Lost My Virginity

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“Alright, alright! In lines. Again!” shouted the dance teacher over the booming music.

Abhi wiped his face by the hem of his t-shirt and walked back to the third position in the first row. He was drenched with sweat. He parted his legs by a foot and held his arms in front of him. His wet t-shirt was clinging to his shaped back.

“Let’s repeat the first three moves!” his dance teacher walked along the rows. “Ready? 1! 2!” she counted imitating the steps casually, “3! 4!”

Abhi moved his arms in a rhythm alternatively with the music, swayed his body in a wave and turned to his right.

His gaze instinctively went to Khushboo, standing first in the second row. Her back was facing him. He felt a drop of sweat slither down his chest, sending an involuntary shiver. Her yellow kurti was equally wet, giving an outline of her hourglass figure and prominent hips. Her braided hair looked like a black serpent crawling on her back.

“Good!” his teacher shouted, bringing him back to reality. She walked to the front, clapping, “Will repeat the first four steps of tango, we rehearsed last week, and disburse.” His heart leapt with joy. Tango meant partner!

“To your partners! Two rows! Quick!” She changed the music. Abhi looked up at Khushboo, who was looking back at him with a gentle smile.

*Is she smiling at me? *

*?She always smiles like that. *

*?No she is actually smiling! *

“Hi!” she beamed at him.

“Hey! Looking pretty. *God, hold your horses will you!?! * I mean…ahh here we are again,”

“Did you practice the steps?”

“Yeah, they are simple. Easy peezy!”

“Haha really? Alright then. I’m finding them a bit tricky though.”

“Its simple Khushboo, we just have to take it slow.”

“Hmm hmm,” she nodded, blinking her eyes and he felt butterflies swarming in his stomach.

She walked forward, he lift his right arm, putting it around her and placed it below her shoulder blades.

She was wet. Soothingly wet.

She took a step closer, doing a similar maneuver with her left and the free hands joined in an awkward clutch. Her fingers felt so soft. So gentle and smooth. He gulped as his stray eyes lingered around her ample bosom.

“Shall we?” she adjusted herself into the position.

“Ahem ahh…yeah sure,” he looked up at her inquisitive face, “three times back and a right swing,”

“One!” He put his left foot forward as she took her right foot back.

“Two!” he repeated with his right and she with her left.

“Three!” he put his left foot forward again accompanied by her right foot moving back.

“And swing!” he swung to his right, joining his left foot with his right. She followed.

He held her firmly as she completed the move falling forward and mashing her supple front in his chest.

For a moment everything slowed down for him. She was so close. Almost in a hug. She felt warm. Damp. Her girlish aroma smothered his senses. He has never been so close to a girl. He looked down at her. Her face had turned crimson as she tucked her hair behind her ear and pulled back.


He had packed up his bag, changed his practice clothes and was washing his face when she called him from around the wall.

“Abhi, is that you?”


“Would you mind helping me with this bag?”

“Huh? Yeah sure,”

He swung his bag around his neck, over his shoulder and walked with a springing enthusiasm to the other side of the changing room. Khushboo was struggling with the chain of her bag.

“Here, let me see,” he pulled the chain and to his slight surprise it rolled down smoothly, Maltepe Escort closing the bag.

Khushboo pushed him against the wall, pressing herself against him.

“Have you never kissed a girl before?” she winked. He was struggling to control the swelling in his pants with a girl so close.

“No…” he gulped, looking down at her lips.

“Would you like to?” she pressed her body forward, definitely aware of his hardening member. He thrust his face forward and gave a peck on her lips.

She broke into a girlish laugh.

“Slow down boy.”

She placed her hands on his shoulder and leaned forward. He looked at her as she brought her face closer. He closed his straining eyes and felt her gentle lips. She gave a gentle stroke from his lower lip to his upper. He parted his lips and tried to grab her lips in between. She grabbed his hair at the back of his head, pulling, “Slowly,” she mumbled, pulling back for a moment but pressing her lips against his, a second time.

Abhi was in another world. He could not believe it’s happening. His senses were out of control. Her slimy tongue made sloshing movements across his lips as he parted them. Her hands slithered up to his neck and she engulfed him in a close hug. Their faces were inclined in opposite directions. The lips were nudging and struggling against each other. His hands moved down to her waist, almost lifting her off her feet. A moment of struggle ensued and she was the one against the wall. Her fingers played with his hair, as he devoured her juicy mouth with raw lust. He could feel her pressing her thigh against his swollen manhood. His embarrassment about his hardening cock vaporized as she gave a gentle moan gauging the size of his package. It was his turn to moan as she massaged her thigh gently between his legs. It was getting difficult for him to hold and before he could realize, she pushed him away with a smile. Her lips were wet and shimmering.

“How was it?” She asked in a matter of fact tone, reaching for her bag.

“It… It was the best!”



“I will be alone this weekend. Parents are going to attend a function.” She winked and turned around, leaving the academy as if nothing had happened.

He stood by the wall. His fingers reached and touched his lips. He tried to taste her on his lips. He tried to retain the smudge of her lips.

His first kiss.


“Make yourself comfortable.” she almost commanded, handing him a glass of water. She was in a casual pink top and skin tight, white PJs. I looked around her room. It was mostly pink with stuffed toys, heap of pillows, a wall covered with football player’s posters. I took a sip of water as she sat on the bed by my side.

“Why are you here?”

I almost spluttered.

“Ahh… Yeah… Umm Just wanted to see you.”

“Seen me?”

“Ye… Yeah.”

“Then leave.”

I got up to go as she crackled a high pitch laugh.

“Ohh God! Sit, you dummy!”

I sat back feeling ultra stupid and slightly annoyed. She was suppressing her giggle. “Were you actually leaving?”


“Ahahaha Ohh you cutie! ” she pinched my cheek and took the glass.

“What was I supposed to do? You asked me to leave.” I protested.

She turned around and grabbed my hands, “You are supposed to do this,” and placed them on her hips. Her stomach was inches from my face. She smelled of roses. I kissed her belly as she held my head in her gentle hands. I was sniffing and kissing her scent and skin. Her top was already pushed up, baring her silky smooth skin. I kissed and plucked around, emanating Maltepe Escort Maltepe moans from her.

“Good…mmm boy…”

She held my face in her hands and placed her legs on each side of me, straddling in my lap, and took my lips in hers. My hands were roaming around, caressing and touching her mounds and valleys. She was in ecstasy as she felt me touching her in places only a lover would. She pushed herself closer into me. Her body was mashed against my lap and massaged my crotch. My ribald, young cock was engorged with lust.

I pulled her top over her head. She reached for her back and unhooked her pink bra in a swift motion. I took her cups down, uncasing her taught, milky globes. She lifted her butt off my lap and placed her breasts in front of my hungry mouth. I needed no invitation as I dived into her chest. Next few minutes were hallucinating for me. My surroundings were vague. My face was floating across an ocean of soft, warm skin. I lapped her breasts like a hungry dog, suckling on her juicy, warm tips, tugging them down and yanking them with my lips. I could feel her nails digging in me.


It was difficult to distinguish between her moans and near sobs. I did not have the experience. I was raw. First timer. I just wanted to kiss and suck her as hard as possible, for as long as possible, as if there was no tomorrow. My torment only stopped when I felt her hand grabbing my young cock from over my pants.

First touch of a girl. My eyes rolled back in my head as she stroked it up and down, twisting with pleasure. With a wicked smile, she pushed me on my back. My mouth was dry and my heart was thumping uncontrollably against my ribcage. I did not know what to expect. Her fingers were already unbuckling my belt.

“Can… Can we close the lights, please.”

“Is it hairy?”

I couldn’t speak as she pulled the zipper down. My 18 year old dick was making a huge tent in my boxers. She nudged against it and reached for it from the inside of my boxers. I fell back. My eyes were closed. All I could feel was a soft, gentle hand. Her fingers wrapped around the girth of my cock and stroking it up and down. I was controlling my moans as she pulled my boxers down with her free hand.

She kissed the length of it. Her face was content as she adored her prized possession.

It was getting difficult for me to control. Her warm breath, caring hand and lustfull lips were enough to take my inexperienced cock to the shore. A part of me urged to make her stop. But my cock had a mind of its own. I did not want her to stop stroking it. I did not want her to stop kissing it. I did not want her to stop making love to it. She was continuously rubbing it up and down. Her each motion was accompanied by a kiss or a lick. Her fist was moving up and down in a perfect swing. I looked down at her. Her eyes met mine. Her stroking intensified. It was more firm and vigorous. And then a bubble snapped in me. I felt my balls twitch, a warmth raced down the length of my virgin cock and erupted from the slit on my swelling crown. I was moaning in pleasure, my abdomen was spasming as she milked me vigorously.

My orgasm subsided in moments as I looked down. Thick, white ropes were splashed across her cheeks and my stomach. She was smiling with an amused expression as she reached for her top and cleaned us. My cock was still up, pulsing and slick.

“Now it’s your turn,” she whispered, leaning by my side and going flat on her back. It took me a moment to realize her invitation, as I got up and saw her spreading her legs for me.

I felt a tingling in my cock as the prospect of seeing a pussy Escort Maltepe for the first time flashed across my mind. I was naive. Unaware of the subtleties. The nooks and corners of her precious world. And she seemed to enjoy that innocence.

“Don’t be shy baby. Have me.” she whispered, pulling her white Pjs down. I went down over her panties clad, puffy mound. She surely smelled of roses. Unlike mine, her thighs were silky soft, with a tincture of pink on the edges of her panties. I was mesmerized like a young kid ready to open his favorite gift. I hooked the front of her panties and pulled them down. She was bald. And pink, her lips glued together in warm coziness. I gave her a lick by natural instinct. She gave a long, girly moan. Her response made me happy. I gave numerous laps across the length of her slit. She felt like soft leather against my tongue. She was looking down at me with her lower lip between her teeth.

“Kiss me Abhi,” she moaned looking down at me. “Do you know how to do a French kiss?” I nodded crawling up to her.

“Uhuhh! Down there,”

I gulped. She gave me an idea of what she wants. And I was more than happy to oblige. Next moment my face was pressed between her thighs. She held them far apart, holding them up for me as I smooched her vertical lips with love and passion.

She was wet. Dripping wet. Her stomach was going up and down with every breath and sigh. I held her thighs apart and dug her love temple with my invading tongue.

?”Abhiii… Abhi…,” is all she could muster as I looked up at her, my wet tongue busy wriggling between her juicy lips. I unknowingly hit her clit with a lap. “Right there babyy…,” she almost begged as I hit her sensitive nerves. I pulled back for a moment and parted her lips further, taking her love button between my lips and gently nibbling her. Her screams were loud enough to wake up the neighbors.

My cock was throbbing and twitching.

?”Fuck me…” she barely mumbled and pulled me up. My cock poked around her things as she reached down between us, grabbing my lolling cock and placed it between her pussy lips. I got the cue and humped down unceremoniously. She was in blissfully agony. She punched me in my chest and pulled me in a tight bear hug.

?”Slow… Slow,” is all she could manage as I started pumping my once virgin cock inside her. It was the best feeling in the world. I was in a daze. It was too much for my senses to acknowledge, all the pleasures and emotions running through me at the same time: her warm breath hitting my skin, our sweating bodies moving in a rhythm, her nails and teeth branding my shoulders and chest, the smooth yet grippy motion of my cock up and down her pussy, her pleasurable sobs in my ear. I was in ecstasy. My lower abdomen was automatically moving like a piston. I was giving her long deep strokes, my tip nudging and rubbing her deepest insides. I felt another surge in my balls as she wrapped her legs around mine. Her moans were getting short and sharp. Her breathing became deeper. Her grip on me intensified as I felt every inch of her pulling back before a pounce. I felt her shudder under my weight and stop for a miniscule moment before rupturing into a wild orgasm.

“FUCKK… AAHAAHAAH… I’M CUMMING,” she was breathing fire.

Her squeezing pussy rolled me across the edge as I felt my cock jump and pulsate in excitement inside her hot confines. I started fucking her deeper thrusts and animalistic rage. Same surge of warmth ran across the length of my cock before it broke into a series of twitchs and jerks and I pushed it deep inside her seeding her fertile womb. She placed her hands weakly on my hips, trying to hold me still. My still hard cock was buried inside her deepest valley, spent and tired. I slumped on her. She held me in her arms. Both struggled to catch our breaths.

“Welcome to adulthood…”

I looked up at her.

“You are a man, now.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32