Longhaired Lover from Liverpool Ch. 01

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Aurielee Summers

Liverpool is one of Lancashire’s most celebrated towns. It’s the home of the Beatles as well as the famous football team of the same name. It was also made famous by the song “Long haired lover from Liverpool” by the Osmond brothers. I too am a longhaired lover from Liverpool. I love long hair in my lovers and the few I fucked have all had very hairy pussies and armpits.

It all started when I first saw Laura. She was a sweet dark haired creature and she was on the wrong side of her thirties. She had a nice neck out of which rose one of the most exquisite shoulders and breasts. She had a small waist and a big backside.

A peculiar feature was her eyebrows, which were jet-black, and the broadest and thickest I ever saw in a woman. She had the hairiest pubes I had ever seen. She had hair on her cunt first before she had entered her teens and at 37 it had grown half way up her navel and around her asshole. But that is getting ahead of the story.

Laura was a friend of my Mom though she was a few years younger. She had moved to Liverpool with her husband who had taken over as the local sports correspondent of the Manchester Guardian. As neighbors we would meet often and I became friendly with her son Patrick who was a few years younger than me. I was friendly with Harold her husband too but Laura was the subject matter of my juvenile fantasies. My fetish for hairy women was something latent inside me, which burst out literally the day Laura came to swim in our pool when I was down with fever.

I heard some noise near the pool and as I peeped out from the first floor window of my bedroom my eyes widened as I saw her as she stood in a one-piece bathing suit that hid her very nice figure but not the long tresses of hair in her bushy armpits. Even though her arms were pressed to her sides long tufty hair poked out from the sides. The fact that she had so much hair in her armpits ordinarily should have repulsed me but to my horror my cock sprang out from my pajamas. I put my hand balgat escort down and jerked myself a little as I saw this fecund woman. I knew then as I know now that I had a fetish for hirsute women.

I looked at her large, round breasts which were barely covered, her nipples erect under the thin cloth and her 40C breasts were not small by any stretch of imagination. She turned on the shower by the poolside and lifted her arms as jets of water spouted out of the shower. “Aaaaaaaagghhhhhhhhh” I groaned as I saw her lift her arms to show her bushy underarms I devoured Laura with my eyes, and then shockingly proceeded to remove her bathing suit. She looked around to see if anyone was watching her and I guess it was only out of caution as normally everyone leaves for work and no one is at home at this time. (How was she to know that I was devouring her hairy body then though she would get to know later that I had seen her stroke her own long underarm hair and even smell it much to her embarrassment).

I stared down at her nude evenly tanned body was absolutely beautiful. Her breasts are lovely round shaped, with pink large areolas, and the nipples erect and standing up. But was amazing was the hair growth, which ran like a rug from her tummy down her pubic mound, disappearing between her legs. In fact the hair on her mons hung down like a carpet. It was the hairiest pussy I had ever seen. I was longing to tongue the long beautiful bushy pubes as I jerked hard at my insolent prick. Unashamedly my prick started to shake and I started cumming taking in the sights of this erotic woman.

I decided to show my hand and maybe prick and sick or not I was going to have a swim. I changed into my trunks after cleaning up my oozing cock and swiftly went down and reached the pool. Laura was completely taken by surprise when she saw me. “Gosh I didn’t know you were here,” she said. I replied “Fancy seeing you here too.” I said not adding that I had been observing for batıkent escort the last half hour or so. I could see she was squirming in the water trying to hide inside the water her luscious hairy body. I dived in and swam towards her as she edged back to the far corner. I then pretend that I see her nude body for the first time. Poor Laura is red with embarrassment.

I laugh and say as I see the bushy hair in her underarms “Laura you sure need a razor for your underarms you have so much hair in your armpits”. She is speechless but then stammers a reply “Harold loves my ape look. Emboldened by her declaration I look down inside the water and say, “I want to kiss your hairy pussy. Gawd how much hair grows on your pussy” And before she can say anything I put my hand under the water and I slide my wet finger into her wet bushy pussy. I struggle past the carpet of hair on her luxuriant pussy and am erect again at gathering the coarse down in her pubic forest.

The hirsute woman was sweating or maybe it was the water from the pool clinging to her body. I put my hands into her armpits feeling the thicket in her furry armpits and lift her up and deposit her on the chair by the poolside. My hands clamp down into her furry underarms feeling the profuse growth of hair in her furry armpits. It seems like an overgrown hedge, which hides the hollows of her armpits. Her breasts are superb and I bend down on my knees in front of the chair and suck the large pale areolas and her nipples while my tongue lovingly trails her thick pit hair. Her outer lips were deep pink and swollen with passion. I spread them further and feel the hard nest of hair at the junction of her thighs and stare at her luscious vulva. I put my lips against it and suck her salty sweet juice into my mouth. I pushed my tongue into her and I suck her hairy pussy. I lick from the bottom to the top over her flowing rug of bushy hair as my tongue trails her hair growing from near her navel down her beşevler escort inner thighs into the untrimmed lawns of her pubic mound. I lick and suck her clit, flicking my tongue rapidly against it as I finger fuck her hairy velvet center. She begins to moan and cry out, her hips buck upward. My left fingers fly in and out of her and my right hand is roaming in her armpit forest. I tug at the long coarse jet-black hair in her unshaven pits as I flick my tongue as fast as I could against her clit and she explodes and screams into an orgasm.

My cock is aching and I stand up my swollen cock under my trunks jutting out towards her face. She removes my trunks as my cock snakes out and she takes my cock in her small hand and strokes it firmly.

“I need a taste of that wonderful cock.” She said as she leaned down and starting sucking my hard shaft. She was the first to perform oral sex on me. She made small circles around the tip and she used the entire length of her tongue when she licked the beads of pre-cum from the slit of my rock hard shaft. When she started sucking it she had not known that I had already cum seeing her hirsute body but it was still rock hard and I could tell she loved the taste and the musky smell of my balls.

“Boy you are much bigger than Harold or other men I have seen. You are really hung just like Martha said. You are much bigger than your Dad I think”.

I was shocked because Martha was my Mom and I was astounded as to why my Mom would discuss the size of my prick with my her and how did she know the size of my Dad’s member. Her beautiful eyes just seemed to pierce my soul as her tongue flickered over the head of my dick. I closed my eyes, tilted my head back and moaned. I start thrusting in and out of her mouth. She looked down at my cock and looked back into my eyes. She began sucking faster. The noises she makes while doing this have me on the edge of cumming in her mouth. I begin flooding her mouth with my hot cum. I seem to cum forever as she watches, smiles at me with my cock still in her mouth, as she sees how excited I am at flooding her sexy mouth with my sperm. She starts moaning as she opens her mouth and gasps for air and I watch as some of my cum dribbles out of her mouth, down her lips and chin and lands on her hairy armpits.

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