoyed but didn’t say anything. I looked at the group of 3 other players, most of them were bare chested in briefs or towels. That delightful sight inspired me.

“OK, then, who’s next?”

I lowered Bayan escort my gaze to their groins and stretched out my hand as if to expose them like I’d just exposed their friend. My hope was that if I acted fast and confident at least one of them would go for it. I tried to quickly see who was not inching away from me and it seemed like the player to my left was holding his ground. He was an older guy I’d seen around, one of the forwards so tall and almost chunky. I felt especially tiny as I stopped in front of him, my hand already slightly reaching out to his tight trunks which were the only thing he had on. There was a definite bulge to look at.

I looked up past his hairy chest to his face, a good 8 or 9 inches above me. He just smiled. Once again I found the confidence from somewhere and moved my hand to very lightly touch the waistband.

“Shall I take your order, sir?” I tried to be as polite and formal as possible.

“Of course.” I saw him grin towards his friends who were silent behind me.

I tightened my grip and pulled the trunks out, he made no effort to stop me getting as good a view as I could. It was quite a sight, the first guy who hadn’t at least trimmed his pubic hair by the looks of things.

“My word, I can hardly see for all that.” I pulled the trunks out further, eventually using two hands to get a clear view of everything he had. I could now easily see his dick hanging down, it was thinner and longer than most. As I stared at him I realised I was on my way to becoming a real connoisseur of penises. I looked for a few more moments then put his underwear back.

“Ever heard of razors?” I got another laugh from behind me.

He shrugged. “What can I say, I’m old school.”

“Anyway, sausage and chips for you too.”

“It’ll do.” I couldn’t believe how simple this was, they would literally let me pull their underpants off. As I turned I was wondering if I could go through the whole team today. Sadly it seemed my fun for the moment may be already over, the other guys in the group had started to get dressed. One of them had his trousers on, another was in the process and the third had taken the opportunity to drift away from us.

“No one else, then?” I asked, still slightly hopeful.

The guy with his trousers on answered me good naturedly. “No chance, my wife would kill me if she heard about this.”

I smiled. “Why would she hear?”

He shook his head and laughed. “Where were you ten years ago?”

“You probably don’t want me to answer that.”

He looked at me for another beat then, nodding his head towards the other man, said, “we’ll both have pie and chips, but we’ll keep our clothes on, I think.”

“Fine.” I couldn’t resist, though. “Maybe next time.”

He smiled at me again but said no more, I realised it was my cue to move on. I wondered if I would get to see anything more next week, the remaining two guys were hardly the greatest looking on the team but I wanted to see as many cocks as I could. Or, as I was starting to realise, wanted to have as many naked guys under my control as possible.

I took orders from a few more players, sadly no opportunities to see more presented themselves and I had to content myself with bare chests and one player in a pair of tiny briefs. I made sure he could see me checking him out but he seemed slightly oblivious to it. Letting me look was one thing but it was nowhere near as interesting as the cheeky banter I’d just shared, or the nervous tension with Mr Lucas last week.

Speaking of Mr Lucas, I had seen him out of the corner of my eye earlier on. He still had his kit on at that point so I deliberately avoided him so he could once again join me in the shower. When I’d taken all the orders apart from his that was where I headed. I hoped everyone would soon get to know my intended pattern and this way would give those who wanted to be in there with me every chance to make it happen.

At the entrance I half bumped into a player also making his way inside, I could see he was dressed in just a towel.

“Oh, sorry.” He mumbled.

I turned and saw a younger player, he was smaller than most though still nicely muscular. He looked unsure, our meeting could have been a genuine mistake on his part. I gestured for him to go ahead in front of me. Even if it hadn’t been his intention I obviously wanted to give him the opportunity to be naked for me.

He hesitated, however. “Er, I’ll just give you my order now, shall I?”

I shrugged. “If you like.”

“Well, fish and chips, please.”

“OK.” I stayed where I was, still clearly set for him to go ahead of me. He still didn’t move, keeping the uncertain look as if wondering why I hadn’t moved on.

“I still need to follow you in, there’s more orders to take.” I gestured inside, through the steam we could see there were at least one or two other players in there. I was trying to make it seem as routine as possible.

“Oh, right..”

I saw his hand go to his towel but he still hesitated. I once again found inspiration, keeping my casual tone I held out a hand towards him. Escort “I can hang that up for you, if you like.”

The hooks were just as accessible to us both, but I held my pose as if him handing me his towel was the most natural thing in the world. I waited in anticipation for a few moments before he went with it.

“OK.” He looked down nervously and started to undo the knot, I smiled internally as his towel fell away and another guy knowingly exposed his cock to me. He acted fairly hurriedly but still smiled politely as he handed it over. I took as good a look at his penis as I could, it was quite small and shrivelled but his body overall was very attractive. I then turned to hang his towel on the wall, before following his beautifully taut and also naked backside into the showers.

Inside was a bit of an anti climax, the player I’d just exposed headed to past the only other two guys in there. They were on either side of the shower but both had their backs to me. They had probably heard the exchange as they both told me their orders without me having to ask, one of them was the younger player from last week. As I watched the water run over his perfectly formed arse I wondered if both of them had been hoping to have me alone in here. It was a nice thought, but it didn’t stop me from being disappointed. Even as I waited a good few seconds after saying, “I guess I’ll be going,” neither of them turned or spoke to me some more. As I left I also realised that Mr Lucas hadn’t been in there.

I looked around and saw him actually dressed and about to leave, it seemed like he must have skipped a shower completely. I had all the orders except his so I hurried to catch him as he left.

“I don’t have your order yet, Mr Lucas!”

I started the sentence as I was following him through the door and finished it as he turned to look at me out in the corridor.

“Oh, right. I was just going to place it at the bar.”

I wondered what he was up to, I feigned exaggerated disappointment. “At the bar! Didn’t you want to give it to me in there?”

He was looking nervous and as if he wanted to leave, but at the same time was clearly keeping the conversation going. “I saw you take a few orders, actually. In quite an unusual way.”

We had wandered on to my favourite topic, which seemed promising. “Oh, you saw that? Jealous, were you?”

He spluttered a little. “What, no?”

I stepped closer to him. “Like I said, you can show me yours whenever you like. Maybe I can take your order now.” His nervousness was like a drug, I made as if to reach for his belt but he quickly stepped backwards.

“Lucy, come on. Not in the corridor.” He looked around him.

I saw my opening. “Oh, OK, where shall we do it?”

“I’ll give my order at the bar.”

“You know what I mean.”

“I, er, I don’t know.” He shook his head. “I mean, come on, I’ve got ready now and..”

“You didn’t have a shower, though, did you?”

“No, I was fine this week, and..”

“You were worried you might bump into me?”


“Well, tough luck, you have to have one. You’ll just have to go back in there.”

“Yeah, right.”

“You can’t go home to Mrs Lucas stinking from the mud and sweat of rugby. No chance.”

“Come on, Lucy.”

I ignored him and carried on. “And of course I’ll have to supervise you this time. We can’t have you forgetting or wandering off before you finish properly again, can we?”

“Don’t be stupid. Anyway, you can’t go back in now, what would the rest of the team think?”

“That’s a good point, I can’t be bothered to explain it all to them.” I sighed as if lost in thought. Ridiculously Mr Lucas stayed where he was, it seemed his resolve to not get involved with me again was not too strong.

“I know, I’ll be able to take a break in a little while. Everyone will be out by then so we can go back for your shower.” I smiled at him, he was looking worried but still didn’t leave. “Yes, that’ll work.”

Mr Lucas took on a slightly pained look now, he checked behind himself again. “I can’t, how can I explain that?” When he said that I knew I had him, he was wondering what his wife was going to think when he came back. I was still slightly amazed at how much these guys seemed to want to get naked in front of me but I was certainly beginning to learn how to exploit it.

“Just say the truth, that you didn’t have chance for a shower but are going back for one. Why would she care?”

He was just staring at me now.

“I mean, don’t tell her I’ll be there too, obviously.”

“Lucy, I..”

I didn’t know if he was going to try and get out of it, but I didn’t give him the chance.

“No more excuses.” I said firmly. I walked past him to the door to the bar. “Meet me in there in fifteen minutes, OK?” I walked out without waiting for a reply.

The next quarter of an hour passed in a blur. I handed in the orders, collected a few glasses and served a few meals. I could see Mr Lucas sat with his wife but tried to pay him no attention, I didn’t want him trying to signal to me that he wouldn’t be able to make our rendez-vous. I tried to tell myself he wouldn’t anyway so as to not be disappointed, it seemed ridiculous that he would except for how much it felt like he had wanted to out in the corridor. I tried not think about what exactly I’d make him do if he did show up.

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