Love and Lust Pt. 02

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Thank you so much for the comments! That was some legitimate criticism about my writing. I will do better in proofreading and editing. I’m a little worried about the overall structure and direction of the story though. I have an outline for the story, but I never put a lot of attention to what specific niche within erotic literature I was trying to fall. I just wanted to write a story about the type of things I think about when I’m pleasuring myself in my dorm room, hehe. Let me give this warning for those of you patient enough to continue reading. This story won’t stay in the same lane so-to-speak. While on the whole, it will be mainly a lesbian love story, it’s definitely going to take some sharp twists and turns along the way. Thank you to those that continue to read, rate, and comment. Cheers,


Brooklyn washed the borrowed vibrator and made sure to put it back exactly where she found it. She then smoothed out the wrinkles on in the bed’s blankets and puffed up the pillows, making it look as it was when Jennifer had left it earlier that morning. She had thoroughly defiled herself today, and she felt a burning shame beginning to build deep in her bowels. Where was her self-control, what in the name of all that’s holy had possessed her? And more importantly… why did she still feel a desire to do it again?

It was almost midnight when the door to the flat finally opened and Jennifer entered. Half asleep, Brooklyn started and sat up on the sofa, taken by surprise at the sudden intrusion.

“Sorry,” whispered Jennifer, tiptoeing in the dark.

Brooklyn shook her head, rubbed her eyes and stretched languidly, “No need to apologize to me, this is your flat,” she said as she watched Jennifer set her effects on the kitchen table. The buxom redhead looked slightly disheveled but no less beautiful.

“How was your day?” Jennifer asked, sitting next to Brooklyn on the sofa. Her tightly fitting dress exposing an ample amount of cleavage.

“Fine,” Brooklyn said, catching herself staring at the other woman’s chest. “Uneventful,” she added as she looked up and met Jennifer’s gaze. From the look on Jennifer’s face, specifically the knowing smile she saw slowly growing, Brooklyn knew that she’d been caught staring. She felt herself blush deeply, even feeling a slight tingle between her thighs.

“I was going to watch a show a friend’s been telling me about forever now,” Jennifer picked up, acting as if nothing had happened. “I’ll keep it down if you’re going to bed.”

Brooklyn shrugged, “What’s the show?” she asked, forcing herself to only look at her roommate’s eyes, not trusting herself to steal another glance at Jennifer’s perfect breasts. But even that felt more intimate than she was comfortable with.

Jennifer leaned into the corner of the deep sofa and kicked off her stiletto heels, “It’s called The Boys,” she said, making herself comfortable and turning on the TV. “It’s a superhero show, but it’s supposed to be something very different. I’ve got to watch at least one episode so I can tell him I gave it a chance.”

Brooklyn wondered if the ‘him’ Jennifer was referring to was one of her clients. The thought sent a flood of warmth through her chest. Jennifer lives such a different life, Brooklyn thought to herself as she turned towards the screen.

“Hey, some girlfriends invited me to Victoria Tower Gardens tomorrow. They said it’s still open despite the lock down. Want to come?” Jennifer asked, taking out her phone and concentrating on something she was seeing on the screen.

“Sounds nice, yeah,” Brooklyn agreed, not having anything planned anyway.

Jennifer turned her phone slightly towards her, “The Gardens are so close, but I’ve never gone,” she said, showing Brooklyn a picture of a massive earth tone castle, covered by dozens of small towers. “Come here, take a look,” Jennifer invited, sliding to a new picture. Without thinking, Brooklyn moved next to the older girl to see more of the pictures. As Jennifer was sitting in the corner of the sofa, Brooklyn had to move in close in order to get a good view of the iPhone’s screen. She felt Jennifer’s arm over her shoulders as the redhead moved to the next picture. The sudden closeness both terrified and thrilled her. “I wish I could show you more of London, but so much is closed right now.”

Brooklyn felt incapable of speech, her heart thumping against her chest so hard she was sure Jennifer could probably feel it. Her normal aversion to being close to people screamed at her to move away, but another more powerful part of her was refusing to move. Sitting this close to the older girl felt… nice. She greedily inhaled the other woman’s scent, feeling the tingle between her thighs begin to spread throughout her body. Jennifer placed her phone on the small table at the end of the sofa as the show began, and Brooklyn felt herself being pulled in a little tighter as the show began.

“Do you mind turning off the lights?” Jennifer asked. They were both trying to look past the light’s reflection on the screen. casino siteleri Brooklyn quickly crossed the room and flipped the switch. When she returned, Jennifer held up her arm, an obvious invitation for Brooklyn to retake her place next to her.

Brooklyn felt that she was somehow now even closer to the other girl as Jennifer again put her arm around her shoulders. The two sat comfortably for nearly the entirety of the first episode, both being sucked into the plot and enjoying the humor, despite some awful and gruesome scenes. Brooklyn felt the light touch of Jennifer’s fingers as they traced small, lazy circles along the skin of her upper arm. In the beginning of the show, Brooklyn had tried not to rest her head against Jennifer, but as her neck muscles began to protest, it was simply easier to let herself relax into Jennifer’s embrace and rest her head against the older girl’s chest. Jennifer immediately began to run her fingers through Brooklyn’s dark locks.

This closeness was overwhelming and lit Brooklyn’s senses ablaze. The first episode ended and neither girl made to move, simply letting the one-episode end and the next begin. Soon their legs intertwined, pulling them both closer yet. What was she doing? Brooklyn asked herself over and over, feeling a fire begin to ignite within her. Neither of them spoke. Brooklyn desperately wanted to stop and talk, but at the same time that was the last thing she wanted. She’d never been close to someone like this before and the intimacy was more powerful than she would have thought possible. Brooklyn felt Jennifer’s face rest against the top of her head, and then the tips of the redhead’s fingers gently brushed the side of her breast. The touch sent shock waves through the dark-haired girl.

“Hey,” Jennifer whispered against Brooklyn’s forehead. Brooklyn turned and tilted her head. Their faces were inches apart. Their lips were closer. “We better get some sleep,” Jennifer spoke again and the words felt crushing. She had wanted the older girl to kiss her. A second passed, and then another before Brooklyn nodded. She did need to go to bed. She wasn’t thinking clearly, obviously. But just as she was about to extract herself from Jennifer’s close embrace, the older girl gave her a light kiss on the lips.

Brooklyn’s mind flooded with thoughts and feelings, but before she could return the kiss, Jennifer was retracting her arm and untangling her legs. Brooklyn scooted herself down the cushion and stood. She felt suddenly lightheaded, and almost had to sit back down. Jennifer turned off the TV and had taken several steps towards her room when Brooklyn cleared her throat, “I kind of liked the show,” she said hesitantly, softly. “Maybe we can watch more another time?” The words almost refused to come out, but the moment they did, Brooklyn wished that she could take them back. She was letting her hormones take control of her higher functions. Doing this again would only encourage her flat mate to go further. Brooklyn felt the mixture of terror and excitement fill her once more.

Jennifer smiled, “I’d like that.”


Brooklyn carried a folded blanket under her arm as she hiked up the grassy hillside to meet the small group of Jennifer’s friends. Many areas of the parks had been closed, but small groups of people were still gathering in the open areas. Brooklyn wasn’t sure of their direction and several times she bumped into her friend’s side, causing each to smile. Brooklyn felt her hand again come in contact with Jennifer’s, but this time Jennifer grabbed it and laced her fingers between her own.

“There they are,” Jennifer finally said as they approached a group of four women, all looking at least as old as Jennifer, if not slightly older.

The day was cool, and the sky was overcast, forcing anyone outside to dress appropriately. But even so, Brooklyn could see a number of tattoos showing outside the sleeve and necklines of shirts and jumpers. The women smiled and waved as they approached. It was obvious from the body language and closeness that these friends of Jennifer’s were at least dating if not lovers. Strangely, the thought of them being gay made Brooklyn’s heart relax as her hand was still firmly held by her friend. At least she knew no one here would be judgmental.

“Brooke,” Jennifer said as they neared, “this is everyone – everyone, this is Brooke,” she said, drawing laughs and rolling eyes.

“I’m Megan,” one of the women said with a wave. She wore a loose fitting, white tee shirt with the sleeves rolled up several times. Her hair was cut close to the scalp at the sides and back of her head, while the top remained semi-long and was died white in color. Her jeans were torn and faded, and her trainers looked to match for wear. The woman’s arms were completely covered with dark tattoos, as were large parts of her neck. She even had a number of tattoos around her ears.

“And I’m Rachel,” said the woman sitting next to her. She was dressed casually and wore a light jacket, but Brooklyn couldn’t see any tattoos on slot oyna her.

“Jessica and Sarah here,” said another woman, first pointing to herself and then to the woman laying across her lap. Jessica looked to be the oldest of the group, but her smile was warm and kind, while Sarah was mildly intimidating and could only be described as butch, Brooklyn thought. The name certainly didn’t fit the image. Sarah hardly looked at her.

Brooklyn followed Jennifer’s lead and together they spread out the blanket and sat down. “So, what are you bitches talking about?” Jennifer asked, earning herself a number of derogatory names that were hurled her direction.

“Mostly about lock down,” Rachel said, her voice filled with concern.

“Only because some of us don’t want to talk about things that matter,” Sarah said, and it was obvious the other women didn’t want to discuss whatever the butch woman had on her mind.

“Oh,” sounded Jennifer, “and what pray tell matters more right now?”

The butch sat up. She wasn’t hideous, Brooklyn thought, but she was far from attractive. She was a big girl with a thick torso and thick limbs. The kind of woman that could easily pass as a man.

“Social justice obviously. The only reason this pandemic is important is because it’s distracting the nation just as we were starting to do something about it,” Sarah said, earning uncomfortable looks from the other women in the group. “You all need to read White Fragility by Robin Diangelo. I swear that book changed my life.”

Jennifer’s laugh drew an angry look from the butch, but Jennifer seemed unaffected, “Sarah, you say that about every book you read. God forbid you ever read a Jordan Peterson book; you might actually find out life isn’t so horrible.”

“Fuck off,” Sarah said, but the words had no venom.

Still, Brooklyn felt compelled to stick up for her friend, “I read that book last week. One of the girl’s in my house left it in the common room.”

Everyone turned and looked at Brooklyn, but this wasn’t something that was going to make her blush in embarrassment. Unlike her new feelings for Jennifer, she knew her mind when it came to the intellectual.

“And what’d you think. Good, yeah?” Sarah pushed; a small smile of excitement actually visible in the woman’s visage.

Brooklyn shook her head, “Total horse shite,” she said to everyone’s shock.

A flash of anger crossed the butches face, but she reined herself in, “Oh please explain,” she said, her tone scoffing and dismissive, “let’s hear what the little posh twat has to say on the matter.”

“Diangelo basically says everyone white is automatically racist from birth,” Brooklyn began to explain, “and if you disagree with any part of her book, she chalks it up to your ‘white privilege’,” Brooklyn said using air quotes. “So, once she has you believing that you’re a racist, then she conveniently says that the only way you can be cured is to pay for her to speak at your company, or pay her to put on a seminar. She’s actually pretty cunning, I’ll give her that,” Brooklyn conceited, taking a brief pause in thought. “She’s like a modern-day snake oil salesman. She sells a book that convinces you you’re racist and then she offers her services to cure you of it. And I bet after you take one of her seminars, she probably convinces you that you’re still a racist and that you need to take additional seminars. It’s like a bloody self-licking ice cream cone.”

All the women stared at her, all with varying looks of disbelief. Surprisingly, Sarah laid back down and put her head on her girlfriend’s lap, saying, “Yeah well, I liked it.” The other women were yet even more stunned at their friend’s remark. Sarah looked up but directed her attention to Jennifer, “I don’t agree with Posh-Girl, but your girlfriend at least has a logical thought in her pretty little head.”

Brooklyn’s mind whirled at being called Jennifer’s girlfriend, but the eruption in chatter that exploded from the women wouldn’t have let her be heard even if she’d wanted to speak up and correct it. What did it matter what the butch thought? Brooklyn thought to herself. At least nothing escalated further. She sat back and listened as the conversation went on around her. Jennifer’s friends were an interesting lot.

“I think you impressed Sarah,” Jennifer said as they got back to the flat, “and that’s not something that happens often.”

Brooklyn shrugged as she passed through the entrance and into the kitchen, “She definitely has strong opinions.”

“She does that, yeah,” Jennifer agreed, taking Brooklyn’s hand and pulling her closer. Jennifer soon had both of the younger girl’s hands in hers. Brooklyn tried to step back, but the kitchen counter stopped her. Jennifer stepped closer, pressing her front gently against the shorter girl. “Thanks for coming with me today, and for playing along.” she said, her face only inches from Brooklyn’s. “And you know, I do agree with Sarah on one thing.” Jennifer waited until Brooklyn’s eyes raised to her own. “I do think you canlı casino siteleri have a pretty little head.” As she spoke the words, Jennifer leaned in and gently kissed Brooklyn’s lips.

Brooklyn felt the soft lips against her own, and her heart rate shot up as if she’d run a short sprint. But unlike the night before, Jennifer’s lips didn’t immediately pull away. Instead, they moved against hers, pressing Brooklyn’s lower lip between her own. Brooklyn had a thousand emotions bursting from inside as if seeking freedom. She felt a rush of excitement and lust that made her legs feel weak. Jennifer hands let go of hers but then wrapped themselves around the younger girl and pulled her in tightly. Brooklyn felt the redhead’s hands run across her back, one snaking its way up and grabbing her behind her head. The kiss deepened and Brooklyn felt Jennifer’s tongue seeking entrance.

This was bloody mental, Brooklyn’s mind screamed, but a well of lust seemed to be catching fire, burning all rational thought like dry leaves in a forest fire. She inhaled through her nose, and the catch of Jennifer’s sent drove her fire to be even hotter. All her resistance felt like it was melting away. Her mind told her to stop, but her heart and her sex were demanding something different. One of Jennifer’s hands moved down and squeezed her bum, “I don’t know about this,” Brooklyn gasped. The look of Jennifer’s reddening lips made tingle she was feeling bloom into a full explosion of desire.

“I do,” Jennifer said easily. “Will you trust me?” she asked, gesturing towards the bedroom door… her bedroom door.

Brooklyn’s mind was telling her no, that this was happening too fast, but something deep and almost carnal drowned out those thoughts. She nodded and Jennifer smiled.

Jennifer led the way, always keeping Brooklyn’s hand tightly gripped within her own, like she was afraid that if she loosened her grip, her prize might flee. Brooklyn glanced towards the safety of her room as she stepped past it. Was she really going to go through with this? Was she really going to have sex? What would Jennifer want after? Would Jennifer expect her to be her… girlfriend?

“Jen,” Brooklyn whispered once she’d stepped past the threshold of the older girl’s doorway, “I’ve never… I’m still a… I’m still a virgin,” she finally spoke out.

Jennifer embraced the younger girl tightly and then, pulling back to meet her gaze, said, “I truly care for you, Brooke. I don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to do… but if you trust me, I can promise you that everything will be alright-better than alright actually,” she said with a slight smirk.

Brooklyn smiled and made an almost imperceptible nod. She was nervous about what was going to happen. She had no experience with this. But she was also nervous to be nude with the older girl, and the feeling surprised her. She’d always felt confident being nude at school in front of other girls. But Jennifer was gorgeous, and her body was not that of a eighteen year old girl, but that of a fully developed woman. Her breasts were perfect in shape and size, and her full hips perfectly accentuated her narrow waist. Brooklyn felt her nipples pressing against her bra at the thoughts of Jennifer’s body.

Jennifer resumed their kiss and a small moan escaped Brooklyn’s throat, making Jennifer groan in excitement. Next Brooklyn felt the redhead’s hands cup her small breasts, Jennifer’s thumbs gently rubbing the tops of her nipples. At the same time Jennifer’s lips broke away from her own and found their way quickly to her neck.

“Oh my god,” Brooklyn gasped at the explosion of feeling. She had no idea how a simple kiss on the neck could feel this amazing.

Feeling guided to the bed, Brooklyn sat on the edge. Jennifer’s lips and tongue never pausing in their assault on her neck. It gave her goose pimples but was also the most amazing feeling she’d ever experienced. Without thought, Brooklyn found her own fingers unbuttoning Jennifer’s blouse. Jennifer finally paused and sat leaned back on the bed to discard the upper garment. Seeing Jennifer in only her bra made the tingle between her legs begin to feel more intense.

Turning to the side, Jennifer showed her back to the dark-haired young woman. Brooklyn took the hint and unfastened the bra’s clasps. The bra’s material felt thick in her hand, and she noticed how much more robust Jennifer’s bra was than her own. But as the bra fell away, exposing Jennifer’s bare, perfect tear drop shaped breasts, Brooklyn knew why. Jennifer’s breasts were so much bigger than her own.

“So beautiful,” Brooklyn almost breathed out the word, this time causing the older girl to blush.

Her hands seemed to move of their own accord, her fingers gently caressing the perfect shaped breasts and squeezing the large nipples. Jennifer sighed at the touch, and the sound made Brooklyn want to give more pleasure to the girl who saved her when she had nowhere else to go. But before she could proceed, Jennifer was pulling Brooklyn’s own shirt out from the waistband of her jogging pants and pulling it over her head. Jennifer’s nimble fingers quickly removed Brooklyn’s bra and then Jennifer reciprocated the same gentle touches. Only hers were like fire against Brooklyn’s skin.

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