Long Overdue

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She picked me up at my hotel. I was sitting in the hotel bar, sipping on my cocktail, when she came in and put her arm around my shoulder. “Captain and diet?” she asked.

“Not anymore. I’ve classed up my rums a little,” I responded, getting up and sliding my arm around her waist. I let my hand slip down and rest right on the small of her back, and pulled her closer to me. “It’s great to see you again,” I whispered into her ear.

“You too. You look almost as good as I remember,” she said back as she ran her hand down my chest. “Almost.”

I laughed and pulled away. I through a ten on the bar, and grabbed her hand. “Let’s get out of here.”


We were both in Birmingham for work. I had a southern regional food show to attend, and she was there for a journalism conference. When we found out that both of us were going to be in Birmingham at the same time, we knew that Fate had decided to throw us back together. It was the same city where our relationship had started.

Eight years before, I had been in Birmingham for a conference. I had traveled up with a group from around my area, but stayed in my own room in a fabulous hotel (it’s great when the company pays, isn’t it?) since I was the only guy from the group. Long story short, we had gone to a club, danced, got drunk, and went back to the hotel. Nothing happened that night, but it was the night we grew closer Sivas Escort together.

Over the following years we had grown apart, grown together, and finally hooked up – a fleeting relationship that only college can provide.


The club lights came on, and we decided it was time to head back to the hotel. I could not keep my eyes off her ass the entire way up the escalator. We were laughing, talking, and I let my hand rest on her hip. As we stepped into the elevator, I pulled her to me and kissed her hard.

My hand slid from her waist and fell to under her ass at the hem of her skirt. I slid my hand up as she bit my lower lip, her hands running through my hair. My hand went under her skirt, feeling the heat coming from between her legs. As my hand went up her thigh, I found that there were no panties under that skirt.

“No panties tonight?”

“Didn’t think I needed them. Plus I hate wet thongs,” she responded, whispering into my ear before her tongue went to my earlobe. That’s when I realized that she remembered my ear were one of the strongest erogenous zones on my body. Her tongue traced my ear, and then she sucked it into her mouth, taking my breath away. My hand went straight between her legs, my fingers brushing her wet outer lips. A low moan escaped her mouth, and she let go of my ear. I let my fingers trace down one side, and Sivas Escort Bayan then the other, causing her entire body to shake. She took her hands from around my neck and grabbed the collar of my shirt.

“This needs to come off now,” she ordered. She pulled apart the front of my shirt, sending buttons across the room. I pulled my arms out of the shirt, and Mel’s hands went down to my belt. She struggled at first, but as she unzipped my pants I got my shirt over my head and kicked my pants off, leaving me naked and her with a few layers to go.

Mel pushed me onto the bed, and walked up between my legs. She reached back and unzipped the back of her dress, letting it fall to the floor. “Now we are even.”

“I’m amazed. You are twice as hot as you were in college. Seems life’s been good to your body,”

I said, letting my hands hit her hips and slide upwards to her boobs, cupping each one in my hands and squeezing her nipples.

“You flatter me,” she replied. Her hands on my thighs, Mel slid down the front of my body rubbing her breasts along my chest, over my stomach, and across my dick. “Mm…you’re already hard.”

“Gee… I wonder why.”

Mel’s hands went to my cock, one stroking it and the other caressing my balls. Her hands felt warm, and my balls tightened in her hands. She leaned in close, her breathe tickled the hair on Escort Sivas my crotch.

“It’s been a while since I’ve done this…”

“I don’t remember you ever doing this.”

Mel’s hand slid up and down my shaft, bringing me to full hardness. I didn’t think I could ever get that hard, but something about her fingers made me that much more excited. She leaned in close and run her tongue across the head of my cock, and my entire body shuddered.

I felt chills in places I forgot I had as her fingers slid back down my shaft and her lips made contact with my dick. I let my hands run to hear hair, running my fingers through her blonde locks and down to her neck, lightly rubbing the point where her neck met her shoulders. Her moist lips slid down the length of my cock, and when her nose rested in my pubes, I almost came on contact.

“Fuck, you are fantastic” I croaked out, afraid of the sound of my own voice. Mel locked her lips tightly on the base of my cock, and slowly slid her mouth upward along its length. AS she was sucking, I could barely keep my ass on the bed. I wanted to keep my dick inside her warm mouth, but Mel was in complete control. Her hands held my body down on the bed, and her mouth worked me up and down, her tongue swirling along the underside of my dick as she expertly worked me to the brink of orgasm.

“I’m going to cum if you aren’t careful…”

The popping sound my dick made when it came out of her mouth was so loud, it sound and felt like a balloon popping. “Then I’m going to have to stop there, because I’m not ready for you to be done yet,” Mel replied, staring deeply into my eyes.

to be continued…

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