Long Lashes Ch. 2

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The December sky was as cold and bleak as I felt on the inside. It was one week till Christmas and I was one of a thousand harried war weary last minute shoppers. I balanced my packages precariously as I made my way through the pushing and shoving mob. I hadn’t heard from him since our last encounter, and my life had gone on as it always had, cold, lonely, passionless, secure, and safe. He was with me every minute of every day, his lips, his hands and the way they caressed my body, his hard, stiff cock, always with me haunting me, teasing me. I stood at the curb waiting for the traffic to ebb so I could pick my way along the ice packed sidewalk to my car. A car careened around the corner splashing me with a spray of frigid mud and salt, the bags I held in my arms gave way and the Christmas booty crashed onto the pavement.

As I scrambled to collect my purchases before the feet of the oncoming masses trampled them, I heard a voice say to me “Here you forgot this.” I looked up, it was him, with a slanted grin on his face, he held out the lacey silky gown I had bought for myself. My face burned as if it were on fire, “Thanks” I stammered as I reached for the garment. My fingers tingled as they brushed against his; I looked up and realized that my mouth was uncomfortably close to his crotch. As he watched me appraising him, his pants started to balloon out under the force of his erection.

“ You’re cold,” he said as he helped me up. “You need some warming up.” He guided me through the bulk of shoppers, his hand resting casually on the small of my back. He navigated me to a nearby coffee house, the room was dim, the haze of cigar smoke hung heavily in the air. The loud speakers played sultry, seductive jazz music, the scent of coffee wafted in currents through out the shop. I held the steaming Maltepe Escort cup of coffee he had purchased for me tightly in my hands, its’ warmth thawing my frozen fingers.

He watched me from behind the shadow of his dark lashes; I could feel my cheeks warm beneath the intimacy of his gaze. Nervously, I fumbled for a cigarette, “Here let me get that for you” he said as he reached for the pack. He lit the cigarette, drawing its smoke deeply into his mouth, as he blew out the smoke, he handed the cigarette back to me. “Thanks” I muttered. My mind was racing, what could I say to him? How do I fill the silence between us? I wanted to ask him why he hadn’t called, what the moments we shared had meant, but I said nothing and tried to busy my hands with the cigarette. He unzipped his sleek black leather jacket and reclined back in his chair, watching me. “How have you been?” he asked. “Good” I replied. I tried to avert my eyes away from him, but I found myself meeting his stare. I finished the last of my drink, and began to gather up my packages. I had to go I couldn’t take the intimacy of the silence between us. He raised up from his seat and followed me out the door.

Before I could protest, he grabbed my arm tightly and guided me down the narrow walkway between the coffeehouse and a neighboring shop. When we were safely out of the casual gaze of passers by, he took the packages out of my hands, carefully resting them on the lid of a dumpster. He reached for me holding me tightly in his arms. He inhaled my scent deeply, “Mmmm, you smell good, clean” he moaned. He lowered his mouth and greedily slid his tongue in between my already parted lips. I gasped and let out an impassioned moan. My body melted into his arms, my breasts straining against his chest, yearning for Maltepe Escort Bayan his caress. “Do you want me?” he whispered seductively into my ear. “Yes” I replied, I wanted him so badly I could hardly breathe. He slid his hand up the length of my inner thigh, lifting my denim skirt high up onto my hips. I could feel the cold biting into my legs, but it didn’t matter.

I could hear the sound of the traffic as it whizzed by, I could hear the tapping of shoes against the frozen pavement of the sidewalk and the laughter and chatter from the holiday shoppers as they walked by oblivious to what was transpiring less than fifty feet away. He grabbed the lengths of my hair holding it mercilessly in his grasp forcing my face up to his. “I said do you want me?” His other hand was stroking the silky wetness between my thighs. My heart was pounding, my body was on fire, I could feel myself rocking against him as he stroked me deeper and deeper. I could feel the wetness as it trickled down my legs. “Yes,” I cried out “I want you to fuck me!” I slid down the zipper on his wool pants the roughness felt foreign underneath my fingers. His cock was hot, engorged with blood; I held it tight in my grasp and began to jerk on it stroking it hard and firmly.

“That’s it baby” he moaned, he released my hair and lowered himself down to the pavement beneath his feet. I bent down to join him, “No, just stay right there, I want to taste your cum.” He slid underneath my skirt and tore my panties, discarding them onto a tiny pile of snow behind him. He slipped his tongue in between my lips, lapping eagerly at my clit. I cried out as waves of pleasure crept their way up my spine. He kept up his tormentous onslaught until I could bear no more, trembling and gasping in the depths of my orgasm Escort Maltepe I came. The fluids flowed out me as if a dam had been opened and he hungrily sucked the juices into his eager mouth.

“That’s my good girl” he whispered as he rose up onto his feet, his cock peeking out from the confines of his unzipped pants. In one swift movement, he lowered them and thrust himself into me. I could feel the rough cold brick as it dug into the flesh of my back through my coat. He had one hand supporting his weight against the wall behind me; the other arm held my thigh up tightly pulling me towards him with every thrust. His breath was coming out in short pants making puffs of white smoke in the frigid air. His cock was so good, I could feel my pussy tightening, massaging, and pulsing against him. I cried out in sheer joy as I came again. I was leaning heavily against him, my legs were weak against the force of his thrusts. “I want you to swallow my load” he groaned lustily into my ear. Eagerly I obliged, dropping to my knees before him. I took the whole length of his penis into my mouth sucking hard. With a cry of passion, he came. I swallowed the bounty of his cum, wiping the excess away with the fringes of my scarf.

I lowered my skirt and straightened my hair as he adjusted his pants. He kissed me deeply holding me tightly in his arms. “Will I see you again?” I asked trying to avoid his stare as I buttoned my coat. “You know you will.” He said as he looked down at me, his eyes shielded by his long dark lashes. He kissed me on the forehead, turned and walked away, the black leather of his coat gleaming in the cold December sun.

As I pulled into my driveway, I could see the glimmer from the lights of the Christmas tree in the window. I wondered if I ever would see him again. I knew I should turn and walk away from him and never entertain the thought of him again, but I couldn’t escape the memory of our passion. I longed to see him again, to feel the warmth of his touch, the heat of his caress. I knew if I ever had the chance, I would fuck him again, and again, and again.

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