Love Thy Uncle

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I had no idea what was happening at first. All of a sudden I felt like I was going to burst.

I awoke to the fucking of my life. His hard cock thrusting in my tight wet cunt.. “Mmmmmmmmmm, harder harder ” I screamed. The sound of his balls slapping against my wet hole was so loud I was afraid it would wake up the house. How would my family feel if they knew my uncle was fucking me?

My uncle and I always had a very close relationship. We were very close in age. I was 18 and he was 22.

He is my fathers brother. My grandparents had him rather late in life. He was a bit of a wild child and too much for them to handle and he had been living with us since he graduated from high school and he was going to college near by. For the most part he was like an older brother. He protected me. I thought he was looking out for my own well being until last week something changed.

My parents were going away for a romantic weekend. They haven’t had much time alone with the hours they both keep at work. The were reluctant to leave me home alone but my uncle Jimmy promised he would keep an eye on me and make sure I didn’t get into trouble. They knew Jimmy was very over protective of me and they felt everything would be ok. If they only knew.

“Take good care of my little girl Jim.” My dad was worried cause this was the first time they left me alone.

“Don’t worry Tom I love my niece shes in good hands. You and Helen have a great weekend and we will see you Sunday night.” Dad hugged me and mom kissed me and Jim goodbye and they were on their way.

Uncle Jimmy and I waved as they drove out of the driveway. “Well their gone now. What do you wanna do?” I asked him. He smiled and started tickling me. He knew I hated it cause I didn’t want to piss my pants.

“Wow I didn’t realize how much you were developed Teri.” He was laying on top of me tickling me and noticing how big my breast had become. I could feel his cock getting hard and part of me was so aroused by that. He quickly got off of me and told me to make myself scarce cause he had friends coming over.

I went up to my room and called my best friend Janine. She had the biggest crush on Jimmy and was on her way over to spend the night. “Teri, I want this to be the night I lose my virginity. I want Jim so bad. Do you think I could wear one of your moms nighties and you could help me fix my makeup.” I said yes. What else could I say. Shes my best friend and hes my uncle. I couldn’t help feeling jealous while she was talking but I knew it was wrong.

Uncle Jim and his friends Steve and Kyle were hanging out in the wreck room when the doorbell rang. I ran down the stairs to get the door. It was Janine. Her mom dropped her off and was waving from the car. She had no makeup on and ran up to my room to put some on for Jimmy. My uncle was calling me into the wreck room and I told him Janine is here and spending the night. “Oh there ya go Jim, Janine has a great ass and she is so hot for you. Might as well take advantage of having her here when your bro is gone.” Kyle was so blunt about things. He was 18 still in school. We had a couple classes together. He was cute but not my type. Too imature. kartal escort Steve on the other hand was really hot. He was 21 and kinda quiet. He bought the beer for everyone when they partied. “Jesus christ Kyle do you mind my neice is standing right here.”

I just rolled my eyes and walked away. I hated when he treated me like a baby. As I was walking up the stairs I heard them talking. “Sorry man. I am just saying Janine is a sweet little piece of ass you should just take the opportunity and fuck her.” “Shes my Teri’s friend I don’t think she would like it if I fucked her friend. Besides she looks like the type to open her big mouth.” Steve said, “Yeah if she was more like your niece it would be good. We could all get a piece.” What the hell did he mean more like me? Did I have easy tattooed on my forehead. Just as I was about to storm in and scream Uncle Jimmy said, “Yeah Traci is cool. Very mature for her age, but don’t get any ideas.”

Wow I was mature. I never heard him say that before. I always thought he felt I was a baby. I went up stairs to see what Janine was doing. When I opened my door she was standing in front of the mirror wearing a short denim skirt with a belly shirt and no bra and high heels that looked like her mothers. She had about a gallon of make up on her face and her hair was teased. “What are you going trick or treating?” I couldn’t help myself she looked ridiculous. “You wish you looked this good. Maybe when you are older you will understand that men like their women dolled up and looking sexy before they have sex with them.”

When I grow up? If she only knew I was the mature one. With that she bolted for the wreck room. I followed to watch her make an ass of herself. “Hey guys, whats going on?”

The three of them were playing pool and just looked at her like she was retarded. However they couldn’t help but play along. Janine was 5ft6, 130lbs, had a nice full ass but a flat chest. She was only an A cup. She was either really aroused or really cold cause her nipples were hard. You couldn’t help but see them through her sheer white top. Kyle was quick to comment. “Hey Janine, kinda cold in here huh?” She totally ignored him and put the moves on Jim. He wasn’t responsive. She asked what they were drinking they said they were drinking coors lite and doing shots of JD. “I love JD. Can I have a glass?” They knew she was full of shit but they poured her one. A big one too. Kyle asked me if I wanted some. I said no. I knew better. Her whole sexy routine went on for about an hour while they just played pool. She continued to drink. I think she had about two glasses of Jack and a six pack in that time trying to be hot shit. She was plastered. She was all over my uncle who looked repulsed. “I’m gonna go get a drink in the kitchen anyone want anything?” I went with my uncle to the kitchen to get a coke. I told him I was sorry about Janine and I would take her upstairs to get her out of his way. He said it was cool and that he thought Kyle really dug her and asked me what I thought about that. I said I would talk to Janine. When we came back in the room Janine was naked on the pool table and Kyle was kurtköy escort eating her pussy while she was sucking Steves cock. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

“What the fuck are you guys doing.?” Uncle Jimmy looked a bit shocked. “She got naked and told us she wanted us. Shes into it Jim, come on get in on it.” With that Kyle put his hard cock into Janines virgin pussy and started fucking her. He said she was so tight. Janine was just laughing and sucking Steves cock. I stood there for two minutes just amazed at what I was seeing. My best friend was lying naked on my pool table getting fucked by two guys while my uncle and I watched. All of a sudden I got this weird feeling over me. I was really hot and my pussy felt strange. Like I wet my pants kind of. By this point my Uncle took my hand and got me out of the room and we went upstairs to his room.

“I am so sorry you had to see that Teri. I am supposed to be taking care of you and this happens. Are you going to tell your parents?” I told him I wouldn’t and it wasn’t his fault. He seemed really upset. Very flustered. I pushed his hair out of his face and asked if he was ok. He looked at me really weird and asked me how I feel after seeing that. I said it was weird watching them doing that but that it made me feel kinda funny. He asked me how. I said it felt strange down below. He put his hand on my leg and was rubbing my thigh and said “You feel weird in your pussy baby?” I was bright red and embarrassed I didn’t know what to say. I said that I felt like I wet my pants. He began to move his hand further up my leg under my skirt. I could feel his finger near my panties. He asked me if I was scared and I said I wasn’t. He told me he loved me so much and would never have let those guys touch me like that cause I was his favorite girl. He slid his finger under my panties and started to touch my pussy. It felt weird at first but I got very excited. He was kissing my neck and working his way down to my breast. Soon he had two fingers inside my went cunt. It felt so good. He slid his tongue in my mouth and were making out while he was fingering me. He took his had out from between my legs and started to unbutton my shirt exposing my tits. “Your tits are so big baby. I can’t believe my little niece has such big luscious tits.” He was sucking very hard on my nipples.

He unbuttoned his pants and placed my hand on his cock. I never touched anyones before. It was so big and hard. “Do you like that big cock baby?” I shook my head. I didn’t know what to do. The next thing I knew he laid me back on the bed and pulled my panties off. He spread my legs and started licking my wet pussy. I couldn’t stop moaning. It felt so amazing. It kind of tickled. He got up and got undressed and told me to take my clothes off. He pushed my head down near his cock and I wrapped my supple lips around it. It was so big I could hardly fit it in my mouth. He kept pushing my head down. I almost gagged. “Are you ok baby? You suck a good cock. Thats a good girl lick my balls a little honey.” Then next thing I knew he pulled me up and started kissing me passionately. He lifted me up and laid me back onto maltepe escort the bed. He told me to spread my legs. I did everything he said. I could feel the head of his cock rubbing on my cunt. When he put it in I tensed up. He said its ok it might hurt a little but it will feel real good soon. He gentle put his whole cock in me. Back and fourth he gently thrusted. The pleasure and the pain were the same but the pain soon went away. He started thrusting faster and harder. Oh it felt so wonderful having him in me. I loved him so much and he picked me to fuck. Not Janine he wanted me. Harder and harder I could hear his balls slapping against my went hole. It was so loud but I didn’t care. “Fuck me harder uncle Jimmy.”

“Yeah baby, you like that? Uncle Jimmy makes your pussy feel good doesn’t he baby?” I could feel my legs start to buckle and twitch. I was cumming. I never knew it would feel so good. “Yeah cum for uncle Jimmy baby.” My nails were imbedded in his back. I was screaming so loud. His cock felt so good. “I’m gonna cum baby. Oh I am gonna fill your sweet little cunt with my load baby. AHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhh.”

He lied there on top of me with his cock draining in me. Kissing me. He got off of me and lied there next to me. Neither of us spoke a word. I could hear Janine downstairs screaming with delight from her own orgasmic trip. I knew I would be hearing all about it for the next 10 years. I couldn’t wait to tell her I too lost my virginity. But wait I couldn’t. Oh my god. I just slept with my uncle. My fathers brother and he came in me. What if I am pregnant. A feeling of fear came over me. But only for a second. “I love you Teri.” He whispered in my ear. It seemed to make it all alright.

We both eventually got up. We took a shower together and fucked in there a couple of times before going back downstairs to make sure they didn’t know what we were doing. Janine was passed out on the couch naked. I put a blanket over her. Kyle and Steve were getting ready to leave. “Hey man I am sorry we fucked your nieces friend. We didn’t hurt her or anything. She liked it.” Uncle Jim said it was cool and then they shook hands and they left. Jim locked up and we went upstairs to bed. He slept with me in my bed cause he said his sheets were too wet and he would change them in the morning. He held me all night.

When I woke up he was still there holding me. I kissed him and got up to check on Janine. She was still sleeping. I woke her up. Her mother was picking her up for dance class at noon. She asked me what happened. I said you fucked Kyle and Steve. She asked me if I watched. I said for a minute. “Am I a slut now Teri?” she said. “No its ok Jan I wont tell anyone.” She got up and took a shower. When she came back downstairs she was wearing an oversized pink sweat shirt and baggy sweat pants. Her hair was in a pony tail and she had no makeup on. She looked her own age. Innocent. Her eyes were swollen like she had been crying. I heard her mothers car pull up and she honked the horn. “Bye Teri, I am gonna go home after dance class and stay at my house tonight. I don’t feel too well.” She left.

Uncle Jimmy came downstairs and asked me where Janine was and I told him everything about how she acted. He looked almost sad. “Did you cry this morning too Teri?” I looked at him and smiled, “No. But I am really glad about one thing.” He asked me what was that? “Janine isn’t coming over tonight and we have two more days to ourselves. How many time do you think you could make me cum before Sunday night?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32