Love in the Last Frontier, Part 3

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Big Tits

We traveled down to the end of the peninsula to the fishing town of Homer where we experienced a wonderful fish and chips lunch made from the fresh caught Halibut that came in that day from the fishing boats. Now I’ve had lots of fish and chips from all over the world but I can honestly say that none can compare to the delicious meal that I had that day at Captain Patty’s down on the spit. It was superb in its portions, taste and texture and although it wasn’t cheap, it was the most wonderful meal of its kind that I have ever had.

The views of the inlet were amazing with the volcanoes so close that you felt that you could almost reach out and touch them. The sun reflected off the salty water and made it seem almost tropical in its temperature. We stayed there for most of the afternoon, walking along the shops on the spit and taking photos of the surroundings but by 5:30 or so, we decided to head back towards Kenai and take the time to rest up a little from all of the lack of sleep we had endured the last couple of nights.

I allowed Chloe to demonstrate her domestic skills by fixing us a fine dinner and after a walk around the area, we decided to settle in for the evening and get ready for bed. Chloe walked out of the bedroom wearing her pajamas as my eyes fixated upon her luscious bodily attributes. There was nothing distinctive in what she was wearing; just your typical pair of long pajama bottoms and a tee shirt style top, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of her as she slyly walked over to where I was still sitting.

She noticed my look and asked, “What are you looking at?” and blushed.

“I’m looking at the most beautiful creature that God ever created,” I said looking directly into her beautiful blue eyes.

She blushed again and broke off her gaze to look down into her lap. I reached out with my fingers and gently touched her chin. I raised her head up to look into my eyes and told her, “Chloe, you really are beautiful you know and I am a lucky fellow just to be seen with you, much less, spending the night with you. I just wanted to tell you that and to say that I hope you are having as good of time as I am.”

She looked down again as she said softly, “I’m having a wonderful time up here and I want to thank you for inviting me along. I know that you didn’t have to.”

I continued to appraise this lovely young woman that I had rescued from her mother’s boyfriend a couple of weeks back and had asked to come up here on this scooting trip to Alaska. I knew of her skills in photography so I also knew that she could be of great help working as my assistant for the commission that I had accepted. But I really hadn’t expected her to be so beautiful.

Chloe was a short little thing, being no more than 5’ a couple of inches and tipping the scales at around 100 or 105. Her long blond hair had a natural wave in it that curled up just a little as it cascaded down to her slim little shoulders and framed nicely her delicate facial features. Her perfectly shaped body curved out at her breast line just enough to tell the observer that her breasts were soft yet firm and nicely sized to fit her petite body. She was thin through her waistline but her hips flared out just enough to frame her nice athletically shaped rear end. Her legs, when you could see them, were equally athletic, showing one the trimness and muscles of a runner yet the delicateness of a model. All in all, she was not bad to look at.

I could tell instantly that she was not wearing a bra under her pajamas by the slight sway of her breasts as she walked and the pointy ends of them protruding through her shirt. As she sat down beside me on the love seat, she turned to face me and drew up her legs and crossed them Indian style. Her bottoms were plenty loose fitting as they bagged in the crotch but I silently hoped that before the night was over, I would know if she was wearing anything under them.

She leaned over to unbutton my shirt as she shyly stated, “Let me help you take your shirt off.”

I sat back and allowed her nimble fingers to work their magic and before long she was pushing my shirt off of my shoulders and tossing it aside. Then she reached for my belt and attempted to unbuckle it, but because I was sitting, she just couldn’t undo the silly thing. I grinned and stood up before her as she scooted around to face me where I stood. She not only unbuckled my belt but unbuttoned my jeans, unzipped my fly and had them down to my knees before I knew what happened. She looked up into my eyes and smiled a very seductive smile and then lowered her gaze and proceeded to remove my boxers down to join my jeans at the floor. My cock started to swell and increase in size as she helped me step out of my clothes. I stood back up totally naked right in front of my seated lover as her hand went out and gently cradled my cock as she again looked up into my eyes.

It had now grown into an erect pole and as she opened her mouth up wide and stuck out her tongue, she turned my cock up to lick the full length of its under side. The look in her eyes told me that she was loving this attention she was giving me and she wasn’t about to stop anytime soon. She smiled at me when she had reached the end and then moved it to one side and applied her tongue again to the full length of it, finally flicking the tip with her tongue. She repeated the process on the other side and then on the top, licking the whole length and settling on the tip. Finally she looked again into my eyes and then down at my now rock hard cock, opened her mouth wide and put it in between her lips as far as it would go.

When it reached the back of her tongue, she closed her lips, sucked down hard on it and drug her lips the entire way out, sucking in on her cheeks as it went. I almost died as my knees started to buckle. She took it out of her mouth and licked around the head for awhile before she opened up again and this time took just the head into her mouth and licked and sucked the very life out of it. I touched her on the shoulder and said, “Oh Chloe, I’ve got to sit back down before you suck the living daylights out of me.” She scooted off the loveseat to the floor as she allowed me to sit in the very spot where she had just sat. I scooted my rear to the very edge of the seat and then lay back down so my neck was the only part of me touching the back.

She had full access to my open crotch as her hand began to stroke my flag pole and her lips covered my head. She was devouring my cock-head with her mouth and was pumping my shaft with her right hand but her left hand was busy fondling my balls. With her gentle caress, she fondled them tenderly while taking my cock down into her oral cavity and drawing it out through her puckered lips. She took a second to wet her finger with her saliva and then placed it back down between my legs as she sought out my anus. When she found it, she circled around it a few times and then penetrated the opening and pushed it up to touch my prostate. I went wild with excitement when she touched and massaged the tender love gland in my rectum.

I suddenly felt that urge start to brew deep down in my loins and I knew that my time was about up, so I tried to sit back up to let my darling know that I was about to spew, but she would have none of it. She pushed me back down and redoubled her efforts with her mouth, taking it all the way back against her throat and out through her sucking lips and tongue. Her actions only intensified my need to explode so in only a couple more pumps of her mouth, it started to twitch and jerk and then it exploded deep within her mouth and down her throat.

I shot and shot some more; rope after rope of my hot, sticky fluids down my lovers throat. The feeling of it erupting only made her suck even harder on it as she continued to massage my prostate. I had almost blocked her manual insertion up my rectum when I found myself shooting my load and my legs were sticking out as straight as a board.

“Oh my God!” I kept yelling, begging for her to continue sucking on my spewing cock. “Oh my God Chloe, swallow my cum down your throat! Oh my God!” I kept up my spewing for a long time before it started to subside, but that didn’t mean that I had lost all desire to satisfy the one who caused the spewing. I managed to sit all the way up this time as she removed her cum filled mouth from my deflating cock. I hooked my hands under her arms and forced her to her feet. I grabbed her pajama bottom with Escort both hands and ripped them down to her ankles exposing her bare pussy patch that was leaking out its hole from all of the excitement.

“Chris, I wanted this to be just for you,” Chloe pleaded. “Please can it be just about what you want?”

“I want you!” I said in reply. “I want to taste you! I want to ram it in your pussy! I want to cum all over you!”

She was silent as I took her to her back and ripped the bottoms off of her feet. I fell down between her legs and reached up with my lips to give her a deep passionate kiss. I could taste my own juices still in her mouth and the thought of where it came made me want to kiss her all the more. I opened my mouth and poked my tongue into hers as far and as hard as I could. The more I tasted and more that I wanted. I was crazed with lust and I was about to fulfill my lustful desires.

I grabbed her legs and pushed them high over her head. I forcefully spread them apart as wide as I could and looked down into her full waiting junction. I could plainly see her two puffy lips tightly lying against each other under the protecting cover of pubic hair and below, her puckered little rose bud. The sight of this made my mind go back to my own anal experience and my desire seemed to explode. I threw my tongue down upon it, trying to penetrate the opening with the pointy end but the sphincter was too strong to allow any entrance by my tongue. But I did manage to apply enough saliva to it that I thought something else could enter.

My mind was crazed with lust and was not working right so I aimed my cock right its entrance and was so tempted to plunge it forward. But only for her pleading cry not to enter her there kept it safe from my enraged cock. Instead I plunged it into her other hole and as it went all the way, the air escaped from her lungs in an unworldly grunt. My hands were under her top and roughly squeezing her breasts as I pulled it out and rammed it back with all the force that I could muster. I repeated my assault on this beauty over and over without any letup for minutes. I was out of juices but my cock remained rock hard with desire.

She was building very rapidly as I continued to saw into her vaginal opening. I was ramming it into her tender wanting pussy with avenges, not letting up for anything. I was on my tip toes laying against her spread out legs, making contact with just her pussy and my cock sliding in and out of her. It was going in the full length and hitting her cervix with every stroke and as it neared she started to scream with expectations.

“Oh my god,” she kept repeating over and over. “I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’M CUMMMINGGG!!!” she finally yelled at the top of her lungs, spewing her feminine juices all over the place. She was thrashing around, begging me to quit but I kept up my assault. I was starting to feel my release building again and I didn’t want it to end quite yet. But her cries became demands as she squirmed out from under me and I had to pull out. I began to jerk myself off because I was so close and then I erupted into a splashing gush of flying semen because I had no sperm left to ejaculate.

I pointed my cock right at my lover and let it fly. I spewed it all over her from her face to her crotch, splashing my fluids repeatedly between her legs, up her stomach, on her pajama top and on her face and mouth. I was crying out loud as I spewed, trying to extract all of the pent up emotions that had been build deep within my very fiber. And as I sent my last squirt oozing out of my hole, I collapsed my body down on my tiny little lover to pass into another world of exhaustion.

I awoke about two hours later all alone of the loveseat. I was stiff and a little sore from scrunching up on the tiny seat so I walked into the bedroom to stretch out and cuddle with Chloe. As I slid in next to her, I felt her bare little butt and placed my deflated cock right next to it. She cooed a little but I could tell by her rhythmic breathing that she was fast asleep. I slightly whispered into her ear, “I think I’m beginning to fall for you Chloe and I don’t know what to do.” She didn’t answer me out right but made a pleasant noise and scooted back into my caress. I went right back to sleep and had the most wonderful dreams in the world.

The next day we visited the town of Seward and checked on a “must see” voyage on a chartered boat to the Kenai Fiord National Park. Neal has more or less insisted that we hit that spot if not this trip, then definitely the next one. It boasts the most wondrous sights in all of the Kenai and I really wanted to take the ride but we couldn’t make the arrangements for now so I arranged a tour for our next visit.

We looked around the quaint little town for most of the afternoon but finally headed back towards Anchorage just in time to miss the afternoon traffic of the big city. To make sure that we didn’t get there until after the rush hour, we took a detour up the Hope to explore that old fishing village and on the view the Portage glacier near the tiny town of Whittier. After stopping at the two destinations to take a few photos, we traveled around Turnabout Arm of the Cook’s Inlet to our stop in Anchorage for the night. I wanted to check in with Neal and to see if he had any other suggestion for us before heading out towards Fairbanks and I caught him just as he was heading home for the night. He suggested that we meet him for dinner right after we got checked into a campsite for the evening so at around 8 that evening, we met up at his favorite restaurant.

Chloe wanted an excuse to dress up so I put on my slacks, a button shirt and real, honest to God dress shoes and socks. Chloe got dressed in the summer dress that I insisted that she buy back in Minnesota and when she walked out in it, I almost couldn’t breathe she looked so fine. It was a simple dress made from silk or rayon or some other clinging type fabric that was cut in the front in a square cut that was not revealing in the slightest. But under that loosely cut bodice that was held up by two thin spaghetti straps was the two most wonderful things that I could ever imagine. She couldn’t wear a bra because of the thin little straps that held up the top and the arms were cut too low to hide a strapless bra from view. So, that left the best thing in the world for me anyway, a bra less dress that clung to the wearer’s breasts and that wearer just happened to be my Chloe.

We were sitting at the restaurant when Neal made his appearance and as he approached us, his eyes went directly to Chloe’s breast line and he stammered out his greetings. Chloe blushed a little, knowing where he was looking and I had to hide my laugh as I shock his hand and retook my seat. His eyes continued to betray his feelings as they darted back and forth between her eyes and her breasts, but she didn’t seem to mind after awhile and I think she started to enjoy his attention.

But his roaming eyes started to get to me. “Hey, I’m the one who got the commission, not my assistant. Don’t you think that you should be talking to me?” I thought.

I had to ask him several times where he would recommend that we should go to get some good photos but I just couldn’t keep his attention more than a second or two. It was the longest meal that I had to endure for some time so when I got tired of all of the attention being placed on Chloe, I excused myself from the table to go to the restroom, got up and walked around to Chloe’s chair, bent down and kissed her right on the lips and said out loud to her, “Can I get you anything while I’m up, Sweetheart?”

She looked kind of shocked at first but answered, “No but thanks for asking Dear.”

When I got back, Neal’s entire demeanor had changed as he was sitting back in his chair speaking very casually to Chloe instead of glued to every word that she said. I got my point across to him and I only hoped that Chloe knew what I was doing.

We said our goodbyes as we walked out of the restaurant and headed back to the RV. Chloe was clinging to my arm and I didn’t know if it was for Neal’s benefit or not but she didn’t let it go until we got to the rig and I opened the door. She led the way into our little home and when I followed, she turned around and put her arms around my neck and almost laughed out loud. “Can I get you anything while I’m up, Sweetheart?” she said in a mocking tone.

“Well, damn it, I got tired of having that ass Escort Bayan hole checking out your boobs all the time, I mean, hell, he wasn’t even trying to hide the fact that he was staring right at them,” I exclaimed in a mild rage.

“Well, I do declare, Christopher, are you a bit jealous of little ol’ me?” she asked, batting her eyelids, trying to do her best Scarlett O’Hara impersonation.

I looked down into those beautiful blue eyes that were flashing her enjoyment of the situation and melted into their deep pool of laughter. I suddenly bent down, took her in my arms a pressed into the most sensuous kiss that I could muster. My hands drew her into my chest as my lips separated to accept her probing tongue, our lips melted into one other.

My hands went down to her firm little rear end and I grasped on to her cheeks with both hands. She broke off the kiss and looked up at me and then she said, “Chris, I love you so much.”
I thought for just a second and said, “Chloe, I’m starting to fall for you too and I don’t know how to act. I don’t know, but damn it, all I want to do is hold you and kiss you and…”

She looked into my eyes and said, “And what, make love to me?”

“Oh yes Chloe, make love with you over and over, all the time. I want to kiss you all over and touch you all over…God Chloe, I want you right now,” I said in an exacerbated voice. “I want you Chloe, I want you.”

She threw her arms around my neck again and pressed her crotch into mine and said, “Then take me Chris. I’ve never wanted anyone else as bad as I’ve wanted you. I’m yours, forever.”

I put my arms around her waist and pressed gently on her back. I looked into her eyes and smiled as I said, “Well, since you are mine, I don’t have to hurry now do I. So I can take my time with loving you. I can take all the time in the world, can’t I?”

She smiled back and looked sheepishly into my eyes and then whispered softly, “Well, I don’t know about taking that long because I may need you before you need me.”

“That will never happen,” I said bending down to give her a kiss on the lips. It started as a gentle kiss but as I pressed my lips into hers, I began to kiss her with my lips open slightly and then with them opened wide. We soon were kissing passionately with open mouths and our tongues were exploring each other mouths. My hands were all over her back and soon were on her ass again, this time grabbing and fondling with my fingers.

I scooted my hands down her skirt and as I pulled up with my hands, the shirt began to rise up her ass. The hem was up to just below her panties and with my next grope, they were right on the silky material that covered her rear end. I would have gasped if it weren’t for the fact that my mouth was full of her tongue and when my hand touched her panties, she scooted her crotch right up against mine. I knew that she could feel my hardening cock as she pressed into it because she started to rub up her crotch hard into it.

I squeezed and kneaded her cheeks with my two hands as I stuck my fingers inside of both of her leg holes. She squeezed her cheeks together as I ran them down between her legs as she mashed her lips into mine. I could feel the moisture as it started to secrete from her vagina and I wanted to touch and see just where it was coming from. But first I had to touch her all over.

I ran my hands up over her panties to the small of her back and then back down to the elastic of her waistband. I inserted just the tip of my fingers and ran them around a little before I moved them up to her back. They reached the top of her dress, and as I pulled it away from the skin on her back, I unzipped the back with my other hand that was still on the outside of the garment. It opened up to my hand on the inside and then, taking it by the two straps, I slowly and gently removed them from her soft white shoulders. I stood back a bit, allowing it to fall away, freeing her two wondrous globes from the silky material that had been covering them. It continued its fall down to her tummy and then to her hips. It stopped there for just a second and then it went all the way to the floor.

She was wearing white shear panties, the kind that were so thin that you could see everything that they were suppose to cover. Her knees were tightly placed together when her dress gathered at her ankles. My eyes were glued to the lightly colored triangle that shown through the fabric right at her junction. I must have gasped a little because her knees locked into a protective stance just before I reached out to touch her at that very place.

Now it was her time to gasp as I made contact. It was just with my finger tip but you would have thought that I touched her with a cattle prod. She jumped back and gave me a shocked little smile and then reached out with her hand and cupped my fingers right on her pussy. She separated her knees just a little and it was enough to allow me to stretch my fingers deep between her legs and settle them right at the source of her moisture.
She closed her eyes as she melted into my fingers. I moved my touch deeper into her junction as her legs began to separate even more. There was no double crotch material in her panties, so I was touching the thin, see-thru fabric that separated my touch from her hair covered labia lips and I could feel them shudder under my touch. She began to coo just a little as I pressed my finger tip between her lips to the very source of her fluids. She reached up to grab me by my shoulders as she fought for her balance, then I said to her, “Do you want to go into the bedroom?” She didn’t say a word but took me by the hand and led me into the room.

When we got there, Chloe turned and had me sit on the edge of the bed. She knelt down and started to remove my shoes and socks while I unbuttoned my shirt. I then stood up and we both removed my slacks and finally my underwear. Chloe stood up in front of me looking strangely into my eyes as she asked me, “Chris, can I ask you a question? Please don’t laugh because I really want to give you something and I want to make sure that you will take it.”

Her question caused me to raise my eyebrow as well as my curiosity so I told her that she could ask me anything. She swallowed hard and then sat down beside of me. She looked a little nervous and I wondered what was on her mind but almost afraid to ask, judging by her anxiety. She started to speak slowly, not looking up from her hands folded demurely in her lap.

“Chris, you know that I love you and that I would do anything for you don’t you?” she began. I acknowledged the question with a nod but still wondering what in the world she had on her mind.

“I want to give you something, something that I can give only to one person, ever,” she continued to stare down into her lap. As she slowly looked up into my face, she continued to speak. “I can’t give my virginity because, well, you know. And besides, I’ve enjoyed sex with you so many times already. But I can give you one thing, it’s kind of like my virginity but it’s different. But if I give it to you, you have to promise to stop if it hurts me too much. I’m asking you to put it in my hole down there, you know, my butt hole.”

I was shocked and relieved all at the same time. My gosh did she know what she was saying? I almost shoved it in her tight little anus last night and I only stopped because she begging not to go there. And now she inviting me to take her anal virginity and what can I say but “Hell yes!”

“Chloe, are you sure?” I had to ask out of concern for my darling little lover but, all the while, I hoped that she would say yes. And when she did, I reassured her that I would be careful and I would pull out at the first sign of discomfort on her part.

She continued to sit there with her hands folded in her lap saying nothing. She was obviously nervous about what she had just aaaasked me and very anxious and unsure of how to get it going. I suddenly thought about the Vaseline that I had brought with me to apply to my lips when they are dry and ran to the medicine cabinet in the bathroom. I emerged a second later holding the jar nervously in my hand and gave it to her saying, “Here this might help a little.”

She took it in her hand and then looked up into my eyes with this “Now what” look in them and smiled a nervous little smile. I leaned over and gave her a nice little kiss on the lips that turned into a mad passionate session of oral exploration Bayan Escort on both of our parts. The ice was broken as our hands began to hold, press and force each other into a reclining position and then my hands found their way down to her crotch.

I began to rub her pussy lips through the thin covering of her panties and soon I was feeling her juices as they escaped down below. She was panting now with anticipation and lust and I hoped for the moment in time that was rapidly approaching when I would take my gift that she had offered me completely. I only hoped that it would be a good experience for both of us because I knew it would be for me.

I picked up her legs and pressed them down on her chest. Then I slowly started her panties down her hips and up her legs until they were off of her feet but her legs were flailing up in the air. I scooted closer to them and placed my hand down on her open crotch. I began massaging her between her legs, taking my fingers and gently rubbing along the outsides of her puffy little labia lips. I extended my reach downward until they went to the end of the lips and encircled her rose bud. She stiffened as I made contact but relaxed as I encouraged her with my soft soothing voice. Then I asked her to roll over and to stick her little butt straight up in the air.

She did what I asked and after I placed her knees far apart, I sat back to admire my work. What I saw took my breath away. It was the most erotic sight that I have ever seen. Sticking straight back at my hungry eyes was her wide open butt propped up by the backs of her two white legs that went down to the mattress and bent at the knees. They were at least 18 inches part and her hairy junction joined them in the middle. She had her face to one side as she laid it flat on the pillow to the right and her two breasts were swaying, there barely pressing into the mattress. Her lips were slightly separated as the fluids gathered at her opening and glistened in the light of bedroom. It was a sight that I will always remember.

I had to touch and caress her two lips that were begging for my attention so I placed my two fingers directly on each one and ran my touch up and back along their length. She shuttered a little but did not move from her erotic position. Again I ran them the full length up but allowed them to slide down her canal as I slowly drug them along until I stopped at her vaginal opening and to a detour inside of her opening. She gushed her fluids out of it, making my fingers nice and lubricated as they extended inward as far as they would reach and then while I was pulling them out, I pressed upward slightly and massaged her G-spot just for good luck.

She cried out as she switched sides of her face on the pillow and her tummy moved down a little causing her rear end to stick up even more. I withdrew my fingers from her glory hole, taking as much of her natural lubricant with them as I could and moved up to her puckered rosebud. I encircled it couple of times, smearing her fluids around the edge and into its opening a little, and then I made a trial run up her anus by inserting my finger into her rectum and moving it around. She held her breath in anticipation and tightened up her muscles down there around her anus. I told her to relax and enjoy it the best that she could and she did relax a little as I reached for the jar of Vaseline.

I dug out a blob with my finger and aimed it towards her anus. I poked the finger fully into her rectum and ran it completely around, spreading the lubricant all over the opening and as deep into the confines as my finger would reach. I then took another blob on my finger and spread it all around the head of my cock and when I was satisfied that I was finished lubing up, I asked her, “Are you ready?” She answered back, “Uh huh,” and I proceeded to her opening.

I slid my cock head right into the rose bud with no problem at all but it soon met the restrictive presence of her sphincter muscle. The lubricant was only partly helpful with this obstruction but with a little persistence on my part when applying pressure and the guts of one little woman, it finally open wide to allow the intruder access to her soft colon and the treasure that were found in there. Her sphincter acted like a girdle around my cock, binding it tightly as it made its way in and out of her lovely rectum, causing much enjoyment for her and a tantalizingly tight fit for me. I began to hump her tiny little ass and soon was slapping my balls against her butt in a forceful rhythm that increased along with our arousal.

My right hand went down and grabbed her right breast and gave it a not so gentle of a squeeze but she was lost in the pleasure that I was causing down below and she didn’t even vocalize any pain that I was sure that I was causing her. She just continued to rock and push back into my pumping as I started to build up to my release.

I switched my hand assault from her breast to between her legs and was soon massaging her clitoris that was hanging free of her hooded protector. She screamed out in pleasure as she began the writhe about in her excitement and I kept my finger right on her spot, simulating her little love button more with every touch I made on it. She began to groan out loudly as I concentrated all of my manual attention to her node and my pelvic attention to her ass and my mental attention to holding back my immanent orgasm.

Her fluids were pooling on the sheets down between her knees as she reached higher and higher towards her orgasm, her first one she had ever had that was from anal stimulation. It was not only her first anal orgasm but one of her greatest of all time. She was building higher and higher until she could not build it any more. She suddenly jerked herself forward, landing flat on her chest and stomach with her rear end sticking straight up in the air. She was ramming her hips back into every thrust of my cock that was buried deep into her bowels. She started to scream out her pleasure just as I shot my first load deep up her rectum. She was wildly thrashing about under my weight as I continued to pump my sperm into her. Her voice was so low in tone that I hardly recognized it as coming from her but I knew that it was because with every loud scream came a deliciously warm sensation from her sphincter.

I finally shot my last rope out of my cock as her hips went limp down on the mattress signaling her surrender to her orgasm. All she could do was to whimper as my weight kept my deflating cock buried up her ass. When finally her sphincter spit out the limp noodle, it smeared the combined fluids and lubricants all over between her two cheeks as she groaned a disapproving little sigh and then went silent. I rolled off and laid there beside of her panting. I had one of the best orgasms of my life and I had my little Chloe to thank for it, that and that wonderful little rose bud that she had given me as a token of her love.

I lay there on my back, trying to catch my breath, thinking about what I had just experienced and who had made it possible. My God, the love of this girl for me must be immense and all I could do was to take advantage of this love and give back nothing in return. “What are you afraid of, Chris?” I kept asking myself. “Are you afraid that she will break your heart just like her mother did? Are you afraid to give her your heart, afraid of declaring your love for her? What’s wrong with you, you know that you love her, why can’t you say so? She just gave you the last thing that she possible could, her virginity, albeit her anal virginity, but it was something of importance. It’s not like every woman has given up that last piece of themselves and to give it as a token of her love for you, well, that’s something very special indeed.

I rolled over and laid my head on her shoulder blade so I could hear her heart beating in its rhythmic beat. I wondered what she felt in this beating organ that they call a heart. Was it really love? Was it this love real and did she have it just for me? I suddenly felt this sensation come over me, them warmth that emanated from deep down inside of my chest. I had to say it; I had to express my feelings. I whispered softly into her back, “Chloe, I love you. I really do love you.”

She sighed but didn’t move. Her eyes were closed but a simple little smile crossed her face and I knew that she had heard my declaration. I had said it; I had told her that I loved her and I now knew that I really did. I had for a long time but refused to acknowledge it but now I didn’t have to worry about anything as long as my Chloe never leaves my side I will be happy.

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