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I’ve always been lonely. I was beginning to accept that unrequited love was a part of my fate, if there is such a thing as fate.

Zoe was the third girl I had feelings for. She was also the one who caused me the most pain. I loathed her, but I loved her.

But there was someone in her family who made me feel SO good. There was her aunt, a woman who my dad worked for. She was a gorgeous woman in her late thirties with long, silky black hair, big innocent eyes and skin that reminded me of vanilla. I didn’t have feelings for her, but I wanted to. I wanted to love and crave her like I did Zoe.

Zoe was going abroad to study in a couple of months. After all she had done I still wanted to be close to her. I was going to check up on her so I opened my laptop and went on Facebook. I saw I had a friend request so I clicked the icon and my heart dropped. It was Louise, the one I described in the last paragraph.

How did she know me? Zoe must have told her about me, as the two of them were close. Eager to talk to her, I sent her a message telling her “hi.” She responded within a couple minutes with the same message. She proceeded to tell me how she knew my name, and that she was interested in getting to know me. She was intrigued by lesbians. However she was more interested in my situation involving Zoe, who I had a weird history with. I was embarrassed that Louise knew what had happened. But after talking to her for a while, I saw that she was non-judgmental and in the duration of a month I had grown to trust her. We talked about anything and everything.

One day she messaged me saying that she wanted to meet me. I was socially awkward and didn’t know if I was going to melt or explode if I saw her in person and had to talk to her. I told her yes, that I wanted to see her too and so we set a date.

On July 10th she picked me up at a park in my area. She drove a black Mercedes, the windows heavily tinted. I got into the passenger seat next to her and I felt like I was sitting next to an angel. She was facing me, her shades resting on top of her head. Her smile was one of the few genuine ones I had seen. Her eyes, almond-shaped and brown, were even brighter and more beautiful than in her pictures. She spoke to me in a low, deep voice.

“Hi, Kristen.”

I didn’t realise my mouth was open until she called me out on it, after which my face burned red out of embarrassment. She laughed at me and told me I looked cute when I blushed. I blushed even harder and didn’t know how to respond. After that she would always say it in a playful way and then give me a seductive look.


She was taking me to her house, which was about forty-five minutes away. It was a hot day, as is usual in my country. The sky was mostly clear of clouds and the sun shone in our faces. I glanced at her every now and then. I looked at her hands on the steering wheel, focusing on her long elegant fingers. Light reflected on the diamond ring on her left hand. It was so bright that I had to keep turning away, and so for the rest of the time we were in her car I couldn’t sneak glances at her.

We didn’t say much to each other on the way. There wasn’t really much to say, so we mostly just listened to the music in her car. We talked a lot online and we knew about each other’s lives. She had a young son who cried a lot because he was bullied at school, and a husband she doesn’t love anymore. Her hobbies were baking and cooking, reading and yoga. I knew what music she liked before she even told me. I admit I was creeping on her Facebook page for quite some time before we started talking.

After the long drive we had finally reached her house. It was huge, with a few Mercedes and BMWs parked in the yard. She parked in the garage and went to unlock her front door. We walked inside. Her house was one of the biggest I had ever stepped into. I could tell she didn’t care much for decorating, but the furniture looked sophisticated and stylish.

I sat down on the white sofa in her living room. For someone with anxiety, it was normal for me to feel nervous in new places, especially houses. But one look at Louise and I was calm. I could see she was opening the fridge and taking out a bottle of red wine. She took out the glasses and poured. I couldn’t keep my eyes away from the curves outlined in her black jeans. She was so SEXY.

As she was bringing the glasses I tried to avoid her eyes. They were so hypnotising that I couldn’t look directly at them.

As she handed me my glass, she gave that same seductive look I saw earlier when we were in her car. My face went red again, and she gave a little giggle.

We were both quiet as we sipped the wine. After some time I told her that she had a nice house. She said thanks and that she would show me around later. I looked down most of the time, I tried not to glance or stare at her. I was much too nervous. But from time to time I could tell that her eyes focused on my face, then travelled to bursa otele gelen escort my neck, then my top, until she was staring at my thighs and my hands gripping the glass of wine. I felt as if it was a test and she was examining me. I would know later if I passed or failed.

We finished the wine and she showed me around. She took outside to her verandah at the back of the house which gave a view of the garden. She planted mostly flowers, some fruit trees here and there. There were petunias, marigolds, and hibiscus. There was one orange tree and one mango. She said she planted all of them herself and I marvelled at her. I always wanted my own garden. “One day we’ll plant a tree together,” she said and smiled at me.

Next she took me upstairs. There was another kitchen up here, as well as another dining room. She told me there were five bedrooms in all, which included three guest rooms. “You’re free to stay a night or two,” she said, but with a slight raise of her eyebrow and I had noticed a small change in her voice as she said it. “I’d love to.”

We ate Chinese food she ordered and drank a couple more glasses of wine. I usually hate romance movies. Well, the heterosexual kind. But she insisted I watch one of her favourites with her.

It was almost dark outside by the time the movie was over. She asked what I would do when I got back home. “Nothing really. Maybe watch videos.” She knew that I loved anime. She also knew that I watched porn, but not the hentai kind. The kind with actual people. “So what kind of videos?” she asked but with that change I noticed earlier. “Umm, I don’t know. I’ll see.” I said.

“Do you want to stay a while longer? Or do you want me to drop you home now? You’re free to stay as long as you want.” she said.

I lived in an apartment away from home because it was closer to school. I was nineteen and a college student. My parents only checked up on me on weekends or if I needed something. So I no longer had a curfew or people calling and worrying about where I was at every hour.

“I’d love to stay longer,” I told her.

“How do you feel about watching porn with someone? You told me you do it alone and then masturbate.”

“I wouldn’t mind watching it with you.”

“You feel up to it now?”

“Yes.” I was kind of in the mood for it.

She got her laptop and opened a porn site. I told her I liked the ones with strap-ons, so we watched one together. The whole time I was imagining her fucking me like in the video. One woman was fucking the other in doggystyle position with a red seven-inch dildo. I was getting so wet and I hoped it didn’t show on the couch when I got up. When we finished watching it I was sure my face was red as hell. She looked at me and laughed, and I laughed too. When she stopped laughing she was giving me that up and down look again, but this time her eyes widened a bit.

I asked her where her son was, and she said he was spending the night by a friend. I knew her husband was out of the country. “You know, I have a strap-on. It’s the same colour and size like in the video.” she said.

“R-really?” I stuttered.

“I bought it a while ago because I liked it, but I never got to use it. There’s just no one to use it on.”

“There’s me.”

I realised what I said and covered my mouth. She laughed even harder this time.

“That’s not a bad idea.” she laughed. “Did you mean what you say?” she asked me.

“Um, yes…”

“Go into the first guest room on the left.” Her voice was a bit demanding now.

I froze for a moment, not knowing whether or not to do it. Her tone changed and she was serious. I was scared and very wet at the same time. Now she seemed like a different person.

I got up from the couch we were sitting on and did as I was told.

I was sitting on the edge of the bed in the guest room. Why was I doing this? I felt like she could control me. Or was it because I was too shy to say no? I hated that I was a people pleaser. But I was so wet at the moment that these issues didn’t weigh on me as much as they usually did.

She came into the room with the strap-on and her shirt was unbuttoned, revealing her black C-cup bra. She really wasn’t joking. I felt intimidated. Now was my chance to tell her no, and that we shouldn’t be doing this, but a part of me wanted what she was going to do to me.

She locked the door even though no one else was in the house. “I like locked doors,” she said, her voice low and sexy. She was breathing harder and looking directly into my eyes. I could feel how horny she was.

“Take your clothes off.” she said.

I did so without hesitation. When I was completely naked, she told me to lie back on a pillow and spread my legs wide for her. I did, and she took her shirt and pants off, leaving her underwear on. I saw her curves in their raw form. I could feel myself getting wetter by the second.

She got on the bed and carefully slid her middle finger in me. Moving escort bayan around and realising I had more space, she slid her index finger in. After a few gentle in and out motions, but keeping her fingers inside me, she started to fuck me hard and deep. Before I knew it she was fucking me the hardest and fastest she could, and I was squirming.

She released her fingers from me, which were drenched in clear slime. I saw her clean them with her mouth and moan at the same time.

She picked up the strap-on and put it on, while I rubbed my clit. I was somewhat close to orgasm, so I didn’t rub too hard as I liked the feeling that was there before it came, plus I wanted to get the orgasm while the dildo was in me.

She wanted me in the same doggystyle position as in the video, so I got in position for her. She slowly slid her dick in me and grabbed my ass at the same time. It was amazing. I let out a gasp and she pushed harder. She pushed until my pussy swallowed the whole seven inches of her dick. It was right then that I had an orgasm. I screamed and she slapped my ass hard in approval.

The intensity of this fuck session slowly progressed and with each thrust of her hips I was getting closer to heaven. My eyes rolled back into my head from time to time and I was drooling. I didn’t want this to end.

She started fucking me faster and faster. She also started grunting. I didn’t know how much more I could cum. Now she was consistently slapping my ass and I knew it was going to leave a mark. Her mark. With it I would be hers.

Her pace wasn’t slowing. I marveled at her stamina, she kept that fast pace until I reached another orgasm. This time I whimpered, and I was slamming the bed with my hand while she fucked right through the orgasm.

She released her dick from me. I dropped on to a pillow, and I could see her taking off the strap-on with the now shiny red dildo. She was licking my cum off of it. “You’re so tasty,” she told me.

She went to wash off the dildo. I lay there thinking about how amazing the sex was. It was my first time. But then the anxiety came to me. I suddenly remembered that she was married. What would happen if her husband got to know? I knew there was no possible way he could know – after all, he was out of the country and it was just us alone for the whole evening. But what if this happened again? What if this turned into a romance? We were already friends. This could turn out to be a one time thing and we could never talk about it or we could just end up fucking more. I definitely wanted to have sex with her again.

She came out of the connecting bathroom with the clean strap-on. She rested it next to the lamp on the bedside table, took off the rest of her clothes and then threw them on the floor. She got on to the bed and lay on her side next to me, the front of her body facing me. She was resting her head on her propped hand and looking directly into my eyes. With a warm smile, she took her index finger and stroked down on my lips. I looked away. “You’re worried about something,” she said, and when I turned to look at her I saw that her smile had gone. I told her all that was upsetting me, which were my anxious thoughts in the last paragraph. She looked concerned, and said, “I’m very fond of you. Try not to worry about anything. Just tell me what you want.”

“I want to do this again with you. I feel like you know me so well.”

She reached to my lips and kissed me. “I’m already addicted to you,” she said.

I ended up spending the night with her. It was the best sleep I had in a long time. Her naked body hugged mine for most of the night. Her touch had healing powers – just a stroke of her finger could clear my worries.

I woke up at seven in the morning. It was July 11th.

I had woken up alone in bed. Louise left a robe on the bedside table next to me. It was black and made of silk, and the perfect size for me. I put it on and stepped outside of the room. I smelled bacon and so I went in the direction of the kitchen. I saw Louise with the frying pan. “Good morning,” I told her. She turned to me and smiled. “Good morning, sweetheart,” she told me. She was wearing pajamas.

“I’m usually not up this early,” I said.

“Teenagers,” she joked. “I’m done. Come have some breakfast.”

There was also scrambled eggs. She told me we could eat in the verandah. There was one upstairs as well.

She parted the curtains which revealed sliding glass doors. She opened them and we stepped outside. The tropical breeze at this time in the morning had a slight chill to it. The robe I was wearing was thin so I felt a bit cold, but I didn’t mind.

There was a small round table and two chairs opposite each other. We sat down to eat. She was looking at me from time to time. I was focusing on my breakfast so I was noticing her glances from my peripheral vision. Whenever I looked up to meet her eyes she quickly turned hers on something else.

“You’re a great cook,” mudanya escort I said, wanting to be the first to say something.

“Thank you.”

I asked her when her son was coming back. “He’ll be here in an hour. I’ll drop you back to your apartment when he comes back.”

After we finished our breakfast we took the plates and glasses back to the kitchen. I was going to wash what I used but she told me she would do it.

“I’m going to change into my clothes,” I told her.

I went back to the room we slept in and slid into my clothes. As I was doing so I looked at the bed and couldn’t help but think what was going to happen to our friendship, if it was even a friendship. It now felt more like a fuckship. I finished changing and put the thought behind me as I stepped out of the room. I came back to the kitchen and saw her putting away the dishes from the dish rack. “Can I help you with anything?” I asked her. “No, it’s alright dear. I’m finishing up anyway. You can watch some tv while I get ready.”

I went to the couch and switched on the tv with the remote. After she finished I saw her walk in the direction of her room. As she was walking I admired the long and dark silky hair, and was lost in her for a couple moments.

After five minutes or so I heard footsteps on the wooden staircase not far behind me. I suspected it was her son. He entered the living room and gave me a surprised look. “You’re not my mom,” he said, almost shouting. “Your mom is changing,” I told him.

“So who are you?”

“I’m Kristen, a friend of your mom’s.”

“You’re pretty young to be my mom’s friend.”

“Well I guess I’m her youngest.”

Just then Louise appeared and greeted her son with a hug. “How was it, dear? You came earlier than I expected.”

“It was fun. We played video games and did a lot of other stuff.”

“That’s great to hear. Have you met Kristen?”

He came up to me and extended his hand. He said “Hi, Kristen” and we shook hands. He was polite to me now because his mom was here. His name was Samuel and he was eleven. He was a slight under-achiever and had only one close friend. He was, however, a creative genius. He was very imaginative and skilled at drawing and hoped to someday make his own cartoons. I was glad that Louise supported his dream. She tried her best at motivating him to study, but he always found the material either too difficult to understand or remember. But she was never harsh with him.

“I’m going to drop Kristen back to her apartment,” she told him.

“Alright,” he said and walked in the direction of the rooms.

On the way she told me she had a couple errands to do after she dropped me at my apartment. I asked her to tell me about her husband. She turned to me for a second.

“Are you still worried about him finding out about last night?”

“A little.”

“You’ll worry yourself more if you mention him. He isn’t worth anything.”

After a moment had passed she placed her hand on my thigh and was slowly rubbing up and down. I felt shivers and memories from last night flooded my mind.

“I’m in the mood, Kristen.” There was that seductive tone.

I knew what was coming. And damn I wanted it. I could already feel the pool on my underwear. She kept one hand on the steering wheel and one on my thigh. The one on my thigh stopped its rubbing and was slowly moving towards my crotch. She dug her hand into my crotch and I gasped. Now she was cupping my pussy. I wore a thin jeggings so I knew she felt how wet I was. She was rubbing with her cupped hand and the pleasure from my clit made start to breathe harder.

“L-Louise,” I moaned. I didn’t think she was going to stop soon. But she eventually did, and by that time we had reached my apartment building and I was stimulated to the point where I was orgasm-ready.

“How about we finish this up in your bed, hmm?” she said with a naughty smile.

We got to my apartment which was on the second floor.

“It looks cosy,” she said. She put her keys on my dresser and pulled my pants down. She changed her mind about my bed and pushed me to the wardrobe with her body. My back pressed on the wardrobe and her breasts pressed into mine. She held my hips and her mouth dived into mine. Her tongue left no part of my mouth unexplored. When she was done with my mouth she told me to spread my legs apart slightly. I did as she said. She placed her thumb on the part of my underwear where my clit was and started rubbing. Her other hand cupped my breast. It wasn’t long until I reached orgasm. The gasping and heavy breathing seemed to turn her on. I saw a glint in her eyes and a wicked smirk. Whenever I moaned a little louder than usual she giggled. I had to, the orgasm was so intense. She rubbed through my orgasm and I felt like I was going to die with her pressed to me. With each passing moment her rubbing got slower until the pulsing stopped. Feeling raw with two big wet spots on my underwear and my legs shaking, she lifted me and I wrapped my legs and arms around her. She walked over to my bed and lay me down with my head resting on the pillow. She roughly pulled off my underwear – so rough I thought she would tear it apart. She tossed my wet underwear in a corner and took off her t-shirt, revealing her black lace bra and glowing cleavage.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32