Lottery Price Pt. 04

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Today it was clear that all the three of us thought about was how to try new toys. All started in the morning when girls wash all new one and also those that we brought with us. We put them on a club table in the living room. A really impressive collection of joy producing toys.

It was interesting to see the difference between Jane’s and Rosie’s toys. Rosie had bigger dildos and more anal toys while Jane had more toys that stimulate the clit and not so many anal toys. She like anal also just not as much Rosie does but both keep their asses always ready.

We were laying and relaxing in a living room just waiting for time to pass as we needed time to rebuild energy. Swimming was so exhausting.

We decided not to cook but to go out for dinner and later to a club. Girls start to dress up a and after some time they made themselves really gorgeous. This time surprisingly they were not the same. Jane chooses to dress light blue, longer skirt and a nice belt, while Rosie has decided to dress white short one.

Both put a sleeveless type of top just different colours and shoes with not so high heels. It was clear neither one have a bra. I liked that view on the nipples through the thin fabric.

“You both look amazing girls! We just need to add a final touch. Come to me dear and raise your skirt!” I ordered Jane.

I lower her panties and took one of the wirelessly controlled butterflies from a desk. I thought I would need a lubricant but her pussy was already wet more than enough.

“You are so wet, sweetie! What do you thinking about?” I asked and slowly slide into her pussy with two fingers.

She closed her eyes while I finger fucked her pink pussy. I could not resist not to lick her clit a few times, just for a taste.

Butterfly fixed with straps fits her perfectly and small g-string panties could not hide it. I got a kiss and she steps away to made space as Rosie already approached me with a skirt lifted and no panties.

I knew she expects same treatment so licked her clit and finger fucked her as I did before to Jane. They are twins, they need to be treated the same way. Then butterfly Ankara escort finds its position on her pussy and it looked like it would be made just for her.

“I’ll keep the controls, girls! Left pocket is your Jane and the right one is your Rosie!” I said and showed them small remotes with switch and slide control.

“Let me test them to see if they work!” I said and moved a slider on both controls.

From faces that girls made it was clear that feeling is o.k. It was Rosie’s turn to drive a car and when she set on a driver seat and looked me in the rear seat she knew that will not be just ordinary driving. Jane was sitting on a front passenger seat.

We went to a restaurant and while eating very small portions, we were joking all the time. I turned on butterfly when I knew they least expect me to do that. It was interesting to see their reaction and knowing what cause that made my dick to start thinking with its own head.

Girls were aroused and perhaps a little mad at me doing that. But I did it again and again and again. This time to Jane. I watched her reaction not paying attention to Rosie. Suddenly under the table, I felt something on my pants.

It was Rosie’s hand playing with my dick and faster than I could imagine she took it out from pants.

“You think only you can torture us?” she said and start to jerk it.

I turned on her toy and speed it up. Good that we set a little on a side so it was not so easy to spot what we are doing. I kissed Rosie’s lips.

“I will revenge for that you can be sure!” I whisper to her ear and set her toy to pulse mode.

Meanwhile, Jane almost finished but I turned off her butterfly to give as it was not yet time. Rosie almost made me finish too, but when I turned off her toy she removed her hand instantly. We ate our micro dinner with totally wet, horny pussies and a hard standing dick that was not easy to put back in the pants.

On the way out we run into a young couple and Jane asked them which is the best club to go as we had no idea about it. I did not really listen where they directed us, as my mind were full of thoughts about Ankara escort bayan twins wet pussies that needs to be fucked.

It was hot in the club, hot from summer and even hotter from almost naked dancing girls. Two girls were dancing on the elevated dance floor on each side of a DJs place, dressed just in underwear like things and nice shoes. In my mind, I saw twins up there just in shoes.

We danced a lot and almost all time I played with toys remote controls. Girls were on fire and we kiss all the time. Jane and me, Rosie and me, Jane and Rosie. All combinations.

“Girls you are so hot! I would fuck you both right here on a dance floor!”

“So why don’t you?” said Jane and start to lift her skirt and then left it to fall back down before raising it to high.

“I need to go to the toilet!” she said and disappeared.

I was dancing with Rosie meanwhile. She was in front of me and every time when she was back faced she pushed her ass against my hard dick that was suffering in pants. Soon Jane was back but dressed differently. She took down a shirt, lifted skirt up over her breasts, put back belt and now she had a short dress.

“Nice change,” I said and kissed her.

“Very sexy, sis!” added Rosie.

“You are both hot and sexy!” I said and put my hands their gorgeous asses.

Our dancing becomes more like one long teasing, like endless foreplay. Girls were lifting skirts while rubbing ass against my pants. I was stone hard and really no space in pants.

“If you two continue like this I’ll really take it out and fuck you!” I said, “And this time I really mean that!”

I knew girls are ready and wet and that makes me even more aroused. We were dancing near the wall when Rosie turned around and push her ass really strong back to me. She kissed Jane and her hand went under Jane’s skirt. I could not sustain anymore.

“Now you will see! You will get it now!” I said and open my pants to release my dick out.

It was covered with Rosie’s skirt and just at her ass. She was all over wet. I moved her panties to a side and my dick found itself at her ass.

“Now Escort Ankara move that ass if you dare!”

“Yes, fuck me! I need that dick!” she said, lean a little in front and start to push back.

I felt pressure on dick’s head and slowly it slipped into her hot, fuck needed ass.

“Fuck! That feels so good! You like to feel it in, I know!”

“Ahhh yes, fuck my bitchy ass!”

I put both toys to pulse mode. Rosie kept pushing her ass back to me and I saw she finger fuck Jane’s ass. Girls were kissing each other all the time.

“Yes, a little more! Give it deep! Fuck me! Yeaaaahhh. More! More! Faster!”

She finished so fast and strong I was really surprised. But before I could say anything she changed with Rosie without stop kissing her. Rosie looked me and I knew she just wants the same. She steps a little wider so my dick could find its way to her ass and moved slowly in expectation of all the joy she will get.

“Ooh sweetie, I like your ass! You are so tight!” I said when my dick slowly opened her ass and enter.

“Yes! I like it too! Fill it, my dear!”

Rosie pushed Jane stronger against my dick and I felt vibrations from her butterfly on my dick’s head.

“Deeper!” almost ordered Rosie and pushed Jane back, “Fuck her deeper! Fuck her ass stronger!”

“Aah! My ass will tear! Aaah!” said Jane between the joyful moments.

“You can do that! We are the same! Fuck her ass! Fuck her!” she said and kept pushing Jane back.

I fucked her ass like I rarely did before.

“Ooh, your squeeze my dick so strong!” I said and hold her heaps not allowing her to move too far away.

Music was loud and covered sounds we produced. We fucked in its rhythm. Janes top part of the dress slipped down to belt and her breast was there for Rosie to play with them. We both were close and few pushes later we finished as being one. Her hot ass becomes even hotter from sperm.

I put my hands on Janes’ breasts between her and Rosie and hold her in a hug. She breathed fast and deep and I felt contractions of her pussy and ass on my dick. We stand there few moments to get back to reality and then we made us more public ready.

Girls kissed me. Jane took mine and Rosies hand and guide us out of the club. We all knew that was a nothing more than foreplay and night will be long, we just need to get home first.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32