Lucky Bastard

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Please comment what you think. I need criticism to grow and expand my knowledge. Tell me what you think. First post, whoo-hoo!

“So are you gonna come, or what?” she asked.

He pretended to ponder for a moment, then said in mock hesitation, “I suppose I can manage it…”

She smiled and pounded his fist at the same time. “All right Timmy, you’re the man!”

“Yeah, I know. It’s a gift,” he sighed. She chuckled. Along with the 3 other girls sitting there with them. Beth, Helen, and Anne. Anne laughed the loudest, drawing exasperated sighs from the rest of them.

“How does John put up with you,” laughed Beth.

“The same way Dereck puts up with you,” retorted Anne.

“I can’t believe Greg finally asked me out,” said Beck. “He’s been drooling over me, like, forever!”

“Yeah. Just like with me and Adrian,” said Helen, with a touch of sarcasm.

“What’s wrong?” asked Tim. “I thought the two of you were doing great?”

“We were, it’s just that… For a guy who says he dreamt of me for so many years, you’d think he’d treat me better, you know?”

“What do you mean, ‘treat you better’,” asked Beth.

“He’s just, a little bit ohhhh what’s the word?” She pondered for a few seconds. “Ungrateful. That’s it, ungrateful.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well he never says thank you. And he never goes the extra mile. Even in bed!” She blushed and seemed embarrassed by what she had just shared. “Don’t tell him I said that, he’ll get really pissed.”

“Don’t worry girl, your secrets are safe with us. Go sisterhood!” proclaimed Beth.

“Ahem,” coughed Tim discreetly.

“Sorry, the brotherhood too girl. Tim will look out for you just as much as we will.”

He smiled. It was nice to have good friends. Especially female ones, they were much more mature than guys. He’d been friends with this group since they were freshmen. And now, all of them 18, their friendship had spanned quite a bit of time. He never got nervous or felt left out around them, and they never worried about having a guy in their circle. That doesn’t mean he wasn’t attracted to them though. Their bodies had matured nicely over the years, with all of them having large breasts, and beautiful butts. Every time one of them bended over, he had to pray that his body wouldn’t betray him and get a massive boner. He never advanced on them, he decided it would be better to be their friends than not, and he didn’t want to ruin that.

“So what do you mean ‘even in bed,’ is he really small?” asked Helen eagerly.

“Well… He’s only 4 ½ inches,” she said. Everyone gasped.

“Good heavens you poor child,” consoled Beth, acting like she was confessing at the alter.

“And he always rushes! He never takes any time to make it sexy, or pleasurable for me. In and out, like I’m a door!” She laughed at herself. “He doesn’t like anything kinky. He won’t eat me out, and he doesn’t even want a blowjob!” Again everyone gasped.

“There is something wrong with that man. I have a mind to go over to his house right now and…” half-mumbled Anne.

“Oh no please don’t! You promised you wouldn’t tell!”

“Well all right. But you should lay down the law. It can’t be all about him.”

“I’ve tried but he just gets mad and storms out.”

“Then why haven’t you left him?” asked Tim. He was more surprised than any of them. He didn’t know how a guy could not want a blowjob, especially from such a beautiful woman.

“How else can I support myself? I don’t have a job, and I can’t seem to land one. I have no place to stay. I’d rather die than move back in with my gaziantep escortlar parents,” she groaned.

“You can stay with one of us! What the fuck, did you just think we’d throw you out on the street?” Beth practically yelled.

“I couldn’t do that. It wouldn’t feel right, asking you guys for something like that.”

“Oh, whatever. C’mon, you could even stay with Tim! Then maybe you’d get something to actually look forward to every night,” Anne laughed and looked at him deviously. They all looked at him and he suddenly felt uncomfortable at the implications. Beth actually poked his pants, right at the zipper. He could feel himself getting hard. Somehow he managed to laugh, the rest of them joining in.

When the laughter died down, Helen wiped her eyes, and pointed at him. “Seriously though. How big are you Tim? Don’t be embarrassed. Were all adults here.”

He blushed and tried to think of something to say.

“Either you’re going to tell us, or I’m going to reach into your pants, and see for myself.” She groped at his pants to prove her point.

He quickly jumped off the couch and readjusted his pants.

“Okay, okay fine! I’m…” He adjusted his pants again. “I’m 8 inches all right, sometimes 9.”

All of their eyes widened. They looked at one another the shock on their faces clear as day.

“Are you for real?” asked Anne. “No lie?”

“It’s the truth,” he stated.

They all looked at each other again.

“Could you excuse me,” he said, then ran to the bathroom. In privacy he finally pulled down his pants, exposing his massive boner. He hastily began to stroke, the image of all 4 of them groping at his cock, licking it, fucking it, sticking it in their assholes. He came in less than a minute. More relaxed an focused, he went back into the living room. The girls were chatting and stopped quickly when he entered the room.

“Okay. So I guess I’ll see you guys tomorrow at the store?”

“Yeah,” they all agreed, nodding vigorously.

“See you guys later,” he said in confusion while leaving.

“WAIT!” they all shouted. They simultaneously jumped out of their seats and hugged him.

He hugged back awkwardly. Confused and very thankful he’d jacked off before coming out, or they would all be feeling his massive boner right now. Finally they let go, and he waved by as he walked out with a smile.

“Whoo! Girl work those heels!” shouted Helen. Beth eagerly walked back and forth in a pair of scarlet red heels, soaking up the admiration.

“Thanks guys. What do you think Timmy?” she asked.

“You,” he pointed at her, “rocking,” he strummed an imaginary guitar, “those!” he pointed at her heels.

She beamed. “Thanks guys you’re the best!” She strutted over to him and bent down to give him a hug. He hugged back, but started sweating while getting hard at the same time. She stood up, then walked over to her old shoes and bent down to put them back on. Her perfect hourglass ass was staring Tim straight in the face. Now his dick was getting really hard and he knew he was in trouble. Apparently the other girls noticed this too.

“Tim, are you all right? Your face is really flushed,” asked Anne. Scootching closer to him. She put her hand on his shoulder, her touch light and infinitely turning him on even more.

“I’m fine, I’m fine,” he stammered. “I just need to freshen up,” he lamely excused, and stood up and went to the men’s room.

There was no one else there when he got there, and he punched the wall, shouting “What is wrong with me?!” He panted for a few minutes, then went and splashed his face in the sink with cold water. He heard the door close, and the lock click. He looked up to see Beth, Helen, Beck, and Anne standing in front of the door.

“What’s going on?” he asked.

“I think you know good and well,” Helen said seductively. She walked over to him and using the front of her body, pressed him against the top of the sink.

“Now what could that be,” she asked, the meaning in her voice clear. Her index finger ran itself down the bulge of his pants, and he moaned involuntarily. She pressed her lips to his, staring off sweet, but then going into a full on make-out, her tongue gently, then forcefully, then gently again, exploring his mouth. He tried to resist at first, but lost horribly, giving in and eagerly returning the affection. Eventually they felt a two hands separate them.

“Hey now, let’s not end this before it begins!” laughed Beck. She looked at Tim. “We want you Timmy, we have for a while. After last night, hearing about your 8 inches, we decided it was time. Hearing you jack-off just cemented our decision. Now the question is, do you want us?” They all took up the sexiest poses they could, Helen bending over forward, Beck backward, and Beth and Anne putting their feet up on the counter, pulling back their dresses to show off their perfect thighs. He tried to speak but no words came. Beth laughed.

“I think that bulge is our answer girls.” It was true, he had a boner and was embarrassed at how soon he had gotten one.

“Well girls, I don’t know about you, but I want to make this last,” stated Anne. “Let’s start by with some sexy questions.” She lined up the girls in a row, then bent them over, slapping each of their assess in succession.

“Well Tim, take your pick. Which of our beautiful butts do you like best?” He walked over and took a long look at each running his hands over the gorgeous humps and occasionally sliding his finger between their cracks, and around their cheeks. They giggled whenever he did this. Finally he stopped in front of Beck. He wrapped his hands around her waist, pulling her gorgeous cheeks backwards onto his erection, which seemed to grow more, defying the impossible. She giggled like a horny schoolgirl, rubbing and twerking back onto him. Beth wrapped her hands around his waist and slid one into his pants.

“Oh my! You were telling the truth weren’t you?” she said as she started to rub her hand up and down his shaft, her fingers touching every vessel, groping for every inch. She used her thumb to spread his precum, which soaked her fingers, all around his head, making him moan in pleasure. Anne started kissing him, and Helen took his hands and wrapped them around hid tits. The pleasure he was feeling was almost too much and he started to cum. Beth withdrew her hand and said, “Oh no you don’t. You’re not getting off that easy. She slid her shirt off, as did the other girls.

“Kiss me,” ordered Anne, pointing at her thigh. It was clad in skin tight yoga pants, and he wondered if she hadn’t worn them for this purpose specifically. He crawled over and kissed the area around her knee, moving up slowly, circling her flesh through the pants with his tongue. When he reached the top she arched her back in pleasure, and he pulled her pants down in one swift motion. He moved back down, then turned her and placed a kiss on both of her cheeks. She started breathing heavily and he slowly licked and kissed his way to her clit. He placed a kiss directly on it pleased at her sharp intake of breath sharply. He licked straight across it, grazing her asshole, then plunged the tip of his tongue into her throbbing clit. He inched forward until his tongue was completely inside her, probing until he found her G-Spot and she said, “Oh yeah, right there!” He sucked on her clit while plunging his tongue in and out of her pussy. Then he circled her G-Spot gently and pushed on it. She started shouting, then screamed at the peak of her orgasm.

“Yes, yes, yes, oh FUCK YES, mother of Mary, yes, oh my gosh, FUCK YES!” He licked as long as possible feeling he juices spill onto him until he had to come up for air. Almost as soon as he did Beth stepped right in front of him, pants down and pussy ready. “Ready for the next one?” she asked. He placed her on the countertop for easier access. This time working fast, he eagerly assaulted her clit with his tongue. Half-way through he felt Helen pull down his pants and grab his cock. She kneeled down in front of him and said, “I’m glad my first blowjob will be on a cock this big. A memorable first time indeed.” He was stunned. He never thought that just because her boyfriend didn’t want one didn’t mean she’d never given one. Apparently this caused him to halt his attack on Beth’s pussy because she grabbed his head and pulled it deep into her pussy shouted “Don’t fucking stop!” He got her to orgasm in less than 2 minutes, eagerly drinking the sweet and powerful odor of her sex in. He fell back onto his ass and Beck and Anne pulled his shirt off. They ran their hands down his chest like it was some lost treasure.

“Do you even know just how sexy you are?” Anne whispered into his ear. Helen started deep-throating him eagerly, doing very well for her first time getting a blowjob.

“Oh, shit,” he moaned. “I can’t hold on, I’m gonna cum…” he managed to get out. She started bobbing her head back and forth faster and he erupted into her mouth. She drained him of every last drop, then swallowed when he was done. He was still as stiff as a board and Beck straddled him almost immediately when he was done.

“It was my ass you picked wasn’t it?” she asked. She started to lower herself onto him and he felt his head poke slide into her already wet asshole. He moaned and grabbed her waist lowering her inch by inch onto his cock. She stopped him at five inches, panting and flushed. Finally she gritted her teeth and slammed her ass down the rest of the way onto his erection. Her face contorted in a mixture of pain and pleasure.

“Oh my GOSH, that feels so good. Don’t stop don’t stop!”

He began to thrust himself into her starting slowly, then gradually speeding up. He saw a fresh pussy straddle his face.

“Don’t leave me out,” Anne mock pouted above him. He eagerly started on his third pussy of the day, while Helen and Beth simultaneously started sucking his balls and licking his dick as it slid in and out of Helens ass, while rubbing themselves eagerly and in haste. They stayed like that for some time, each and every one locked in a state of pleasure. As he enjoyed fucking four women, he couldn’t help but fantasize about future events. Fucking all of them in different places, positions, maybe even adding more people. His sex life had changed forever. These thoughts combined with all the pleasure he was experiencing, was enough to give him the longest and best orgasm he ever experienced. The girls orgasmed at almost the same time, and they all rolled onto the floor, a heap of sweaty bodies. When they all had had time to catch their breath, Anne looked at Tim and said, “So, was it everything you dreamed it would be?”

They all looked at him in expectation and he replied, “That and more.”

They all hugged him, and he hugged back, poking their tits and grabbing their assess. Eventually they all looked at him and asked, “Ready for round two?”

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