Lost Virginity to Married Neighbour

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My name is Surbhi. I am from Chandigarh. My body started developing from a very young age, and this is the story of how I was deflowered. I am 24 now and 36-27-35 with D cups.

I met him for the first time when I was 18 years old. He moved into the opposite apartment, along with his family. He was tall, with salt and pepper hair, and in his early 40’s. I felt an attraction towards a hot neighbor and I couldn’t define it.

Every day in the morning, I used to meet him in the lift. He used to smile, and my heart missed a beat. I stayed with my parents and elder brother. My parents are doctors and used to work late. The maid used to cook food and leave once I get back from classes.

One day, there was a power failure in our building, and the backup did not work. I kept the front door open, and my neighbor was standing there. He smiled. I smiled back.

Him: I am Anshul. What is your name?

Me: Surbhi.

Anshul: So, you are nameless. And he laughed.

Me: No, My name is Surbhi.

Anshul: I guess you are scared to be in the dark alone.

He smiled and closed his apartment and got into mine. He switched on his mobile light, went to the sofa, and sat down. Come and sit, Surbhi. We can get to know each other and pass some time till the power gets back.

I was awestruck that he wanted to talk to me. I sat opposite him, and he switched the light off. He asked about my studies. He said that he lives with his wife and 5-year-old son.

His wife used to take their son with her in the afternoon and drops him at her mother’s place. She picks him back at night when she gets back from work.

When the power came back, he said, so I will see you the next time the power goes and He left.

I couldn’t get him out of my mind for several days. Then one day, my parents invited him and his family for dinner. He gave me a book as a gift. After a few months, I saw him again in the evening, and he came over to speak to me.

Anshul: So, are you afraid of the dark today also?

Me: Hehehehehe. No. I am not afraid.

Anshul: So, you don’t want me to come and sit with you?

Me: You can come and sit here anytime you want.

Anshul: Oh, is it? Then let’s sit and talk.

He came in and closed the door when I got in.

He sat on the sofa and asked me to sit with him. I felt his hand on my shoulder. I didn’t think much about it. After some time, his hands were on my back, rubbing slightly. All the while, he was discussing my studies.

Anshul: Do you like being hugged? He asked immediately.

I was shocked but replied, Yes.

Anshul: Can I hug you once?

I didn’t know what to say. I had never felt this sort of feeling before. I was hesitant but wanted him to hug me as well.

Anshul: If you are scared, then no need to hug.

Me: I don’t know. Maybe

There was a twinkle in his eyes, and he smiled. He pulled me to him and hugged me slightly. When I didn’t object, he hugged me tightly. He kept rubbing his chest on mine. It felt really strange. When he released me from his grip, he was flustered and sweating. I felt a weird sensation but kept quiet.

Anshul: Surbhi, did you like the hug?

I nodded.

Anshul: Can I hug you whenever I see you?

I nodded.

He smiled and said, you are sweet, Surbhi. I like you.

I blushed.

After that, he used to visit often when I get back from classes. He used to hug me often and keep rubbing his chest on mine. Once, he asked if he can give me a kiss. That day, he kissed me on my cheeks. After a few days, the kisses on my cheeks moved to my lips. Whenever he visited, my nipples used to harden.

After a few weeks of daily hugs and kisses, when I saw him again, he asked me for something more than a kiss.

Anshul: Surbhi, do you like me?

Me: Yes.

Anshul: How much?

Me: So much.

Anshul: So, if I ask you something, will you allow it?

Me: What?

Anshul: Can I touch your boobs?

I was shocked. I moved my head to the sides, saying no. He smiled and came near me and hugged me. His chest was rubbing mine. I felt my small nipples hardening, as always. And then his hands were on my breasts, cupping them. His thumb was moving, and it touched my nipples.

I felt a current pass through my body. With his index finger and thumb, he pinched both my nipples. Unknowingly, without even understanding what was happening, I moaned. Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh.

Anshul: Yes, Surbhi. Yes. His fingers were pinching my nipples, and as I moaned again, he kissed my lips.

After some time, he moved away from me. My T-shirt was all ruffled. The twinkle in his eyes was gone. It was replaced by something I couldn’t understand. He moved to me again.

I thought he was going to hug me again. But he caught my T-shirt and pulled it up. I was shocked. His hands were on my breasts by then, over the Kumköy Escort bra.

Oh, such cute boobies. Can I see them, Surbhi?

Me: No. Anshul, please.

Anshul: Come on, Surbhi, I have touched it. Now, let me see it.

He pulled my bra up and sucked in air through his mouth.

Anshul: You have awesome boobs at this age, Surbhi. Has anyone touched it yet?

Me: No

Anshul: Hmm. I guessed that. Brown nipples. Just the way I like it.

His head moved closer to my chest. He rubbed my left nipple on his lips. He looked into my eyes and licked my nipples. Something hit all of my senses, and I closed my eyes. He laughed and sucked my nipples. His other hand was pinching and groping my right boobs.

He pushed me on the sofa and kept sucking my nipples. I felt him pushing his waist on mine and felt something hard. After sucking my nipples for a long time, he got up suddenly and went to the restroom. When he returned after ten minutes, he smiled at me lying on the sofa.

You made me a happy man today, Surbhi. I know when the time comes, you and…. His hands touched my body from my boobs down to my navel and down to my legs, … your body will make me happier than today.

He kissed me. Pinched my nipples and sucked them once more, and told me to get dressed before my parents got back.

This continued for several months. He often made me topless, enjoy my boobs, and then run to the restroom after that. I felt frustrated when he left. But didn’t understand why. I really wanted him to do more. But he never did.

One day, I decided to ask him. When he was sucking my nipples on that day, I asked him why he doesn’t touch anywhere else. He looked at my flustered face and laughed. “Oh, baby. I do want more. But the timing is not correct.”

Me: I think you don’t like me like that, I felt sad.

He caught my hand and placed it on his crotch. I felt something like an iron vibrating. I have liked you like that for more than a year, Surbhi. But, we will have to wait for the right time. I will make you a woman soon, baby. My woman. You will be writhing in pain and pleasure soon.

I was not satisfied with that reply.

He smiled and said, Ok, I will give you a bonus today. Saying that he slid his hand inside my skirt and touched my panty. I froze.

Anshul: Oh baby, you are wet. Sorry, darling, for ignoring you this long. His fingers pulled my panty aside and touched my pussy for the first time, and I moaned.

Quietly, Surbhi, we don’t want anyone to hear. He rubbed there and said, Baby, your clit is hard. I am sorry for neglecting it for so long. I never knew you were this aroused. Do you finger yourself, Surbhi?

I nodded.

Anshul: Hmmm, no wonder. Do you think of me when you finger, Surbhi?

I nodded.

Anshul: Do you cum then, baby?

Me: Cum?

Anshul: Yes, love. Do you reach climax?

Me: What is that?

Anshul: Ah baby, I was making you so horny with all the kisses and sucking. But you never came. So sorry, baby. You will get your climax today, my love.

His middle finger entered my pussy, and I moaned more. It felt better than my finger going in.

Anshul: Ah, you are so hot inside. So moist. So hot.

His finger moved inside, and I was hooked. He looked into my eyes. His left hand started squeezing my boob and pinching my nipples. And his right hand was between my legs with his finger going in and out of me.

His thumb kept rubbing my clit. I felt like I wanted to pee. I felt something building inside me. Yes, that’s it. Yes, baby. Cum for me. Cum for your Anshul. Let it all out. Show me how horny you are. Cum baby.

I felt something between my legs, and I moaned out loudly. I had my first mind-shattering orgasm. When I opened my eyes, he was standing in front of me panting.

Anshul: Surbhi, you woke up the devil inside me. He unzipped his pants. He took out his cock, and it looked like a huge banana.

Look what you have done to me. He kept on stroking it. I can’t wait to push this deep inside you, baby. He looked at my face and then my body for some time. But we can’t do it today. You are still too young for that.

I could see that he was struggling. I looked at his face and then at his raging cock. I felt a need to touch it. I reached out and touched his cockhead.

Ah, fucking hell, he screamed. He tried to remove my hands. But I touched it again. It felt so hard and pulsating. I held it in both hands. He looked at me with lust. Kiss it, Surbhi.

I kissed the tip, and I felt his hand on the back of my head. Open your mouth, he grunted. I opened my mouth, and he pushed his cock into my mouth. I couldn’t breathe. He stroked it a few times.

I felt tears in my eyes. He looked really maniacal. Then he looked into my face, then pulled his cock out, and pushed me on the sofa.

Baby, Kumköy Escort Bayan I so wanna fuck the hell out of you now. But that will not be a wise choice. So, remove your skirt and lay back nude.

I did as told, and he started stroking his cock. After some time, he froze, and his face contorted. He let out a scream, and his cock started spewing cum on my chest.

He lay on top of me and said, you made me a fucking horny teenager today, Surbhi.

Don’t know why, but I felt very happy when I heard that. We bathed together that day. He kissed my body more, played with my pussy, and made me cum again. This continued, and I used to undress for him willingly. I used to allow him to play with my body, and he turned me well.

On my 19th birthday, there was a party at home and he and his family were invited. He came alone to the party. He said that his wife and kid were at his in-laws’ place as his mom-in-law was not well. I was seeing him after a long time. He wished me, and his handshake sent a chill to my pussy.

By 11, most people started leaving. He came to me. So, my Surbhi is going to be an adult today.

Me: I became an adult last year when I turned 18, Anshul.

Anshul: Hmm. Is that so? But that was an innocent adult.

Me: What?

Anshul: Oh, Surbhi! Don’t be so shy. After all that we have done together, today will be the grand entrance performance. I looked around for my parents.

Me: What do you mean, Anshul?

Anshul: Don’t you want to take advantage of the situation and get deflowered?

I understood what he was meaning. I smiled shyly.

Anshul: You very well understood what I said, my silly horny girl. I will be all alone at my place tonight. Enough time for us.

He smiled and then gave me his hand again to shake. When I caught his hand, I felt a small paper roll in it. He eyed me to take it.

Anshul: Keep that in your pocket.

He looked around and wished me a happy birthday again. Then he whispered, Once everyone sleeps, eat what I gave you now in the paper roll and come to my apartment. The doors will be open.

I looked shocked. And he went out the door without saying anything else.

I didn’t know what to do. By 12, my parents were getting ready to sleep. I looked at the paper roll and found two white tablets. Eat both were written on the paper. I ate them. But my nerves were on edge.

By 1:00 a.m., everyone was asleep. I unlocked the front door with my key and locked it back again. I tried his door, and it was open. When I got in, he was sitting on the sofa. He smiled at me and said to close and bolt the door. When I did that, he laughed a little.

Anshul: I didn’t know you were this ready to lose your flower baby. I thought you might get scared and say no, and I would have had to come tomorrow evening and coax you again. But it’s good you came tonight. Because we will have enough time to open you, in every sense, Surbhi.

Me: I was scared. But I don’t know what made me come.

Anshul: I know what made you come here tonight, baby.

He walked towards me. Took his hands and caught my pussy over my dress. This made you come here.

I moaned when he pressed it hard.

Anshul: Undress for me, Surbhi. Show me your lovely body.

I didn’t hesitate. I pulled my dress over my head. Unhooked my bra. Pulled down my panty, and I stood naked in front of him.

Anshul: Baby, you have given me the pleasure of your boobs a lot many times. But tonight, I am going to teach you how to please a man. I will make you a slut (Randi) by morning.

He picked me up and took me to the guest bedroom, and laid me on the bed. He looked at me again.

Anshul: Did you eat the pills, honey?”

Me: Yes.

He untied his robe, and his cock jumped out and was pointed at me. He came over to me and kissed my boobs. His fingers explored my pussy. Wow, you are wet already, baby. Ohh… you are a slut!!!

His fingers went in and started playing. He increased his speed. I felt I would cum soon. He fingered me faster and said, Tell me when you are about to come.

Me: Yes. Oh, Anshul. Yes, I was enjoying it. I felt I was about to cum.

Anshul pushed my legs wide. He fingered harder.

Me: Anshul, I am cumming, I was in the throes of the orgasm when I felt something pushing at my pussy lips. He caught my leg and pushed his cock head inside my pussy. I was wet and cumming that his head pushed in easily.

I felt stuffed there. I gasped, and he closed my mouth. This next push is going to hurt, Surbhi. But, bear with me. I promise you that you will enjoy the next time. I am going to open your pleasure gates. Bear with me now.

He closed my mouth and pushed harder. I felt something tearing my pussy and screamed and pushed him. But he was so strong. He smiled at me. You have a tight cunt. It’s squeezing me tight.

I Escort Kumköy felt tears flowing. I just wanted him to take it out. He pulled out, and I breathed a bit and screamed again when he slammed more in.

Anshul: Just one more time, my baby, it will be fully in then. Just bear once more. Saying that he pulled out a bit and banged back in. I felt like a knife sliced me there. It pained badly. I cursed myself for coming to him. He then moved slightly in me.

It’s all in, baby. You are the first girl to take it all in. You were born to be a slut (Randi), Surbhi. He smiled at me and removed his hands from my mouth.

Don’t cry, baby. This little pain is the path to pleasure, He started moving inside me. He grabbed my boobs and started ramming me hard. I felt the pain still. I couldn’t enjoy anything. His movements speeded up. I could see he was enjoying it.

Oh, you are the tightest cunt I ever enjoyed, baby. You are gonna make me cum soon.

He increased his speed, and my pain lessened a bit. But there was no pleasure. He grunted, and his face contorted like every time he cums. He moaned. “I am cumming, Surbhi. You are my baby, I felt something shoot inside me. It scared me a lot.

He fell on top of me, panting. Oh, baby, I just took your virginity, your lovely flower. I have never got such pleasure before. You are a divine angel, sweetheart.

After some time, he looked at my worried face. What happened, sweety? I know you didn’t cum now. Nor enjoyed much. First times are always like that.

Me: Am I pregnant now?

He laughed out loud. No, honey. That’s why I gave you the pills. You won’t get pregnant.

I breathed in relief.

Anshul: Does it pain much, Surbhi?

Me: Yes, but less now.

Anshul: First time is always like that, baby. Don’t worry.”

Me: Did you enjoy it?

He laughed, Oh, my sweet baby. I enjoyed it a lot, more than with anyone. You gave me the ultimate pleasure. You are a sex goddess, and you don’t even know that.

I smiled, I am happy you enjoyed it.

You will enjoy it, too, baby. You will enjoy womanhood too. Today itself, baby. Lemme rest for some time. I will make you cum hard.

I shivered thinking about that. He kissed me. He played with my boobs, and my nipples hardened. He looked at me and smiled. He picked me up and took me to the washroom. We bathed together, and he washed the blood from my thighs and pussy.

After we were clean, he dried me with a towel. He pulled the sheets off and put them in the washing machine. He came back with new sheets. Then he laid me on top of them again and kissed me again. He played with my boobs again and pushed a finger in my pussy.

He fingered me deeply. I felt horny. My pussy was sore, but his fingers massaged me inside. I moaned.

Anshul: This is your G-spot, baby, And he rubbed there.

Me: Aahhhhhhh Aahhhhhhhh, yes, Anshul, please don’t stop.

I was aroused. I wanted him to do things to me. I wanted his finger in my pussy. I wanted him to move it in and out of me. He looked into my eyes. What do you want, Surbhi? Tell me.

Me: I want. Aahhhh. I want…

Anshul: Yes, baby. What do you want?

Me: I want you

Anshul: Yes. I am here; I am yours. What do you want me to do?

Yes, Surbhi. Tell me. Do you want me to fuck you? Tell me, baby, do you want me to fuck your cunt with my cock?

Me: Yes, fuck me, please.

He jumped on top of me. Yes, baby, I love it when you ask for it. I will fuck you to oblivion.

My legs were thrown wide. His cock pushed at my sore pussy again. I readied myself to feel the pain again. He pushed in. But, it did not pain like the last time. There was a dull pain, but not as severe as last time. He pulled out and pushed in again.

Oh, your cunt is tight, Surbhi. He pushed in till I was fully stuffed. Now, get ready for the ride, baby. And he started ramming me. There was not much pain. Slowly the friction started getting to me. I started feeling pleasure.

Yes, Anshul, fuck me, when I yelled that, I saw fire in his eyes, and he started banging the hell out of me. My nipples were being pinched and pulled by both his hands.

He fucked me harder than last time. It was like a piston moving in and out.

Yes, baby, let me take you to heaven.

I lost my senses. When I woke up, I couldn’t see Anshul on me. I felt something on my pussy and looked down. Anshul was eating my pussy. I moaned. He looked up. Did you enjoy Surbhi?

Me: Mmmm…

Anshul: Tell me, slut.

Me: Yes, a lot.

Anshul: Will you open your legs for me always?

Me: Always

Anshul: Yes, Surbhi. You are my fuck toy. My Slut.

And he tongued me again. I went home around 6 in the morning and slept. Then Anshul used to fuck me every day, till I went to some other city as I got a college there.

When I used to visit back my hometown, he used to fuck me in every hole of mine. He taught me everything. He made me his slut and I enjoyed it so much.

This story is about how I lost my virginity to my married neighbor. Do share your feedback guys. Thanks!! Love you all.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32