Love Is a Drug Ch. 01 Pt. 01-02

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The prologue

In an East London flat live two men with not the simplest of lives… no!

The black market was becoming more popular then ever in this day and age, and was the easiest place to traffic, hidden within the dark places, amongst the dregs of society.

Calvin supplied the smack; Theo the delivery boy, and with their manager, Andrew, they worked together methodically and carefully. Anyone who seemed a little dodgy they tried to avoid, although sometimes it was impossible to foresee the unknown.

Suppliers were never a problem; some of Cal’s closet friends had perfected the art of mixing to produce top quality shit.

The dealers were another issue. Some unsavoury characters amongst their ranks leaving them feeling as if they should watch their backs -especially Theo. He was pretty for a man -his face boyish with an effeminate form, gentle, fragile and petit. He was really too timid for this work, but the punters fell for his grace, doing anything just to catch a glimpse of his handsome face again.

He was protected, don’t get me wrong! Andrew or Cal, or both, always accompanied him on the drops -it was far too much of a risk for him to go alone, and so he had never done so. Though His lover was now starting to feel he needed to toughen up -in this job you need your wits and strength about you at all times.


“Morning boys, How are tricks?” Andrew walked through the door, brushing past Calvin who was still half sleep and in his boxers.

He yawned and shut it after the red- haired man, following him back to the kitchen, where he settled himself down at the table and helped himself to some freshly brewed coffee, looking fresh as a daisy.

Theo bit into his overly buttered toast, just as sleepy and far from the mood for pleasantries at eight in the morning.

“Yeah good, we sold 200 grams last night. Seems the local club manager has a bit of a trade going.” Cal tried to sound enthusiastic then sipped the coffee from his own mug.

“What club?” Andy lowered the cup back onto the table.

“Blue Velvet.” Theo answered with a smile.

“Ah hardly surprising, that joint has a bit of a reputation.” He bent closer “Did you know they’ve had two raids in the last three months?”

The fair man stopped eating his toast hanging in the air halfway to his mouth, and his man froze too. Andy just laughed.

“Don’t worry chaps,” He patted the outstretched hand that rested on the table.

“Mr. Derenzo won’t squeal. He’s highly respected and would rather serve time than lose contacts.”

Andy winked at the slight man, and Theo pulled his hands away, a little unconvinced. “And you two, my friends, have popped a corker there.”

He swiped a slice of toast from the plate and confidently took a bite.

“Yeah well, we hope you’re right, Andy. We have had no problems so far.”

“I hope you sold at 10% of the RRP?”

“20% actually.” Theo beamed.

“Good! I’m sure your source was a good blend.”

“Of course! Have you ever doubted me Andrew?” Cal replied cocking a cheeky eyebrow, and flipping his fringe from his eyes.

“Course not.” He took another sip of coffee and clapped his hands.

“Right. Business, chaps!”

Andy dealt with the contacts; making sure he got addresses, numbers, names, and to ensure they were legitimate, and not someone that would screw them over. Pay up front, no special negotiating if they weren’t happy, tough! they don’t deal with them again. Their own homes were kept secure and never to be located.

Pretty dangerous maybe, but luckily they had good regular customers, and no complaints. Having only being in the business two years, they’d had some scrapes, but they soon learned.

Calvin’s (Or known as Vin) contacts were always the best none of this washing powder or rat poison rubbish, they got top grade cocaine, Heroin… whatever they could get. A lot of it was thanks to Andy who had set up the business to start with, and successfully grown it.

“Right.” The manager pulled out his briefcase and placed it on the table, his executive slanted blue eyes peering at them through his think rimmed specs.

Theo held his breath. He hated this part, more dreaded it really, as he was the one who had to put himself forward while the others melted into the background.

But it was worth the good money that paid the rent on this modern two bedroom flat they lived in.

As you entered, you were faced with big windows on the opposite wall, giving the place a large airy feel. The lounge area was open plan cream leather sofas, glass coffee table, on pale wood flooring, with a kitchenette and breakfast bar to the right by a small doorway leading to the bedrooms and bathroom. Opposite was an alcove with a round dinning table. They could also afford top label clothes and food, plenty of extras with which they could live more than comfortably.

Theodor hadn’t been there long. In fact he’d been hauled out of a sticky situation, the two of them finding each other gaziantep bayan eskort by pure luck.

He had been in a bedsit, sharing with some very nasty people. There was something about him that the men found the need to pick on. He went on the run and was soon found beaten on the streets after the thugs had followed him. They had trashed his room and warned him to never return or they would do more than just give him a good hiding.

This was when Calvin had showed up and taken him under his wing, caring for him and bathing his wounds. He’d come to the bedsit in Dagenham, helped him clean the graffiti off the wall in big red letters saying ‘Nancy Boy’ and ‘queer’, nothing at all nice as they threatened his suspected sexuality.

Cal stayed with him some nights despite Theo’s reluctance, fearing it would make the situation worse, that they would accuse him of being his boyfriend. But he was tough and the brothers didn’t seem to bother them when he was around.

With things getting worse, and his guardian not able to be there all the time, he decided to let this poor boy move into his flat in Stratford. So there they stayed. Needing assistance in paying the rent so it helped when Theo moved in, both of them finding work in a bar, where they soon stumbled over Andrew .R. Standley the owner of a restaurant in Greenwich, close to his own house. They hit it off instantly and quickly became good friends.

Still, the rent increase meant they had to work twice as hard, and it was getting impossible to have a social life, let alone spend any money on themselves.

Andy treated them to a free meal at his restaurant, having a proposition for them at the same time.

Inviting them back to his place after a slap up meal and a free bottle of wine, he approached them discreetly on the matter of the black market of trafficking drugs, over a few Scotches.

Luckily for Cal his old friends and contacts had been in touch. He liked a little hit every now and then, nothing heavy, just something to get by. Funnily enough, he had been approached by them trying to come back into the trade. As they had some strong quality gear, Vin (to them) had tried, he approved, and Theo too had a tiny taster.

Years before he had been a dealer, back in the days of South London when he was young and naïve. He’d been caught, and could have been sentenced to a few years inside, just for possession, but his close friend Jon ‘Mackey’ Glaswegian took the blame for it all, pleading guilty to possession and dealing. He was sentenced to ten years in prison, his other mate Daz given five years, while Vin walked away scot free and swore never to go down that path again. He owed it to his good friends as they did time for him.

He had stayed clean ever since but now, Twelve years on, his friends called on him, but only to supply again. Old habits die hard, he had joked with them, and felt he owed them big time, the guilt had been drilling into him ever since.

So Andy had come up with this idea. Calvin had contacts, where was the harm? It was all discreet, and safe, since now they were older and a little wiser.

He called on Mackey after a long discussion, agreeing on the new deal, closing it with a hand shake and an old friendly embrace after meeting in Brixton where he had been living for the last few months.

He thanked him graciously for what he had done for him, even offering him more than a fair share of the sold gear.

Of course Mackey had new associates too who he could do business with. Daz had been a long distance contact, keeping apart lessened the chance of suspicion falling on them. He lived in Manchester with his wife and two boys. He was playing the real family man, but with a dark underhand double life, and he never returned to his old haunts.

So with contacts secured, and Andy having a great head for business; hence his successful restaurant and not short of a few bob! They were all set. Not only did Andrew have the mind of a criminal fraudster, he was clever and managed to fiddle the books and never got caught. Taking pity on the others, he fixed it so if he had been sussed, they would only find his dodgy tax accounts to pin him on, his ‘others’ would be safe, and switched over to Theodor .L. Curtis and Calvin .J. Walsh the silent partners.

Back to the present; Andy was sitting looking at the ‘black book’ as they called it. It contained all the dates, times and names, contact addresses, etc… and today they had a fair few.

“Midday we have Mr. Lawson. He wants you to meet him at the back of Cannon street.”

Theo breathed out, he knew this one was ok. Lawson had been a loyal customer for a long while, friendly and honest.

“At 2.30pm, Mickey Mad. Croydon. 3pm Skipper, 2A Tottenham Court Road. And 5pm it’s Donny Parker. Near Kings Cross, all deatails noted.”

“Ah good, some regulars.” Cal smiled, wrapping an arm around the ridged man to comfort him.

He knew how much he hated this part, but it was good to know that the contacts were some of their better associates.

The manager rubbed the bridge of his nose and glancing over to Theo for a moment, causing him to become a little concerned.

“We do have a new one.” He sighed, seeing him tense again at his words.

“Mr. ‘Kermit’ Kenneth.” He looked up from the book unimpressed as Theo now started to snigger.

“Why do they call him Kermit?” He straightened his lips.

“Who knows, but we must remain vigilant with him. He requires 150 grams of coke, and you’ve to meet him at Club Noir in Soho tomorrow. He also specified smart dress so no one will become suspicious that you are anything other than staff. He was very clear on the matter.”

“Wait, was it him that actually sent you the message?” Cal asked, fidgeting a little.

“Well, not directly. I guess he had an assistant to tell me the details, although I’m sure he is ok. Usually with the higher rank we get a greater deal of respect.”

Theodor shuddered, his man pulled him closer.

“Theo,” Andy lowered his voice and leaned across the table as if he was talking to a small child. “You really must trust me on this, and I think you’re ready to do this alone.”

“Hey, hey wait! He’s terrified; you can’t send him out to a new punter just like that. He could get hurt.”

“He needs to toughen up Vin! You’ve said that yourself. I have business tomorrow, I can’t be here. I’m due in Depford for a meeting at half Two. I can’t hold his hand anymore.”

“Thank you so much,” folding his arms, a look of hurt crossing his face.

“Then I will. Look, it’s new; can’t we send him alone to today’s drops? We know them, we trust them, and it’s a safer start.”

“I am still here you know.” Theo huffed, nudging the warm arm away, rejecting affection.

They had become lovers in that they lived together, over the first few weeks. He had become accustomed to his warmth and sympathy, how he protected him, nurtured him. Cal had fallen for his beauty, his grace and found himself dazzled by his innocent green eyes the moment he saw them.

One night they got drunk, an attempt to lift the burden of a life that was becoming increasingly difficult. They’d almost lost the flat due to arrears and not being able to pay the rent, Andrew coming to the rescue only months later. They’d taken a little coke to keep them from breaking and helped soften the mood.

Calvin longed to brush his fingers through his bleached platinum blonde curly hair that framed his handsome features, to kiss those smooth pouting lips.

He always wore such figure hugging clothes that left nothing to the imagination, and my god he had such a sexy body, from every curve of muscle, to his shapely legs under the tight stone washed Jeans.

He was in the spare room across the hall, and was driving himself mad with never ending fantasies of having his taunt naked body beneath him, writhing, trembling as he touched him. He didn’t want to push, to be too forward, he wanted to wait until he was ready, especially considering the traumatic time he’d had before.

But they did end up in bed together, passionately making love, and as he dreamt sweet Theo was crying out his name, his little fingers curled in the sheets, panting and moaning under him. They kissed, touched and fucked and now he was falling for him harder, wanting to protect him even more now.

However; suspected a little jealousy in Andy as he saw the way he would undress his cute guy with his eyes. No surprise, he was a very attractive man, almost feminine no doubt about that! Turning heads of men and wowan, converting a straight man too even. But he stayed clear of causing problems. After all, he was a close friend and partner and knew tension between them would fuck up everything they’d worked for.

Andy was like the Godfather. He was level headed; someone who knew every way of dealing with any situation that might arise. He was a great ally and they needed him.

“Vin, I have double-booked.”

“Then fucking un-double book.” He barked.

“It’s not as simple as that! We want to keep our customers happy don’t we?” Andrew sighed and frowned, “We have Kermit at 3pm, and I also have another drop on the other side of town at the same time.”

“Oh great, and I suppose muggins here has to do that one?” Rolling his eyes. “Look, I will do Kermit, and Theo can do the other.”

The green eyes locked with his, saddened and worried.

“I already told Kermit… Theodor…” Andy trailed off.

“…Oh I see,” Cal waved his hand knowing exactly what he had said. “Yeah our ‘prettiest’ young man will come. Eye candy, yeah?”

He knew his boyfriend was being exploited for his appearance again.

“I told him one of our boys will be there, the small good-looking blonde, and I can’t let him down. I’m sorry Vin but he will be expecting who I said, decribed. We need to keep up our reputation, and He is…” He gestured to the man in question. “Perfect.”

Calvin sighed heavily and fiddled with his hair. He had tied it up, and some strands at the sides came loose as he pulled it.

“I’ll do it.” He finally piped catching the others off guard, and leaving them staring at him in surprise.

“Angel?” Stroking his shoulder. “Are you sure?”

“You’re right, I do need to stand up and be brave. I will do this job.”

“Good man!” Andy beamed.

“I will get the cab booked, and Vin, you will need one to get to Hammersmith. Old Jock can do the job, drop you off first.”

Lucky for them he had his own contacts in the taxi firm, they knew him well and respected him, their loyalty being repaid with complementary meals at Stan’s.

Cal was still staring at his lover. He was trembling, and his breath was shallow and uneven, making it obvious that he was petrified.

“Theo, you need to do as you are told, pay attention and make sure they have the right amount we have been asked for,” Glaring sternly over his glasses, his voice significant.

“No wise cracks, and keep your mouth shut unless you’re asked a question or told to speak, do you hear me?” He was pointing now, compliantly nodded in agreement Theo swallowing hard at his harsh words.

“You know how this works, only difference is we won’t be behind you this time.”

He again nodded lightly in understanding and swallowed again, fear and adrenaline coursing through his body almost making breaking out in a cold sweat.

“Well gentlemen that’s it. I will come and pick you up at eleven.” He announced then eyed up this timid form, hot gaze taking in the slender body clad only in a t-shirt and shorts.

“Do you feed him Vin, he’s looking thin?” a light banter to end the meeting, may making him feel better.

“Oh I feed him alright.” A cheeky wink.

“Dirty sod.”

Poor little man failed to register the conversation, unable to hear any other sounds over his heart pounding in his head.

“See you later,” Andy called, bringing him back to the present.

He could only just mumble a goodbye, frozen as he was. The warm hand on his cheek jolted him, and he glanced up to see this calming smile.

“It’s ok, it will be fine.” He encircled his arms around his waist and kissed his slender neck, “Just a one off I promise.”

“Yeah,” He uttered, turning to face Cal, smiling shyly, and kissed his lips.

Before the drops the boys carefully handled the wrapped gear that they kept in a very secure area.

To anyone else the walk in closet in the small spare room was just an ordinary place to hang clothes or for storage, as it was. But secretly hidden underneath the plain wooden floor was a loose section, about 9 inches in square diameter that they could lift to reveal a hole with enough room to store the gear they needed. Who would suspect cleverly hidden as it was by boxes? and anyway, a special hook was required to open it, one that they kept on their persons at all times, cleverly disguised as a simple bottle opener.

A small bag was the perfect size to hold enough for the drops of the week. They placed what they needed into separate sections, marked with colour coded stickers so they knew what was for who.

Sometimes they could do more than five drops a day, and sometime just a couple, but today was average and easy, meeting the regular customers in usual places.

The knock startled them. In this very delicate operation they were more jumpy than normal, never knowing who it might be, or if they were about to be caught red handed with cocaine in their possession. It was unlikely but they never knew what could happen, so they had to be careful not to leave a trace behind them.

Theo walked to the door and waited for a second. He recognised Andrew’s special knock so he knew it was safe to open the door, the voice behind said it all; “It’s red,” a code word they knew, reassuring him it really was safe. Red was Andrews’s code name.

“Hi,” Theo smiled in a casual way letting the man walk in shutting the door quickly behind him and least there weren’t any nosy neighbours about.

There were four flats in the block; two downstairs, two upstairs, one of which the both of them occupied.

“Ready then?” Catching the blonde off guard, and taking the opportunity to let his eyes roam across his body.

Wearing a black shirt that opened in a deep V to the middle of his smooth chest. Those light jeans clung snuggly around his ass, hinting at what he had hidden within, which just happened to be something that Andrew was very much interested in.

Now clearing his throat as the gaze met.

“Almost,” He replied, looking over to the door as Cal appeared, holding the bag, and wearing a black suit jacket over a white T-shirt with black jeans, hair tied and sun glasses, looking like some rock God.

“Let’s go” Cal earnestly replied.

One by one they walked out the door, getting into the car to get the jobs done.

It was a successful day, earning them a pretty good wage for their efforts, leaving happy customers and a smile on each of their lips.

“Ok then, you guys wanna drop over at the restaurant tonight? I’ve got a special I want you to try out.”

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