Lovers: Mother, Daughter, Aunt

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Here I was in sunny Florida, almost on my own. I was visiting my Aunt Peg for two weeks. I was away from home, and having fun. True, home wasn’t too far away, only three hours, but I was here alone. Aunt Peg’s house was a block from the beach and I love to swim. I had already developed a good tan, and now I worked on making it a really deep one. I swam, snorkeled , watched the fish and underwater creatures. I’d had a couple of beers at a beach side stand, and really felt good.

I went back to the house to shower and change. Dot, one of Peg’s friends was there. Aunt Peg and Dot had been drinking and were both feeling no pain either. Dot is a beautiful women, tall, well muscled, with small jutting breasts. Her nipples really stood out, very evident in her tiny top. She had on one of the thong bikinis that would get her arrested in some states if she wore it on the beach. She greeted me with a smile, and a soft kiss on the cheek. Her subtle perfume enveloped me and I was impressed by her. She exuded sexuality and power. She towered over me. I couldn’t help but notice the material seemed to cling to her pussy, outlining it till I was almost sure I could make out her inner pussy lips. She hugged me, pressing me against her firm small breasts. They came almost in my face. I could feel her pussy mound against me.

I’m just over five feet, but well put together as my friends have told me. My breasts are a little large for my frame, but I don’t complain. I’m into gymnastics and have a tight figure, a little muscular maybe. My breasts pressed against her lower chest. She pulled back and sat down.

The bottom of her bikini pulled upward deeper into her crotch. It rode low, just barely covered her pussy. Her tanned muscular thighs on either side were damn sexy. She caught me looking, and scooched her hips a little forward, pulling the material tighter in her pussy, if that was possible. She winked at me. My face probably turned red.

Excusing myself quickly, I went down the short hall and slipped into the shower. The hot water felt so good on my skin. I put shampoo on my hair, and stood running my fingers through my hair, letting the hot water flow over me. So sensual. I thought of Dot and for some reason my pussy began to tingle. Damn she was a sexy woman. I like women, and she had struck a chord in me. I couldn’t get the image of the bikini bottom pulled so tightly in her pussy, between those sexy thighs. My fingers slid down to my pussy and up inside me. I stifled a moan. My soapy finger ran upward to my swelling clit and I stroked it lightly. I put a finger on each side of it and began to rub up and down. It swelled still more as I stroked it. It sent tingles all over my body. I cupped my breast and squeezed it firmly. I rolled my nipple between my fingers. I thought of Dot, and wondered how she’d look tall, wet, and totally naked in the shower with me. That thought drove me over the edge and I climaxed so violently thinking of Dot, I couldn’t suppress a loud moan as I came. I hoped the two didn’t hear me.

Dressed in hip hugging shorts, and a tight fitting halter that showed off a lot of cleavage, I went into the living room. I was going to the mall, about a fifteen minute walk from the house.

“Angie, Hon, did you hurt yourself in the shower? We heard you moan.” Dot said, and they both laughed. I turned red, realizing they knew full well, what had happened in the shower.

I ignored the remark and told them I’d be back later, that I was going to walk over to the mall, eat dinner there, and perhaps take in a movie. I left feeling embarrassed. How could I be so dumb? By the time I got to the mall, I was feeling good and looked in a number of shops. I found a low cut top, and a bra that would go well with it. I thought they might show off my tits nicely, and took them to the cashier. When I reached for my money, I realized in my embarrassment, I hadn’t brought it. Shit, I’d have to go back to the house. The day was nice, the warm breeze off the water refreshing. Oh well – shit happens.

I walked down the hall and headed to my room. I heard a loud cry of passion in the den. I quietly slipped to the door and looked in. Aunt Peg and Dot were making love. Peg was on her hands and knees and Dot was behind her, both quartering away from me. Dot’s hips were thrusting back and forth. The muscles rippled under her tanned skin. She had black leather straps around her waist and thighs. She had a large, long, flesh colored dildo, thrusting into Peg’s pussy. I had heard of them, but only seen pictures in advertisements, or in porno videos. This was much more exciting than a porno video. This was in real life, right in front of me! I could even smell the odor of enflamed feminine sex. God it made my pulse race.

“Fuck me you big beautiful Bitch. Fuck the shit out of me! Pretend it’s Angie you are fucking. You’d love to fuck her cute little bod, wouldn’t you. Oh shit! Like that! Fuck Angie’s pussy hard! Oh, yes. Harder, pound that cock into üsküdar escort me. Yes, Lover. Yes, fuck me. Ohhhhhh, Yesssss!” My lovely Aunt cried out as Dot’s hips slammed against her. So Dot wanted to get into my box, did she, and maybe Aunt Peg? Peg’s large breasts jiggled and swayed with each hip thrust, her nipples thrust out hard and erect. Her large areolas were swollen and bulging, her nipples erect and pointed. The dildo was long and thick, and gleaming with Peg’s pussy juices.

I slid my hand down and tried to get it into my pussy, but my shorts were too tight. I unfastened them and slid them and my panties down below my hips. I slid my fingers to my pussy and began to finger myself in full view of the two. All they had to do was turn around. God, I didn’t care! I was so hot! Dot’s fantastic long, superb body moved with animal grace as she drove the dildo into Peg. I could see Peg’s inner pussy lips being pulled outward when the dildo slid out, then pushed back in as Dot plunged the fake cock back into her. Dot’s smaller breasts bobbed as her body jarred against Peg’s. Her cute butt tightened and jiggled as she thrust hard against Peg’s ass.

“Harder, you beautiful Bitch. Fuck me, Fuck meeee, Bitch! Ohhhh, Godddd, I’m cummmming!” Aunt Peg screamed. My fingers flew over my clit and I came along with her too. My body seemed to turn inside out, the climax was so intense. I cried out as I came, not caring who heard me. When I opened my eyes long moments later, Peg and Dot were looking at me.

“Well, Sugar, come on over and join the fun. We didn’t expect you back for a couple of hours – obviously. Peg and I were just having a little female fun. Or rather Peg was, I was doing all the work This thing doesn’t do that much for me. What I need is a long expert tongue up inside my pussy. Peg is an expert on that, but now that you are here, we’ll let you play too. Won’t we Peg?” Dot said pulling the dildo out of Peg’s pussy. Damn, it was huge.

“Absolutely not! Young lady, you go to your room, right now.” Aunt Peg managed to say, her voice cracking from exertion. She looked rather silly, on all fours, newly fucked, her pussy still contracting after the dildo slid out of her. I could see some of her pussy juices running down her soft thigh.

“Well, Aunt Peg. I believe I’ll stay.” I said standing up for myself. “Dot is quite a sexy woman. I’ve had my experiences with girls, and she looks like she could teach me a thing or two. I wonder what Mom and Dad would say if I told them about my seeing the sexy Dot fucking you with that huge dildo. I thought it was very sexy! Much better than any triple X rated video. I could hear the slap of her thighs against your ass, and see your pussy lips being pulled in and out, and the excited pussy smells coming from you two. Can I have a drink, Dot?”

“Young lady, you go to you room right now! Now!” Aunt Peg yelled at me. I reached over and picked up the phone and punched a button. It was programmed for our home number. Before Peg could get up from the floor Dad answered the phone. It’s by his computer and he usually answers it on the first ring. “Hi Dad.” “Fine.” “Yep. I’m having a real good time. Aunt Peg just introduced me to Dot, a very good friend of hers. Oh, you’ve met her! Sexy lady isn’t she? I just interrupted them.” Aunt Peg was making frantic motions. I looked over at her and she pantomimed that she surrendered. “Oh they were playing Yatzee and I accidentally knocked the board off the table, no big thing. I’ll join the game and we all three can play it. OK! I just wanted to say ‘Hi’ tell Mom ‘Hi’ from me. OK. So long!” I turned to Dot and said, “Oh, Dad said to tell you ‘Hello’ from him. He remembers you. I wonder why? I’ll bet he thinks you are sexy too. “

“Well I’ll have none of this. I’m out of here. Dot, don’t you dare screw around with my niece, you hear me!” Aunt Peg said as she got up and walked angrily down the hall to her room, and slammed the door so hard some of the pictures bounced on the wall.

“Miss Dot, it looks like the two of us will just have to play Yatzee together. Do you mind?” I said as I reached over and got Aunt Peg’s drink. I took a good swallow of it and it rippled all the way to my stomach, then seemed to spread out warmly from there. . Dot had taken off the dildo and laid it aside. She held her arms out to me and I slipped inside them. She was naked. Her hot body molded itself to me. Damn that felt good. Reaching back, she untied my halter top, and pulled it aside. I wiggled my breasts against her soft skin. I bent my head only slightly and took her hard nipple into my lips and sucked on it.

“Damn, you are one sexy little bundle of femininity. I’ve wanted to get my hands on you ever since you blossomed out several years ago. Now you are grown up, and a damn sexy lady. I’d love to teach you all about making love to a woman. Too bad Peg is a stick-in-the-mud about it. She’s a really sexy lady, and knows all about anadolu yakası escort making love to a woman. Maybe she’ll come around. Enough talk though, I want to slip my long tongue up into that delightful pussy of yours. I just might let you slide yours into my box too.”

Our bodies pressed together and thrills ran through my body as she stroked and kissed me. Dot is a big strong, well muscled woman, and what she did next was totally mind-blowing and completely unexpected. She grabbed me by my hips and picked me up off the floor like a doll. She spun me and I wound up upside down. She obviously knew I was a gymnast. Her hands slipped to hold me and lifted my spread pussy to her lips. She bent her head and buried it in my crotch. I cried out as her tongue speared deep inside me, and her lips covered my pussy. I put my hands on her thighs, helping hold some of my weight up. I can’t describe the feeling, because I’d never felt anything like it before in my life. Here I was upside down, my blood pounding in my head, and this Amazon of a women had her face buried in my pussy, sucking my juices out, and tongue fucking me at the same time. She shifted her arms and her biceps went under my thighs. Before I could wonder at the change of position of her arms I found the reason. Her hands moved and she slipped a finger into my pussy, then quickly out again, wet with my juices. Before I could think twice, that slick finger probed my ass and slid into me. She slid her finger into my ass what must have been to the limit. I screamed my pleasure. Her tongue and finger worked in unison as she slid them in and out. Her face moved from side to side against my spread wet slit. Her head pushed down against my pussy at the same time, burrowing against me. Her chin , I guess it was her chin , was pressed against my clit and she moved it against me. Her tongue is long and agile, and she really knows how to use it. She moved it in and out, and from side to side exploring my pussy walls. Her lips sucked on my pussy and my juices slipped into her waiting mouth. She drove that finger in my ass in and out, wiggling it inside me. My senses were overloaded, and I came violently, screaming out, head down against her rippling stomach. I could smell the heated odor of her excited pussy, but it was out of my reach. My climax seemed to go on and on. I think the unique position I was in, added to the pleasure. When my climax finally ended, she as quickly turned me up on my feet.

She held me fortunately, I say fortunately, for the blood rushed from my head, and I almost fainted. She laid me back on the sofa, and kissed me softly on my open lips as I tried to catch my breath and regain my wits. She pulled me against her and her strong hands stroked my body softly. My head was between her small firm breasts. It felt so good.

“Damn, Dot, that was fantastic. I never had anyone do that to me before. I think that gives a new meaning to tongue fucking. Being upside down blew my mind. Thanks, you really are a good lover. Let me catch my breath for a little, then I’ll return the favor.” We moved over to the couch and sat down. She handed me a drink and took hers. We sat close. I stroked her firm soft skinned thigh. “I take it you and Aunt Peg have been lovers for a while?”

“Almost since she moved here ten years ago. Our chemistry clicked, and we both knew what we wanted. We’d rather just be good friends and lovers, than to live together. I’ve met your Mom and those two are something else. Identical twins in more ways than you’d think.” She laughed, winking at me.

I sat there for several minutes thinking about what she had said. Did she mean what I thought she meant? I couldn’t believe it. Mom was married, happily, I always thought. She did come down to see Peg two or three times a year, sometimes for a week, sometimes two. I’d always considered that natural till now. “Do you mean that they make love together?” I asked Dot.

She just looked at me for a while. “I thought you knew. I thought – ‘like Mother, like daughter’. You like women, and so does she. Shit, I thought you’d know that. I’m sorry, Angie. I wouldn’t do that to hurt you. You are one really neat kid”

“No, that’s all right. It was just totally unexpected. You know your parents have sex, but not with the same sex. I can see it, they are identical twins. Dad says they both think exactly alike. Hey, who am I to judge! I like women, a hell of a lot more then I do men. I’ve gotten some pretty shitty deals from men. Two different turds tried to date rape me. They found out they’d picked the wrong small girl. I know karate and am really strong for my size. I put both shits in the hospital, one with a broken arm, and the other with caved in nuts. Word got around, don’t try anything out of line with that little gymnast gal. Later I just quit going out with guys. I didn’t give a shit what people thought. Do you think my Dad knows? I asked her.

“I don’t think so, from what ataşehir escort they’ve said. When he and your Mother were dating, they pulled a switch on him a couple of times and he’s made love to both of them, and never knew it. I think Peg still carries a torch for him. Your Mom is quite a lover too. Very good! We have had a threesome any number of times. Several times, a foursome with one of my good friends. Your Mm’s quite a lover!!” Dot said leaning over to kiss me.

Wow, my Mom, my aunt making love with Dot, and she had just made love to me too. That gave my pussy a real tingle. “Lets go to your place. I want you to let me make love to you, and teach me how to do it. Aunt Peg is putting a damper on me here.” She agreed, We slipped on just enough clothes to get to her place, only a block away., and left. We didn’t say a word to Aunt Peg.

Dot’s condo was right on the water, Very nicely furnished. Dot fixed us a couple of cool drinks. She took me up stairs to the bedroom looking out over the water. The condo must have cost a fortune. The view was splendid. We set our drinks aside, and undressed each other. I loved the feel of her smooth skin against mine. I noticed she had no tan lines. Her breasts are rather small, but very sexy. The mounds are lovely rounded cone shaped, and the areolas are also bulging rounded cones. They have a very exotic look about them. They actually made my mouth water looking at them. Dot laughed when I told her that.

“Well, Love, you go right ahead and let your lips and tongue go to work on them. I really love to have them made love to. Once or twice, I’ve actually cum when they were being kissed and sucked.” I bent over and began to suck on her breasts. “Very nice, but why don’t you slip down between my thighs and let your hard little body press against my pussy while you kiss my nipples. Oh, yes, you’re so firm and small. That’s the way, wiggle your pussy against mine. Mnnn, press that cute pussy mound down, burrow it into my pussy while I spread my thighs wide. Ohhh, like that. Yesss! Now suck and lick my nipples, make them hard. Yessss, now nip them with your teeth. A little harder, yes, like that. Ohh, like that, you are a good lover.”

Dot instructed me as I sucked her nipples, and opened my mouth as wide as I could to take as much of her breast in as I could. Her skin tasted so good, and I loved her perfume. It was heady and earthy. She told me to make love to her exactly the way I liked to be made love to. I like a little pain and I pulled on her firm nipples with my teeth, stretching them. She moaned and cried out, with pleasure.

My pussy mound was burrowed into her spread pussy and her wet juices on my bare pussy felt so good. I have shaved my pussy for years. It’s better when you are into gymnastics not to have any hair sprouting out during the gyrations we put our bodies through. I learned to love it ,and the feel of my bald pussy. Other lady lovers have liked it too. Dot has a small triangle of close cropped hair at the top of her pussy. It felt so good to feel her hot wet pussy against my own.

We rocked our hips. Her clit is rather large and jutted out, it slid along my slit, stimulating it with each rocking of our hips. I went from one breast to the other, and Dot was becoming more vocal and excited as I made love to her.

“Oh, yes, bite my nipples, pull them hard. Harder, yes! Fuck my clit with your sweet pussy. You’re jacking my clit off with your sweet, sweet pussy. God, yes. Like that. Ohhhh!. Pull my nipple harder, yes, like that, Baby. Ohhhh, now. Oh Shit, I’m coming.” She screamed her passion out and I wondered if people on the beach could hear her cries of passion. I bit her nipple and pulled it with my teeth while my hand squeezed her breast, and the other pinched her other nipple hard, and I pulled it outward as hard as I could. I thought I might pull it off, but she cried for more. I hunched my pussy against hers, and my own clit was being stimulated by the rocking, but not enough for me to climax. Her muscular hips bowed upward and I stayed with her fucking, her pussy with mine. She let out one last cry of ecstasy, them slumped back on the bed spent. I moved up and kissed her cheek as she regained her breath.

“Oh, Angie Baby, that was fantastic!” Dot said kissing me. “You are a really good lover. In a few years, you’ll be as good as your Mom or Aunt Peg. Just remember to make love to another woman the way you want to be made love to. There are a lot of tricks that you don’t know though. I’ll teach you some of them. We gals have been making love to each other for thousands of years. I’ll guarantee we know more how to make love to a woman a hell of a lot better than any man. Most men don’t know shit about what a women wants and needs in loving.

The bedside phone rang. “Hi Peg, Love.” Dot said into the mouthpiece before she got it to her ear. “Yes, she’s here with me. No. No! She certainly can if she wants to. You can come over here if you want, but only if you’ll behave. No. No! OK! Then we’ll see you much later, much later. I wish you’d come over and join us. Well, shit, Love. Fine! Bye!” She said replacing the phone. “Your Auntie is pissed at you and me both. She wants you to come home ‘NOW’ as she said. I told her I didn’t think you were interested. Are you??”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32