Long Term Fucker

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Big Tits

I’ve met a few guys who were good to fuck for and extended length of time. Some came over and over again. Some pre came tremendously. You’d notice a few of these guys as overtimers just by looking at them. One extended top I met online, wasn’t obvious about his endurance when you first saw him.

To respect privacy, let’s call my new found buddy Jason. He said that he’d be getting to his place 3:30 after bidding his sister. He had asked for me to show up fresh inside, so while my standard practice cleans me out, I spent more time freshening up.

Jason called me while I was in the shower to let me know he got home early and was ready to fuck as soon as I got there. A part of me was excited about this goal, I haven’t had sex in a year, and hadn’t been with a guy on top for years. My inner skeptic didn’t believe any of this was true.

I drove 20 minutes out of town to find Jason’s farm house. This rural atmosphere turned me on as it brought back my younger days of fucking in empty barns in the southern California high desert. My ass twitched in the jockstrap I wore under my nylon golf shorts when I came up to Jason with his ready to fuck attitude.

His 5’11” bahis firmaları frame looked built from his physical labor at his place, and when he grabbed my ass through my shorts with his index finger on my hole, I joined his plans and mentioned I was there to use my ass to get his cock feeling fantastic. He liked my built hairy legs and loved my hairy ass when I took my shorts off, hanging in the black jockstrap that I asked to wear while he plowed my rear.

Jason got out of his shorts too, letting his cock spring up 8 inches. It was cut and chiseled thick. While he wiggled one then two then three fingers in my fresh lubed cleaned hole I bent over and licked the sweat off his dick. Jason had asked if I wanted him to shower when I first got to his place but I had told him not to worry, that I actually like how his unshowered body tastes.

I got on my knees and slurped his cock that bounced getting a little harder and longer each time. After Jason let me have a taste, he picked me up and moved my ass on to his fuck bed that had been setup for the perfect height. I followed his lead and I other my knees on the edge with my spread ass in the air with me on all fours as kaçak iddaa Jason squirted lotion on my hole and worked the head of his dick pressed ready to plow in.

My sprinter quivered as Jason slid the length of his cock all the way inside my second sphincter. The lotion as thick and mildly irritating at first, but my worries that I couldn’t taste his cum inside my ass stopped as his filled me up with far more precum.

When Jason allowed me to blow him in between fucking, I couldn’t taste any lotion because of the massive amount of juice his dick was getting me wet with. He’d go through slow slides, then hole popping with the head of his dick, on to hits from every direction, and while he asked me if I was alright he’d bang my rear from outside all the way in.

I’d moan, squeal, sound off my pleasure, and hold tight with me head in a pillow to keep my shrieks quit. I’d often pull my knees back together after his banging had knocked me down. Sometimes, when he poked my hole i would pull up into him, and pop my ass up for his cock.

As his continuous plowing continued, night hot fucked stupid losing track of 15, 30, 45 minutes even an hour of pure extreme pleasure kaçak bahis that pushed me past what I could handle before, no longer pulling away.

Jason would tweak my nipples, grab and rub then slap my ass. He’d work his fingers in my jockstrap pouch to find my dick asleep after I had wacked off before I came to Jason’s place.

I could feel Jason’s juice filling me up, before he actually came. His precum had my ass more wet than loads I had taken before. Jason asked if I wanted him to cum or keep fucking. I was amazed at his stamina and didn’t want to stretch his awesome ability to far, so I told him that I’d love to get full of his cum.

His rhythm changed a bit, got harder and deeper while his cock got the biggest I had felt so far. I could feel my butt getting more wet, then I heard Jason started to groan. This turned to louder moaning as he cock his cock to another wall in my ass. I could feel his cum stretch that wall as I overfilled with even more of his juice.

Damn, he had my ass wet. He offered me a towel, but I wanted his juice to go home with me so I put compression short over my jockstrap to capture all the cum my ass crack was full of and my hole leaked out. In my face later is where Jason’s seed ended up.

On my way out, I asked Jason if we could fuck again sometime soon. He said he’d like to when his schedule allows. I can’t wait to work his cock again!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32