Losing My Virginity

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Everything related to sexuality is relatively new for me, despite being almost 22 year old.

I have a steady boyfriend for 2 years now, he is 25, and believe it or not, we were both virgins until a few days ago.

Before that, we would spend a lot of time masturbating to each other, I’d give him blowjob and I loved it, and so did he. We were talking about sex and got condoms but never really had a chance for it, because he still lives with his parents and my dad is really strict about me going out and is totally against me going somewhere with my boyfriend for a few days.

My bf recently bought a car, and we were going places for a few hours almost every day.

That morning, since my dad works until 4 p.m. and I always try to get back home before him, I had my boyfriend pick me up really early, it was 9 a.m.

He said his parents were gone for a few hours so we went to his house. I’m really close with them and they like me very much.

I was wearing a summer white linen skirt that was just above my knees, and a loose top with it.

I’m 5’8” tall, and weight about 115 pounds. So I have a slim figure, but am not skinny at all, he always says I’m his supermodel.

I also have long wavy brown hair and blue eyes.

He is for a head taller than me and has an athletic body, black hair and beard, and hairs all over his body, which I really like and find extremely masculine

So, we got to his place, and were sitting in his room when he gave me a beer. I love beer, and so does he, so we enjoy it almost Web Tools every day.

I only took a little when I noticed his dick is already swollen in his short summer pants. He noticed me watching and said if I’d like him to undress, which I agreed of course. He said he would first want to see me. I knew because we already said we would try and do it that day, that he was trying to say it somehow.

I undressed, and he approached and kissed me passionately, putting his both hands on my breasts and feeling my erected nipples. I moaned when he kissed my ear and proceeded to my neck.

I undid his pants and let them slip to floor. His cock was pressed tight inside the boxers, and I slipped them down ass well. He took of his t-shirt, and we were both there standing naked and feeling each others body. I tied my hear in a high bun, like he liked it, and fell to my knees to get a closer look at his hard cock. With one hand on the shaft and other massaging his balls, I got my tongue out and licked around the head of his cock. He moaned and I took him deeper in my mouth, swirling my tongue around while going up and down with my hand and mouth.

He got really hard, and told me to stop, that he doesn’t want to cum yet.

he then set me on the sofa, and bent my legs, so he had a full view of my glistening wet pussy. I never shave, he likes it that way, and only trim the what is necessary for a good look.

He kissed the insides of my thighs and slowly began his way down to my pussy, making sure to give it a little Online Web Tools blow whenever he passed by it.

It made me feel really good and I felt my pussy dripping. He suddenly licked it from my asshole to the top of my clit, saying how tasty I was. He went back to my clit and sucked it gently nibbling his tongue on it. When I started to moan he stopped. I looked at him, and he asked me if I was ready for it, and if I would like to have sex now.

I wanted it not only with my pussy but with my heart.

Also, I felt I own him that, because he always made me feel so special and loved me through thick and thin.

I agreed, and he put on a condom.

I was extremely wet by now, and anticipation got me even more excited about it.

I sat on sofa, and opened my legs, for he said that way, him being on knees in front of me, he had a best control of the situation.

He then put his cock on my entrance, which by now was only entered by my finger, and nothing bigger was able to.

He watched my reaction while I quivered in anticipation.

“You okay?”- he asked, and I said everything is great.

He slowly started to push it inside me, and I felt long sharp pain in my pussy. He saw that on my face and pulled back, but I told him to continue. He then tried again but the pain stopped him again. This time when he pulled out there was blood on his cock, and I didn’t find it disturbing at all… Only, then we got up for a minute and I waited for the blood to stop.

We were just Çevrimiçi Web Araçları there lying hugged when he asked if we would try again today, and I agreed again.

This time, he looked like in hurry and was only concentrated on entering me.

I felt the pain again, but I told him to proceed. He pushed harder, and I started to enjoy the pain I was feeling. I closed my eyes and suddenly he pulled out saying he doesn’t know if that’s it. So he went in again and this time there was no resistance. I felt a small pain, but it was getting better. He then started slowly pumping in and out of me, only looking at my face, and I gave him a smile, and said it felt really good now. It encouraged him to go even faster, and then I started really enjoying it, the feeling of that long thing going through my pussy, feeling every inch of it inside me, being hungry for more. I felt like I was on the edge the entire time, and got really dizzy. He was going really fast by now and all I could do was moan in pleasure and ask him not to stop.

I told him how good it felt, and he was smiling happy because it was so good for me.

I didn’t come, but it was an amazing feeling. He pulled out and I gave him a passionate blowjob making him have his biggest orgasm ever, with a lot of drops of hot cum sliding over my body.

He then made me come with his hands, and I had a hard orgasm as well. When I got up, I saw blood dripping out of my pussy and down my legs, so he got up and cleaned it all with me, and we took a shower together.

Although it didn’t last for long, it was a really wonderful experience and I enjoyed every second of it.

I bled for the next 2 days, and now, when it seems to be healed we are trying again, and I surely will describe it again, this time with more details and a better story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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