Loving Stepdaughter Ch. 03

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“Yes, Candy, I’m sure I want to make my stepmother into a submissive sub slut slave,” charlotte said to her cousin. “I’ve done exactly what you told me to do. Charles and I keep her on the edge of orgasm for five or so days using her for every kind of sex we can think of. Then we give her one whole day of continual sex letting her get off as many times as she wants to and can. There isn’t a thing she won’t do if we tell her to do it.”

After a pregnant pause, Candy asked, “Are you sure you want to take a perfectly good submissive sex slave that you obviously have feelings for and take her on into sub slut space?” Charlotte. “Once she is there, and have no doubts I can take her there for you, you will be obligated to take care of her for the rest of her life. Me and several of my slave owning friends will monitor you and her and step in and take action if you do not fulfill your responsibility to her. Some of our actions have been terminally final if you get my drift.”

“I will set up a trust fund for her with you as the executor for one million dollars. The money will be invested in a safe and productive mutual fund that will turn it into several million in the next 15 years. Will that meet your requirements?” Charlotte asked a little irritated at her cousin.

“All except the part where I’m executor. We have a board of trustees set up to do that. If you are that certain, I’ll move my things into your house this evening. I will need to live in the same room she is kept in for up to a year to train her correctly.”

By six o’clock that evening, Candy had moved into Sue’s room next door to Charlotte and Charles’ bedroom. The small moving van she had used to move her tools and equipment had unloaded in the four car garage behind the large house.

“Here’s what we have to do to her,” Candy was explaining to Charlotte and Charles with Sue listening intently. “If you have taken her to the edge of sexual addiction and a little beyond, that addiction must be exploited to make her willing to trade pain for sexual fulfillment. We must start very slowly and take baby steps with her. If we do this properly, and I assure you I know how to do it properly, her sexually tormented mind will begin to associate pain with foreplay. Once we are there, we begin to increase the pain and Starzbet decrease the true foreplay until she becomes highly aroused without the foreplay, with only the pain. To this level, the pain is at low to moderate levels, floggers on her ass or back, riding crops on her thighs and abdomen, and clamps on her nipples, clit, and pussy lips. Each time we bring her to sexual arousal we must observe her body’s sexual reactions and make 100% sure that the pain causes her pussy to lubricate, raises her heart rate and breathing rate, and that she orgasms during the pain. In the middle stages of training, she will need sexual stimulation suck as being fucked or eaten off while she is being tortured to get off. In the end stages, the pain will bring her off without fucking or sucking. Are you sure you can restrain yourselves from having sex with her except in those circumstances?”

After getting the required assurances from Charlotte and Charles, Candy said, “Well let’s begin, shall we?”

Everyone stripped and Candy set the stage for Sue’s first lesson in masochism. Charles was directed to sit in a heavy wooden chair without arms and Sue was seated on his lap with her legs straddling his lap and her back to Charles. Charlotte was seated, cross-legged, in front of her stepmother. Charlotte began by sucking on Charles’ dick until it was huge and hard and then fed it slowly into Sue’s heated cunt. While Charles was fucking Sue, Charlotte began ministering to her hugely swollen clit. With their knowledge of how Sue reacted to stimulation and how she responded as she approached orgasm, they got her to the cusp of her long with held death defying orgasm several times. During the whole procedure, Candy kissed her lips, neck, ears, and tits as she asked her, ” How would you like for me to let you come with Charles cock fucking your pussy and Charlotte’s mouth working on your clit? Would you like that, Sue?”

For nearly two hours Sue said, “Yes, please let me get off! Don’t tease or torture my pussy any more Candy, just let me come.” Finally she threw in the phrase Candy had been leading her toward, “Please Candy, I’ll do anything for you or Charlotte, just let me come PLEASE!”

“Are you willing to trade a mild breast torture for your orgasm, Sue?” Candy asked smiling.

“I…I Starzbet Giriş don’t know. Will it hurt?”

“You silly bitch, Candy chuckled, “of course it will hurt. It’s titty torture. But will it hurt more or less than your orgasm denial?”

Sue tried to think about the question and how she wanted to answer it. As she thought, Candy pulled Charlotte away from Sue’s throbbing aching pussy and laid her flat on her back. Then she straddled Charlotte’s face and leaned slightly back so Sue could see Charlotte’s tongue, lips, and teeth work on Candy’s clit. Without a doubt, Candy loved this sexual torment and keeping Sue strung out so long had brought her more than halfway to her own orgasm. It only took Charlotte’s Ph. D. level mouth a few minutes to bring Candy’s orgasm on. Candy hammed it up a little just to whet Sue’s appetite for her own long denied orgasm. A minute later, Candy was kissing Sue again while Charlotte’s educated mouth began torturing Sue’s pussy again.

“How abut it, Sue. Candy purred into Sue’s ear as she licked it and drove her stiffened tongue into it and twisted her head to make the tongue twist in the ear. “My orgasm was so wonderful. It started with a tightening inside of my stomach and an intense pleasure where her tongue slid over my big clit. My nipples felt wonderful as the spasms of the orgasm made my body clench and jerk in ecstasy while Charlotte’s mouth sucked harder and her tongue rubbed harder on the very end of my clit. You know the place, right where all the sex nerves of your body come together when you come. Wouldn’t you like that?”

“OH Goddamn it, yes! Please let me come, I’m begging you, PLEASE!” Sue moaned and screamed.

“Just a little torture on your titties and nipples to make me feel good and I’ll make Charlotte give you the best head of your life, I promise,” Candy whispered.

“All right-All right! I’ll do anything just please let me come!” Sue screamed.

Candy picked up the pair of nipple clamps she had laid on the floor those long two hours earlier in preparation for this time of initial surrender. These were a Japanese clover clamp design that required the person applying them to slightly squeeze the clamp itself to open the jaws to fit on the nipple. After both clamps were Starzbet Güncel Giriş attached to the nipples, the chain connecting them could be pulled pulling on the rotation points of the jaws of the clamps causing them to bite more firmly into the tender nipple flesh. In other words, the harder the chain was pulled the worse they hurt.

Candy began playing a simple song of pain on Sue’s nipples causing Sue to howl, scream, and beg her to release them. Candy slapped Charlotte on the shoulder and the tall sex machine went to work on Sue’s clit with a vengeance. Tongue, lips, teeth, and a sucking vacuum were all employed by the pussy pro as she dragged Sue, kicking and screaming, over the brink of that drop dead orgasm. Between Candy’s expert nipple play and Charlotte’s professional mouth action, Sue multiple orgasmed for nearly ten minutes. After Sue stopped spasming and moaning, the clamps were removed and she was allowed to shower and go to bed.

The next five days were dedicated to raising the level of sexual torment on Sue. As Sue’s poor luck would have it, her period started on the third day of her five day ordeal, which automatically extended the torment period to eight days. None of the tormentors wanted to stimulate her during her period with anything other than vibrators.

On the ninth day they set up the same scenario as the first one. It only took Sue an hour to break and beg them to torture her tits this time. Candy elected to use a thin whippy piece of metal that acted much like a short limber switch. As Charlotte held Sue on the brink of orgasm, Candy held one of Sue’s tits in her left hand and used the metal rod to leave red welts across the top of that breast. Then she whipped the other breast. As Charlotte brought her stepmother to orgasm, Candy aimed the metal switch across Sue’s nipples one at a time. The resulting multiple orgasm was again timed at nearly ten minutes.

Sue’s period of titty torture continued for nearly two months. By the end of the two months, Candy, Charlotte, or Charles could use clamps, switches, a leather flogger titty whip, or other leather paddles on Sue’s breasts without simultaneous sexual actions and get the older woman hot enough to beg for sex. To Candy’s immense surprise, she could make Sue orgasm with no stimulation other than titty torture with clamps and leather paddles. Candy had trained several dozen sub sluts, but had never seen one respond to torture to the point of orgasm as quickly in her training period as Sue had.

The next torture target was Sue’s succulent pussy.

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