Love Again

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It went by in flashes and bangs. I was with Aaron for a year and a half. The relationship was, unbelievably, everything I had ever wanted. Until about a month ago, when he started acting kind of strange; he was nervous and over thinking things. One day, he asked me to stop over to talk about things. Soon, the conversation, and the relationship, was over. We broke up on a warm Friday afternoon, even though we were still clearly in love with each other. It was sad but, to him, it needed to be done. A few weeks later, I had finally gathered up his stuff. Although I still loved him, and would have loved to keep his clothes at my house, he needed to get his shit out of my closet.

Aaron came over after work. He knocked on my door, something he hadn’t done in over a year; I was a brunette, my eyes were dark to match, with slightly tanned skin and a small frame. My breasts were well shaped and always drew attention from Aaron’s eyes and hands, so when I answered in my short blue jean shorts & slightly revealing grey tank top, his eyes couldn’t resist flickering to my breasts then back up to my face.

“Hey, Stace” Aaron said, trying to conceal his wandering eyes. I had been cleaning out the ridiculous amount of stuff in what used to be a closet shared by Aaron and I.

“Hey, Aaron. Come on in.”

Aaron was sexy even with clothes on, with his pale skin, dark hair, and those amazing eyes. But with his clothes off he was muscular, tattooed, with an ass that would light any girls’ fire. I found myself fantasizing about taking off those jeans and the t-shirt that hid his sexy frame from my eyes.

He wandered into my small but familiar apartment and looked around at the changed decor. It had only been 3 weeks since the official breakup, but I had a good job and was able to completely re-do the living room.

“Wow, it looks great in here! You finally did it.” He said with a smile.

“Thanks, Aaron; I really like decorating so I’m glad I’ve been able to do this.”

“Good, I’m glad you like it! Hey, Stace? Can we just.. Talk? I’m sure you want me out of here as soon as possible, but can we just talk for a little bit? Maybe like we used to?”

“Sure, Aaron. Let me grab the box of kartal escort your stuff.” I said, then turned and walked toward the bedroom. Aaron followed me in and looked around at the new curtains and bedclothes that I had just put out the previous day. “Do you like it?”

“Yeah, I love the color! It looks great. Much better than the boring beige stuff that used to be in here.” he said with another smile that drove me absolutely insane with longing.

I laughed politely and bent to grab the box filled to the top of the remainder of Aaron’s things when a hand drifted to the small of my back.

“Stacy.. just sit down for a few minutes, will you?”

I sat down on my bed, looking up into his grey-blue eyes, wondering what he was going to say. Aaron said nothing; suddenly, his lips, both familiar and electrifying, were against mine. His lips were soft, as always. He pulled away, looked into my eyes, and waited for my response to his sudden assault on my lips. I blinked up at him, and before I knew it, he was kissing me with more love and lust than I had ever felt and soon, I was kissing him back with equal passion. His tongue slid easily into my mouth, soft and assured as it moved alongside mine.

His body rose and lowered with mine as he pushed me further back onto my bed. His strong, familiar hands were in my hair, at my shoulders, then grasping my sides to pull my body closer to his. He trailed to my breasts, one of his favorite things on my body, and squeezed gently, letting out a quiet moan of longing. I breathed a little harder as he kissed from my mouth, across my jawline, and down my neck. Shivers went up my spine and goosebumps erupted across my skin. My back arched up towards him, as it had done so many times.

“Stacy.. I want you so much” He whispered into my ear, nibbling it gently and kissing the space just under my ear lobe.

I moaned softly and pulled at his t-shirt, motioning my urgency and for its removal. He sat up, let me assist him in pulling it over his head, and I finally got to see his muscular frame, one shoulder and upper arm covered with a beautiful tattoo he had had since he was young. My hands glided easily over his arms and shoulders, to maltepe escort bayan his neck and down his chest. His skin was so warm and wonderful against my cool hands. He was always warmer than me; it was one of the most beautiful feelings in the world when our bodies were pressed together.

His attempts to remove my tank top were in vain; Laying on my bed make it impossible to remove. I sat up With his arms holding up my weight, my breasts pointed towards the ceiling above me, Aaron bent to kiss my chest, above the swell of my soft bosom.

Even though I had felt his touch about a million times, there was something about Aaron’s hands that made me feel relaxed and energized at the same time. They make me feel safe and intense all at once. As he ran them over me, I felt my hips instinctively rising up to meet his, pressing against his full erection, and I felt my pussy becoming wet with desire.

Aaron was kissing me the whole time. He moved down my neck then along my collar bone. He reached down to pull my bra cup under my breasts, lifting them up. I gasped softly as he pulled my nipple into his mouth, sucking gently.

I unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans slowly. Then, with my small hands hooked into his belt loops, I clumsily tried to remove his pants with him on top of me; While I giggled playfully at his awkward movements, Aaron assisted me in taking them off, with the jeans finally ending up on the floor at the edge of my bed.

He unhooked my bra and pulled the straps off of my shoulders, brushing his fingertips hard against them. Aaron drew kisses all the way down the middle of my chest to my pierced belly button, a reminder of my youth. He kissed even further down my stomach. Those amazing hands pulled my shorts down my slender legs, revealing the light pink panties I had chosen that morning.

Aaron wasted no time removing my panties and nuzzling into my waiting pussy. A moan easily escaped my lips as he kissed along my inner thighs. Aaron’s hands wrapped around my legs to my hips. He kissed closer and closer to my pussy. When he finally got there, his tongue slid smoothly along my slit, making me gasp with pleasure. I grabbed his super short hair escort pendik and arched my back.

Aaron ran his tongue along the outer lips of my pussy, sending shivers down my legs. Then he pressed his tongue against my clit and wiggled it back and forth, giving me waves of near-orgasm pleasure.

“oh my god..” I whispered as Aaron frantically ate my pussy like he hadn’t done in weeks.

“mmmmm” He hummed against me as he continued to pleasure me with his mouth. I had to have him.

“Come here.. please..” I moaned, pulling him up to kiss me. I could taste my juices in his mouth and on his lips and it turned me on even more. I pulled his boxer briefs down, and scratched at his back, pulling a moan from his lips still pressed against mine. I saw his hard cock spring from his underwear and I felt my self raise my hips, inviting him to enter me.

Aaron smiled down at me, kissed and nibbled my neck then.. pushed his entire cock into me, driving me wild.

I moaned his name softly, and felt him push into me slowly. As I got wetter and wetter, he hammered his dick into me over and over again. I rolled on top of him and rocked my hips back and forth, feeling his cock push hard against my g-spot. Aaron grabbed on of my breasts and placed his other hand on my hip. He helped me rock harder and harder until I felt myself getting closer to coming.

“Come for me, Baby.” Said Aaron, as he had a dozen times. It always sent me over the top, just like this time. I moved back and forth on his cock a few more times to fully release my tension, and felt my self tense up and finally explode with earth-shattering orgasm; the orgasm made me recoil and double over on top of Aaron’s chest, and I nuzzled into his chest hair.

But Aaron has never given me rest. He rolled over on top of me, bringing another laugh from my mouth. I bit my bottom lip, waiting for his re-entrance into my waiting pussy. He looked at me with those fantastic eyes, pushed his cock into me again, and we floated off into another piece of paradise.

After another hour and a half of other-worldly lovemaking, Aaron and I were laying together in my bed, naked and warm. He kissed my forehead and ran his fingertips over my spine, making me smile with the pleasure from his simple touch.

“Hey babe..” Aaron said softly. “I still love you.”

I smiled wistfully at him and let myself think that maybe, just maybe, this could lead us back to the amazing love we had started off with.

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