Loosening Up Bk. 03 Ch. 21-23

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Chapter 21 – More New Friends. A Homecoming

Saturday afternoon, Derek and Abby came onto the patio from between the Prentiss home and Jack, Grace, and Rachel’s home. Derek looked decked out for a Hawaiian luau, and Abby was dripping sexuality in a two-piece bathing suit along with a long flowing gossamer sarong that showed off her great legs. She quickly decided to go barefoot, the same way many of the other women in the Circle did.

Dave greeted them. Got them drinks, and then helped them meet a few of the others who had congregated at the bar where Dave was tending for the cocktail hour.

Abby gave Dave a very affectionate greeting that included a kiss that neither of them wanted to end. Dave checked with Derek as they broke apart, but he was smiling and almost laughing. He said, “I told you she was affectionate.”

During a lull in things, Dave handed Derek a sealed envelope. “Derek, read this and then tell me what you think. Not in public.” Derek went off towards his car as though he forgot something, and then returned about five minutes later. He rejoined the group at the bar. Dave shifted so he could talk to them at one end of the counter. Emily had joined them; she’d already read Dale’s PI report.

Derek said, “Very interesting reading. Definitely stress producing. Our man has created an image for himself that he’s got to live up to, plus it’s a forty-five year old guy infatuated with a twenty-five year old female – Amanda, and vice versa, apparently. He’s lied to her, and now doesn’t know what to do to hold it together.”

Dave ventured, “The actions towards his wife?” He shrugged to amplify the question.

“I’m not a psychologist, but I’d bet he would like that divorce, only he knows asking for one would devastate her, so he’s taken to browbeating her, maybe inadvertently. Of course, he’s been lying to her, too. He’s sitting in the middle of a huge web of lies, almost knowing that it’s going to come crashing down around him. He could hope that Joan would leave him or die, not much else to resolve his problems.”

“Do we help him, help the web crash down, or stick to helping Joan and let the rest fall where it does?”

Derek scratched his head.

Emily said, “I’d worry that if we focus only on Joan, that she’ll be damaged in some way. I think this group should move in some way to contain the explosion when it happens.”

Abby had been listening and picked up enough to understand what was going on. She said, “Helping him prolongs the inevitable and also feels to me like we’d be ganging up against Joan and Amanda.”

Dave speculated, “That would suggest that we bring Amanda under the tent. Maybe she’d help if she finds out what an asshole her boyfriend is.”

Emily said, “I’m thinking we should wait until Joan gets back here from rehab and talk to her. Could we communicate this to her someway, so she’s not blindsided by bad news when she gets back? I bet her therapists would help her handle this news without it driving her some bad direction again.”

Dave picked up the envelope from in front of Derek. He said, “If I give this to Owen, he can make sure it’ll get in the right hands to work Joan through the news. Those people are professionals; they’ll know how to handle it or even whether to handle it.”

The others nodded. At least they had the start on a plan. The only other things mentioned in that regard were to start thinking of how to handle the overall situation so that Joan and probably Amanda were supported.

After the cocktail hour, the Circle and guests enjoyed a large braised biscuit of beef that had been on the grill all afternoon getting constant attention with basting and skill in cooking to perfection. Side dishes rolled out of the kitchen to each of the tables, and the din of conversation filled the patio. In the distance, there was another thunderstorm rumbling about ten or twenty miles away.

After dinner, Ty put on some dance music. Various couples got up to dance, and in one or two cases two women, or one of the men with two women. The imbalance of sexes in the Circle didn’t seem to bother anybody, and was something to which everyone easily adapted.

One of the things that the dancing usually seemed to lead to was a great deal of kissing. Night had fallen, around the edge of the patio some gas driven tiki torches provided some ambience and minimal light, and the music had been selected to encourage close dancing between partners.

Alice asked Derek to dance with her. The older man looked to Dave for permission, but Dave smiled and nodded at him. Whatever happened between the pair was up to them.

Dave asked Abby to dance, and they blended into one part of the patio with their bodies rubbing together in a seductive dance.

Abby said, “Did you give Alice permission to do anything with Derek?”

Dave laughed out loud at the question. It was an icebreaker between the couple as it turned out. “Abby, I do not own or control Alice, or Derek for that matter. Yes, she’s my wife, and all the more reason to give her complete freedom Ankara escort to do anything she wants. If she wants to love Derek, so much power to her. I would hope she has a great experience with the man, and I like Derek a great deal and hope he would feel the same.”

“So, you trust her?”

Dave smirked, “There’s a hidden question there. You heard the philosophy of the Circle. You know that we share ourselves with each other. The idea of trust is for her to honor some set of values that we’ve agreed to, and on that basis I do trust her completely because we both strongly agree to those.”

Abby probed, “So, they’re not traditional wedding vows?”

“Maybe or maybe not. We renegotiated our marriage about three or four years ago. We didn’t like the road we were on, so we changed it. Look around you. We love and are loved by all these people. Before that, I had what I thought was love with Alice, only it wasn’t. It was adherence to some standards that our parents set in place for us. We were highly constricted in regards to a number of things, including sex. I was also to be a dominant in our relationship, but I didn’t feel comfortable in that controlling role. I wanted an equal, not a sub. Thus, various things started to change. There were other drivers that helped us along, but this is all the result, not only for Alice and me, but for the rest of my family and all our friends and lovers.”

“Which am I, friend or lover?” Abby teased as she shifted to dance closer to Dave.

Dave chuckled, “Which do you want to be? You don’t have to answer that, but know that we think that actions speak louder than words. Our behaviors show exactly where our minds are.”

Abby looked over where Alice and Derek were standing still and in a colossal kiss of epic proportions. She was also pushing her breast into one of his hands that seemed to be enjoying teasing her nipples through the thin material of her top. Dave noticed; at least she’d decided to wear a top with his boss’ boss around.

Abby mumbled something under her breath, and then Dave found himself in one of those colossal kisses as she ground her loins against Dave’s generous package. The questions stopped, and the actions showed that Abby had no reservations about proving her desire and passion for her host. Nearby, that same urge to merge was playing out with Alice and Derek.

Dave looked further afield at one point. Emily was in Roy’s arms, also embracing and kissing as though the world were about to end. She’d opened the front of her colorful top to allow him free access to her breasts. When Roy wasn’t kissing her lips, he was sucking on one or the other of her breasts as they pretended to dance. The interaction was not lost on Derek, but he showed no wish to intervene with his wife.

Dave said in a low voice to Abby, “Saturday evenings things tend to get pretty hot around here from this point on. Do you want to go elsewhere, be a voyeur, be an exhibitionist, or what?”

Abby took a more conscious look around the patio from where they were dancing. In just those few seconds, Emily had shed her blouse completely for Roy. Donna had Jack Ander’s cock all the way down her throat; he was laughing but obviously praising her ministrations.

Further away, Rachel’s nubile teenage body was gorgeously naked and climbing up on top of Dev’s body to insert his cock in her tight little teenage quim. Her squeak of joy and moan carried across the patio.

Abby said, “Everybody is so casual about being in public. How’d you get to this point?”

Dave said, “This is kind of where some of us started when we started to play and make love together. None of us saw sex as something you hid under a blanket. Further, there was comfort being nearby your spouse even though they making love with someone else, although that long ago ceased to be an issue for the part of our group that has been together the longest. Sometimes, we go off with someone; that’s not inappropriate behavior.”

Abby ground her hips into Dave’s again. “This whole scene is making me the horniest I’ve ever been. I’ve never been in a group sex situation. I’ve turned down a few when that was on the agenda for one of my dates. If Derek had told me we’d do this, I don’t know what I would have done.”

“Are you angry at him for bringing you to this situation?”

“Oh, no. I’m fascinated … and horny.” She kissed Dave, thrusting her tongue deep into his mouth as he reciprocated. “God, you are sexy. I have a question. I am feeling something significant in your pants. Is that for real?”

Dave chuckled, “So I’ve been told. It sure feels real to me.”

“Shit. I’m used to normal men … oh, Emily told me that you do something really special to women you like. What’s that about?”

Dave burst out laughing, “Maybe the understatement of the year, some might say. You’ll have to decide, if we get that far. It’s just that I understand female anatomy and know about some erogenous zones that are usually never touched. When they are, interesting things happen for the woman.”

Abby absorbed that Ankara escort bayan information, but anything further was lost in the French kisses the couple shared as they swayed to the music and the occasional moans of the other lovers on chaises around the perimeter of the dance floor and the pool.

Abby looked around more after a couple of minutes of making out. Alice was now nude and blowing Derek. Julie had joined her sister, but was kissing Derek and then feeding him one of her bare breasts. The three of them were quickly naked.

Roy was pummeling Emily on another chaise in the missionary position, as the two of them went to town. She’d wrapped her legs around the agile older man and was visibly drawing him into her body as they too kissed and made love.

On the other side of the pool about a half-dozen couples were fucking in various combinations. Abby watched a couple of the men change partners.

Dave said to her, “Welcome to the Circle. I think you’ve seen us from all angles now.”

Abby smiled at him and kissed him, “Not quite, but I know what you mean. Why haven’t you taken me to a chaise and started to fuck me?”

“Oh, many reasons. I didn’t want to presume that was what you wanted. We take the issue of consent very seriously, especially with our guests, rare though they are.”

Abby chortled, “It looks like Derek and Alice don’t have consent issues.”

Dave turned further so he could see his wife. She had just moved atop Derek in the cowgirl position and started to slowly ride the man. She leaned forward and pushed one of her gorgeous breasts into his mouth. He opened wide to take in as much of her tit as he could.

Abby said, “I don’t have consent issues either. I want you to make love to me – to fuck me. I want to have sex with you, and you can do your special thing to me, if you want, because I want it, whatever it is.”

Dave led Abby off into one of the darker shadows on the patio nearer to the gazebo. He stood by the empty chaise and helped Abby dispense with her sarong and then her bikini bra. Two magnificent breasts were suckled and brought to a high state of arousal by the horny man. Lust was the order of the minute. Bikini bottoms for Abby, and men’s shorts and shirt for Dave, immediately followed.

Abby grabbed hold of his large dick and pulled him out to full length as he hardened. “Shit! You are by far the most endowed man I’ve every known. Take it easy on me, kind sir.”

“Always,” Dave promised between kisses.

An hour later, Abby was squirming onto Dave’s cock for the third time. He was fully embedded inside her body, with nary a millimeter of ripe dick outside her body. Abby kept pledging her love to the new man in her life, too. The fisting and A-spot orgasm had brought out the love and affection in her like no one else ever had.

As the couple lay there, basking in the clusters of his and her orgasms they’d shared and given each other, a new force joined the fray. Dave and Abby felt a hand reach and extract his wet cock from her cum saturated vagina. From the sounds and feel of long feminine hair against her thigh, Abby knew the woman was sucking Dave clean. She squeaked suddenly, when the lips and mouth shifted to her own slit, lapping and sucking up the excess cum that started to pour from her body.

Abby looked into Dave’s face with a funny expression, pleasure but uncertainty. “There’s someone cleaning your cum from my pussy.”

“I don’t have a specialist in that field; many of the women do that, but I have a good guess as to whom it might be based on past experience.”

“And you’re not upset?” Abby probed looking in his eyes.

“Upset? Far from it. By the way, it’s not just me she’s tasting. I believe you left quite a bit of your own fluids around for consumption.”

Abby nodded and they affectionately kissed. Dave moved to the side. Together they looked down Abby’s hot body. Julie was in a delirious state as she munched away on Abby’s shaved pussy. Clearly, she couldn’t get enough of the fluids and tastes and kinesthetic sensations to satisfy her sexual needs. Julie smiled up at the pair at one point, apparently glad to be seen doing her thing.

Eventually, Julie came up and made to kiss Abby. Abby accepted the unspoken offer, and the pair kissed. Dave could see Julie’s tongue thrusting into Abby’s mouth, no doubt injecting some of the effluent she’d collected from Abby’s crotch into her orifice. Dave felt Abby jerk, but then relax and she decided to roll with the assault to her senses.

A few feet away, Derek was enjoying a slow fuck with Rachel in a real May-December pact, and Emily and Aaron were getting it on next to them.

* * * * *

Derek was again in Dave’s office when he and Nancy arrived at their office building on Monday morning. Dave had told Nancy everything he knew about Brian and Joan Coswell, and she’d not only been observant on Saturday night, she’d also gotten Derek to make love to her and then napped in his arms as they recovered their wits. Nancy called it closing the circle.

Derek Escort Ankara came into the office, and Nancy gave him a quick peck on the lips after being sure no one else was around to see. Dave laughed, and then Nancy went off to her desk to begin the week.

Derek shut the door but he had a grin on his face from ear to ear. He declared in a slow and measured voice, “I am the happiest man on the planet right now thanks to you and your friends.”

Dave let out the breath he was holding. He still didn’t have a read on the man, but had started to believe he was getting better at figuring out what would be said.

Derek prattled on about the previous Saturday evening gather at the Circle. “I got to make love to your wife – Alice. I hope that was all right. She was such a hot fuck … I was blown away. Her sister came and cleaned me off and then ate out Alice. I got to fuck her a little, too.

“I watched Emily make love with a couple of men; she is so hot, too. I never knew watching your wife have sex with someone else could be so arousing. I got hard again, and that was when your little teenage bombshell Rachel came over and greeted me. She was fucking my lights out two minutes later. I couldn’t believe she got me going again, the way she did.

“After that, twice in one night at my age, I figured I was cooked. Oh, no, however; your gorgeous personal assistant there found us. Rachel went off to see some hotshot pilot named Ken, and Nancy rode me for over a half hour until I spewed inside her. I think she’s wonderful.

“Lastly, Abby and I went to leave after all that, and I find that she’s madly in love with you – no surprise there, according to what you predicted; plus she also had sex with private investigator friend Dale somebody. She’s happy. She had more orgasms in the night than in the past year, including one mammoth Richter ten cum that rattled her to the core that you gave her.

“The bottom line here is that we’d both like to get to know you and all your friends better. I know this is probably silly, but we’d like you to consider us for membership in the Circle. I know you just inducted Emily, and she’s unbelievably happy. She told me she’s so loved that she feels she’s ascended to heaven. Moreover, last night the two of us fucked each other blue, and we hadn’t done that since our honeymoon. I am truly ecstatic about what you’ve done for my life and the people I care about.”

Dave had been standing. He bowed to Derek and laughed, “At your service. You have the gate code, so come on over whenever you want. Weeknights things aren’t so sex filled out on the patio, but Friday and Saturdays are, and to a lesser extent Sunday evening. People need to get to know you, understand you, sense your boundaries and your viewpoints on things important to us, and most of all they need to feel loved by you.”

Derek asked “And I can bring Abby? She’s very interested, too.”

“Of course. You know the other rules about tests, sex with outsiders, and so on. Just don’t ever run afoul of any of those rules. Everything else will follow in good time.”

* * * * *

Almost two months passed by at the normal speed of Mach ten. Everyone in the Circle watched the daily flood of workmen onto the townhouses being built along the small road towards the airstrip. The profiles of Shelby, Susan, Kat slowly changed to reflect their future status as mothers. Alice entered the ranks of mothers-to-be as well, carefully crafting her first foray off of birth control to target her husband. A week later Wendy also announced she’d flunked the ‘rabbit test’.

Derek and Abby had taken to hanging out with the Circle on both Fridays and Saturdays, and then coming by two weeknights a week for cocktails and dinner. Derek had Abby stay over with him on those nights, since Emily stayed with some Circle member. Paul, Megan, and Ashley were also making the trip over to the Circle from outside of Fort Pierce on Friday afternoons and leaving late on Sunday. Dave and Alice had taken to hosting the Stecklers, at least providing a base of operations for their visits. If Derek and Abby wanted to sleep over, they too took advantage of the Prentiss’ hospitality.

Emily’s porn video went online on Mike’s site and because he featured the video with a sexy preview, it got subscription views of over 25,000 in the initial month – one of his top sellers. The other websites that traded videos for their sites were pleading with Mike to release the video so they could also host the film on their sites. Emily got a ‘normal’ perfunctory check from Mike and Clarisse to celebrate the first month of the video, and the whole scene made her ecstatic about the daring things that she’d been inspired to do.

Dave went to regular board meetings for the two companies that Holly had solicited his board membership for: inDrex and Suntech. Both were on track and doing well. Dave scored a large coup at inDrex, the company creating apps for driverless cars when he introduced them to Tan Ching, the Oriental woman who he’d met at the Sedona Leadership Seminar he’d gone to well over a year earlier. The company and Tan hit it off, and soon were talking about getting her to come and work on their team. While Dave talked to Tan on the phone, he still hadn’t seen her since they parted ways in Arizona.

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