Love is Where One Finds It

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The three series I am currently developing are grouped as the St. John’s Church Community Series. They are primarily focused on Empowering and/or Empowered Women! The current stories are Lost Girls Find Life, The Day In My Life I Became Me, and Love Is Where One Finds It.

While 100% fiction, these stories are based on many similar actual events observed in the past. The average US citizen does not fully comprehend how pervasive child and women abuse is throughout America in everyday life. Many secret safe houses are located in numerous large and medium sized American cities, where women and their children successfully hide from their abusers.

Some of these safe houses also monitor the “Rape Hot Lines” for local police departments. The secret safe houses must also have volunteer teachers on-site for the younger children until they can be safely relocated to another safe area where they can attend regular public schools again.

Candy_Kane54’s Virginiaverse Series provided the impetus for my commencing to write the St. John’s stories. CK was so supportive when I approached her requesting editorial help and guidance since my previous writing experience was limited to Technical Manuals and Protocols. There definitely would not have been any St. John’s stories without CK’s soothing personality and help when I became frustrated.

I internally smiled as I began reading CK’s lesbian romance stories, which reminded me of entering corporate America many years ago. A host of senior-level female executives were ‘ROOMMATES’ for years, ranging in ages from 40 to 50 years old. I developed trusting friendships with several of these roommates, who later shared the true status of their same-sex relationship with me. Two particularly close friends lived their entire adult lives together as roommates in denial since they could not openly love their partner.

This corporate denial of same-sex relationships was a bit similar to CK’s Virginiaverse Military Series before President Bill Clinton’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. Therefore, I specifically chose to highlight Abandonment and Abuse Leading to Empowerment in the St. John’s story series. This can be viewed as a different aspect or view of the same issue(s), which primarily affects escort kocaeli females.

A few comments on previous stories have been quite helpful, such as “This Sucks.” Unfortunately, “This Sucks” was not defined as my writing, which should improve with CK’s help. If the story sucked because the person was not interested in the topic of “empowering females from their childhood,” then it’s best they choose not to read my stories!

Women Can Attain Whatever They Desire, Which Only Requires Solid Encouragement Starting In Their Youth!

Prologue: This is my third erotic story group on Literotica. As always, I am totally indebted to Candy_Kane54 (CK) for providing critical editing suggestions, style advice, and general encouragement in writing this Lesbian Romance story.


Trezula Montique-Madison (Trez) attended a major Manufacturing and Engineering (M her family had relocated there from Montreal when she was six years old due to her dad’s business promotion. Her late husband had also been her best friend in life after Trez’s family settled into the greater Seattle community. On her first day of school, the two had met and later realized their families lived in the same Seattle suburb.

Subsequently, their families became quite close. Her late husband had been active in Trez’s life from the early age of six until his untimely death at thirty-two, almost three years ago. They had been married for seven wonderful years before the fatal accident. Before that, they were a committed couple for several years prior to marrying. They also attended the same university for five years, so they had been very close friends for most of their lives before getting married.

Trez was utterly devastated by her husband’s death and was just now slowly getting back on track after nearly three years of internal mourning. Her parents had returned home to Montreal after her father’s retirement but had rushed to her side upon learning of the fatal accident. They stayed with her for six weeks following the funeral and then returned to their home in Montreal. Therefore, she was now alone in Seattle with just her warm memories of family and a too brief seven-year marriage.

Trez’s Department Director allowed her to take as much gölcük escort time as needed to recover and heal. She was a senior design engineer, so she could perform many of her work tasks from home. She only worked in the office on Fridays for the first year after her loss. However, she never participated in any of the company’s social activities. Trez chose not to attend most of these activities because many of the single males began asking her out less than two months after her husband’s funeral. It was apparent they viewed her as ‘vulnerable and being an easy lay’ as a recent widow.

After her being continually isolated for more than two years, Trez’s director was really concerned about her mental health. Trez basically worked and constantly mourned her husband, with no other activities besides distance running to relieve her stress. Finally, he convinced her to attend a one-week Manufacturing and Engineering Design trade show in Chicago.

The conference was for six days, with the exhibit booths open for four days. On the 3rd day of the meeting, Trez felt it had been a mistake for her to attend this trade show. She was constantly being hit on by men in this male-dominated engineering profession due to her unique beauty and height. Trez’s initial response to these personal intrusions was to completely shut the guys down and walk briskly away.

It was primarily for this reason that she did not attend any of the social functions. Trez felt miserably isolated, sad for being seemingly confined to her room in a prison-like atmosphere. She had basically brought her despair to Chicago with her since she similarly lived in a self-imposed exile in her Seattle townhouse.

Trez phoned her department director in Seattle, who completely understood her sadness at being alone in Chicago, not knowing anyone. Therefore he agreed that she could depart the conference later that evening, immediately following the New Design Theory and Technology round table discussions.

Once that session ended, Trez took a quick lunch at the hotel buffet and then Uber to the airport for her evening flight departure. She chose her lunch selections and then looked all around for a quiet place to eat and thankfully saw a table for four with just one lady izmit sınırsız escort seated who appeared to have some Black American ethnic heritage. She walked over and “introduced herself as Trez,” asking to share the table? The lady stood and responded that “she was Sarah, saying, of course, Trez could sit there as she was alone.”

When Trez was fully seated, she asked Sarah “if she was at the M the Augusta company contract was for two years. Then, she would move on to another project.

“Would Beth go with her to the new project? Also, if Beth wanted to attend university one or two days a week, See Tech would pay all the costs. To do so, she needed to maintain a ‘B’ Average.”

Finally, Beth’s base pay would be $35,300 annually or $17.00 per hour! She would receive other benefits such as medical insurance, paid vacation, holidays, See Tech retirement contribution, bonuses, and travel funds for the Savannah visits. These other compensation items increased her pay package value to forty-five thousand dollars annually. Trez would give her the complete HR package after meeting with the Augusta Company’s engineering management team.

Beth would then be transferred to the See Tech payroll and specifically Trez’s project budget. The Seattle Director completely agreed with Trez needing someone with access to the Augusta office and was pleased she could trust Beth’s work and ethics. She would arrange for Beth to take any accumulated vacation before switching her to See Tech’s payroll.

Trez scheduled a meeting for Monday morning where everything would be made official. She expected the Augusta Engineering Director to complain about Beth’s move. However, all would be final after the meeting.

Trez asked Beth for one promise, to “always be truthful, honest, and do her best” on projects Trez gave her. She would teach Beth and give her some helpful books to study during the next two years. Once the Augusta project was completed and they were then reassigned, Beth could plan on starting her online University studies!

This Augusta Engineering Director did not seem very nice like Trez’s Seattle director, so he could try to make trouble. Beth should not worry and definitely “DO NOT TELL ANYONE at the company of her SEE TECH pay package!”

“Questions, Sweetie?”

This was unbelievable, almost like a dream, but she absolutely trusted Trez and would do everything she requested. She was the only person in the entire Augusta Engineering division who treated Beth like a human being.

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