Lorraine, A Classic

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As told by Lorraine, Married White Female, 48. Red hair, Green eyes 5’9, 145, 36C


It happened so quickly. I guess many married lives seem to go by in a flash, but mine seemed over in an instant.

After 24 years of married life, I realized that the sex was almost non-existent. Joe didn’t seem to care. Once a month or so, he’d get frisky, get his cock hard, and we’d move around in the dark until he got tired and shot into me, and I would lay there wondering, “Is this how it is with all marriages?”

I spoke to friends and most agreed, their sex lives were pretty much the same. Others suggested he was getting his action elsewhere.

When I was single, I was pretty hot, had men chasing after me, and me letting myself get caught. At 21, I had been with my share of men, and really enjoyed sex. Older, younger, married, single, but when it came time to settle down, I settled. Joe was handsome, hard-working, what we women marked as a good provider, and he was, through two kids, and 24 years. Times change.

As the sex became less-frequent, I let my mind drift back to old lovers, prior experiences, and my trusty vibrator, to get by. But it just wasn’t enough.

Then, at Joe’s company party, I met Tom. He was a new hiree, only there four months, and I hadn’t seen him before on my trips to his office. Besides, Joe had sixty people working for him, so there were many I hadn’t met.

Joe’s a good boss. He has company picnics every summer, all on company expense. The Holiday party (being politically correct) was at a nice restaurant, and spouses were included but no kids.

We took Joe’s car, arriving early to welcome staff, and I shot to the bar for a Stoli Martini with lots of olives. As I sipped it, a voice said, “If you eat all those olives, you’ll ruin your appetite.”

I looked across at him. Handsome smile, not glaring. Sky blue eyes. Over six feet tall, medium build, black pin-striped three piece suit, red tie, and one of those thin unshaven looks that wasn’t quite a beard.

“The Stoli makes them disintegrate before they can stick, so I’ll be fine.”

He slid around the bar towards me. Mid-twenties, just older than my son. “I’m a Ketel One fan, myself. Hi, I’m Tom Olson.” He smiled broadly and held out his hand.

I took it. “Is that the Vodka-du-jour, Tom?”

“Last year’s model, I think. I always enjoyed something with a few years on it.” He smiled at his own joke, and I knew he meant me. Time to take this man down a notch.

“Well, some older models come with extras they pick up over the years. I’m Lorraine Cassidy. I’m sure you know how to spell that.”

Surprise registered, and he said, “As in Cassidy Insurance?”

“Exactly,” I smiled back. “I hope your appreciation of the classics hasn’t changed.”

He shook my hand vigorously. “On the contrary! No offense, but the guys said you were good looking, but I didn’t expect this!”

“Be careful, Tom, don’t waste all your charm on me, I don’t give out the raises, and who, by the way, are all the guys?”

“Oh, no, I can’t give up my sources, but I will have to tell them to raise their enthusiasm when speaking of you!”

I took my hand back, just as Joe showed up.

“Lori, I have some people… oh, hi, Tom. I see you met Tom already, Dear, but I have some other new people you need to meet. Some brought their wives. Is the Mrs with you tonight, Tom?” “No, sir, I’m single.” He looked at me with those blue eyes, and my heart fluttered like when I was a girl! I wouldn’t give him any satisfaction.

“Oh, well,” I said to Tom, “Maybe by next year, you’ll come up with a date.” As Joe etimesgut escort led me away, I saw Tom toast me with his glass and smile.

I’m usually careful about my alcohol intake at these things, but I was bored, and the conversations with the wives was awful! All these suck-ups, trying to jockey for their husbands to move up the ladder, like I had anything to do with it.

Joe made sure that I had have membership at the club, along with a nice car and very broad expense account to keep me busy, but today that just didn’t seem to be enough.

The Stolis were making me giddy, and Joe noticed and was making faces. “Honey, how many is that?” and “People are looking,” became suggestions that it was time to go. I was bored anyway, so I said fine. Joe had a limo service available, so none of his employees had to drive home, and it was agreed I would be better off leaving. “Besides,” Joe added, too casually, “I have a stack of papers back at the office and probably will work through the night, anyway. I’ll see you in the morning.”

Yeah, he’ll be working, working on that blond slut from Accounting. i bet she’ll be taking a pounding for a bonus check tonight!

I got my fur from coat check, and someone held it for me, as I slid into it. “Hmmm, thanks, it’s cold out there!” I shivered at the thought.

“I’m sure the limo is already nice and warm for us.” I turned to see Tom turning up his collar on the overcoat. “They said we were both going in the same direction. I hope you don’t mind sharing…”

My heart leaped and I smiled, too much I think. “No… no, that will be fine.” Trying to regain composure. “Tom, wasn’t it?” and he nodded. “Sorry, I met so many people tonight.”

He smiled as he took my arm and led me to the limo. “I told you to watch out for those olives!They get you every time! Haha!”

The driver held the door for us, and it was very dark inside. I slid into the back seat, and Tom took the bench, facing me. Through the partition, he said, “I believe I’m first, driver, but I would feel more comfortable with seeing Mrs Cassidy home first.”

“Very good, Sir.” and the partition closed.

“That wasn’t necessary.”

“I know, I just figured I’d get more time with you.”

“Why would you want that?”

“Well, for one thing, I’d like a chance to convince you that I’m not the creep I think you think I am. I don’t get to meet a woman like you every day and didn’t know how to react.” I could see the lights shine off those blue eyes.

“And what exactly is a woman like me?”

“Classy, elegant, used to the better things in life.”

“I thought you were gonna say ‘old’ or some euphemism for old. You were quite good at that earlier.” I smiled at him.

“All those euphemisms are used for classics, a 1981 Jaguar is not a 30 year old car, it’s a classic. I hope you didn’t take that the wrong way.”

“Well said! Can I ask you a question? Did you know I was the boss’s wife before you flirted, or after?”

He smiled again. “Had I known, I would have turned and ran. My specialty is not being noticed, for doing a good job or a bad job. I try to fly below the radar, so I was shocked by you, and then shocked to know Big Joe knew who I was.”

“Big Joe, huh? He’d like that.”

“He seems like a fine man.”

“He’s a creep!” I blurted out. “Like he’s gonna work late tonight! Sure! He’ll be off banging some slut, now that I’m not there to cramp his style. Then he’ll expect me to feel badly about how hard he works! The prick!”

Tom was silent, looking down. Finally, he said, “Sorry.”

I had simmered, then cooled, otele gelen escort but when he said he was sorry, that was it! “What are you sorry for? For making an old lady’s night with your silly flirts? For making me feel good about myself for the first time in six months? It’s his loss, damn it! I’m sick of being the boss’s wife. I am me! Me, damn it!” and I broke into tears, sobbing.

He was beside me in an instant, his arm around me, and I was crying into his overcoat as he reached in and gave me his handkerchief. I sniffled and blew my nose into it, my eye makeup streaking, ruining his handkerchief. I looked up at him. “I guess I owe you one of these.”

“Oh, no, I was looking forward to adding it to my gallery of Women Who I Made Cry. A real treasure.” He smiled.

“Don’t you say ‘classic’ or I punch you!” I laughed, and my face was so close to his, those deep blue eyes, like pools. “So, Mr. Olson, now you heard my tale of woes. Big Joe is no hero, just a middle-aged womanizing jerk.”

“He’s a jerk alright if he cheats on you.”

“That’s very sweet of you, Tom. I’m glad you happened into my limo.”

He smiled. “I was standing by the coat check room one minute after I heard your first ‘good night.’ No accident at all. I don’t even live in this direction!”

“You’re just full of surprises, aren’t you? So, what’s your plan now?”

“I had hoped to seduce you, but that’s out.”

“Really? Why?”

“You’re not drunk enough!”

“Oh, yeah? You got this close and now you’re gonna chicken out?”

He looked down at me. “You’re right. I’m never gonna get this chance again.” His lips brushed mine softly, and I could taste him, slightly salty, but warm. I hadn’t kissed another man in 24 years and Tom was a good kisser, soft but not wimpy. Our lips parted and our tongues met, playfully, and we enjoyed a deep kiss, then he whispered, “He can’t see through the glass. Care for a longer ride?”

“This will be my first in a long, long time, Tom, I hope you feeling privileged.”

His hand felt my breast through the fur and he smiled again. “I promise to be gentle.”

“Honey, my dildo is gentle, I want to ride!”

Tom tapped on the glass and spoke softly to the driver. Something changed hands. I think it was money. He closed the glass and had his overcoat off and our lips mt again. He whispered, “He’s telling the dispatcher that my drop-off is way across town. ‘You know how these drunks are!’ W have time.”

He had my fur open and was feeling my breast and I breathed deeply to provide a healthy handful. He kissed my neck and i let my head roll back, enjoying the attention as he nibbled at the nape and found the hook that held the front of the dress together, expertly. Now, it opened like a robe, providing plenty of access. I held his head as he snuggled between my breasts, and I wondered about his size.

Size isn’t everything. Enthusiasm, the desire to please is just as important. Some men think they provide the size, and that’s all. But smaller men know they have to work harder at pleasing a woman, and in my experience, I would take desire over size. In Tom’s case, I got the best of both worlds.

He had my bra unhooked and was sucking my nipples, they tingled and hurt, but much of that was from lack of use. We were laid out, sprawled, and I reached under him and felt that lump that was pressing against my thigh, and he reacted immediately with a low moan.

I couldn’t guess how large, but large, thick. I stroked it a few times and he ground against me, and I pushed him back and clawed at his shirt, which seemed to shred. kızılay escort He smiled down at me as he helped tear away the clothing between us. We both fumbled with his belt and when it was open, I was above Tom, hovering, waiting like a bird for the worm to appear. When it did, I swooped in, grabbing the shaft and taking his tip into my wet mouth.

My tongue flicked at the slit in the head, it was salty, and I took him in. My lips passed over the head as my tongue massaged that thick vein and I slurped up and down. I still wasn’t sure, but he had to be eight inches or better!

He had tugged my hose down and was fingering my drenched pussy. He had my clit between his fingers and squeezed, and I felt the rush of blood to it, and a wave of excitement ran up my body and out my throat which still held his sweet cock. “Hmmmmmm!”

I was ripe and so was he. There was no time for major foreplay. He pulled me to him again, and we kissed as I climbed over him, holding his cock, giving it a teasing jerk, before slowly massaging my pussy lips with his swollen pink head. And little by little, he came into me, tiny push by push, first the head, then an inch, and another, deeper, harder, our eyes locked on each other, my mind wondering how far he will reach!

We kissed again as I nuzzled down on top of him, and our hips churned, allowing our members to get accustomed, and then we danced, slowly, moving around, feeling him dip deep then withdraw, and again, and again.

He rolled me over and all the years of unemotional sex were gone. My body throbbed and I felt my first orgasm, small, but clearly recognizable on my part. The cool leather was in stark contrast to his hot body and he had gotten his rhythm now and like a trained jockey, I gave the horse his run and he took it, slamming faster into me, harder, causing guttural sounds to rumble from deep inside me, as I clung to his neck, almost screaming into his ear! I wanted him to split me in two. And he was doing his best.

A second orgasm swelled, this one much larger, more uncontrollable, and I heard me say, “Oh, Fuck, I’m gonna cummmmm!”

He gave one final slam into me and held, and our bodies seemed to be suspended as that orgasm peeked in both of us, and our combined rush was seismic! My body had been jolted with electricity and it was his cum shooting through me that caused it. He grunted and groaned, and went back to humping, even though it had passed.

I laid below him, holding him, whispering how great that was. Our kisses were softer, and he teased my nipple again. I giggled, “I hope the driver didn’t hear!”

“Don’t worry, I gave him $100 to stuff his ears with. These guys are professionals.” He slid out of me, and as we dressed, Tom knocked on the glass. “Yes, Sir.”

“We can continue, now.”

I got as organized as possible, and said in a professional manner, “I want to thank you for a pleasant evening. My compliments, this old lady really enjoyed the ride.”

He just stared at me.

“Are you okay, Tom?”

“Um, yes, sure, I’m sorry, I don’t know what I was thinking.”

“What were you thinking? A bonus? A raise?” I felt my temperature rising.

“A rematch?” he broke in.

“Wha…huh? I don’t get it.”

“I was hoping it wasn’t a one-time thing. Silly me, I guess. Why a lady like you would be interested…”

“Really? I assumed I was just one of your conquests: The Boss’s Wife, for your trophy case.”

“You flatter me, I’m not the Don Juan you seem to think!”

“You sure make love like one!” I took his hand. “You want a rematch, you got it, honey, but I have to be discreet. I’m too old to go to work again. I’m gonna start stock-piling money, and soon,I’ll divorce his ass, and be doing just fine.”

“Well, until you make the big-time, I hope you will allow me to continue to appreciate what he apparently has lost.” We made plans for our next date as we rode home, holding hands.

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