Lost , Found

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Have you ever made a bad decision, knowing at the time it was a bad decision? I mean they say your vision is always 20/20 looking at the past, but I can remember times when, I knew something bad would come from my actions, and yet I proceeded anyway. This is a story of one of those times in my life.

“Damn it!”, I shouted getting back into the driver seat of my car. I was frustrated to say the least, because I had just noticed my wallet was missing. I did the usual retracing my steps in my mind, to the locations I was earlier in the day. That’s when it hit me, I must have dropped it at the store I visited this afternoon.

This afternoon, I had stopped by the local adult toy shop to pick up a birthday present for my girlfriend. I wouldn’t say we were a crazy adventurous couple, but she enjoyed the feeling of a butt plug inside her while we were fucking, and I loved to oblige her. I had purchased a larger than normal version today, so we could try to open her up a bit more. Anyway, I must have dropped my wallet inside, or left it on the counter, and was now forced to drive back into the worst part of town to fetch it. This was not exactly how I had envisioned my night going.

On my way over, I called the store to ask about it, and the manager said he remembered me, and that he indeed found my wallet, and had it stored behind the counter for my return. I was overjoyed to learn this, but then he mentioned they were closing in 5 minutes, and I was still at least 25 -30 minutes away. “Please can you stay open, so I can grab it?” I begged over the phone. I was starting to panic, thinking I might have to cancel dinner plans with my girlfriend, if I could not retrieve it tonight. He gruffly agreed, saying “I guess man, just bring back the bag and items you purchased earlier, in case I’m not here. That way they can verify you from the purchase and give you your wallet”, and then he hung up the phone. For the moment, I relaxed, although I couldn’t reason why they needed to see my purchase, considering my wallet had a very recent picture ID, and that should be enough.

Pulling into the parking lot, it was a ghost town. I was immediately worried that they closed up, disregarding my request, and I confirmed that when I saw the closed sign hanging from the entrance door. “Fuck!” I shouted. I was really upset, “he couldn’t have waited 10 fucking minutes!?” I decided to walk around back, where the secondary entrance was. I always avoided this entrance. it led directly into the video booth section, and I wasn’t into that at all. They one time I had ventured back there, I was immediately mobbed by guys trying to feel me up, and get me to suck their dick. I got out of there fast.

I’m not homophobic or anything like that, I just know I’m not into dudes. I’ve always done really well with women, ever since I was younger. I was modest looking, a muscular framed 6ft,190lb twenty five year old Emek Escort American guy, and I was slightly above average below the belt. I worked out a lot, but mostly cardio, and boxing, so I wasn’t very bulky. My ass was one of my greatest features, every girl I’ve ever hooked up with was jealous of my butt. It comes with working out, and training. I can imagine my ass was what drew so many guys attention, when I visited the booth section, but again it’s just not me.

Back to my current predicament, I had just reached the back door to the store, but found it closed as well. “Shit man”, “I’ve got to get my wallet back!” I noticed a small window to the side of the door, and thought just maybe I might get lucky. To my surprise, It seemed like the window was open, but it moved like it hadn’t been opened in a century. Luckily the window was only 3 foot or so off the ground. I assume it wasn’t exactly up to code, because these run-down buildings never are, but that’s not my responsibility. I managed to get the window open about 8 inches or so but it didn’t want to stay open, and I was running out of hope quick. That’s when I had my bright idea, “I don’t need it open all the way, I can just squeeze through there and then squeeze out after retrieving my wallet”. I dropped my shopping bag from earlier to the side of the window, and proceeded to try and squeeze through the opening. I went face first, on my stomach, thinking this was the safest way in, so I could brace my fall once inside.

It was hard work, honestly. I wasn’t a petite guy, and I barely had any room to move trying to enter. “OMG, I’m fucking stuck!” I was panicking now, I was securely wedged into the opening, and couldn’t move any farther. I tried to wiggle back out and was met with the same resistance. I started to envision the cops showing up, getting arrested for breaking and entering, and then having to explain all this to my girlfriend and parents. Absolute fear of what to do now.

“I am so fucked!” I shouted. “Not yet you aren’t boy..”, shocked by the voice, I tried to turn to see, but was restricted by the window and frame. “Please help me!” “I can’t move, I’m completely stuck”, I begged the man. “Well it looks like tonight is my lucky night, you see I was disappointed to arrive tonight and find this placed closed up, considering I’ve been horned up all day waiting to release”. “Maybe we can help each other here”.

I was in disbelief of what I was hearing, “Please just help me get out of here, I don’t want any trouble!”

“Well if you wont cooperate boy, then I’m just going to do what I want here.” I could feel his hands rubbing up and down my legs, feeling up my backside. I kicked, and kicked hard, “fuck boy that hurt! time to return the favor!” I can only describe what happened next as the feeling of a truck slamming into my balls. He had kicked me squarely in the groin, Eryaman Escort and connected perfectly. I was dry heaving and I almost passed out from the pain. “Please, Please stop!!!” “I wont kick again!, I’m Sorry” “Please”

“Don’t play with me again boy, the next time I’ll rip them off”, I agreed to his request fearing the possibilities of where this encounter would go.

The man, roughly pulled off my shoes, followed by my pants and boxers. “Shit you do have a nice ass, fantastic”. I could now feel the cold night air blowing against my bare skin. My aching balls and cock hanging below me, pressed against the side of the building. It was exhilarating, in the scariest way possible.

He opened my legs, stepping between, pressing firmly on each check spreading my ass apart. I was taken back when I felt a wet warmth on my ass. I had never felt a tongue on that area of my body before, and I won’t say it didn’t feel amazing, because it did. I felt guilty, feeling pleasure from this situation, and from another guy no less. The man continued his assault on my asshole with his tongue, in and around, up and down, I was in heavenly bliss, even if I wouldn’t admit it at the time.

“Please stop” i kept repeating to my attacker, in between involuntary moans escaping my lips. He eventually pulled away, and for a moment I was relieved. Then I heard him moving around and I could hear the rustle of the bag I had dropped earlier. “Oh damn boy, you are a little slut aren’t you?”

I was confused at first, but then relized he was talking about the butt plug that I had bought for my gf. I could hear him open the package and spit on the plug. Terrified I exclaimed, “please that’s for my gf, I don’t like that stuff!”

He ignored my requests, and spread my ass apart with his hands. I felt him spit onto my virgin hole before roughly shoving the bulk of the plug into my now violated ass. I was beside myself with pain. “Stop, oh my god, please!” Forcefully he pushed the rest of the plug into me, and with a pop it was lodged inside my rectum. I was seeing stars, and now openly sobbing from the pain radiating from my rear. Suddenly I felt a warmth on my dangling cock, and then a swirling sensation on the head. I realized he was sucking on my cock, while also fondling my ass and balls. In my wildest dreams, I could never imagine being in this situation, especially not enjoying it. But that is what started to happen, I mean he was doing a very good job sucking my dick, and it’s not like I could move anyway. “Fuck! Damn that feels so good” I moaned.

“See, I told you boy, I knew you were a slut when I saw you.” I’m going to swallow your cock and drink down your cum”

As much as I couldn’t stand this man, I was torn because he really was doing a good job sucking my dick, and I knew I would cum before long. Even though I was angry at the violation, Esat Escort I gave into the sensations at my groin. Not to mention the butt plug had made me incredibly hard, and was amplifying every sensation. I could see why my gf enjoyed them.

“Ugh, fuck I’m going to cum!” I yelled and released what felt like gallons of cum into this mans mouth and throat. He never skipped a beat, and gulped it all down. “Not bad, boy. Decent sized load. You did good.”

I was reeling in my post cum bliss, and didn’t feel him relocate back to my rear. He pulled hard, and out popped the plug leaving my hole open and asking for it back. “Shit! That fucking hurt man!” I yelled back at him.

“Shut up boy, now it’s my turn for fun” I was confused at first until I felt his hands on my hips and a hard object sliding around my hole. With one push, aided by the stretching of the plug, he sunk his cock into my ass, taking my anal virginity and forcing me to take his dick. “Nooo! Please I’m not gay! Please stop! please no, ugh…oh my god.. ooooooh fuck.” I was overtaken by the sensation of his cock rubbing against my prostate, sawing in and out of my ass. He started saying really nasty things, about how I loved his dick, how I was a slut waiting for a fuck. I was still angry, but his cock had started to feel really really good inside me. I could feel my own cock throbbing beneath me, and I never usually got hard this fast after coming.

He was thrusting deep into me now, throwing all of his body weight into me, “yeah boy, take this big dick in that dirty hole”

“Oh my god, I think I’m going…to…cuuuummm….again..” I moaned in between his thrusts. My cock exploded, shooting cum everywhere beneath me, and the man inside me tensed and held deep emptying his balls. As he pulled out I could feel his cum spill out around his cock, dripping down my legs. I could not believe I just came from being fucked, and it was easily the best orgasm of my life. “Fuck ok, that was really good.” I’m not mad, can you help me get out of here now?” I asked hoping for the help I desperately needed.

I heard nothing…

From a distance, I heard the man laughing.. “Fuck yeah boys, it was perfect, and he loved every second like a true slut. Stop on by and try him out!”

I was terrified, who was he talking to? He said boys, does that mean more than one? “How the fuck am I getting out of here.” What do I do now?” Do I tell my girlfriend about this? Wait does this mean I’m gay?”

As I contemplated so many questions in my mind, a cool breeze against my bare ass and legs reminded me I was still very vulnerable and open.

That’s when I heard the voices behind me.

“Ooooooweee men, we’ve got a gift here for us tonight!” I am so glad our bus broke down up there and we had no choice but to walk, and that guy sure wasn’t lying was he?”

Bus? Men? I knew at that moment my night was far from over, I knew however many men that were on that bus, were going to use me. Oddly though with that thought, my cock started to stiffen once again.

The End…..

Or maybe the beginning? If you like the story, and would like me to continue, please like and comment below.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32