Long Time Friends First Time Lovers Ch. 03

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Waking up after a couple hours, just having been fucked by my friends Doug and Tom, wrapped up in the blankets of the master bed. Rolling over I recalled the events of the past few hours, being used by two of my best friends, their cocks stretching my hole when they fucked me, and still feeling their seed slowly leaking out of my love tunnel. Rolling over to see where my two lovers went, I could smell the warm familiar sent of bacon and eggs, when I heard the conversation of my two friends.

“Wow Doug I can’t believe how that felt, fucking Corey’s ass was great!” Tom exclaimed.

“Yes he, I guess I should say she, has a great ass and so loves to suck cock.” Doug Replied.

“Tell me about it, I love it when a woman still has the enthusiasm to suck cock. Man when she swallowed my load I about cummed again just at the sight of it.” Tom said chuckling.

“Yes I know it made her cream too,” Doug replied, “I just hope she doesn’t turn into a slut.”

“I wouldn’t want to get in the middle between you too, but if she likes to fuck and you don’t try and keep her I surely will.” Tom said.

“I just hope if Corey and I get more involved that she will not hurt me or me her.” Doug said quietly.

Getting up putting on a dark blue silk robe, I walked out to where my two men were having their conversation. Once they saw me it got quiet, I walked up to Tom the only sound was my heels as they tapped the floor. Not saying a word I grabbed Tom and pulled him into a slow chase kiss. Slowly pulling away I said,” Tom I love what we did tonight and how good you were to me, but I want to be Doug’s girl.” Toms’ response was just the slightest nod.

Turning to Doug, I walked over to where he was sitting, sliding my hands onto the table, leaning over it. “Well are you going to take your girl?” I questioned almost daringly. I watched Doug’s eyes roam from my heels up my legs to the tops of my stockings following the garter belt up the side of my now exposed hips. He got up hurriedly now that it dawned on him what I wanted. Stepping Bostancı Anal Escort behind me, I heard the rustle of his pants coming off. Doug placed his cock against my waiting hole, just pushing the head past my resistance. His hands slid up the side of my hips and under the robe until they caressed around my waist. Tightening his grip and with a brutal thrust he slammed his tool to the hilt, making me cry out in pain. Without pause he drew back and hammered home once again.

“You like that don’t you BITCH!” Doug said angrily. “You want me to make you my woman; I am going to make you my slut!” He continued.

Each time he spoke he would slam back into me, accenting his words and his control over me. His relentless brutal assault on me hurt each time he plowed into me, even as well lubed and well fucked from the previous events of the night. I tried to anticipate his thrust by inching forward, slowly pulling away from my attacker. But each time he had corrected and would drive his monster that much harder and deeper. But I kept trying to pull away a bit that is until my thighs met the edge of the table. Quickly reaching up Doug pulled my arms back behind me, dropping my head to the table. One hand held both arms and the other went to the back of my neck. Giving Doug more leverage he placed one of his legs on the bench seat, so he could saw his cock in and out of me, like I was a piece of wood needing to be cut in half.

With my head turned to the side, Tom approached, with his hand pumping his hard cock. Bringing it to my parted lips, he pushed into my mouth just far enough for my tongue to hit the head. Seconds later he erupted with hot jet after hot jet of cum shooting right on my tongue. Like a good little slut I Lapped, sucked and swallowed it all. After a min he pulled out and wiped the tip of his cock against my lips. Kneeling down in front of me with Doug still sawing into me Tom said, “You are a slut and you know it.” Tom was still smiling as he stood up and dressed quickly. He quickly turned Bostancı Yaşlı Escort and went up on deck and started the motor, to bring us back to dock.

Doug kept up fucking me like watch seemed forever, but it finally stopped hurting. I was even starting to feel really good, each time he moved me it sent a wave of pleasure through me as it grew. It felt like he was sliding a hand around my clitty and rubbing it, but my man clit was trapped against my skin and the silk of the robe that covered the hard table.

“God you have a great ass you bitch, from this point on you will dress as a woman and I will be your man.” Doug said.

“Yes baby, fuck me!!” was all I could reply.

He fucked me, giving everything he had to me, building both of our pleasure. Getting hotter and hotter until a wave of pure heaven washed over me, giving lights in my eyes and a flood of heat through my body, more hot spunk filled my ass. He pulled out and collapsed sitting on the bench. I was just lying on the table till I felt some reality set in.

I tried to stand as Tom called down to us that we will be docked in a minute, I fell to the floor. Tired wobbly legs and high heels don’t work together very well. Doug grabbed our stuff, he handed me my panties but only after he wiped my cum from the table.

“Here these are yours put them on.” Doug commanded.

I did what I was told, pulling the cum soaked panties up my thighs and to my ass which had a number of loads slowly leaking out. I slipped on my dress, checking my make up, I was a mess. Doug crabbed my hand at guided me to his truck. We climbed in saying good night to Tom.

Tom just looked and replied to me,” Anytime you want to go out just show up in something sexy and I will take you on a boat.”

I knew what he meant what he said, he would take me, I just smiled as Doug and I pulled away. The drive home was quiet, I was resting my head on Doug’s lap, still feeling the cum slowly leak from me. Glancing at the clock, I was amazed it was 4am, having Bostancı Zenci Escort a curfew at midnight I knew I was going to be in trouble.

“Doug just takes me home, IM going to be in deep shit if I don’t get there soon. An I am in no condition to drive anyway. Please!” I asked.

Doug only response was a small nod, about 15 min more driving and silence, we were pulling into my drive way. I crawled out of the truck turning to Doug, “thanks for the wonderful time Doug hope to do it again soon.” Was all I could say, which felt so stupid, Maybe I should have said,” thanks for pounding my ass like a cheap whore and sharing me with our friend.” But being as tired I was I didn’t think much more on it. I just turned and walked inside heading for bed.

As I entered the house I heard my heels click against the hardwood floor. So after pulling my heels off, I quietly made my way up stairs and across the hall to my bedroom. Where I quietly closed the door and turned on the light. The sudden brightness hurt so I turned the light off. I set my pumps on the desk, I thought of stripping everything off, but I was so tired I only lifted my dress to pull off my seamen soaked panties. Placing my panties next to my heels on my desk, so I wouldn’t have to hunt for them when I woke up the next morning to clean up, I crawled into bed. Thinking I would have to get up and change in the morning so no one would see me as I was, but the sheer exhaustion overtook me and soon was sound asleep.

The next morning arrived abruptly to my dad yelling from down stairs to get up. But being so tired his call barely registered, so he walked up the stairs to wake me in person. Knocking on the door at first then he opening it, he started to say,” Get up you lazy bum……” He suddenly silent as his eyes took in the view of my dress that had rode up through the night, my long brunette wig, and my stocking covered legs and the garter belt in full view. I had placed my head in the pillow still not remembering what I was wearing or not wearing. Dad was speechless, as his eyes turned he saw my heels sitting on the desk, right next to my cum soaked panties. He quietly walked out and closed the door.

Oh shit was the only thing running in my head with the sudden realization of what I was wearing. My dad saw me Oh my GOD. What am I going to do???????????

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