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Asian Girlslingrie

Louis Stawski looked down listlessly into his beer and sighed at the bar counter. He took one final swig from his fourth bottle and propped himself up with his free hand, laying the bottle to rest bottom up with the other dead ones. He could cut through all that green glass as easy as a woodcutter among green elms.

“Another one, barkeep,” he called, raising his hand.

“Come on. I think that’s enough, don’t you?”

Lou moved closer to him, inches away from his face. “Like shit!” he snarled.

“Now, if I remember correctly, you didn’t even pay for last week’s tab!” the barkeep said, rolling up his shirt sleeves.

Lou waved him off casually and stood up, dusting himself down. “To hell with you! I’m going for a piss.”

He sauntered into the crapper and stood inside a cubicle with no door attached to the hinges and was greeted by himself once he’d managed to wrestle his cock free from his pants. He breathed in, then out. Lou was a man of sixty-four with greying reddish hair pasted to an almost Nubian skull and wrinkles wrought into his face by a combination of many years’ worth of hard living and age. He stared down and poked around at his beer paunch before leaving.

Approaching his usual seat, he found that a woman had taken the one adjacent. She was eryaman escort a cute but tired looking little thing. Young, wiry, redhead, upturned nose, cracked lips…

“Hey, who are you?” Lou spoke up, edging closer to her.

“Uh, oh…umm…my name is—” she began.

“You got a hairball stuck in your throat or something, kid?” he said. “Spit it out.”

“I’m Mia!” the girl blurted out, a hint of uncertainty in her voice.

“That’s better,” Lou said. “Why don’t we get outta here? My place is just up the street.”

Mia, unsure about going with a stranger, considered the possibility for a moment. He’d been nice enough to her, if gruff. She shrugged her shoulders and said, “Sure!” They edged around to the back door and snuck out, closing the door quietly behind them so as not to alert the barkeep.

“You know, I didn’t get your name,” Mia said on the way there.

“Louis Stawski. Let’s get in.” They hurriedly made their way upstairs, quiet enough not to wake anyone or cause a disturbance. “Take the lead,” Lou stood aside to let Mia enter. She looked around at some 2-week-old newspapers strewn across the floor and began to wonder if she made the right decision going with him after all. Not to mention the green bottles piled up in a cardboard box eryaman escort bayan by the table.

Mia flopped down on the couch and stretched her legs across the table, pulling her hiked skirt further down her thighs. Lou only started intently at the curves of her smooth knees, calves and thighs as he handed her a beer.

“I haven’t had ass in a few years,” Lou announced, stretching out next to her with a fresh beer in hand.

“Yeah?” Mia giggled nervously, blushing crimson as his free hand groped at her waist.

“Yeah.” He examined her hair and nodded towards her crotch area. “A redhead, huh…but do your cunt hairs match?”

“You’re gonna have to find out, old timer,” Mia said, smiling coquettishly. The drinks from earlier, coupled with the beer, were beginning to loosen her up.

Lou leaned over to place his beer on the table and turned his attention to Mia, yanking her skirt off with one swift movement of the hand. Her pussy, dotted with small red hairs, was waiting for him beneath black mesh panties.

“You bitch!” Lou groaned, peeling them off down over her wondrous thighs, knees and calves.

He couldn’t believe that he managed to pull a sexy young thing who was ready to give it all to him. All it took were things like this to escort eryaman reverse shit luck, he thought.

Lou slid a finger slowly between her wet labia, stopping just before her clit. He rubbed at it with his forefinger and middle finger, gradually picking up the pace.

“Oh, ohhh…” She responded positively to his touch as he reached up and twisted her nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

He grabbed her by the arm and pulled her over on top of him. “Suck me.” She obliged and began to work on the seven inches of his cock, teasing the head with little kisses and laps of her tongue.

Little kitty’s gonna lap up my milk soon, Lou smiled to himself. As he pressed his tongue against her clit, she was taking four inches in that sweet mouth of hers.

Mia let his cock slide out of her mouth. She took the base and began to lick it up the sides. “How do you like that, you drunk old bastard?” she asked in the middle of one lick.

“Good. Very good, but I thought I told you to suck me!” Lou rose his hips slightly and forced his cock back into her red mouth. Mia groaned and grasped his cock tight, taking a couple of inches each time until she was choking on all seven. He got back to work and lashed his tongue viciously against her clit.

“Ughhhh, fuck!” Mia’s screams were muffled by his cock and she collapsed in a heap on top of him, cum dripping from her lips.

“Lick it up now, lick it all up like a good whore,” Lou commanded, proceeding to lick her pussy dry. “I’m not finished with you yet…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32