Loving Brother Ch. 05

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Loving Brother Ch 05

By TxRad

Debbie had called her mother and arranged to spend the weekend. She was now on Terry’s bed. Terry was cuddled up behind her as she woke up. There was a light blanket over the both of them. Terry’s hand moved and squeezed her breast lightly. Debbie shivered and then whimpered softly as Terry licked her shoulder.

“What… what a great way to wake up,” Debbie whispered a moment later.

Terry giggled and whispered, “You should be where I’m at.”

“Uh, why is that?” Debbie asked in confusion.

“I have my arms full of you and Calvin has his arms full of me. Not to mention that hard hot dick of his nestled in the crack of my ass,” Terry replied as she squeezed Debbie’s breast again and wiggled.

Debbie groaned softly. Terry’s hand on her breast felt good. Her tongue and lips on her shoulder felt good. The thought of Calvin’s big dick pressed against her had brought on the groan. “I, I, I,” she stammered quickly and then groaned again as Terry bit her shoulder lightly.

Calvin flexed his hips, his shaft rubbing in the crack of his sister’s warm ass. His hand squeezed his sister’s breast as he asked, “Is everyone ready for round two or is this going to be round three?”

“Round three,” Terry said with a giggle. “Butt who’s counting.”

“More like round five for me,” Debbie said with a shiver.

“Those orgasms sure add up when you’re having fun,” Calvin said before he licked the back of his sister’s neck.

“Uh, I seem to be behind a couple or three,” Terry said as she wiggled her butt against her brother’s dick.

“As sensitive as your behind is, I can catch you up real quick,” Calvin whispered.

Terry giggled and wiggled her ass as she whispered, “Promises, promises.”

“Where is the cigar tube and lube?” He asked as he rolled over and sat up on the side of the bed. He jerked the blanket off the two women and tossed it on the floor.

Terry shivered and rolled over behind him. “Bottom drawer of the night stand.”

Debbie rolled over on her back and saw Calvin hand his sister a large cigar tube and a bottle of lube. “What, uh, who…” she got out before Terry sat up and grinned at her.

“You need to scoot over to the middle of the bed and lay back and relax,” she said as she moved to the foot of the bed.

Debbie’s eyes grew wide. When Terry nodded, she groaned softly and moved to the center of the bed with one foot on each side of her friend’s hips.

Calvin grinned at his sister and then said to Debbie, “Raise you hips up.” Debbie looked at him funny so he grabbed a pillow and held it up. “A little elevation change for the lower part of you.”

Debbie looked down at the way her legs were spread and thought about how she had looked in the wingback chair earlier. This couldn’t be any worse. With a big shiver, she moved her feet up and raised her hips. Calvin folded the pillow and put it under her hips.

Terry grinned and looked at her brother. “Perfect,” she whispered softly.

“You need to be on your hands and knees,” Calvin told his sister.

She groaned softly and moved until she was in position. “The… the hairbrush is on the dresser.”

Calvin chuckled as he got up and walked around to the end of the bed. He squatted down and his sister’s ass and sex was right in front of his face. “You play with Debbie and let me worry about what’s back here.”

“Uh, play with Debbie?” Debbie asked quickly. Terry grinned and held up the cigar tube. “I, uh, thought that was for you.”

Terry giggled. “I think my brother has something bigger in mind for me.”

“Ya think?” Calvin said as he leaned forward and tickled his sister’s asshole with his tongue.

Terry gave a jerk and groaned deeply. His hot wet tongue on her asshole made tuzla escort her hips flex up and down as she remembered the huge orgasm she had had the last time he had been behind her.

“Lube up the cigar tube,” Calvin said softly as he rocked back on his heels.

Terry shivered and opened the bottle of lube. She applied some to the tube and then rubbed her slick fingertip against Debbie’s asshole. Debbie gasped loudly at the touch and then groan long and loud as the finger entered her anus to the first knuckle.

Debbie’s hips flexed and the finger moved a little deeper and then pulled almost all the way out. Terry shoved the finger back in deeper than before. Debbie almost lost her breath. A finger in her ass when she masturbated always made her come harder and faster.

Calvin took the lube from his sister’s hand and grinned as he pushed her head down toward Debbie’s sex. Terry groaned and flicked her tongue against Debbie’s exposed clit. Debbie gasped and flexed her hips. The finger moved in her ass when her hips went down and Terry licked her clit when they rose back up.

With a grin, Calvin applied lube to his hard dick. Seeing Debbie fucking herself on Terry’s finger as she lick her clit made Calvin stroke his dick slowly. He wanted to shove it up his sister’s tight ass but… There was still the cigar tube to consider. How would it look in Debbie’s ass? How would she react? Only one way to find out.

When Debbie’s hips started to move faster, Calvin stood up and pulled back on his sister’s shoulders until his slippery dick was pressed between the cheeks of her ass. Terry groaned and flexed her hips up and down, rubbing herself on his hot dick.

“Try the cigar tube,” Calvin whispered as he bent over his sister’s back.

Debbie’s hips were still moving as she fucked herself in the ass on Terry’s finger. Most of the finger was out of sight as her hips went down. The next time they went up, Terry pulled her finger all the way out.

Debbie yelled, “No!” Her hips moving up and down faster and then in circles as they searched for the finger. Her hips were raised as high as they would go.

Terry pressed the end of the cigar tube to Debbie’s asshole and then held on tightly as Debbie dropped her hips, ramming the tube into her ass all the way to Terry’s hand. Debbie yelled and started to fuck herself on the tube. Terry leaned forward with the intent of licking her friend’s clit but….

Debbie was coming hard as soon as the tube enter her asshole and continued to come as her hips moved up and down in a jerky motion. A moment later, her hips stopped moving as the tube started to move on its own

Terry’s eyes were wide as she watched her friend’s reaction to the tube in her ass. Was that what she had looked like? With a deep groan, she shifted her grip on the tube and it went in even deeper. Debbie’s hips paused when it did and Terry moaned long and loud as she started to move the tube in and out in long deep strokes.

Debbie let out a loud yell as her hips moved higher. Terry leaned forward and buried her face in Debbie’s sopping wet pussy. Debbie was yelling even louder and hunching her sex against Terry’s face.

Calvin grinned as he pushed his dick down and rubbed the head against his sister’s asshole. He centered it up and applied pressure. His sister yelled and rammed her ass back toward him. Half his dick was jammed up her ass. Now she was yelling as loudly as Debbie was. Calvin had a grip on her hips as he pushed her forward.

Terry was coming like mad with her brother’s dick up her ass. When he pushed her forward, her face was once again rammed into Debbie’s pussy. She was licking everything she could reach as Calvin slowly pulled his dick outward. When he moved forward going deeper into her asshole, pendik escort Terry yelled into Debbie’s sex.

Somewhere along the way, Terry had stopped moving the cigar tube in Debbie’s ass. It didn’t seem to matter as Debbie just flex her hips rapidly as she fucked herself in one direction and rubbed her sex on her best friend’s face in the other.

Calvin continued to fuck his sister’s asshole with long full strokes until his hips smacked against her ass cheeks. Terry suddenly raised her head and ground her ass against him. Her inner muscles, which had been tight, got even tighter. He could feel a rippling effect along the whole length of his shaft.

Debbie had gone silent. Terry had gone silent. Calvin let out a deep groan. None of the three was moving except for Terry’s hips as she continued to grind her ass against her brother. Calvin had never felt anything like he was feeling now. He could also feel his balls tightening up and his shaft swelling.

A moment later, Calvin was coming long and hard, deep in his sister’s ass. Spurt after long spurt filled her up. Terry let out a long moaning groan as the heat in her ass when up. Calvin couldn’t believe how hard he was coming while not moving a muscle.


Debbie moaning softly made Calvin open his eyes. He was leaning over his sister’s back, his dick still planted in her ass. Terry was leaning forward, her cheek on Debbie’s mound. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing shallow and fast. Debbie’s eyes were closed and her mouth hung open. Ever so often, she would lick her dry lips.

Calvin could feel his sister’s ass squeezing and then relaxing around his still hard dick. He marveled at that. First Debbie’s mouth got him back ridged quickly and now his sister’s asshole wouldn’t let him go down. He flexed his ass muscles and felt his dick move slightly inside his sister’s tight asshole.

Terry’s eyes sprang open as she felt her brother’s dick move in her ass. She groaned deeply and shook her head as much as she could. “No, please, no,” she said quickly and then groaned as his dick moved again.

Debbie closed her mouth and opened her eyes. She was staring directly at Calvin’s face. He grinned and blew her a kiss. “Is that cigar tube still up your ass?” He asked.

With a light blush and a soft groan, Debbie nodded quickly. “Uh, is your dick still in your sister’s ass?”

“To the hilt,” he replied.

Debbie groaned softly at the thought of what that might feel like. The cigar tube was half his width and a lot shorter and it felt delicious as her inner muscles clamped down on it and squeezed it firmly.

Terry rolled her head back and shivered as her ass moved slightly. “And it’s, uh, still hard,” she whispered softly looking up toward Debbie’s face. She giggled as she saw her friend’s face framed by her boobs. The giggle was followed by a soft moan as she felt her brother’s dick moved.

Calvin pushed up with his arms. His hips rocked against his sister’s ass and she made a soft moaning groaning sound. “And there is going to be one hell of a mess when I pull the cork, so to speak.”

Debbie grinned as she looked at her friends face. “There is one big mess on Terry’s face,” she whispered.

Terry shivered and said, “You should know, you made it.”

“You started it by sticking your finger in my ass,” Debbie said still grinning.

Calvin chuckled. “The finger may have started it but that cigar tube finished it off.”

Debbie groaned softly. “Tell me about it. That thing is deadly.”

Terry giggled. “At one time I thought that and then….”

“Uh huh,” Debbie whispered as a big shiver ran up and down her spine. Her mind was once again turning over the idea of how Calvin’s dick would feel in her ass. “Maybe I’ll, uh, try aydınlı escort that later.”

“I think showers and a nap will come first,” Terry whispered as she slowly moved her ass from side to side. “That is, if I ever get a certain dick out of my ass.”

“Hey, you’re the one with the death grip on it,” Calvin said quickly. Terry’s ass muscles clamped down tightly on her brother’s dick and she moaned loudly.

“I’ll agree with that,” Calvin said with a chuckle.

“You’re, you’re going to have to pull it out. I’m in no position to do it,” Terry whispered through clenched teeth.

Calvin pushed forward with his hands as he pulled back sharply with his hips. His dick came out of his sister’s asshole grudgingly. He was surprised there wasn’t a pop like pulling a champagne cork.

Terry gasped loudly and shook all over. “Oh! No! Yeah!” she said quickly as she slowly melted to lay flat on her stomach.

Debbie giggled soft and whispered, “I’ve definitely got to try that.”

“Be very careful what you wish for,” Calvin said with an evil grin in her direction.

Debbie groaned softly and then whimpered. “You… you’ll have to take it easy on me.”

Calvin smiled at her and winked. “I’ll keep that in mind.”

A moment later, he slapped his sister on the ass and said, “Okay, everyone in the shower.”

“Can… can you carry me?” Terry asked in a sleepy voice.

Calvin laughed. “If I was going to carry you, I would have left my dick where it was.”

Terry pushed up with her arms. They were shaky, she was surprised to find. The next thing she knew, Calvin was helping her to her feet.


In the shower, Terry was sitting on the seat while Debbie rinsed off. Calvin was helping her or at least feeling her up as he went. When his hands ran down to her ass, he laughed and jerked the cigar tube out of her ass.

Debbie gave out with a yell and spun around. “Hey!” She said sharply.

Calvin turned and handed the cigar tube to his sister. “Someone was going to take off with the goodies.”

“No, no I wasn’t. I just hadn’t figured out how to get it out of my ass yet,” Debbie said quickly.

Terry grinned at her friend and said, “A likely story.”

Debbie giggled. “It’s my story and I’m sticking to it.”

“I ain’t smoking another cigar. That one almost killed me,” Calvin said as his hands wandered up to squeeze Debbie’s breasts.

“Nap,” Terry said sharply.

“Uh, huh,” Debbie whispered and then groaned as Calvin continued to massage her breasts. She leaned back against him and made soft whimpering sounds. Calvin stepped forward and pressed his semi hard dick between the cheeks of her ass. Debbie gasped loudly and wiggled her hips.

Terry giggled. “I took the stuffing out of that thing but I’d still be careful wiggling against it.”

Calvin’s fingers found Debbie’s nipples and pinched and rolled them back and forth. She arched her back, which pressed her ass back tighter to his hips and dick. Calvin looked at his sister and winked. “She has more padding in the rear than you do.”

“Her breasts are fuller also,” Terry whispered.

“I, I, I,” Debbie said as Calvin suddenly released her nipples. “That burns,” she whispered a moment later.

Terry stood up and shifter her hips from side to side. “Okay, my turn to rinse off.”

Debbie giggled as she gathered Terry into her arms and hugged her tightly. Their kiss started out soft and sweet but climbed to passion quickly. Calvin stepped back and rubbed his body, especially his hard dick. The ladies were still kissing as he stepped over beside them.

Debbie jerked and moaned as two fingers ran up and down deep in the cleft of her ass. Terry did the same as fingers did the same between her ass cheeks. When the fingers were gone, the kiss broke and both of them looked around at Calvin.

He grinned and then winked. “Time for bed and this time I sleep behind Debbie.

Debbie groaned softly and shivered hard as she looked down at his hard dick.

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