Love Never Begs Pt. 04

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As I washed my mouth and came back to Sarla I found her still sitting on the floor, weeping. I hugged her and said, “Why are you crying my love? Don’t worry I have deleted all the photos and video. Rekha doesn’t have anything against us.”

Sarla looked towards me with teary eyes and said, “I am feeling sad for you Pinky dear. You are going through so many troubles because of me. You had to cancel your ticket because of me, you had to have sex with Rekha to protect me. You don’t deserve me dear. I think I am only causing you trouble.”

I shut her mouth with the palm of my hand and said, “Don’t say so baby, I love you very much. I can do anything for you, my love. I am going to love you and protect you to the end of this world.”

I wiped Sarla’s tears and kissed her on the lips and cheeks. The beggar woman gradually became normal and said, “Let us have our lunch dear.”

We ate together and discussed what to do next. We needed to leave the town by tomorrow and even in tatkal mode train tickets were not available. The bus transport option was there but Sarla won’t be able to bear such a long journey on the bus. We needed at least a sleeper class ticket. I decided to visit the station in the evening and try my luck at getting the tickets.

After our lunch we went to bed. As we kissed each other both of us started to feel horny. I was specially mesmerized by the sweaty body odour of Sarla and also wanted to taste her body. So, before long I had taken off her clothes and started to kiss her lips, neck, boobs and belly. Sarla was moaning as she felt my lips travel on her dark body. The dust that used to be there in her body had minimised a lot but the sweaty odour was there as usual. I really loved that smell now and I absolutely kissed and licked her body with passion.

“Pinky baby.” Sarla called me. I just managed a ‘Mmm’ since I was busy kissing her arms and shoulders.

“Did Rekha give you much trouble?” She asked.

I stopped kissing her and just stared into her eyes. I then said, “No trouble is much if it is for your sake my love.”

Sarla smiled at me and we kissed again. As I started to kiss her dark, sweaty body again I suddenly remembered everything that I did with Rekha, including the ass licking. I involuntarily turned Sarla’s body so that she was on her belly with her back towards me.

The dark back of the beggar woman came in my view and as I ran my eyes from the back of her neck down to her waist I couldn’t help looking down into Sarla’s ass. The buttocks were black, hairy with a few stretch marks and small pimples. Being a slim woman Sarla’s ass was also not a big one like Rekha’s, and the sight of it was not attractive by any means. But I felt myself drawn towards it. I just wanted to taste the asshole of the beggar woman, and having licked Rekha’s ass had turned on that freak inside me. As I kissed on her nape and came down kissing her spine to her waist I was only aiming to lick her ass soon.

A knock at the door startled both of us. I quickly jumped up and put on my clothes. I took Sarla in my arms and put her on the kitchen chair again. I bolted the kitchen door and opened the front door to find, to an absolute shocker, a professor from my college, Deepa madam. I was struggling to find words as I stammered, “Ma… m? You, you here? Good afternoon mam. Please come in…mam.”

Deepa mam smiled and said, “No, I won’t come in now, I have some work. I met your mess in charge Anjali half an hour ago. She told me that your ticket didn’t get confirmed and so you are staying today instead of going back home. Have you booked your ticket yet? If not, I have an offer for you. I had my two tickets booked for tomorrow’s train to Delhi. But due to an emergency my daughter and I won’t be able to go. There will be no refund for me if I cancel my tickets now. So, will you use my tickets to go to your home town? Your station falls on the route, doesn’t it? Of course my ticket is for the first class ac compartment, but you need to pay me only the sleeper fare.”

I couldn’t believe my ears that such a wonderful offer had come my way. I readily said, “Yes mam, thank you, thank you so much mam. I accept your offer. And mam I am going to buy both your tickets and adjust one with another girl who is also facing the same problem as mine. She will accompany me too. She is from another college.”

Deepa madam’s eyes lit up and she said, “Oh that’s great. Here are the tickets. Will you pay me the money now? “

I took the tickets and went inside to bring the money and paid in full to Deepa madam. She thanked me and left. I was so, so happy. God had given me and Sarla such a great opportunity. Ankara escort Deepa madam was of Sarla’s age and her daughter was of my age. So, there won’t be much problem for us filling up for them in the train. And the ticket was of first class ac. Sarla and I would have the compartment exclusively for us. As I took Sarla out of the kitchen and told her the good news she was delighted. We kissed and kissed like mad women in ecstasy. I then whispered in her ear, “Let me finish what I couldn’t start then.”

Sarle lay on her belly again and I started to slowly caress her dark, hairy asscheeks. I bent down and blew air on her buttocks as the beggar woman purred softly. Small outgrowth of hair and some pimples here and there defined the beggar woman’s ass and I was very much attracted towards it. I cupped both the asscheeks with my hands and then bent down to plant kisses on the buttocks. Sarla slowly moaned as she felt me kissing her ass. I ran my lips and tongue on the dark ass of the beggar woman, diagonally, horizontally, vertically and zigzag, kissing her ass in all possible points. The ass was not the cleanest of all and also due to sweat the smell was getting stinky. But I was kissing the asscheeks nonstop and Sarla was breathing deeply with occasional moans.

I gradually went towards the crevice of her buttocks and rubbed my nose up and down in the ass crack, thereby sniffing her ass. The smell was different and very strong, stronger than that of Rekha. I didn’t withdraw myself and just kept sniffing her. Sarla moaned, “Oh Pinky baby, you are so crazy, you are kissing and sniffing my ass. I had no idea that anybody could think of doing it. You love my ass don’t you?”

I stopped sniffing her ass for a bit and said, “Yes my love, I love every body part of yours. I love your ass. I want to sniff, kiss and taste it. I want to slobber and lick it.”

Sarla moaned, “Ohh Pinky you are so good, don’t stop. Lick and sniff my ass, lick it clean baby. Spend your time worshipping my ass dear. Do it my love.”

I was not to be told twice and I started to sniff her ass again. The strong earthy odour increased with time as I sniffed on and on the beggar woman’s ass. My pussy was really wet by now and as I kept sniffing her ass I humped my pussy on the bed. I finally used my hands to separate Sarla’s asscheeks and put my tongue in the asshole. I slowly gave it a tentative lick, the taste was pungent and earthy but I loved it! I put my tongue in the asshole and this time gave a few strokes of my tongue. Sarla’s body shivered as she felt my tongue move in her ass. I buried my face in the beggar woman’s asscheeks and licked her asshole vigorously now. My tongue wiggled in her asshole as Sarla’s moans increased. My head was doing rapid movements as my tongue repeatedly licked the asshole of my lover. My pussy humped on the bed, matching the intensity with which I licked Sarla’s ass. Sarla had put her fingers in her own pussy by now and was pleasuring herself as she was being pleasured by me in the ass.

Sarla moaned as she neared her climax, my tongue which was restless for the last few minutes was drilling in and out her asshole, thereby tongue fucking her. Soon it was too much for her to bear and she met her orgasm. Incidentally I too met my orgasm due to my humping on the bed. Both of us were exhausted and remained in the same position, too tired to move. I made Sarla’s ass my pillow and fell asleep.

That night before leaving for the station we had sex once more and I made sure that I had licked Sarla’s sweaty, smelly body to my heart’s content. Sarla fingered me to my climax and we left for the railway station at 11-30 PM. The scheduled departure time of the train was at 1 PM. I had taken Sarla’s blanket with us since I had an emotional attachment to it. The blanket was key to saving me from the goons too. So, though I had rejected Sarla’s worn out saree and given her my clothes to wear instead, I had kept her blanket along with my belongings. Due to Sarla being specially abled she was helped to the compartment by a railway department worker using a wheelchair. We were the only two passengers in our first class ac compartment and hence when we bolted the door of the compartment after the TTE had checked our tickets, we were left in each other’s company.

I took the dusty, unwashed, smelly blanket of Sarla from my bag and placed it on the train sleeper bed. Sarla said, “Pinky are we going to sleep on this?”

I kissed her and said, “This blanket helped you save me dear, now I want to make love to you on it.”

Sarla said, “Ok dear, never let the blanket go off us then.”

The train ankara rus escort was gathering speed as it left the station and I slowly helped Sarla lie down on the blanket. I got on her top and kissed her lips. We both were fully clothed at that time and were kissing passionately. The AC was on in full mode and hence we were really comfortable although the temperature outside was hot and humid. I tilted my mouth a bit and took Sarla’s tongue in my mouth. I sucked at her wet tongue making slurping sounds and saliva from our mouths slowly got mixed. Sarla being a village woman wasn’t a good kisser at first but slowly with repeated practice she was becoming a good one.

After kissing for some time I broke the kiss and got down and took out the blanket from Sarla’s beneath. I lied down on the sleeper bed and asked Sarla to lie on my top, with the blanket engulfing both of us. The stinky smelling blanket thus covered both our bodies as we started to kiss again, this time Sarla on my top. I was holding the blanket with my hands on our bodies while Sarla was cupping my boobs and kissing my lips. She extended her tongue and started to lick my face. She licked on my cheeks, lips, eyes, ears and forehead. Her saliva drenched my face as the beggar woman kept licking me non-stop. She then inserted her tongue in my mouth and made it dance against my tongue. She after some time pulled it out and licked all over my face again. The stinky smell of the blanket was accompanying us in our love making.

Sarla now started to suck at my cheeks and slowly nibbled at my skin. Her full weight was upon me and I was holding the blanket over both of us. She licked, then sucked and again licked my face, making it drenched with her saliva. She was doing it with so much intensity that I was struggling to keep up with her. Her boobs were rubbing against mine as she untiringly licked, sucked and nibbled at my skin. I was gasping for breath as time went on but Saral didn’t show any signs of fatigue as she continued licking and sucking my face. The train was in top speed and we were shaking on the sleeper bed as Sarla’s mouth and tongue moved all over my face again and again.

I tried to tell Sarla to let me have a break but before I could speak Sarla had sucked my lips into her mouth. She ran her wet tongue on my lips again and again, coating them with her saliva. She then slowly used a few of her teeth to sink on my lips, giving me painless, tingling bites. I tried to free my lips from her mouth but Sarla by then had tightened her tooth grip on my lips. She used her hands to slowly caress on my ears and neck, making me shiver. My hands were still holding on to the stinky smelling blanket, keeping it over our bodies.

Sarla left my lips and immediately licked my cheeks again, with gentle bites all over my face. I was trying to rotate my face sideways but she would lick and suck any portion of the exposed skin of my face. Finally she began to lick vigorously on my cheek, with her pussy humping on my thighs, making loud moaning sounds. Her tongue was moving very fast on my right cheek, licking it fully. I was becoming breathless now by the fierce love making of the beggar woman, who was squealing in pleasure now. Her pussy was getting all the rubbing from my thighs while she was sucking at my cheek. As soon as she reached her climax in sheer excitement her teeth sank into my skin as she bit me with immense passion. It was no more painless and I was sure I was going to carry a bite mark. I let out a little scream in sudden pain and shock, and Sarla in tiredness just laid her body down on me. She was fatigued now and was taking deep breaths.

I knew my face was a mess now with her saliva and love bite all over it. But I didn’t try to wipe my face and kept it as it was. I left the blanket now and caressed the hair of my lover and said, “Wow Sarla dear, that was some ferocious lovemaking by you. You were so excited and intense, weren’t you?”

She just managed a sound of ‘Mmm’ and kept lying on my body. The blanket was still engulfing us and I caressed her head and back as Sarla rested on my body. My pussy was still on fire as I was yet to meet my orgasm and Sarla’s love making had made me very horny. I really wished to bring myself to my climax but with Sarla on my top I was unable to do it. So, when I felt that Sarla’s breathing was normal again I said, “Baby I want to cum too. Please help me out.”

Sarla once again just moaned lightly but showed no intention to get up. I held her cheeks and slowly lifted her head up to kiss on her lips. She looked at me and smiled. I said, “Baby my pussy ankara türbanlı escort is on fire. Make me cum please.”

“Okay.” Sarla replied.

I helped her get up from my body gradually, paying attention that her deformed leg didn’t get hurt. It wasn’t an easy task as the train was moving at a rapid pace. Slowly and steadily Sarla got into a sitting position on my belly. Before I could slowly lift her up and take out my body from beneath, Sarla in a sudden movement started to rub her way to my face. She was naked below the waist and before I could make out anything the beggar woman had placed her ass on my face.

Sarla’s ass engulfed my entire face, my hands involuntarily went to hold her waist so that she didn’t fall down due to any imbalance. Smell of her just squirted cum juices as well as the smell of her ass hit my nostrils. I could hear her moan, “Pinky my love, I would surely make you cum. But honey, I really loved it when you tongued my asshole. Nobody had ever done it to me before and now I am obsessed about it. I want your pretty little tongue to be in my ass everyday. I love it when you lick my ass and I want you to lick my asshole whenever possible. Please lick me and show me your love baby.”

Saying so Sarla rubbed her ass on my face, attempting to place her puckered hole on my mouth. She was successful after some initial difficulty and the crevice between her buttocks was placed on my nose and mouth. I sniffed her asshole, smelling the earthy smell, and then took out my tongue to lick her asshole. Sarla cupped my boobs and moaned as she felt my tongue move up and down in her ass crack. The taste was quite strong and pungent now, and even in the AC compartment Sarla had some sweat accumulated in her asshole, the added smell of which was driving me crazy.

“Uh! Oh! Ah! Babyyyy. Keep licking. Ohhh!” Sarla was moaning as I untiringly licked her asshole. Whenever I breathed in the smell of her sweaty asshole came in with my share of oxygen. My face being under Sarla’s weight was starting to sweat as well and I am sure it had turned a bit red by now. The bite mark made by Sarla earlier was hurting a bit now due to the rubbing by Sarlas ass. But I was untiringly licking Sarla’s asshole like a hungry cat lapping up milk. How things had changed for me in the last twenty four hours, I was licking a woman’s asshole in a first class AC of a moving train, on the way to my home. The woman who was double my age and a beggar, but also my lover.

Sarla started to pinch my nipples in excitement as her asshole got licked on by me. My tongue moved in all possible directions, touching all corners of her ass. Sarla was putting her entire weight on me now, and the moving train was shaking and rubbing her ass on my face. I was having difficulty in breathing due to this but was licking her asshole non-stop. Sarla slowly lifted herself a bit now and bent forward to touch my wet pussy. A wave of pleasure ran through my body as Sarla touched my clit and played with my pussy. I knew she was supporting herself only on her good leg at that time and hence I grabbed her waist on the weaker side to support her.

“Don’t stop licking my ass Pinky, please continue.” She murmured as she played with my pussy.

I lifted my head up and while holding the sides of her asscheeks started to lick her asshole again. I moved my tongue up and down, tasting the entire length of her ass crack. My pussy was getting the treatment I was looking for a long time, and it was pleasuring me immensely. I licked Sarla’s ass with full energy and both of us moaned in the running train. Soon Sarla’s fingers had taken me to my climax and when I reached it I let out a cry and squirted for about thirty seconds. I had stopped licking her ass momentarily as the orgasm hit me, and before long Sarla had placed herself on my face again.

“Lick my ass again.” She moaned in excitement.

She wanted more and I wanted to give her more. Even though I was fatigued by now I held her asscheeks and started to lick her again. The strokes of my tongue were slower now as I was not at the fullest of my energy. But I didn’t stop for a moment and kept licking Sarla’s ass. The beggar woman mounting my face was moaning loudly as she felt my tongue moving in the crevice between her buttocks. If the door weren’t locked and the train wasn’t in motion anybody would have heard her moan. She had started to finger and rub her pussy in excitement now, my tongue still restlessly licking her ass.

Soon while moaning loudly Sarla reached her climax and collapsed in fatigue. I held her tightly so that she didn’t fall off my body to the floor. I understood that she was not in a condition to be moved and hence decided to keep her as she was, her ass being on my face. Soon Sarla was asleep and I too followed, the train rapidly moving along its path. I was sleeping with my face sideways, Sarla’s ass rested on my cheek. It was 3 AM in the night and we could still manage two to three hours of good sleep.

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