Luckiest Woman in the World

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Pamela Jenkins was forty two years old, working hard at raising two teenagers, a son nineteen and a daughter seventeen. Her husband, Larry, was a successful businessman that provided a wonderful material life for her and the kids. He worked hard building his company from scratch and had succeeded in a financial way that most couples would envy. They were not super rich by any measure, but he was earning a six figure salary with perks and substantial comfort. Pam enjoyed the material things that money could buy, but emotionally she was nearly drained. She would easily trade the Country Club, expensive cars and fashionable wardrobe in exchange for some personal attention from Larry to her emotional needs.

Pam was far from a candidate for a nervous breakdown, but she felt empty after raising two kids and struggling to help build their business, she wanted more. Her son was away at college and her daughter was a senior at a private High School in a nearby city. She had talked with Larry and his solution to her ‘problem’ was for Pam to return to work. Pam needed Larry to pay more attention to her sensual needs, but he seemed too busy to even notice her needs. He traveled extensively and seemed more interested in the business than Pam. Two years ago, unable to get him to really listen to her, Pam opted for a return to selling insurance, a job she held when she first met Larry.

Not surprisingly, Pam quickly rekindled her skills over the past two years and was now among the top sales people at the insurance firm. She didn’t need the money she earned so she supported a lot of local charities and pampered herself with new cars, clothes, spas and the Country Club life. Pam was in need of some sexual attention and she knew it better than anyone. Several of the male club members, and some females too, had subtlety tried to seduce her, she really didn’t want an affair. She wanted Larry. Pam suspected, correctly, that Larry had had some affairs on his business trips, but he didn’t seem to actively pursue other women. The affairs had just happened and they truly didn’t mean much to Larry. He preferred to stay married to Pam and in his convoluted way still loved her.

Pam accepted the status quo. She didn’t want an affair for several reasons. She wanted to make her marriage work, she was concerned about diseases, like aids and others, and finally she didn’t want to become a slut. Thus, she did her best to suppress her sexual feelings through an invigorated work schedule. Normally this strategy worked well, but on some lonely nights when Larry and the kids were away, she could not suppress her needs. At these times she often would lock all the doors and retreat to her bedroom to slip her hand into her panties and masturbate. She would cum several times then exhausted from masturbating, she would fall into a deep, but troubled sleep.

She had accepted this routine as the least risky of the thoughts that entered her mind. From time to time she would buy some risqué magazines that featured sexual stories. She would read them during her masturbation sessions and because of them achieved more satisfying orgasms. Too often these magazines would not be enough and she resorted to a vibrator, left over from her youth, which she kept hidden. To date, Pam had managed to avoid the lecherous males at the Country Club and had attempted to avoid the bisexual and lesbian women who also eyed her as a potential partner or a conquest. Pam was not opposed to these women. Her best friend had confided to her that she was bisexual with a preference for women over men. Pam established that she was not a potential love interest and their friendship had remained firm.

One day, after a torrid game of tennis with her friend, they went the ladies locker room to shower and change. Her bi friend, Judy, knew about sexual Pam’s frustrations and encouraged her to either talk seriously with Larry, or find a lover. Pam smiled as she lathered her naked body and said, “Oh, Judy, come on now, who wants a forty two year old woman, other than the ‘wam bam thank you Ma’am’ crowd here at the club.” Judy stopped lathering herself and looked sternly at Pamela.

“God, Pam, look at yourself. You’re only forty two, good looking to say the least, a great body that even a teenager would envy, shapely legs, flat tummy and a pair of breasts that I would kill for!” Judy told her, “Pam, your tits are beautiful, no sag, sway wonderfully when you walk, and you’re an intelligent woman that can hold your own in this mans world. Why wouldn’t a good man want to make love to you?” Pam shrugged her shoulders and tried to change the subject, but Judy was adamant. “Oh no, you don’t get off that easy, Pam. You have to try to change Larry’s attitude toward you, or…find a man that can satisfy you without ripping apart your marriage.”

“Oh Judy, I can’t do that.”

“Bullshit, gaziantep escort bayan tanıtımları Pam, maybe you won’t do that, but don’t tell me you can’t!”

Pam hurried her shower, quickly dried her self and her hair, dressed and bid her friend goodbye until next week. Judy nodded as they parted ways in the parking lot. Driving home Pam kept playing over Judy’s comments in her mind. ‘I can’t be that great looking as Judy said,’ she thought to herself. She stopped at a traffic light and a convertible stopped next to her. Two young men in their early twenties sat in the front seat. “Hello, gorgeous,” the passenger said to her as he smiled. Pam held up her left hand to show them her wedding band and the young man, just shook his head and said, “I wish I was that lucky bastard.” They sped away as the light turned green.

She pulled into her driveway and stopped. The words of her friend Judy, and of the young man at the stoplight, echoed in her mind. Getting out of the car, she could not get those thoughts out of her mind. Entering the house she went upstairs to her bedroom to change into more comfortable clothes. Judy’s remarks were still vivid in her thoughts as she stripped to her bra and bikini panties. She stepped in front of the full length mirror and for the first time in a dozen years really took a critical look at herself. A stunning woman looked back at her from the mirror. Pam unhooked her bra and tossed it on the bed. Her breasts were indeed as lovely as Judy had said. She pulled down her panties and gazed at her image. ‘I’m not so bad,’ she thought.

She turned sideways and her breasts swayed seductively, yet held their place. There was no hint of sagging. Even after two kids, twenty years of marriage and forty two years she looked great. Her nipples began to harden as she looked at herself. Several naughty thoughts crossed her mind as she locked her bedroom door and lay on her bed, on her back. Her hands rubbed her erect nipples and they hardened even more, as she felt her pussy moisten. A finger rubbed her clit hood then slipped into the cleft of her cuntlips. She began to rub herself, feeling her clit as it emerged effortlessly out of its hood to swell and become engorged. Wetting her fingers of one hand in her juices, she rubbed her clit with her wet fingers as she drew her other fingers through the cleft of her cunt. The pace increased as her arousal grew and she moaned in pleasure. Several times she nearly erupted, but slowed down to enjoy her masturbation longer. Pam continued to bring herself to the brink, only to repeatedly deny her self relief to prolong her pleasure. Her head shook from side to side as she felt her juices flow heavily from her pussy. Muting her cries of passion, she whimpered, as she finally knew that she could not deny her orgasm further. She groaned aloud as she shuddered through a powerful orgasm, spewing her juices on the bed sheets.

Pam swallowed hard as she lay with labored breath, trying to regain her senses. She permitted herself a few moments to revel in her self induced orgasm, then sighed deeply and rose to her feet. She felt drained, no, empty was a better word, but again she suppressed her feelings and went to shower again. She was still breathing hard in the shower and tried to think of other things, but her mind always returned to the empty feelings that always followed her after she masturbated. Pam dressed in her pajamas and looked at herself as she walked past the mirror. Suddenly she pulled off her pajamas and reached into her drawer to put on a naughty baby doll pajama set. She smiled as she looked at the image of a gorgeous seductive lady.

She put a sexy robe over her baby dolls and decided to surprise Larry when he came home from his trip that night. After a couple of hours, she heard Larry’s car pull into the driveway. Pam sat seductively on the couch as he entered the house. “Hi honey,” he said as he put away his briefcase and loosened his tie. “This day has been a real killer,” he declared as he started up the stairs. He looked puzzled at his wife, dressed so sexily, and he shook his head as he continued up the stairs. Pam waited nearly an hour then climbed the stairs to enter their bedroom to find Larry fast asleep. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she removed the sexy baby doll pajamas to put on her regular pajamas. She muffled her sobs as she lay with her back to her husband and cried herself to sleep.

Next morning, Pam tried to put the previous nights snub from her husband out of her mind. She dressed and drove in to work. Her boss had placed a message on her desk to come see him upon her arrival. Pam knocked on his office door and entered. “You wanted to see me?” she asked.

“Yes, I have a lead for you,” he replied smiling. “This older guy, a Mr. Glenn Brown, came to the office yesterday and said he wanted to discuss insurance for his home, car and perhaps a term life plan. Here’s his phone number. Call him, ok?” Pam took the slip of paper and went gaziantep escort bayan telefonları to her desk to dial his number. The phone rang and a pleasant voice answered. He asked Pam if she could come to his home to discuss the insurance plans. Pam agreed and left to drive to his home. The house was in an exclusive part of the city. These homes were worth over a million dollars each and Pam smiled as she realized the commission that she could get if she sold the policies he had inquired about.

Pam rang the doorbell and soon a man answered the door. “Hello, you must be Mrs. Jenkins,” he said smiling. Pam nodded and he opened the door wider to invite her inside. “I’m Glenn Brown.” She noticed right away that he was dressed in a very nice and expensive suit. He ushered her through a small anteroom to bid her to sit down in the richly appointed living room. “Would you like some coffee, Mrs. Jenkins?” he asked pleasantly. Pam declined and Mr. Brown retrieved his briefcase from the corner and placed on the coffee table. She studied him as he opened his briefcase and wondered if he really was as old as she had been led to believe. Her boss had said that he was seventy, but he certainly didn’t look seventy. He seemed very energetic, his face had no more wrinkles than her husband and his hair was still a dark brown with only a few gray hairs at his temples.

“Mr. Brown, I was told you were interested in auto, home and term life insurance,” Pam said as she opened her briefcase too to bring out several brochures. They talked insurance for nearly two hours as Pam explained the various options available to him. He insisted that she call him Glenn, because Mr. Brown was his fathers’ name, he teased. Smiling at his joke she agreed only if he in turn would call her, Pam. Glenn gave Pam a tour of his home to better acquaint her with the house and contents so she could properly insure the house. He had two automobiles, a Cadillac two door and a Lincoln Town Car. Both were brand new.

Finally, they got around to discussing term life insurance for him. Pam could have sold him an expensive policy, but when she said that since he was seventy years old the policy would be too expensive for him. Additionally, his financial position was adequate enough that he really didn’t need a life policy. Glenn agreed with her reasoning and told her the home and auto policies were enough. Glenn seemed too spry and active to really be seventy, she thought, and she politely told him so. He and grinned as he pulled out his wallet to show her his drivers license. “It’s been years since this old man has been carded, Pam, and I thank you very much. You have made an old mans’ day,” he said as he showed her the license. Pam nearly blushed as they both laughed.

Pam found it easy to talk with Glenn and soon the conversation wandered onto other topics. His easy manner and listening ability seemed to disarm Pam and she spoke about her husband, children and her life in general. Glenn sensed that Pam was uneasy about discussing her husband and he didn’t inquire further about Pam’s marriage. Pam, on the other hand, seemed unable to stop talking about Larry. Without prompting from Glenn, she drifted into some of the small problems between she and Larry. Glenn’s demeanor was so disarming that it seemed to Pam that she had known him all her life. Pam had finally found someone to talk to that was completely neutral and would listen.

Realizing the depth of Pam’s frustration, Glenn decided to let him self become a concerned listener to Pam’s problems. During their discussion, Glenn had made some coffee for both of them while Pam continued to drift deeper into her personal life. Finally, Pam realized that perhaps she had bored Glenn with her personal problems. “Oh I’m sorry, Glenn, I shouldn’t bore you, a stranger, with my problems. Please forgive me,” she said as her eyes moistened with tears.

“Not at all, Pam,” he replied, handing her his handkerchief, “Sometimes it’s easier to talk to an outsider than to people close to you. Outsiders are not prejudiced by perceptions and sometimes can better judge the facts.” He smiled at Pam as she returned his handkerchief, “Believe me, Pam, you haven’t bored me at all. Sometimes people just need a good listener, then go about solving their own problems.” Pam nodded as she gathered her papers and prepared to leave. Glenn walked her to her car and held the door for her as she got in, “Pam, I don’t want you to think I’m nosey, but if you want to talk further, I’ll be here. I don’t know if I can help you, but I can be a good listener.” Pam thanked him and drove off.

Over the next few weeks, Glenn and Pam had become closer and they met often to have lunch and talk. By now Pam had told Glenn nearly everything about how her marriage seemed to be drifting down hill. She told him how crushed she was about the baby doll pajama incident and how little Larry seemed to care that she had been deeply hurt. As usual, Glenn listened attentively, but offered gaziantep escort bayan videoları little or no advice, hoping that Pam would find the answer. Their friendship grew as Pam realized how close a friend and confidant Glenn had become. It seemed that she asked his advice on nearly everything. Glenn did offer suggestions and advice on most all matters except where it dealt with Pam’s personal life. He studiously avoided counseling her on her marital problems.

Occasionally, Pam asked Glenn about his marriage and wondered how he and his deceased wife, Doris, had avoided similar problems over nearly fifty years of marriage. Glenn told her that his marriage had never encountered the same problems because they both worked hard at avoiding them. They never went to bed without kissing each other goodnight and telling each other that they still loved one another. Sometimes it was difficult to do, but they soon found out that it seemed to take the edge off any disagreement. Another extremely important part of their marriage was making love. Glenn made a point of distinguishing between having sex, and making love. Between them, Glenn and his wife had tried everything that a married couple could do with one another and they loved it all. Her passing, three years ago, was devastating to him, but he managed to carry on.

One day they decided to meet for lunch at a local café and when Glenn arrived, Pam was already on her third Martini. “Kinda early for Martinis, isn’t Pam?” Glenn joked, but was more serious than he let on. Pam looked up and began to cry, tears rolling freely down her cheeks. Glenn quickly dried her tears and led her out of the restaurant to her car. As they walked through the parking lot, Glenn realized that Pam had more to drink than she could handle. He walked her to his Town Car and helped her inside then drove off. Pam began to cry profusely as she talked about Larry’s ignoring her and her needs. Glenn took Pam to his home to sober her up before he would take her home. He helped her inside and had her sit on a long upholstered sofa while he went to make some strong coffee.

When he returned, Pam had slumped over onto the sofa fast asleep. He placed her legs on the sofa too and covered her with an afghan, deciding to let her sleep it off. On their way to his home, Pam had murmured that Larry was off on another business trip and she sought some solace in alcohol. To verify her story, Glenn called Pam’s home and let the phone ring a long time, but there was no answer. As Pam slept, he tried several times to reach someone at her home, but each time no one answered the phone. He decided to just let Pam sleep off the Martinis and he would take her home when she awoke. Changing his clothes to more comfortable shirt and ‘sweats’, he sat down to watch TV while she slept.

Pam slept an unusually long time, Glenn thought. She had fallen asleep at two thirty in the afternoon and it was now nearly seven o’clock in the evening. He decided to just let her sleep, correctly judging that she hadn’t had a lot of sleep lately, given the situation with her husband. As Glenn watched TV he dozed off. Around nine o’clock Glenn felt a hand gently shaking his shoulder. It was Pam. She was smiling at him as he became fully awake. “Thank you, Glenn,” she said, “Thanks for being a true friend and watching over me.”

“I was happy to do it, Pam. I’m sure you would have done the same for me under the same circumstances,” Glenn replied. “Give a moment to get ready and I’ll drive you home, or to your car, if you feel ok to drive.”

“What if I don’t want to go home or to get my car?” Pam said smiling at him. “What if I wanted to stay the night?”

“I would consider it a privilege, Pam. Let me get the guest room ready for you.”

“No, you silly old man,” Pam teased him, “I want to stay in your bed…with you,” she said, looking deeply into his eyes. Glenn realized that she was serious. He was taken back a bit, as he had not ever expected Pam to seriously consider him as a lover, although the thought had crossed his mind several times.

“Pam, are you sure? Have you realized what you just said?” Pam nodded briefly, put her arms around Glenn’s neck and kissed him tenderly. He eagerly returned her kiss.

“I want you to make love to me, Glenn, even if your age has left you unable to do everything,” she said in an obvious reference to his possible inability to get an erection because his age. “I need someone to care for me…to make me feel like a woman again, instead of a just a housekeeper,” Pam continued. Glenn hugged her tightly and knew that she would not be denied anything because of his age. He nodded ‘yes’ to Pam as he led her to the staircase and up to his bedroom. Pam nervously waited and watched as he went to the bathroom to swallow two Viagra tablets.

Returning to her, Glenn kissed her again as he unbuttoned her suit coat and tossed it onto a chair. He helped her pull off her top, revealing her lacy white bra that imprisoned her breasts. She embraced him loosely, as he unzipped her skirt to let it fall to the floor. Pam stepped out of the skirt to stand in only her bra, bikini panties and thigh high stockings. Her heart beat faster as she realized that someone other than her husband was about to make love to her. Glenn kneeled and slowly rolled her stockings down and pulled them from her feet. He grasped the waistband of her panties and lowered them to reveal her neatly trimmed bush; her moist pussy nestled beneath it.

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