Lost in You Pt. 02

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Slowly I open my eyes as you remove the blindfold, blinking, trying to adjust to the bright light and let my eyes focus to my surroundings. My mind is screaming, I’m still unable to comprehend how things have moved so quickly. Just a few hours ago I had sat quietly watching you in bar, now I am stood in your playroom, naked, hands bound and raised high above me, causing me to have to stand on tip toes.

Back in the car park of the bar as I had muttered the words “I’m your Mistress, all yours” I had felt your body push hard against mine and your fingers continued to pump my soaking wet pussy. With your free hand you had pulled my hair to the side and now you were kissing my neck, dragging your teeth over the large pulsing vein within it, in the way you know would drive me crazy. I could feel my orgasm building and I knew you could too. “My slut is as ever far too greedy for her own pleasure I feel” you whisper into my ear “Time to remind you of your place, teach you respect, tame you”.

Suddenly I felt your fingers withdraw leaving my pussy empty and wanting, you turn me to face me. Your face so close our noses touch, “Keys… Now!” you hiss at me and even though I know you have been drinking and will be over the limit to drive, I simply point to the ignition where I had left them when you hauled me out the car. “get in the passenger side” you demand and I follow your instructions, beginning to pull my panties up as I walk. “NO!” you scream at me “leave them where they are” Making it more difficult to walk I shuffle my way to car, getting in.

No sooner have I shut the door, you tell me to turn so my back is facing you and I feel the soft fabric of my own silk scarf against my cheek and the world around me goes dark. Turning my body to sit straight, I feel your fingers softly, almost lovingly trace down my cheek and across my lips, I sense you smile, I know you are enjoying this. With care you slide your hand up and pull the seatbelt across my chest, making sure to brush my right nipple, which automatically hardens and I hear the click as it locks in place. Starting the car I hear as you put it into drive, then I feel your hand between my legs again and your fingers pressing against my still soaking pussy as you pull Starzbet out of the car park.

Now here I am, having been frog marched blindfolded, extremely wet, with my panties still around my ankles up the steps and through the first floor of your house, down into the basement, into your playroom as you enjoy to call it. You have ordered me to strip off the rest of my clothes, which I did without comment and once stood naked in front of you I knew your eyes were taking my body in. My hands were bound and lifted above my head and I felt the tug as the pulley you had attached them to raised them higher and higher until I was stood on tip toe.

It feels like an eternity as my eyes adjust to the brightness of the room, until I feel your touch again. Your fingers trace down my back and along my hips to my stomach as you walk around to face me, the look on your face is hard to read, its a mix of a sly smirk and anger. “Seriously little one, you should have stayed away” you repeat your words from earlier, I start to reply and you silence me by placing your index finger on my lips. “Shhhh its too late now, you are here” and there is that smile again and the intense look in your eyes.

Your lips connect to mine in a deep passionate kiss, your tongue again forcing its way into my mouth, twisting and turning with mine. Its not a loving kiss, its a kiss that tells me what is coming, a kiss that awakens every nerve and every sense within me. Your hands move down over my body, finger tips tracing down my sides making me squirm, you know my weaknesses and being extremely ticklish is one of them. “Stand still” you warn and trying as hard as I can I still fail not to squirm and twist away from your touch. Your laughter fills the room “Oh, how I have missed you, your lack of discipline makes this all the more fun.” I feel a sudden and sharp slap across my face. “However the effort to tame you is not!”

the soft teasing touch is replaced by a rough grip as you grab both my breasts and squeeze hard, making me gasp. Twisting my body around so your body is now pressed against my back, you start to kiss my neck again, licking roughly, grazing your teeth. All the time squeezing my breasts hard, moving to my nipples, Starzbet Giriş that are hardening and fully exposed to your fingers. Pinching hard, tugging and twisting, making me scream out and at the same time squirm as a million shocks of pleasure shoot down to my now even wetter pussy. “Hmmmm, my slut is remembering her place nicely now” You whisper into my ear.

At your words I can feel my pussy start to pulse, the more you pinch and twist my nipples the more I feel my needs growing. “Ohhh yes Mistress” I finally manage to get some words out and I feel you smiling as you lift one hand up to release my tied hands from the pully above my head. With your other hand in the small of my back you guide me forward, across the room towards a small metal table, where you push me down face first so my torso is pressing and the coldness of the surface is making my already hard nipples even harder.

“spread” are the only words you say as you kick my feet apart, I willingly spread my legs as wide as I can, my mind racing. Is this really what I want, to be here, to be helpless to your desires again and as your fingers spread my ass cheeks and feel your finger sliding over my ass hole I know it is. This is exactly where I want to be where I need to be!

Your finger continues to tease my tight rose bud, before I know it I am pushing back and moaning lightly. I hear you laugh lightly “That’s it my slut, you know what you want and need. But sadly its not your enjoyment I am interested in” You say as you suddenly shove two fingers in my ass.

The shearing pain at the invasion catches me by surprise and I cry out, which just makes you push deeper into my tightness. “If we here for your pleasure, I would have prepared you, made this easy on you little one” You say almost in a whisper as you lean over my body. My ass is burning, I am struggling to relax but my brain is in a panic, then the first hard slap hits my cheek, making me scream out loudly. Another hard slap, followed by another and another.

A torrent of fierce slaps rain down on my ass cheeks with each my body is forced forwards and with it your fingers, pushing them deeper and deeper, stretching out my ass.

Then as fast Starzbet Güncel Giriş as they begun they stop and you are lightly smoothing over my raw skin, leaning down and lightly kissing the burning hot skin. Your fingers are still, luring me into a false sense of security, giving me time to finally relax around them and just as I am fully adjusting to their presence I feel something hard against my pussy. “Oh yes little one” you sneer ” I am sure you remember my strap-on well” and as the word strap-on leaves your lips you thrust your hips forward and enter my wet cunt. The strap-on is huge, long and thick, brutally you slam it deep, showing no mercy.

I’m so wet through it amazingly slides deep in my waiting cunt with ease and as I feel your fingers pressing down in my ass you start to fuck my sloppy cunt hard. “Just as I remember” you pant as you pick up the pace “My dirty slut is ready to be fucked in all her holes.” All I can do is moan with the building pleasure and feel myself starting to push back against you, meeting each thrust, forcing your strap-on deeper and deeper. “yes” you cry “push back, show me just what a dirty fuck toy you are.”

On your command I push back harder and start to fuck your strap-on, the room is filled with the sounds of my sloppy wet cunt and I feel the glorious build of my orgasm deep within me. Your free hand goes to my clit and you rub me hard and furiously as I continue to match your thrusts. You can feel I am close “hold it slut, you cum on my command” you hiss, knowing only too well I am too far gone and as my orgasm explodes around your strap-on I hear you snort with disgust “Oohhh my dirty slut, when will you ever learn” as you withdraw the strap-on from my pulsing dripping cunt.

“You’ll lick this clean” you say, turning me and pushing to my knees “and then we will start over and little one we will keep going until you get it right, you will learn” Willingly I start to lick clean your strap-on, as you force it deeper into my mouth. “Nothing to say to your Mistress, slut?” you ask and looking up into your eyes I simply smile and reply… “Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress”

There I am knelt before you, hands bound behind my back, licking and sucking your huge strap-on and a wave of joy spreads over me. I am home, happy and willingly lost in you again… “Good girl” you reply as you replace my own silk scarf over my eyes, returning me to darkness and pull me up, shoving me hard back down on the table, kicking my feet apart, forcing my legs apart…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32