Love , Obsession

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Ginger Grinding

“God aren’t you ready yet?” Helen shouted as she wandered through my front door and headed for the bathroom, hearing the shower still flowing.

Hearing her slam my front door reminded me I must take my key from her. We broke up a few months ago, but thankfully, remained good friends. She was and still is the love of my life. Not that I have told her that, I shall keep that with me forever. On reflection, our relationship was beautiful. Full of love, affection, respect and passion. I know I shall never find anyone quite like her, which is probably why I have stayed single since we ended it, or rather I ended it. Understandably she was heartbroken when I did finish it, but it was for our own good, and especially hers.

The last 9 months or so it turned into something unhealthy. I instigated our fantasies and in time I turned the both of us into jealous, possessive and paranoid bitches with our play. We lost trust within our relationship. Question after question followed when we had spent time apart. “Who were you with? What were you talking about? What were you doing? Where are you going?”

The soft and sensual love-making had gone and in its place a different harder game was being played. At first it was fun and light hearted, but within months it turned darker and serious, spilling over into everyday life. Then ‘that’ day, god I wish I could turn back time. Each time I think of it, I turn cold and my body feels like it is cocooned in ice. I swore to myself I would never unleash that dark side again. Just planting a seed of dark desire grew into something that neither of us wanted it to be. I didn’t have a choice, I had to end it, and save the ounce of sanity we had between us.

I had just stepped out the shower when the bathroom door flung open. “God Nikki, do you know the…” she paused. Her eyes looked me up and down, and then locked onto mine. The last time she saw me naked was about 5 months ago, and I was sure she never thought about me in that way again. We had been out together as friends and with friends about 15 times since we broke up and she never gave anything away to make me think she was still interested. I’d seen her with a few women at the clubs we all frequented quite often, and I knew she had taken a few of them back to her flat on occasions. But now, even those few seconds with her eyes focused on mine, something was different. God I know that look, her emerald green eyes turning darker with every second. A few silent seconds passed then she slowly dropped to her knees, her gaze never leaving mine.

“Helen come on, what are you doing?” I said, lightly joking about her position. She remained on her knees, her dark twinkling eyes begging for my attention.

“I thought in time I would forget how your body looked, but its more beautiful now than ever. Seeing you naked again Nikki has bought it all back.” she pleaded.

“We broke up months ago babygirl, we are not going there again. And certainly not like this…now get up!!”

God I had to admit she looked gorgeous kneeling before me, and that familiar stirring was starting to make me ache all over. No one had knelt at my feet since Helen, and until now, I didn’t think I missed it. “Helen, I got to get ready, you know we’re running late…what about the others?” I hesitantly replied, feeling unsure as to where this was going. I moved my leg to the side to move around her. Her eyes still fixed on mine then her arm came up and her fingers softly stroked around my belly button.

She whispered against my skin, “Ohh Nikki, you changed something in me whilst we were together, you turned me into someone I never knew existed. I haven’t met anyone since you who treated me like you did, I miss it Nikki!” God she knew what she was doing, goose bumps covered my skin as her circles grew bigger on my belly. As she traced her finger on the bottom of the circle above my pussy she lingered there, her feather light touch moving back and forth.

God why did she have to fling the bathroom door open. If she stayed in the bedroom or the living room this would not be happening. My heart wouldn’t be fluttering and those old feelings would certainly not be surfacing. I couldn’t help it; I could feel myself turning into the bitch I was when we used to play this game. My breathing was becoming heavier and that familiar stirring was now running through me and before I could escape it and muster the words to tell her ‘no’, other words came out of my mouth, “What does my little bitch want?”

Her hand stopped stroking, and her lips met my skin, light butterfly kisses above my pussy. Soft moans escaped her lips.” Treat me like a whore, like you used to. Talk dirty to me, play rough and humiliate me.” My mind raced back to our past play. The way I used to talk to her was so degrading. I swear on occasions she came in her knickers as I whispered in her ear all the dirty things I was going to do to her. It was quite a power trip watching her get off on my words.

Her want and need bursa escort was oozing from her, especially from her eyes. She could never disguise her mood, her big emerald submissive eyes gave her away every time. My stomach began to churn, and then her voice broke my thoughts.” I need you Nikki, take me, make me yours again?” I could feel it charging through me, taking me back to those times that once destroyed us.

“My little whore gone all needy has she?” I wickedly said. Before she could answer I pulled her hair and dragged her along the tiled floor. Her knees slipped on the wet floor beneath. I dragged her yelping body up the 2 steps leading to my bath. “Shut up you little bitch, and get in the there!!” I noticed her red raw knees as she crawled over the side of the bath. God what was I doing, a moment of doubt entering my mind, then I looked at her eyes again. Oh fuck they are so vulnerable and submissive, the shred of doubt passing as I felt the bitch inside regaining her power. “Now you little whore, what is it you want from me?”

“Please Nikki, you remember how much I loved being your slut, cleanse me Nikki, please!” She always used that word ‘cleanse’, I never did totally understand why, but I knew what it meant.

“Mmmm my little slut, you gonna take it all bitch?”

She nodded her head, “yes Nikki, piss on me, let me feel and taste you again.”

I stood before her, looking down on my little slut. I grabbed her hair and pulled her into me. “Eat my cunt you little slut!” As I buried her face in my pussy I lifted my leg to the side of the bath. “Ohh god, you little bitch you haven’t lost your touch, oohh fuck…” I rocked back and forth on her eager mouth. I felt her moans vibrate on my pussy, her tongue wild on my clit. Fast circles surrounding it, teasing it more and more out of its hood. I felt her hard tongue flick over it, over and over again. My hips bucked hard. “Oohh fuck, that’s it bitch, make me cum…”

“God Nikki, please, cover me…” Her tongue returning to my clit.

Her begging intensified my building orgasm, “ohhhhhhhh fuckkk… you whore…aaghhhh.” My hips bucked hard on her face, my legs buckled at the force of my orgasm. As my hips settled I looked down to see those eyes staring at me. I could see the need and want in them, silently begging me. “Open your mouth you little bitch!!” I again grabbed her and pulled her close to my pussy. “Is this what you want you slut?” Her nodding head was all I needed. At once, my golden nectar flowed, hitting her nose and cheeks. Her white teeth now stained as the yellow liquid flowed around her lips, falling into her waiting mouth like a waterfall. It cascaded down her chin, seeping down her neck, soaking the front of her white shirt.

As the flow started to trickle slowly, she knelt there panting, trying to breathe. Her hand cupped my pussy catching the last few drops. “Oh you haven’t forgotten what you are have you?” My question went unanswered as she bought her palm to her mouth and her tongue lapped and licked at the tiny puddle in her hand. Her large full breasts heaving under her shirt that now fitted like a second skin.

I bent down and my lips met hers. Her mouth covered in my salty taste that mingled with my cum. I moaned as our tongues danced together. My dark desires slowly retracting and sinking back into me. Still kissing her I reached to the tiled wall to turn on the tap. This time clear, warm liquid fell on us both from above. I knelt down too, my face now level with hers. My fingers fumbling with the buttons on her shirt, peeling the golden coloured material from her. Her white satin bra, only slightly stained was desperately trying to hold in her full breasts. I unclipped the fastener at the front, and her breasts fell into my hands. Moving my palms to the side of them, I gently squeezed them. They fitted so perfectly, so soft and yet so firm. My thumb traced over her hard nipples. God I love those nipples, big, hard and red. I pulled away slightly from her lips and kissed her neck then all over her breasts. I could hear her soft moans as my lips covered her nipple and softly sucked it into my mouth. My tongue gently flicking it. I pulled my head back and whispered for her to stand.

She did as I asked and I positioned her under the shower head. Slowly I removed the rest of her clothing to reveal her beautiful body. Moaning softly as my fingers followed the flowing watery patterns on her delicate skin. I caught the droplets that fell from her nipples that were now so big and hard from her excitement. I kissed her red knees that had burned on the tiled floor. A sharp intake of an inhaled breath telling me how sore her knees were. All that was left of our play was the fading amber stain that was vanishing from her body.

I stood up and kissed her again, her lips so soft on mine. Her tongue, moist and smooth, sliding inside my mouth. My fingers teased her nipples. Hearing her gasp as I pinched and twisted them was such a turn on. Her nipples were bursa escort bayan always so sensitive to my touch. Just one touch of my finger nail flicking over them would cause her to moan and melt into me. My fingers now traced the outline of her curvy body. Her hips, her buttocks, her thighs. I heard her moan louder as my hands softly groped her buttocks. God she had a wonderful arse, so shapely and firm, and it was always begging to be groped!

I softly traced my fingers from her firm buttocks and made my way to the soft tuft of hair that sat so neatly above her pussy. I placed my leg between hers, forcing her thighs open a little more. My fingers slid easily through her engorged puffy lips, her wetness forming in small pools just inside her opening. I slid 2 fingers in her straight away, causing her to gasp loudly. My thumb striking her clit, flicking over it as I pummelled my fingers inside. “Aaghh Nikki… uuhh talk to me… please…oohh,” she begged as she raised her leg and rested it on the edge of the bath.

I knew what she wanted. Her legs were shaking, her breathing ragged as she begged me over and over again. She was desperate, so out of control. I’ve heard her beg before but not like this. She had put herself right back in the game, where as I had hung on the outskirts not wanting to go further. “For fuck sake you bitch… you made me this way, now finish it!!”

I pulled my fingers out, and cupped her pussy, wondering to myself whether this is one of those times where she would get off from my words. My hand against her pussy, no intrusion with my fingers, no movement on her hard clit. I reached up and placed my hand around her throat and pinned her tight against the bathroom wall. With my lips close to her ear I began to whisper. “Ohh Helen, look at you, all needy and desperate. Acting like a slut, pleading with me to talk to you. I’m talking now you slut, is this want you want? You want me to tell you that you are slut and a whore! You get off on it don’t you Helen?”

I could hear from her breathing that she couldn’t take much more. Her head nodding throughout my soft words, agreeing with me in silence. I felt her shaking against me, her juices flowing through my fingers. My lips brushing against hers and my eyes firmly locked with hers. “You want to cum don’t you my little slut? You like getting treated like a whore, getting pissed on and made to drink it, you love it don’t you?” Her head nodded again as I pulled back from her lips. “You gonna cum for me my little whore?”

Again her head nodded, and her hips began to grind on my hand. I gripped her tighter and shook my head in disagreement with her movements. She stopped, “please Nikki, let me cum…I am a slut and a whore…” My wicked grin telling her that’s what I wanted to hear. I raised an eyebrow and she continued. “I love it when you piss on me, I…I… am… truly a…a dirty whore…and a dir…” Her words stifling as her body shook; still no movement from her hips, her whole body went rigid and tense as each wave of her orgasm numbed every nerve ending. I moaned loud enough for her to hear. Then it came from deep within, rising up through her body. “Ohhhhhh… dirty sl…slut aagghhhhhh I’m a slut, oohhhhhhhhhhhhh… fucckkkkkkk.”

I released my grip from her throat and her head fell forward against my shoulder. My fingers running through her hair. Her breathing, so hard, fast and uncontrollable. I pulled her head back with a tug of her hair then took my hand away from her pussy. “Clean this like the bitch on heat you are?”

Offering her my hand, covered in her cum. I placed my palm against her face, and rubbed it in slow circles. “Mmm my little slut is hungry for this isn’t she?” I moaned. Her full lips contorting as my palm rubbed on them. Her mouth opened wider, tasting her cum. Her tongue crept out, licking slowly at first. I lowered my palm so that my fingers now rubbed against her lips. I dipped them in and felt her warm mouth surround them. “You like me feeding you don’t you bitch?” I whispered as she licked my fingers wildly and started sucking her cum off them one by one. Within a few minutes her breathing began to return to normal and her tongue slowed down its dance on my fingers.

For a while longer we stared at each other, neither one of us speaking. Again her eyes were burning with passion. I looked away thinking this was enough, no more! “Come on baby; let’s get ready to go out, you can wear some of my clothes.” I said, thinking she was satisfied by this turn of events.

She shook her head and grabbed my arm. “No Nikki, I want more, I don’t want to meet the others tonight, let’s carry on…” By the time she finished her sentence tears were in her eyes. I shook my head, thoughts of regret rushed through my mind. God what have I done to her. She was a wreck; she was shaking, crying and sobbing. “God Nikki, please, I am so lost without you, I need this, please don’t let this end now.”

Her eyes pleading with mine to continue escort bursa what we had started. “I know you liked it Nikki, you would have stopped it when I got on my knees if those desires hadn’t returned. I saw the look in your eyes too when I fell to the floor, you miss it as well Nikki. The power.”

Shit, where was all this coming from, my mind trying to find answers. Pulling my arm away from her as I sternly said, “No Helen, you’re out of control. This ends NOW!!” I stepped out of the bath and grabbed a towel. I could hear her sobs as I left the bathroom and headed for the bedroom. I opened the chest of drawers frantically searching for something to put on, wanting to run, to escape this situation. Questions ran through my mind. What the hell’s got into her? What the hell’s got into me? Why is she being like this? Did I really do this to her? Was I to blame? All these questions left unanswered.

My thoughts were broken with her sobbing and when I turned around she was crawling towards me. Her full breasts swaying, her cute arse shimmying from side to side. My heart was skipping beats as she crawled like a panther. Her movement so smooth and elegant.” You remember how I used to crawl to you, don’t you Nikki? How it made you feel? Makes your heart flutter, your breathing go deep. Don’t fight it Nikki, its too late for that!”

Anger, regret, desire, passion and obsession were all building in me, crawling under my skin. Flashbacks of our last time together crashed into the forefront of my mind. I backed into the bare window, the coldness against my skin matching the coldness in my heart on ‘that’ day. That day seemed like new, as if it had only just happened. I lowered my head into my hands, and screamed at her, “STOP IT YOU BITCH…JUST FUCKING STOP IT NOW”

She now stood in front of me, “Now who’s out of control, look at you Nikki, you’re a mess. You’re fighting those feelings. Those dark desires are pushing you again aren’t they? How rough are you gonna get this time when I beg you to hurt me? Your little slut likes it rough doesn’t she, you do remember don’t you?”

I was losing my fight against it, my hands reached up around her neck. I marched her back across the bedroom. “Turn around you fucking bitch, tell me what you want you little slut?” I pushed her down on the ottoman. “Get on all fours and tell me what you want?” My breathing was ragged but I didn’t care now. The battle with my conscience had gone. Power, passion and obsession had completely overwhelmed me.

“Oh Nikki, fuck me hard!! Get the big one, I want your big one!” she begged.

I opened the top drawer and grabbed my harness. In the next drawer I fumbled around to find the strap-on she wanted. I had only used this on her once, but Christ did she cum! I stood in front of her attaching it to my harness. “My whore wants this inside her does she? My big girl cock fucking her tight pussy.”

“Yes Nikki please…fuck me hard… be rough with me, I deserve it, I’m such a slut…”

I waved the strap-on in her face. I grabbed her hair and pushed her mouth onto it. “That’s it bitch, suck it, get it wet. I want it dripping!” The saliva was oozing from her mouth. “You’re a hungry bitch!” She had dribble hanging from her chin, her mouth stretched open by the 3inch wide toy impaling her. I pulled it out of her mouth, “You want this in your cunt now?” Her head nodded, unable to speak. Her saliva glistening in the soft glow of the bedroom. My finger softly stroked along her jaw line, scooping up her saliva. I rubbed it into my fingers and placed them in her mouth. She sucked them as I moaned, “you’re a messy slut aren’t you?” She nodded again, agreeing with me.

I moved around the back of her, her sopping pussy already leaking onto her thighs. I took a step forward and put the tip of the strap-on on her pussy. I didn’t push it in or stroke her pussy. I stood there and waited. I felt her lightly push against it and she was rewarded with a slap to her arse. “Owww fuck!!” she shouted. I remained quiet, waiting patiently for her begging to start. I didn’t have to wait long. “Fuck me Nikki, please; I need it, fuck my cunt you bitch!” I chuckled at her, and then slammed the 9inch toy deep inside. “Aahh fuckkk!” she bellowed as I rammed it in her, fucking her so hard.

I tugged her hair, pulling her head back, “you like this bitch, getting fucked like a whore!”

“Yes, yess yyeessssss, fuck me harder…fuck your slut…fuck meee…aahhhhh!!”

I pounded into her a few more times, one hand flat on her back, the other pulling at her long red hair. Tugging it roughly so her head jerks back, hearing her screams of encouragement to do it harder and faster. I pummelled into her for a while longer as my hands gripped her shoulders. I pulled her back so her arms came off the wooden ottoman. I rocked slowly in and out of her, taking the strap-on right out, then filling her once more, repeating this slow action until I heard her begging moans again. When I knew she couldn’t take much more I placed the tip against her pussy. With her final begging I rammed the strap-on in, fucking her faster and faster. Hearing her moans getting louder and her words becoming more unrecognisable as my assault continued.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32